Romeo and Juliet Pre-reading Questions by yUSU23


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                        Romeo and Juliet Pre-reading Questions

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1.     Think back to a situation where someone made a strong first impression on you.
       What was your reaction? Describe the person and what caused you to have this

2.     How does society feel about the idea of love at first sight? What do you think of

3.     When you react with strong emotion to a situation, how do others around you
       respond to you?

4.     Would you risk seeing someone even if it meant disapproval from your family
       and/or society? Explain your answer.

5.     In what situations might you act differently either to maintain your reputation or
       to keep up appearances?
6.   Is it hypocritical to keep up appearances? Explain.

7.   What is the difference between being honest and being frank? What is the
     difference in being diplomatic and being deceitful? What is the best way to
     behave? Explain.

8.   Under what circumstances do you think parents would be justified in throwing
     their child out of the house?

9.   What kinds of events are seen as tragic by the media (television, newspapers,
     radio)? Why does our society focus so much on tragic or negative news? What
     interests us about it?

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