How does the Zamora family react to Brent s apology letter

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                                               Whirligig Test
   Part One: Multiple Choice:
   Directions: For the following questions, circle the best answer for each question. You may
   only circle ONE item for each question. ( 1 point each)

1) At the beginning of the novel, Brent                C) He finds the newspaper article in the trash
   lives in what city?                                 can that his mother was hiding from him
A) New Orleans                                         D)He doesn’t find out until his trial
B) Chicago
C) New York City                                       7) How does the Zamora family react to
D) Seattle                                             Brent’s apology letter?
                                                       A) They tell him it’s okay he killed Lea
2) Why doesn’t Brent fit in when he goes               B) Her father sends the letter back to Brent
   to the party?                                       with cigarette burns
A) He isn’t wearing the proper colors                  C) Her family does not do anything with
B) He ran over Chaz’s dog                              Brent’s response
C) He’s the only boy there                             D) Brent never wrote a response to the family
D) He’s the only one wearing shoes
                                                       8) Why does Mrs. Zamora ask Brent to
3) Why does Brent attempt to commit                    plant whirligigs in the four corners of the
    suicide?                                           U.S.?
A) He’s been drinking at the party and isn’t           A) She wants him to suffer just liker her
    thinking clearly                                   daughter did
B) He’s new in town and doesn’t fit in                 B) She believes in “an eye for an eye”
C) He’s been embarrassed in                            C) She wants Lea’s spirit to be spread across
front of his peers by Brianna                          the U.S. in some form since she is no longer
D) All of the above                                    alive to do it
                                                       D) She wants Brent to leave Chicago and
4) What type of person is Stephanie – one              never come back so that he never harms
   of the girls we meet in Weeksboro,                  anyone again
A) She’s very imaginative                              9) What is the first whirligig Brent creates
B) She’s very logical                                  in Washington?
C) She’s a tormentor                                   A) None, he doesn’t go to Washington
D) There was no Stephanie in Maine                     B) A harp player that represents Lea
                                                       C) A flower with Lea’s picture in the middle
5) Why do Stephanie and Alexandra go to                D) A trumpet player that represents Lea
   visit the whirligig in Maine?
A) To take part in a guided imagery exercise           10) Why does Miami Man leave San Juan?
   to help get Stephanie a boyfriend                   A) He wants to learn English is America
B) To find out who Lea Zamora is                       B) He needs to get away from the violence in
C) To deface public property                           San Juan
D) To take the whirligig home with them                C) He’s always dreamed about being a street
6) How did Brent find out he killed Lea?               D) He thinks the food will be better in the U.S
A) His parents told him
B) Lea’s parents come to his house
11) What is Miami’s man home like after           17) What is the “pledge” Anthony refers
he loses his job and his baby?                    to?
A) It’s peaceful and calm                         A) The Pledge of Allegiance
B) It’s only he and his wife living there         B) The furniture cleaner
C) There are too many people, and it’s too        C) The Asian American pledge that says all
noisy                                             Asian Americans will be quiet, respectful, and
D) He doesn’t live in a home after he loses his   smart
job                                               D) The Peruvian American pledge that says all
                                                  Asian Americans will be quiet, respectful, and
12) What does the shearwater bird                 smart
A) At first it symbolizes peace but then it       18) Why is Anthony allowed to quit
symbolizes that not everything is as perfect as   playing the violin?
it seems                                          A) Because Mr. Mintz convinces his mother
B) It symbolizes hope                             that even the whirligig needs a break from
C) It symbolizes the American Dream               practicing and Anthony does too
D) It doesn’t symbolize anything; it’s just a     B) He quits on his own without asking his
bird                                              mother
                                                  C) Because his sister wants to play the violin
13) Where does Brent choose to stay in            instead
California rather than staying in the             D) He’s not allowed to quit the violin
A) He choose to stay at his aunts house           19) What whirligig does Brent create in
B) He chooses to stay at a campsite               Florida?
C) He chooses to stay at a hostel                 A) A rock and roll band
D) He chooses to skip California                  B) A marching band with Lea as a clarinet
14) What instrument does Brent choose in          C) Lea as a dog chasing a cat
California to make his new hobby?                 D) A mermaid lying on the beach
A) Clarinet
B) Piano                                          20) What is Brent’s new hobby while he is
C) Harp                                           in Florida?
D) Harmonica                                      A) Golfing
                                                  B) Sewing
15) What whirligig does Brent create in           C) Watching stars (astronomy)
California?                                       D) He has no hobby in Florida
A) Lea riding a sea otter
B) Lea as a mermaid on a whale                    21) What do Brent’s apprentices warn him
C) Lea as a starfish                              about when he is hanging his whirligig?
D) Just Lea                                       A) Sea Monsters
                                                  B) Thieves
16) Why doesn’t anyone know Anthony’s             C) Shearwaters
real birthday?                                    D) Hurricanes
A) Because his family forgot his real birthday
B) Because he was adopted and his exact birth     22) What is wrong with Jenny’s
date was unknown                                  grandmother?
C) Because Anthony wanted to make his own         A) She is faking sick
birthday                                          B) She is dying of cancer
D) Because Anthony didn’t tell anyone his         C) She doesn’t like Jenny
birthday                                          D) Nothing is wrong with her
23) Where was Jenny’s grandma during                 27) Who does Brent finally tell about killing
World War II?                                        Lea?
A) In Auschwitz, a concentration camp                A) One of the girls he dances with
B) In the United States                              B) Stephanie and Alexandra
C) In Germany                                        C) His artist friend
D) In Japan                                          D) The campsite owners

24) What does Jenny’s grandmother say                28) How does the woman respond to
Jenny needs to do?                                   Brent’s story of killing Lea?
A) She needs to keep being sad about what            A) She tells him he’s an awful man
happened to her people                               B) She tells him she thinks he’s learned his
B) To laugh and smile                                lesson, and he’s a good person now
C) To start building whirligigs herself              C) She immediately stops talking to him
D) That all German people are still bad like         D) She tells him it’s not big deal
                                                     29) Why is Brent asked to participate in the
25) What whirligig does Brent create in              contra dance?
Maine?                                               A) Because someone needs a partner so they
A) Lea’s head with pinwheels                         need an extra person
B) Lea drinking maple syrup                          B) Because the girls feel sorry for him
C) Lea as a lobster                                  C) Because the girls like his whirligigs
D) Lea flying a kite                                 D) He doesn’t participate in the dance

26) Who does Brent give his whirligig to in          30) At the end of the book, what does Brent
Maine?                                               say his new life mission will be?
A) One of the girls he dances with                   A) To quit drinking
B) Lea’s mother                                      B) To warn others about drinking and driving
C) His artist friend                                 C) To create a whirligig in each state
D) The campsite owners                               D) To go back to school in Chicago

Part Two: Matching
Directions: Match the following vocabulary words with their correct definition. Fill in the blank in
front of the word with the letter of the definition that matches the word. (1 point each)
31) ______ Caustic                                   A) Unwillingly
32) ______ Tormenter                                 B) Weakened by old age
33) ______ Gesticulating                             C) Compensation for a loss, injury, or damage
34) ______ Restitution                               D) An inexpensive inn
35) ______ Pristine                                  E) Full of enthusiasm; loud
36) ______ Hostel                                    F) Very sarcastic
37) ______ Reluctantly                               G) Not understandable
38) ______ Boisterous                                H) So clean and neat as to look like new
39) ______ Indecipherable                            I) To express by gesturing
40) ______ Decrepit                                  J) Easily or clearly visible
                                                     K) A person who afflicts pain and/or mental suffering

Extra Credit (+1 Point): Use one of the above vocabulary words in a sentence that demonstrates you
understand the meaning of the word.
Part Three: Short Answer
Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Use at least TWO
complete sentences per question. (2 points each)

41) What is a consequence?

42) What are two reasons why Brent is an unhappy teenager in the beginning of the novel?

43) Describe Brent’s identity at the beginning of the novel.

44) How does Brent change since the beginning of the novel?

45) Why is this journey considered Brent’s rebirth?

46) In your opinion, is Brent’s restitution fair? Why or why not?

47) Why does the author mix the stories all of the whirligig stories together throughout
Brent’s story?

48) Name one motif in the novel and explain why you think it’s a motif.
49) Does Brent learn any life lessons while he’s on his journey? If so, what lessons does he
learn? If not, why don’t you think he learns any life lessons?

50) What is the pattern that all of the short stories and Brent’s story have in common?
(What ties all of these stories together?)

Extra Credit: Pick one of the short stories from the novel and explain the exposition, rising
action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the story. Remember to just touch on the
most important details for the story. (5 points)

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