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									 Iraq Genocide

    Chase Green
    May 26, 2011
World History, Period 7
• Took place in Halabja, Iraq.
• Started in 1987.
• Saddam Hussein led genocide against the
  Kurdish people.
  – Kurds are Iranian people native to the Middle East.
• Executions, evacuations, and torture camps.
 •Halabja, Iraq is located
 10 miles west of the
 Iranian border.

 •Saddam Hussein
 obliterated nearly 1,000
 Kurdish villages (90% of
 all Kurd villages).

Saddam Hussein, Leader of     Chemical Ali; Saddam Hussein
     Iraq Genocide.          Cousin and Genocide supporter.

–The extent of the crimes and tortures
 of the Kurdish people inflicted under
 the reign of Saddam Hussein were
 inhumane and unjust.
               Supporting Ideas
• Kurds were tortured in camps, chambers, acid
  pools, and by branding.
  – Branding is a method of sending electrical currents
    through a humans body while they’re nailed to a wall.
• Evacuations and executions of homes by Saddam
  Hussein’s soldiers.
• Halabja was the victim of one of the worlds worst
  chemical attacks on March 16, 1988.
  – 30,000 Kurds lost their lives.
• Took 11 months to obliterate 90% of the
  Kurdish towns.
• Kurdish people were unaware unprotected.
• Occurred earliest in 1961 with reign of Ba’th
• 1.5 million forced into camps.
• Death toll is unknown.
             Quiz Questions
• Who was the leader of this Genocide?

• What were a few of the torture methods?

• What ethnic group was targeted?

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