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					Russell Elementary School and all                 John H. Russell
other NY/VA DDESS schools are smoke              Elementary School
free. Smoking will not be permitted, at
any time, on school property, including   “Reach, Educate, Inspire, and Nurture”
parking lots and playing fields.
                                            Student/Parent Handbook
                                                    SY 10-11

                                                     3301 Purvis Road
                                                  Quantico, Virginia 22134
                                                         (703) 630-7065

                                                                 Visit us at
                 20                                                 1
               School Hours:

Pre-K            Monday-Thursday                                 ILLNESS AND CONDITIONS
AM Session       8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
PM Session       12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.                        WHEN TO RETURN TO SCHOOL

Grades K-3       8:30 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.
                                              Chicken Pox:     after all blisters have scabbed over. This usually takes
                                                               7-10 days. Student must be cleared by school nurse
                                                               before returning to class.

                                              Fevers greater   after being fever free for 24 hours without the use of
    Home of the Raccoons                      Than 100º F      fever reducers such as Tylenol or Motrin.

                                              Head Lice:       following appropriate treatment - all members of the
                                                               family should be treated. (Pregnant women should
                                                               not receive any treatment without checking with their
                                                               doctor.) Bedding, articles of clothing, combs, and
                                                               brushes should be treated to prevent re-infestation.
                                                               No nits may remain for your child to re-enter school.
                                                               He/she must be checked by school nurse prior to
                                                               returning to the classroom.

                                              Impetigo:        following 24 hours of antibiotics and with a
                                                               permission note from the doctor. Infected areas must
                                                               be covered.

                                              Pink Eye:        following 24 hours of medication and until eyes are
                                              (conjunctivitis) clear, white, and free from drainage.

                                              Vomiting/        after a 24 hour period of no vomiting or diarrhea.

                                              Ringworm:        following appropriate treatment. Patches of ring-
                                                               worm on the skin must be covered while at school.
                                                               This covering should be removed when your child
    Principal: Mrs. Donna O. Kacmarski                         comes home so the area will heal properly.
Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Gary Gerstner
     Superintendent: Mr. Michael Gould        Strep Throat:    may return following 24 hours of antibiotics and with
                                                               a permission note from the doctor and fever free for
                                                               24 hours.

                  2                                                         19
                                                                                               John H. Russell Elementary School
                                                                                                       3301 Purvis Road
Russell’s technology program maintains up-graded computers and software to                       Quantico, Virginia 22134-1702
prepare students for success in a technological society. Skills introduced are de-
velopmentally appropriate. Students have access to multi-media computers at                             (703) 630-7065
least once a week in a lab setting where they are introduced to educational,  
graphic, and desktop publishing programs. In addition, students in the third
grade learn touch typing using the program “Type to Learn..”

                                                                                      Dear Parents,
Visitors and volunteers are welcomed at Russell Elementary School. You are
required to sign in at the office and pick up an identification badge or                      Welcome to John H. Russell Elementary School. This
sticker, to be worn while in the building. You must present valid identification      handbook, in addition to the fall open house and parent orienta-
or car keys in exchange for the badge.
                                                                                      tion, should address most questions you may have concerning
                                                                                      Russell Elementary School and the New York/Virginia Domes-
               FREQUENTLY USED SCHOOL ACRONYMS                                        tic Dependents Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS).
                                                                                              Russell is accredited by the North Central Association
Community Strategic Plan - The DoDEA Community Strategic Plan is a frame-             Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA
work for putting standard-driven reform in place. Thus requiring excellence
from all students.
                                                                                      CASI) a division of AdvancEd. We review our practices, poli-
                                                                                      cies, and school goals annually. Our curriculum is revised on a
DoDEA - Department of Defense Education Activity - DoDEA provides world-              scheduled basis. A detailed outline of our curriculum may be
wide education to approximately 276,000 eligible Department of Defense mili-          found on our website through the DDESS Home Page link.
tary and civilian family members from the preschool level through the 12th                    Our dedicated staff invites you to participate in the
                                                                                      school’s programs and activities. Russell Parent Education As-
DDESS - Domestic Dependent’s Elementary and Secondary Schools - DDESS is              sociation and our Continuous School Improvement Leadership
the stateside counterpart to the Department of Defense Dependents’ School over-       Team welcome you and your involvement.
seas. Thirteen school systems within DDESS serve 38,000 students in 65                        We hope your time at Russell is a pleasant and reward-
schools.                                                                              ing one for you and your children. If you ever have questions,
CSIP - Continuous School Improvement Plan - Each school in DoDEA designs
                                                                                      please contact us at 703-630-7065.
a School Improvement Plan annually with input from the community. This plan
identifies how the school will help all students achieve high standards.                                           Sincerely,

CSILT - Continuous School Improvement Leadership Team - This team is made
up of teachers, parents and the principal. Their goal is to coordinate and plan for
school improvement.
                                                                                                                   Donna O. Kacmarski

                                    18                                                                               3
                            School Staff               Additionally, reminders may be sent home to advise you of important dates and ac-
                                                       tivities by the classroom teachers. These newsletters should be read carefully as they
                   Principal - Donna O. Kacmarski      contain important information about special events, closures, etc. This important in-
                                                       formation is sent home with your child in their Thursday red folder.
               Preschool – 3 and 4 year old program
                                                       SCHOOL WEBSITE
Teacher               Educational Assist.       Room
                                                       Please visit the school’s website by following this link:
Kristen Smith         Ellen Leonard             7 Important information is updated
                                                       on a regular basis along with other information and happenings at the school.
Sandra Meehan         Debbie Blixt              2
                                                       STUDENT ARRIVAL TIME
                                                       The arrival time is 8:20 a.m.—8:30 a.m. for students who are driven to school in pri-
Teacher               Educational Assist.       Room   vate vehicles or who walk with their parents. There is no supervision available
                                                       prior to 8:20 a.m. Breakfast is served from 8:20 a.m.—8:40 a.m. each morning.
                                                       Late arrivals require a tardy slip and must be signed in by a parent in the school of-
Becky Barron                                    4      fice. Early departures for appointments, etc., require children to be signed out by a
Janet Larsen          Gina Shipley              3      parent as well.
Lisa O’Dell           Sandra Dulin              1
                                                       STUDENT SUPPORT TEAM (SST)
                            First Grade
Teacher                                         Room   Student Support Team meets periodically to discuss educational concerns of parents
                                                       and teachers as they are related to academic or behavior difficulties of a child. The
Diane Angle                                     8      team makes recommendations related to the child’s academic and/or social growth.
Jeannie Brown                                   9      The team is composed of the principal, classroom teacher, support personnel, other
                                                       teachers of the student, and may include a special education teacher and parent(s).
Susan Cissell                                   6
                                                       STUDENT WITHDRAWALS
                           Second Grade
Teacher                                         Room   If you are PCSing before the end of the school year, please bring a copy of your or-
                                                       ders to the school office at least seven (7) days in advance of your departure date.
Linda Anders                                    14     In addition, the school needs a letter, signed by the sponsor, which includes the last
                                                       day your child will be here at RES. Your child’s school records will be ready to be
Patricia Boswell                                16     hand carried after 2:40 p.m. of the last day your child attends. If you cannot come in
Gina DeBernard                                  18     to pick up school records, we will be happy to mail them to your new school.

                                                       TARDINESS TO SCHOOL
                            Third Grade
Teacher                                         Room   Parents must bring students to the office to have their name removed from the
                                                       absentee slip. Students will be issued tardy slips that are given to the classroom
                                                       teachers. The cafeteria will be notified if students are purchasing lunch.
Sharon Mead                                     15
Ann Toone                                       13
                              4                                                                  17

Please do not drop off your student on Purvis Road. We have two options for safe                               Resource Teachers
drop off:                                                                               Stephanie Schoen    Art                10
1. Park in the gravel parking lot across from the school and walk your child            Laura Fouse         Media        Information Center (Library)
    across the street.                                                                  John Wright         Music              12
2. Park in the school parking lot and walk your child to the sidewalk towards the
                                                                                        Patricia Lyddane    PE                 Gym
    front door.
                                                                                        Sherry Zysk         Reading            11
If your child is arriving after 8:30 a.m., parents must bring the student into          Patricia Cerny      Gifted Ed          20
the school and sign in at the office and receive a tardy slip.                          Ann Gerstner        Ed. Tech           17
                                                                                        Steve Ricciutti     Foreign Lang       21
SAFETY                                                                                                      Administrative Personnel
The safety of our children is of utmost importance to all of us—parents and staff.      Donna Kacmarski     Principal           Office
We are making an effort to promote “Safe Schools” and to provide the most secure        Kellie Light        Secretary           Office
learning environment for us all. We ask for your cooperation in this effort.                                Office Automation   Office
                                                                                        Tami Streib         Nurse               Clinic
The use of “roller-shoes” and “flip-flops” pose safety and health risks to many chil-   Karen Murtha        Supply Tech         Lounge
dren and adults each year. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment at       Cindy Brown         Ed. Assist.         5
Russell E.S., “roller-shoes” and “flip-flops” are not allowed at school.                Gwen Eaton          Ed. Assist.         5
                                                                                        Monica Johnson      Ed. Assist.         5
No weapons (play or real), for example explosives, pocket knives, sling shots, etc.
                                                                                        Jennifer Owens      Ed. Assist.         5
are allowed at school. This includes “look alike” weapons such as toy guns.
                                                                                        Cecilia Sereseres   Ed. Assist.         5
                                                                                                            Pupil Personnel Services
Buses arrive at Russell between 8:20 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Students transported by
bus should not be at their bus stop more than 10 minutes before the scheduled pick-     Lisa Byrd           Guidance Counselor
up time. This will avoid behavior problems and lessen safety concerns.                  Aila Camp           Special Education Assessor
Guidelines for bus stops                                                                Julie Steinhardt    Speech/Language Pathologist
 Respect the yards of your neighbors.                                                 Carmen Marquez      Special Education
 Stay on the sidewalk, or designated area, until your bus has stopped.                Lynn Jolly          Special Education
 Bring athletic equipment in backpacks or bags.                                       Kathleen Young      Psychologist
 Use self-control in all situations.                                                  Darnell Mason       Occupational Therapist
Preschool parents/babysitters are required to be at the bus stop.                       Lisa Cordova        Physical Therapist
                                                                                        Lystra Smith        ESL
The school makes a concerted effort to communicate with all our parents.
Throughout the school year, you will be advised of school events through a
                                                                                        Patty Grogg         Manager
monthly parent newsletter. An Important Dates flyer will also be sent home
monthly reminding you of important happenings each month.                                                    Building and Grounds
                                                                                        Richard Suennan     Laborer

                                        16                                                                            5
                                                                             Medications for acute illness (such as bacterial infections) are usually pre-
                                                                             scribed for administration three times a day and may be administered by the
                                                                             parent before school, after school, and before bedtime.
                                                                             Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions.
                                                                             MESSAGES TO STUDENTS
                           Vision Statement                                  The busiest time in the school office is just before the end of the school day.
                                                                             Please call the office before 2:00 p.m. to allow enough time to pass the mes-
         Communities committed to success for ALL students.                  sage to students before the end of the school day. While we make every
                                                                             effort, requests received after that time can not be guaranteed to be delivered
                                                                             before school is out. Please help us by making your plans before your child
                                                                             leaves for school or by calling in your message as early as possible.
Goal 1: Highest Student Achievement - All students will meet or ex-
ceed challenging standards in academic content so that they are pre-         OFFICE INFORMATION
pared for continuous learning and productive citizenship.
                                                                             Please continue to update your records during the year, i.e., new telephone
                                                                             numbers (home, duty, cell phone and emergency contact), e-mail address
Goal 2: Performance-Driven, Efficient Management Systems -
                                                                             and new mailing address. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT in order to ensure the
DoDEA will use performance driven management systems that operate            parent/emergency contact is notified in a timely manner in the event your
in a timely, efficient, and equitable manner; place resource allocation      child is sick or injured. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.
and decision-making at the lowest operational level; and facilitate a safe
environment conductive to optimum student achievement.
                                                                             PROGRESS REPORTS
Goal 3: Motivated, high Performing, Diverse Workforce -The Do-               Progress reports are distributed each nine weeks. The evaluation system and
DEA workforce will be motivated, diverse, and committed to continu-          grading key is shared with parents at the fall parent orientation. Parents are
ous professional growth and development resulting in exemplary per-          required to schedule conferences with teachers to review student folders and
formance and optimum student achievement.                                    report cards. The scheduled conferences are held at the end of the first and
                                                                             third nine weeks. Additional conferences may be requested by parents or
Goal 4: Promoting Student Development through Partnerships                   teachers to discuss academic and/or behavior concerns. Teachers and par-
and Communication -Every level of DoDEA will develop, promote,               ents are encouraged to work together to ensure academic success and pro-
and maintain partnerships and communications to enhance student de-          mote positive attitudes towards learning.
                                                                             NOTE: Pre-K progress reports are given to parents in February. The last
                                                                             progress report is mailed. Conferences for Pre-K students are held as

                               6                                                                                   15

Delayed openings and school closings will be announced through One Call Now.                   JOHN H. RUSSELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
One Call Now is a phone messaging service which delivers automated phone
calls and e-mail regarding emergency notifications. Please remember to continue
to update us on your phone numbers and e-mail address changes so we may en-                                 MISSION STATEMENT
sure you get notified by One Call Now when we have delays or closures.
                                                                                     To provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all Do-
Also, please remember that the Quantico schools are NOT part of the Prince Wil-
                                                                                     DEA students for success in a dynamic, global environment.
liam or Stafford County School Systems. There may be days we are open but
they are closed.

REMINDER: Emergency plans should be reviewed occasionally with your child
(ren) for unexpected school delays or closures.                                                              VISION STATEMENT

                                                                                                       Reach, Educate, Inspire, and Nurture

The Information Center is vital to all curriculum areas with over 10,000 re-
sources—books, CDs, magazines, etc. Each class has a weekly scheduled time
                                                                                            CONTINUOUS SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT GOALS
for stories, author studies, computer work, as well as check out. During students’
small group time, they have an opportunity to do Reading Counts, drama, listen
to stories, etc. Reading Counts is supported by the Information Center with ap-
proximately 2,200 books. Parents are encouraged to use the resources in the In-      Goal 1: All students will improve their writing skills across the
formation Center.                                                                    curriculum.

MEDICATION AT SCHOOL                                                                 ESSENCE: At John H. Russell Elementary School, writing skills are
                                                                                     the students’ ability to effectively express themselves in a focus, organ-
The school nurse accommodates parent requests for medication (including pre-         ized way.
scription, nonprescription, and over-the-counter) to be administered during the
school day. According to DoDEA Health Service Guide, DS Manual 2942.0,               Goal 2: All students will improve their math problem solving skills
school personnel may administer medications when certain criteria are met.           across the curriculum.
In order for school personnel to administer medications during school hours, the
Hold Harmless form MUST be provided to the school signed by the parent and a         ESSENCE: At John H. Russell Elementary School, students will
physician. The medication will be in the original container and properly labeled     gather, organize, solve and reflect upon information to solve math prob-
by the pharmacy. The label should indicate the name of the student and the phy-      lems.
sician, the medication dosage, and frequency. The date of the prescription must
be a current date.

The medication will remain at the school for the duration of the prescription.
Any changes in the medication, dosage, or frequency will necessitate a new form
and a new, labeled container.

                                    14                                                                                       7
ABSENCE                                                                          GUIDANCE

If a student is not going to attend school on any given day, the parent is ex-   The goal of the guidance program is to help each child achieve more in school. Our program
pected to call the school (703) 630-7065. If parents do not call, the school     at Russell includes many components. Classroom lessons are held weekly on such topics as
will make every effort to contact the parent at home or work. Please send a      friendship, cooperation, study skills, and problem solving. Small groups are held throughout
note when your child returns to school with the reason for absence. All          the year dealing with issues such as friends, self-esteem, and deployment. Individual coun-
                                                                                 seling is available to the children through self-referrals or parental requests. Consultation
work missed is required to be made up. If you take your student out of
                                                                                 with parents and/or teachers is available.
school for vacation or emergency trips, the teacher will make the decision as
to whether work is sent in advance or to be made up after the student’s return       Throughout the year, a variety of parent workshops are offered on topics such as self-
to school. School policy is after 10 absences, and every five absences after,        esteem, homework, or communication.
a letter from the principal will be sent home to keep parents informed.
                                                                                    Character Counts
                                                                                     Character Counts is a program designed and used to help reinforce and expand
John H. Russell Elementary School is accredited through AdvancED. Ad-                upon the character qualities taught at home. This is a cooperative effort be-
vancED is the unified organization of the North Central Association Com-             tween home and school. The Character Counts program is centered around a
mission on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), and Na-                 “word of the month.” Words such as responsibility, honesty, and respect will
tional Study of School Evaluation (NSSE). AdvancED is dedicated to ad-               be used to help teach right from wrong and to help us all work together. Teach-
vancing Excellence in education through accreditation, research, and profes-         ers will focus on a new word each month through discussions, use of literature,
sional services.                                          guidance lessons and other activities. The Character Counts program positively
                                                                                     affects our students at home, school, and in the community.
                                                                                 GIFTED EDUCATION (GE)/RESOURCE
Complete the “After School Destination” form and return it to school.
Please notify your child’s teacher in writing of any changes to this plan.           The unique worth, ability and dignity of every student should be cultivated.
Even an occasional change of bus or pick up must be accompanied by a                 The GE/Resource teacher, in collaboration with the classroom teacher, pro-
note.                                                                                vides an environment to encourage optimum achievement with a variety of
                                                                                     differentiated opportunities matched to the needs of individual students. We
BREAKFAST AND LUNCH PROGRAM                                                          are committed to providing an educational program in which all students can
                                                                                     be fulfilled, productive, and contributing members of society.
DDESS schools participate in the National School Lunch Program.
 Information on lunch/breakfast prices will be given to all parents as their   ILLNESS/INJURY AT SCHOOL
   children are enrolled.
 Applications for free/reduced priced breakfast/lunch will be given to all.    The school nurse renders first aid and provides nursing care for the student who is
 Menus are sent home monthly for you to review with your child.                injured or becomes ill at school. The school nurse determines the need for a stu-
 Milk may be purchased separately for those students bringing their            dent to be sent home or referred for medical evaluation.
   lunches from home.                                                            If a student needs to be sent home because of illness or injury, one of the following
                                                                                 actions will take place before releasing the student from school:
                                                                                  A responsible parent or guardian is contacted to take responsibility for the stu-
                                                                                      dent’s transportation to the appropriate destination.
                                                                                  The designated emergency person is contacted if the parent or guardian is not
                                                                                  The sponsor’s supervisor is contacted if no one else is available.
                                                                                  See page 19 for specific requirements to return to school after an illness.

                                  8                                                                                            13
 Physical Education

     Physical education classes are scheduled for two 40-minute periods for kinder-        Parents are always welcome to have lunch with their children at any time during the
     garten through third grade. Pre-school has one class a week for 30 minutes. Our       year. When planning to buy lunch, please let the office or your child’s teacher
     theme is “Play Your Way to Fun and Fitness.” We explore and practice the fol-         know, so you can be added to the daily count. We encourage you to support our
     lowing basic skill areas: body and spatial awareness, manipulatives (balls, bean      school lunch program by refraining from bringing “fast food” lunches.
     bags, hoops, etc.), rhythms, tumbling , and physical fitness. We also spend a lot
     of time working to play safely, being polite, and putting our equipment away.
     We work on developing muscular strength and endurance by playing games,
     jump rope activities and challenges. Our special activities include seasonal hikes,   Students’ behavior is monitored during breakfast and lunch by educational assis-
     after school jump rope activities, roller-skating/blading, and Field Day. We are      tants. Students are expected to
     so fortunate to have parent volunteers who kindly help us with our special activi-    sit at their assigned tables.
     ties. Tennis shoes must be worn for PE classes. Tennis shoes should really be         conduct their conversations in quiet voices.
     our school shoes as we have recess every day. They are the safest shoes and           raise their hands for assistance.
     provide the best support. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.               clean the area they occupied for breakfast/lunch.
                                                                                           not leave their seats without permission.
    Reading Counts Program (RC)
                                                                                           Instead of lunch tickets, we now have a computerized system similar to a debit ac-
     Reading Counts is used primarily in second and third grades to encourage stu-         count. You may put money into your child’s account and all food items are paid
     dents to read independently. The software, accompanying the program, tests the        for from that account. Prepaying of your child’s meals is encouraged, though exact
     student’s comprehension of books he/she has read. Several hundred titles, in our      cash payments can be accepted. Our school cafeteria staff will continually accept
     library collection, are tested by RC. Students select a book to read and answer a     money to prepay your child’s meal account. You can also access the website:
     series of questions regarding the book. Test points are given for correct answers to add money to your child’s lunch account. There is a
     and for the difficulty of the book read.                                              small fee for this service. When paying by check, please make your checks payable
                                                                                           to VADDESS Cafeteria.
                                                                                           CHAIN OF COMMAND
Parents are to send a note to the student’s teacher, or call the office, if they plan to
take the student from school before the regular dismissal time. Parents should report      As in the military, John H. Russell Elementary School has a chain of command.
to the office and sign the student out. The student will then be released to the parent.   Parents who have a question or concern should attempt to resolve it at the most
                                                                                           appropriate and immediate level to find a solution.
                                                                                              Classroom teacher
Complete the “Emergency Contact” form and return it to school. As contacts may                Guidance Counselor (if appropriate) - Mrs. Byrd
change throughout the year, please keep the form current by notifying the school of           Principal - Mrs. Kacmarski
the changes.                                                                                  Assistant Superintendent - Mr. Gerstner
                                                                                              Superintendent - Mr. Gould
                                                                                           The suggested procedures follow the line of authority from teacher, to the principal
   Students with temperatures ≥ 100º F will be sent home.                                and then, if desired, to the District Superintendent’s Office. All efforts are made to
   Students may return to school when fever free for 24 hours without the use of         focus on resolution at the lowest and most immediate level. Parents are encouraged
     fever reducers such as Tylenol or Motrin.                                             to seek immediate resolution of any problem or concern. Prompt action can fre-
                                                                                           quently prevent complications and more serious problems to occur.
The school nurse, teacher, and office should be informed about any type of health-
related concern your child may have. This information should be included with fill-
ing out emergency cards and medical releases.

                                         12                                                                                         9
CHANGE IN INFORMATION                                                             CURRICULUM STANDARDS

Any changes occurring during the school year, please complete the “Change         To create a world-class education system, DoDEA has developed rigorous
of Information Form” located on the wall outside the main office.                 and demanding curriculum standards. The curriculum standards specify
                                                                                  what students should know and be able to do. DoDEA curriculum stan-
CHILD STUDY COMMITTEE (CSC)                                                       dards are based on the content standards produced by the National Council
                                                                                  of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English/
This is a multi-disciplinary team composed of the parent, teacher, guidance       The International Reading Association, the National Research Council’s
counselor, speech therapist, special education teacher, school psychologist,      National Science Educational Standards and the National Council for
principal, and often times the Coordinator of Pupil Personnel. This commit-       Teachers of Social Studies. The complete listing of DoDEA Curriculum
tee discusses continued concerns. A full evaluation may be recommended if         Standards can be accessed on the internet at
there is a suspected disability that would qualify a student for Special Educa-   parentGuides.cfm.
tion Services. The evaluation may include:

            psychological testing                                                     Art
            educational testing
                                                                                     Art for the child is a means of expression. It is the purpose of the art
            observation of the student in the classroom                            program to stimulate creative thinking and offer opportunities for artis-
            social history                                                         tic expression. Children are provided a variety of experiences, pro-
                                                                                     jects, and ideas to explore and investigate.
A student meeting the Department of Defense Education Activity’s criteria
may then qualify for one of several special education programs.                         Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES)

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT                                                                   The Foreign Language program prepares students to meet the chal-
                                                                                     lenges of an interdependent world community by enabling them to
If you are picking up your child after school, you need to sign him/her out in       recognize the importance of learning foreign languages, to value learn-
the Raccoon Den. Please wait for your child there. You must present a pic-           ing about other cultures, and to develop proficiency in one or more
ture I.D. and sign your child out in the den. If a neighbor, friend, or family       foreign languages. Students at Russell in grades Kindergarten through
member is going to pick up your child, please send a note or call the school         third grade receive 90 minutes of Spanish instruction weekly.
with the person’s name. This person must present a picture I.D.
                                                                                        Music
                                                                                     Music classes are scheduled for 40 minute periods for Kindergarten
Visits to the classroom are encouraged. Please call ahead and let the teacher        through third grade. Music skills and concepts are taught through
know you would like to visit. If you are a visitor/volunteer in the building,        song, movement, playing rhythm instruments, listening, and creative
you must sign in at the main office. Please present a photo I.D. or car keys         activities. Students are introduced to a varied repertoire encompassing
in exchange for a visitor/volunteer badge. Please do not go to the classroom         different styles, composers, and cultures. All students participate in
without the teacher’s knowledge or without arrangements having been made             musical productions, and proper audience behavior is emphasized.
prior to the visit.

                                   10                                                                                   11

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