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					Chapter 8 Section 3

   Review for Quiz
       Character Development
Think of a time in your life when someone
 was dishonest to you. How did this make
 you feel toward that person? Do you feel
 the person was justified in their dishonesty?
Are there ever times in life when dishonesty is
 okay? Give an example.
III.Women and Reform
    A. Women- few rights in the 1800’s
       1. Cult of Domesticity
       2. 1 in 10 worked outside the
            home. Earned 10% less than
B. Women participated in the reform
  1. Sarah and Angeline Grimke
  2. Mary Vaughn
  3. Emma Willard, Mary Lyon
  4. Catherine Beecher, Amelia Bloomer
  5. Elizabeth Blackwell
C. Campaign for women’s rights
    1. Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
        Lucretia Mott
    2. Seneca Falls Convention
D. African American Women
    1. Sojourner Truth
Mary Lyon
Catherine Beecher

         Catherine Beecher in 1857
      The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
Amelia Bloomer
Elizabeth Blackwell
Seneca Falls Convention
Sojourner Truth
              Review Questions
1.  In what ways were women’s options limited in the early
    19th Century?
2. What was the view that women belonged in the home?
3. What was the right to vote?
4. Who worked to ban alcohol consumption?
5. Who battled attempts to desegregate her school?
6. Who was the first woman to graduate medical school?
7. Who was the co-leader of the Seneca Falls Convention?
8. In what statement did the participants of the Seneca falls
    Conventions detail their grievances and goals in?
9. What became the nation’s first co-educational
10. In the early 1800’s, women could neither ____ nor sit on
• Choose two women from the section.
  Compare and contrast their contributions to
  the reform movement.
• (2 paragraphs)

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