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									                                                    Donate your Vehicle
                                                  It’s Fast, Easy & Convenient
                                                    Donate your vehicle and support
                                                      the life-saving work of the
                                                         American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is the nation’s
major volunteer humanitarian                               RedCrossMotors:
organization. Mandated by the U.S.
Congress to offer services to our Armed
                                                  Picks up your vehicle running or not                 How to Donate
Forces and disaster relief at all times, the            Handles all the paperwork                RedCrossMotors converts your donated
American Red Cross is an independent                   (DMV, Title Transfer, etc.)               vehicles into real dollars to help those in
organization. Red Cross programs and            Issues you a Tax Receipt (if applicable)         need. The process is quick and easy. You
services rely on the support of the American                                                     simply call:
people through private donations and special          You Save Time and Money:
gifts such as vehicle donations.                      Don’t pay to sell it yourself.                  1-877-RCDONOR (723-6667)
                                                                                                  Please have your Vehicle Identification
Your local chapter helps people everyday to    No more placing expensive ads, taking phone          Number (VIN) ready when you call.
prevent, prepare for, and respond to           calls, scheduling appointments or price              All vehicles must have a clear title.
                                               haggling with a dealer. By donating your                              Or
emergencies in the following ways:
                                               vehicle or boat you avoid repair, insurance and     Visit your local chapter’s website,
     Disaster Assistance                       registration costs.                               click on RedCrossMotors, download
     Health & Safety Preparedness                                                                 an application or complete on-line.
     Blood Services                            Tax Benefits                                                          Or
     Armed Forces Emergency Services           RedCrossMotors will handle the title transfer             Mail or fax application to:
     International Services                    requirements and provide you with a tax              Vehicle Donation Processing Center
                                               deductible donation receipt at time of sale.           RedCrossMotors, P.O. Box 595
                                               You may also qualify for a tax deduction.                 Old Saybrook, CT 06475
                                               Donors are advised to consult with their tax                FAX: 860-388-4477
                                               and legal advisors.
                                                                                                 RedCrossMotors will set up a convenient
                                               What Types of Vehicles can be                     time to pick-up your vehicle, and will send
                                               Donated?                                          you a tax deductible acknowledgement
                                                                                                 receipt within 30 days of the sale of your
                                               We accept most motorized vehicles, including      vehicle.
                                               boats, trailers, trucks, motorcycles, motor
                                               homes and more, running or not. If you have
                                               any questions, please call our Customer
                                               Services Department at: 1-877-723-6667.
    1-877-RCDONOR (723-6667)
Vehicle Donation Program Application
                                                                                                                    YOUR VEHICLE
                                                          Heart of Tennessee Chapter
Name: ___________________________________                         836 Commercial Court
                                                                  Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Address:                                                              b. 615-893-4272
__________________________________                                    f. 615-895-8218
City: _________________ State: ___ Zip: _______

Day Phone:        (     ) ______________________                  www.midtnredcross.org
Evening Phone: (        ) ______________________

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

Vehicle Make:                                                                                                          WILL KEEP
                                                                                                                    OUR VEHICLES
Model: _____________________ Year: ________
                                                                                                                      ON THE ROAD
Mileage: _______________Color: _____________

Location of vehicle if different from above:

Is the title free and clear of lien?    Yes No

Can vehicle be driven 20 miles?         Yes No

If No, is vehicle accessible by flatbed tow truck
(i.e. driveway)?  Yes  No

Note: The vehicle MUST have four tires, a
complete engine, and a title to be accepted into our
program. Please remove license plates and all
personal items from vehicle before scheduled pick-
up date.

Donor                                                    American Red Cross Mission
Signature: __________________ Date __/___/___           The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization,
                                                           led by volunteers, and guided by its Congressional       1-877-RCDONOR
                                                             Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the
Mail to: Vehicle Donation Processing Center
          RedCrossMotors, P.O. Box 595
                                                         International Red Cross Movement, provides relief to          (723-6667)
                                                       victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for
          Old Saybrook, CT 06475                                      and respond to emergencies.

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