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					                   QM Systems
• QM started over 20yrs ago.1990 Reshaped into a test engineering
  solutions business with hardware and software expertise.
• 1995 Established company capable of competing on international stage
  supplying blue chip organisations including HP,Motorola,Eriksson,RR,
  BAE,Marconi and Panasonic.
• 2001 Established in aerospace with major test solutions role on JSF
• 2003 Moved into new software facilities and installed LMStar - first
  delivered in the world. Expanded software team. TPS development
  benefiting from in house expertise in test executive development.
• Today QM is accredited ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2000. A Test
  Engineering Company that is achievement driven with a culture of
  working in partnership.
                    What we do
       Application of Leading-Edge Technologies to Real-
                       World Applications.

•   Hi-Tech Solutions and Services
•   Innovative Product Development & Design
•   Complementary Services
•   Reverse Engineering and Upgrade
•   Test System Integration Services
•   Support Services
   Locations and Facilities

• Aldershot (Hants). Well situated for S.E.
  communications network and international
  The facility is used for development of
  hardware, prototype engineering and
  procurement along with main corporate
• Worcester. Software development office
  with LMStar and test systems facilities.
  Software engineering and project support
  are main activities on this site.
                                    Software Capability

                                          • 8 Software developers
                                            including backgrounds in:
                                            –   Aero/Defence
                                            –   Automotive
                                            –   Manufacturing
                                            –   Image Processing & Machine Vision
                                          • Broad expertise in
                                            embedded software
• National Instruments Alliance Partner
• NI: TestStand, CVI, LabVIEW.
                                          • Broad range of high-level
•C, C++, C#, VB.NET; ATLAS, Legacy.         Software
                Hardware Group
• Electronics & Mechanical
• DC to 50 GHz Analogue & Power
• Digital, Busses and Devices
  – VME, ARINC, 1553, CANBus., GByte Lan, 1394B, AFDX, ..
• Environmental, ESS, HALT, HASS
• Wide knowledge of standard platforms,
  interfaces and tools. Military and commercial. .
• Broad application knowledge.
     Research and Development
• SEEDA HealthMap – QinetiQ lead
   – To develop a novel measurement system for a sensor
     consisting of amorphous, glass coated wire 31.6µM.
• Current inducing and measuring cable clamp –
  Airbus collaboration
   – To develop a new cable clamp for use in a restricted
• Lightning strike protection measurement –
  Goodrich collaboration
   – To develop a new method of testing electronic systems in
     the field for lightning strike protection.
Power Systems Test
   • Power rack developed for aircraft
     power systems test.
   • IVI Driver – functions as a single
   • 112channels:             28V@300A;
   • 21 Safety interlocks & sensors

     Driven from PC or
     controlling system.
     LM-Star for JSF
     shown here
Verification Test System
                     •Modular, flexible
                     •Generic custom
                     •Leading edge
Verification Test System Modules

                •AC and DC Capacitive
                Reference for fuel probe
                system test.

               •Modular functional test cards
               for system design and
               verification rigs.
Proximity Sensor Test

          •Multi-unit test
          •1 micron accuracy
          •-60 to +130 deg C.
Wet Arc Tester
1. Broad technology, innovatively applied
   to develop and deliver test solutions.
2. Hardware and software development.
3. Strong project management.
4. Focus on clients needs (application and
5. Partnership.
6. www.qm-systems.co.uk

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