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									Product Launch Plan

The purpose of this tool is to help you develop a Product Launch Plan, which is an internal
document that is shared among members of the launch team. It is important that the

       Covers all the bases. A good Launch Plan is a comprehensive one that involves
        most functions in the company: marketing, public relations, development, sales,
        support, channel management (distribution) and others. Each function will have
        responsibilities detailed in the plan that are critical to the success of the launch.

       Contains sufficient detail. Leave no assumptions open for interpretation. Err on
        the side of providing more detail than less. Describe exactly what each launch task
        or activity requires, who will do it and the deadline for completion.

       Recognizes the logistical and communication challenges inherent in the process.
        Launch Plans contain a substantial amount of task and timetable information.
        Orchestrating the completion of the plan with the launch team requires a great deal
        of skill, tact and diplomacy. This is because the members of the launch team often
        don’t report to the leader of the team. Therefore, a person with strong
        organizational and communication skills usually leads the launch.
Title Page

             [Insert Company Name or Logo]

                       Product Launch Plan
                        New Product XYZ

                            [Insert Date]

              Completed By: [Insert Product Manager Name]
             Completed For: [Insert Senior Stakeholder Name]
Table of Contents                       Page

1. Executive Summary                    4

2. Go To Market Plan                    4

3. Product Release Milestones           4

4. Plans & Deliverables by Department   5

5. Launch Budget & Revenue Forecast     7

6. Pricing                              7

7. International                        7

8. Support Plan                         8

9. Risk                                 8

10. Launch Status Communications        8

11. Appendices                          9
1. Executive Summary

     Situation overview

     Target Audience

     Positioning

     Key benefits

     Launch objectives

     Revenue forecast
     Budget

     Risks

     Launch status communications

2. Go To Market Strategy

     Describe how this product launch fits overall corporate strategy

     List all objectives for the launch. Launch objectives could include: initial orders,
      initial sales, market share gains, perception of market leadership or any other
      measurable launch objective that makes sense. There is typically one primary
      objective and multiple secondary objectives.

     Summarize the strategy and tactics you will employ to accomplish each objective.
      For example, what strategies you will use – advertising, PR, web marketing, trial
      programs, samples, etc. – to accomplish each objective. The detailed planning and
      timeline for these strategies and tactics will come later in the plan.

3. Product Release Milestones

     List all milestones in the life of the product’s development, with appropriate detail
      on each, including working prototype, alpha testing, beta testing and omega version
      Indicate the target General Availability date and any rationale behind it. For
       example, if the product is seasonal, explain how the GA date recognizes that.

4. Plans & Deliverables by Department

      Provide a few sentences on the role each functional area plays in the launch process
       and its priority or level of involvement. Also, if there is a function that has
       deliberately been omitted from the launch process, indicate that and say why so
       launch team members won’t assume it an inadvertent omission.
      Provide a detailed list for each strategy and tactic referenced in the “Go To Market
       Strategy” section of this plan. Include specific deliverables, who is responsible for
       producing them and when they are due. For example, here’s what the Advertising
       section would include:

          o Group targeted by advertising

          o Specific types of advertising

          o Frequency of advertising; dates and places it will run

          o How ad responses will be measured

You might need to provide this level of detail in each of these areas:

      Technical

      Finance

      Executive

      Product Team

      Sales

      Marketing
This section is the core of your launch plan. Using the detail from this section as input,
you will need to devise two key tools to guide the efforts of the launch team.

The first is a master list of tas
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