HOSEA – STUDY QUESTIONS
1. Who was Hosea? What was going on in Israel and the outside world during his lifetime? [What was the
relationship between Judah and Israel? What events were looming in the near future?]

                                                    Chapters 1 – 3:

2. Why was Hosea instructed to marry a harlot? What is the intended illustration of this marriage and his family?
Who are represented by Hosea, Gomer and the children? Hosea 1:2

3. Hosea’s first son is named after a famous location in Israel [valley of Jezreel]. What happened there? [2 Kings 9]
What was God predicting by having the child named Jezeel? How does the “day of Jezreel” in chapter 1, verse 11
fit in with this prediction?

4. Hosea 2:2-13 talks of Israel’s unfaithfulness. What did Israel do that was considered “unfaithfulness”?
Regarding modern Israel, what is similar to the Israel of Hosea’s day and what is different?

5. Hosea 2:14-23 has good news for Israel. How is this betrothal different than the marriage to the harlot, and what
picture is intended?

7. Consider Hosea 3.    What does it mean that Hosea bought back his wife? What is pictured by verses 4 and 5?

                                                     Chapters 4-14:

8. Chapter 4 restarts the accusations against Israel but with greater detail. What group is particularly guilty?
Are there applications for modern Israel? Applications for spiritual Israel?

9. What role did idolatry play in God’s rejection of Israel? Hosea 4:12-14
What are different forms of idolatry? What would be considered idolatry in our lives?

10. Detail and explain the charges brought against Israel in Hosea 7:11 and 9:10.

11. Considering their iniquity why does God promise to restore and bless Israel?

12 Summarize the lessons from Hosea in these two aspects: 1- possible applications to modern-day Israel            2-
personal applications for the consecrated.


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