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Tauranga City Council is inviting quotations to provide insert product/service.

The detailed requirement for this service/product is as follows:

Describe product or service – consider timeframes, volumes, etc. Attach as a separate
document if this becomes complex. Consider using the RFP/RFT document if requirements
are complex, or if the value is greater than the tender threshold

Tauranga City Council is requesting quotations that offer the best possible value for money.
It is important that respondents understand and commit to the high level of service that is

All queries regarding this Request for Quotation (“RFQ”) should be directed to the writer.

Tauranga City Council reserves the right to:

   not accept the lowest price or any quotation; and

   change, suspend or cancel (in whole or in part) any aspect of this RFQ process at any
    time prior to the acceptance of any quotation.

Any acceptance by Tauranga City Council of a quotation will be conditional upon the
preferred respondent and Tauranga City Council entering into a Contract in the form attached
in Appendix 3. If you have any questions on the Contract please advise the Authorised
Representative prior to submitting your quotation.

Authorised Representative
Any requests for further information which may be reasonably required to complete the RFQ
must be requested in writing, and should be received by no later than insert date that
requests for further information can be received until (include year) . All correspondence
related to this RFQ should be addressed to:

                          Insert Name of Authorised Representative
                                           Insert title
                                    Insert name of project
                                   Insert contract number

Closing date for receipt of RFQ responses is insert closing date for receipt (include year) and
should be addressed to the authorised person above. The preferred means of receipt of
responses is:

If email responses are to be received, provide contact information and state "Emailed
quotation should not exceed 5MB"
If written responses are to be received these should be addressed to the "Authorised
Representative" and the physical address provided. The Tender Box should not be used to
receive RFQ responses.

Unless Tauranga City Council advises otherwise, Tauranga City Council will not be bound by
any statement, written or verbal, made by any person other than the authorised
representative listed in the above section. Unless Tauranga City Council advises otherwise,
the above named is the only person authorised to make representations or explanations to
parties submitting a response to this RFQ.

Respondents should note that:

    Request for Quotation declaration is to be completed and submitted with RFQ

    Appendix 1 – Conflict of Interest declaration is to be completed and submitted with RFQ

    Appendix 2 – Health & Safety questionnaire is to be completed and submitted with RFQ
     response. (delete if not applicable)

    Appendix 3 – Form of Contract.

    Your quotation is to be valid for a period of three months, unless you state otherwise.

    Your RFQ response must comply with any Specification, Schedule of Prices and
     Drawings include any additional relevant documents included with this RFQ.

    All prices are to be shown in New Zealand dollars, and are to be GST exclusive.

    Your quotation must allow for all obligations in providing the product or service.
     Tauranga City Council’s expectation is that the prices quoted are the total price payable.

    Information in this RFQ is provided for the sole purpose of preparing and submitting a
     quotation, and the information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other

    This is not a formal tender process. No legal obligations or liability arise in relation to
     this RFQ.

    Respondents should acknowledge receipt of any notices sent out during the RFQ

Yours sincerely

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Enter Author's Title (Title Case)
Enter Author's Division (Title Case)


RFQ for the supply of:

The party(ies) submitting this
RFQ response are:

Address for service:
I/we understand that you are not obliged to accept the lowest priced or any quotation that you
may receive.
I/we acknowledge that our quotation is irrevocable and remains open for acceptance for 30
On behalf of the parties submitting this RFQ response, we undertake that we have fully
understood the requirements set out in the RFQ documents, and that none of the information
submitted by us breaches any third-party copyright.

Having examined the RFQ Documents, we undertake to complete the whole of the work set out
in the RFQ Documents in accordance with the RFQ Documents for the sum of:
……………… ………… ……………… ………… ……………… ………… ………………
………………………… (amount in words excluding GST) $.................................(amount in
numbers excluding GST) or such other sum as may be ascertained in accordance with the
Contract Documents.

Unless and until a formal contract is prepared and executed, the Council RFQ documentation
and our response together with your acceptance thereof in writing shall at your option create a
binding contract between us.

In lodging this response we also warrant:
      that we did not rely on any express or implied statement, warranty or representation,
         whether oral, written, or otherwise made by or on behalf of the Council, its officers,
         employees, agents, contractors or advisers other than any statement warranty or
         representation expressly contained in the RFQ document.
      that it did not use the assistance of Council employees, or information unlawfully
         obtained from the Council in compiling its response.
      The information provided to the Council in response to the RFQ document is true and
         correct in all aspects.

Declared at_____________________ this ___________ day of ____________20___

Signature (of duly authorised officer): ______________________________________

Full Name and Designation: ______________________________________________


The respondent is to confirm that it, and its staff, consultants and partners do not have and
are not aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest which may arise between
Tauranga City Council and the respondent, unless indicated below.

Are you aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest?

□ No

There are no conflicts of interest.

Please provide details of your strategy for identifying, managing and preventing conflicts of
interest during the contract period.

□ Yes

Please provide details of any engagements, obligations or commitments that the tenderer or
any of its staff, consultants and partners have or are likely to acquire which may give rise to
any actual or potential conflict of interest with any of the services that may be required as a
result of this tender process or in connection with the proposed contract.

Please advise your strategy for managing the conflicts of interest noted above, and identifying
and preventing conflicts of interest during the contract period.

 Respondent Name
 Authorised Signature

   (Delete if not applicable)
   Please complete and submit with your RFQ response.
   Note: If you are currently a TCC safety approved Contractor, there is no requirement to
   complete this Appendix. If not already registered, TCC approval of this information will
   entitle you to registration as a Safety Approved Contractor.

                                    Contractor / Subcontractor
                                 Safety System Information Sheet

Business Information

Number of employees:

Years experience in the areas being applied for:

List the contact details of at least three organisations you have carried work out for in the last two
years (if not already provided in the attributes):

List which professional bodies you are a member of, with grade where applicable.

Have you had any correspondence from the Department of Labour/ MSA/ CAA                   Yes/ No
regarding a safety matter in the last three years? If yes, provide copies and
include what actions were taken.

Have you been prosecuted for any offence under the Health and Safety in                   Yes/ No
Employment Act 1992 or any associated regulations in the last three years? If
yes, please provide full details including any penalties imposed.

Note: Applicants who hold current accreditation to ACC                           Yes/ No/
Partnership Programme, Workplace Safety Management Practices                     Comment
programme, or who are audited against AS/NZS 4801 are not
required to complete this table.

Safety Procedures
             Do you have written policies and procedures? If yes, please
             provide a copy.
             How often are these reviewed?
             Do you have procedures for maintaining plant, equipment and
             vehicles in a safe condition?
             Are employees actively involved in the development of safety

Hazard Identification
             Do you have a system to identify hazards? If so, please attach
             your hazard register(s)
             Where hazards are identified, do you have a system to assess
             significant hazards?
             Do you have a system for identifying new hazards?
             Do you have procedures for eliminating significant hazards?
             How will you notify Tauranga City Council of the hazards you will
             bring to the work-site?
             Are any hazardous substances recorded, MSD sheets held, and
             staff trained in their use?

Safety Training
             Is formal safety training given to employees?
                  What form and frequency does it take?
             Is there an induction programme for new employees /
             Have personnel who will undertake specific work received formal
             training in all relevant areas? Please provide a copy of your
             training record template.
             Do you have trained safety representatives?

Note: Applicants who hold current accreditation to ACC                            Yes/ No/
Partnership Programme, Workplace Safety Management Practices                      Comment
programme, or who are audited against AS/NZS 4801 are not
required to complete this table.

Safety Records
             What types of safety records are kept by your organisation?
             -       Fatalities?
             -       Serious harm?
             -       Accidents (including near misses)?
             -       Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?
             Please supply your organisation’s safety record for the last 3
             -       Fatalities/ Serious Harm
             -       Lost days from injury to worker/s
             -       Incidents resulting in environmental damage or pollution
             -       Notifiable work examples
             -       Completed Job Safety or Task Analysis evidence

Accident Investigation
             Do you conduct an investigation into any incident that results in
             harm to an employee?
             Do investigations include remedial action plans to initiate future
             prevention? How are these implemented and communicated?
             Do you advise the following parties of the accidents:
             -       The employees?
             -       Where relevant, the Department of Labour?
             -       The Principal?

             Will you be, or possibly be, engaging subcontractors to provide
             any services? If so:
                 Do your policies and procedures cover subcontractor safety
                  management? Please provide a copy if so.
                 How do you ensure subcontractor safety performance will
                  meet the same standard that Tauranga City Council expects
                  of you?
                 What reporting do you require from subcontractors?

Note: Applicants who hold current accreditation to ACC                                Yes/ No/
Partnership Programme, Workplace Safety Management Practices                          Comment
programme, or who are audited against AS/NZS 4801 are not
required to complete this table.

Safety Awareness
             Do you have regular safety meetings?
             Does your organisation conduct safety inspections of your and
             your subcontractor’s sites?
             Are staff involved in safety programmes?
             Does your organisation supply personal protective equipment to
             all employees? If so, do you health monitor staff?
             Do you have procedures at worksites for public safety, visitor
             induction, and/or traffic management?

Emergency Procedures
             Do you have an emergency plan?
             Does the emergency plan identify responsibilities and procedures
             to be followed?
             Have all staff received training in emergency procedures?
             Have emergency drills been carried out within the last 12
             Do you have trained first aid staff?

  Please attach copies of the following for all applications:

         Policies and procedures
         Hazard Register(s)
         Collated accident data for the last 3 years
         Any safety-related correspondence with government agencies
         Copies of staff training records. Include specialist training records that would be
          required for the work (e.g. traffic management, working at height, confined space)
         NZS 4801, ACC WSMP or PP accreditation (if applicable)


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