2008 Greenhand Quiz by 97D3mP6B


									                               2008 Greenhand Quiz
Do not write on this test. Place all answers on your answer sheet using a lead pencil. Make
dark marks, erase completely to change.
1. In what year was the first national FFA Convention held?
       A. 1914         B. 1927         C. 1928     D. 1932

2. What year was the first Official FFA Manual published?
      A. 1930          B. 1945        C. 1928     D. 1941

3. The two words on the FFA emblem are:
       A. Vocational Agriculture        B. Agricultural Education
       C. Agriculture Education

4. What does three taps of the gavel mean?
      A. Member should rise                B. Calls meetings to order
      C. Adjourns meetings                 D. Regains control of the meeting

5. What is the first step in making a motion?
      A. Rising and addressing the chair B. Saying, “I move to…”
      C. Stating the motion                  D. Debate

6. How many items are listed in the FFA Code of Ethics?
      A. 8          B. 10            C. 12        D. 14

7. Noted author John Maxwell defines leadership as:
       A. Organization                    B. Action
       C. Totalitarianism                 D. Influence

8. National Blue was selected as one of the FFA’s official colors. This color
represents what?
       A. The depth of the oceans
       B. The blue field of our nation’s flag
       C. The vast sky as the sun rises
       D. American leadership

9. Who is the author of the FFA Creed?
      A. Larry Case                               B. Henry C. Groseclose
      C. E.M. Tiffany                             D. Leslie Applegate

10. The sequence of items for a meeting is called:
      A. Minutes                            B. Quorum
      C. Program                            D. Agenda

11. Leslie Applegate, the first National FFA President was from what state?
       A. New Jersey                        B. Oklahoma
       C. Pennsylvania                      D. Missouri
12. What year was FFA membership officially open to females?
      A. 1949       B. 1969     C. 1959         D. 1979

13. What does the owl represent on the FFA Emblem?
      A. Freedom                          B. Knowledge
      C. Unity                            D. Progress

14. In what year was the first FFA handbook published?
       A. 1942                             B. 1956
       C. 1976                             D. 1989

15. In what year was the first National Star of Agriscience and Ag Placement
       A. 2000                                B. 2002
       C. 2001                                D. 2004

16. Which symbol in the FFA emblem signifies “Progress”?
      A. The Owl                        B. The Plow
      C. The Rising Sun                 D. The Eagle

17. Which of these is NOT a qualification to receive a State FFA Degree?
      A. Have received the Chapter FFA Degree
      B. Have been an active member for 2 years
      C. Worked at least 300 hours
      D. Look really good in Official Dress

18. What is the highest degree of membership that any member can obtain?
      A. Chapter Degree                    B. American Degree
      C. State Degree                      D. Greenhand Degree

19. What is the first degree that a member can possibly receive as a member?
      A. Chapter Degree                      B. State Degree
      C. Greenhand Degree                    D. Discovery Degree

20. How many states attended the 1st National Convention?
      A. 18         B. 19           C. 24                 D. 36

21. How many official delegates where there in attendance for the 1st National
      A. 33          B. 41         C. 76                   D. 100

22. What were the original dues set to at the 1st National Convention?
      A. $.03        B. $.10         C. $.12                 D. $.25
23. What organization served as a model on which the Future Farmers of
America was built?
      A. Future Farmers of Alaska          B. American Association of Aggies
      C. Future Farmers of Virginia        D. Farm House

24. The Farm Journal Magazine sponsored the National Chapter contest which
was launched in this year?
       A. 1928        B. 1929     C. 1930       D. 1952

25. What state was the 1st National Star Farmer, Carlton Patton from?
      A. Mississippi                         B. Connecticut
      C. Michigan                            D. Arkansas

26. In what month does National FFA Week take place?
        A. April     B. July       C. February D. October

27. The Secretary is stationed by the_____________________
      A. Emblem of Washington              B. Ear of Corn
      C. Door                              D. Flag

28. How many new FFA Jackets are sold each year?
      A. 100,000                        B. 66,000
      C. 122,000                        C. 50,000

29. How many yards of corduroy does it take to make an average FFA Jacket?
      A. 1                                B. 1.5
      C. 10                               C. 100

30. Approximately how many Americans were once FFA members?
      A. 4 million                    B. 50 million
      C. 40 million                   D. 200 million

31. Which is NOT an essential of a successful chapter?
      A. Adequate Financing                B. School & Community Support
      C. Successful Teams                  D. Capable Officers

32. What is the name for the plan a chapter puts together for a “roadmap” of their
activities for the year??
         A. Program of Activities            B. Calendar of Events
         C. Master Schedule                  D. Chapter Committee Guide

33. Which is not a type of SAE program?
      A. Placement                          B. Entreprenuership
      C. Improvement                        D. Judging Team Membership
34. The President’s place is beneath the_____________________
      A. Flag                               B. Door
      C. Plow                               D. Rising Sun

35. The Reporter is stationed by the__________________
      A. Flag                              B. Copy of Robert’s Rule of Order
      C. Ear of Corn                       D. Rising Sun

36. Of these positions which of them is NOT a constitutional office?
       A. Sentinel                         B. Community Relations
       C. Treasurer                        D. Secretary

37. Which officer assists the President in maintaining order?
      A. Reporter                            B. Vice-President
      C. Treasurer                           D. Sentinel

38. In what year was the Future Farmers of America changed to the National
FFA Organization?
       A. 1953        B. 1988       C. 1999       D. 2004

39. What do the initials E.M. stand for in E.M. Tiffany’s name?
      A. Edward Monroe                       B. Erwin Millhouse
      C. Erwin Milton                        D. Erik Montrose

40. What part of the FFA Emblem represents the labor and tillage of the soil?
      A. Plow                             B. Eagle
      C. Corn                             D. Owl

41. Which of these is the largest high school youth organization in America?
      A. 4-H          B. FBLA         C. FCCLA      D. FFA

42. Which of these men was responsible for writing the FFA Motto?
      A. Layton S. Hawkins                 B. Steve Zimmerman
      C. C.H. Lane                         D. John McCain

43. What is considered to be the highest ranking classification of motions?
      A. Subsidiary                         B. Privileged
      C. Main Motions                       D. Incidental

44. In what year was the FFA Code of Ethics adopted?
        A. 1928       B. 1944      C. 1952        D. 1961
45. Which of these would NOT be a part of the FFA Code of Ethics?
      A. Dressing neatly and appropriately
      B. Being honest
      C. Showing respect for the rights others
      D. To be decent to people unless they are complete jerks

46. In which of these cities was the 1st National Convention held?
       A. Louisville                          B. Indianapolis
       C. Kansas City                         D. St. Louis

47. Which of these examples would be considered basic official dress?
      A. Anything you want to wear
      B. Anything as long as your advisor says it’s okay
      C. FFA Jacket, Black slacks, White collared shirt, tie
      D. FFA Jacket, Jeans, a collared shirt, tie

48. What is the maximum number of medals or awards that can be worn on an
FFA Jacket?
      A. 3           B. 4        C. 2          D. There is no limit

49. What is NOT a qualification in order to receive your Greenhand Degree?
      A. You are enrolled in an Ag Ed class
      B. You own your own jacket
      C. You have established a satisfactory SAE program
      D. You can explain the meaning of the FFA Emblem

50. It is OK to let your girlfriend/boyfriend wear your FFA Jacket even if she/he
is not an FFA member?
        A. True                               B. False
1. C    26.   C
2. A    27.   B
3. B    28.   B
4. A    29.   B
5. A    30.   A
6. C    31.   C
7. D    32.   A
8. B    33.   D
9. C    34.   D
10. D   35.   A
11. A   36.   B
12. B   37.   D
13. B   38.   B
14. C   39.   C
15. C   40.   A
16. C   41.   D
17. D   42.   A
18. B   43.   B
19. D   44.   C
20. A   45.   D
21. A   46.   C
22. B   47.   C
23. C   48.   A
24. B   49.   B
25. D   50.   B

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