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					                                                                                                          Marketing/Business Alignment Tool


Use this tool to analyze the alignment between your marketing department and business strategy.                        Ranking Scale

1. In the 'Self-Assessment' tab, review each aspect of alignment and each of the 5 levels of maturity.                 1 - Initial (poor alignment)

2. For each aspect, determine which level best reflects your organization currently.                                   2 - Progressing

3. In the 'Score' column, click on the number to get a drop-down list and select the appropriate level.                3 - Good

4. Enter any reasoning or notes in the 'Justification' column to document ideas & issues as you go.                    4 - Advanced

5. Once you have completed the analysis exercise, view the 'Scorecard' tab to see your results.                        5 - Optimized (full alignment)
                                                                                                                                 Marketing/Business Alignment Tool


Aspect of Alignment                                       Level of Alignment                                                          Score         Justification

                                                     1      Marketing management lacks understanding of business
                                                     2      Limited understanding of business by Marketing management
Understanding of Business by Marketing               3      Good understanding of business by Marketing management
                                                            Understanding of business encouraged among all Marketing staff
                                                     5      Understanding of business required by all Marketing staff
                                                     1      Senior Management lack understanding of Marketing best practices
                                                     2      Limited understanding of Marketing by Senior Management
Understanding of Marketing by Business               3      Good understanding of Marketing by Senior Management
                                                            Understanding of Marketing encouraged among all staff
                                                     5      Understanding of Marketing required for all staff
                                                     1      Casual conversations and meetings on ad hoc basis
                                                     2      Newsletters, reports, group e-mails are sent out
Organizational Development, Training, & Learning     3      Training, departmental meetings on a regular basis
                                                            Formal methods sponsored by Senior Management
                                                     5      Learning monitored and tested for all training programs
                                                     1      Business to Marketing only, generally formal communications
                                                     2      Business to Marketing only, somewhat informal and accessible
Communications Style and Ease of Access              3      Two-way, formal communications are the norm
                                                            Two-way, somewhat informal, accessibility is limited
                                                     5      Two-way, informal communications and flexible meeting times
                                                     1      Ad-hoc knowledge management processes
                                                     2      Some structured knowledge sharing emerging
Knowledge Management & Intellectual Assets           3      Knowledge management structured around key processes
                                                            Formal sharing at all levels within organization
                                                     5      Formal sharing with partners, and other external stakeholders
                                                     1      No business analysts in the Marketing department
                                                     2      Primary Marketing-business link is a Marketing Analyst
Marketing-Business Liaison Staff (Marketing Analysts) 3     Marketing Analysts mainly facilitate knowledge transfers
                                                            Marketing Analysts facilitate relationship building within company
                                                     5      Marketing Analysts enhance relationships with parnters/customers

Metrics & Value-Measurement

Aspect of Alignment                                       Level of Alignment                                                          Score         Justification

                                                     1      Operational Marketing metrics only (email click thru rates etc.)
                                                     2      Marketing metrics and some cost metrics; metrics rarely reviewed
Marketing Metrics Maturity                           3      Review and act on marketing, cost, and campaign ROI metrics
                                                            Metrics for each process/campaign are defined and measured
                                                     5      Marketing metrics analyzed to inform resource allocation decisions
                                                     1      Marketing campaigns & investments measured rarely, if ever
                                                     2      Cost/Lead, Cost/Sale measured, but rarely reviewed
Business Metrics Maturity                            3      Review and act on ROI and cost metrics for all marketing efforts
                                                            Measure Return on Customer (net present value of customer base)
                                                     5      Balanced Scorecard to set objectives, measures, targets, initiatives
                                                     1      Value of Marketing investments rarely measured by business units
                                                     2      Business/Marketing metrics not linked, no cause-effect relationships
Link between Marketing and Business Metrics          3      Metrics becoming linked and understood by Marketing & Business
                                                            Metrics formally linked, reviewed, and acted upon
                                                     5      Marketing/Business metrics are reviewed to provide predictive insight
                                                     1      Seldom or never benchmark processes or capabilities
                                                     2      Sometimes benchmark processes/capabilities informally
Benchmarking Process Maturity                        3      May benchmark formally, but benchmarks are seldom acted upon
                                                            Routinely benchmark process maturity and act upon insights
                                                     5      Routinely benchmark processes, measure results, and act upon
                                                     1      Don't assess Marketing investments at all
                                                     2      Only assess Marketing investments if there is a significant problem
Formally assess Marketing Investments                3      Most Marketing investments are formally assessed to determine ROI
                                                            Marketing investments routinely assessed and findings acted upon
                                                     5      Marketing investments routinely assessed, with ROI hurdle rate
                                                     1      None
                                                     2      Few continuous improvement practices, effectiveness not measured
Continuous Improvement Practices                     3      Few continuous improvement practices, starting to measure results
                                                            Many continuous improvement practices, always measure results
                                                     5      Continuous improvement practices and measures well-established
Planning & Governance

 Aspect of Alignment                                   Level of Alignment                                                            Score   Justification

                                                   1     Not done, or done as needed for budgeting process
                                                   2     At unit/functional level, slight Marketing input
 Formal Business Strategic Planning                3     Some Marketing input and cross-functional planning is completed
                                                         At unit and enterprise level, with Marketing heavily involved
                                                   5     Formal Business Planning with Marketing, partners & key stakeholders
                                                   1     Not done, or done on a reactive basis, no long term planning
                                                   2     At unit/functional level; slight business input
 Formal Marketing Strategic Planning               3     Some business input and cross-functional planning is completed
                                                         At unit and enterprise level, with business heavily involved
                                                   5     Formal Marketing Planning with input from customers/partners etc.
                                                   1     Completely decentralized Marketing departments and efforts
                                                   2     Mainly decentralized with some Marketing support from corporate
 Organizational Structure                          3     Marketing department is becoming more centralized and standardized
                                                         Centralized Marketing department, some procedures & policies
                                                   5     Centralized Marketing department, standard procedures & policies
                                                   1     Marketing Manager/Director reports to VP Sales
                                                   2     Marketing Manager/Director reports to VP Sales & Marketing
 Reporting Relationships                           3     Marketing Director/CMO reports to CFO or COO
                                                         Marketing Director/CMO reports to COO or CEO
                                                   5     Chief Marketing Officer reports directly to CEO
                                                   1     As a cost center, spending is unpredictable and not planned
                                                   2     As a cost center by business unit, budgets are not established
 How Marketing is Budgeted                         3     Some projects treated as investments, budgets are established
                                                         Marketing treated as a strategic investment, budget is increasing
                                                   5     Marketing is viewed as a profit center that enables revenue growth
                                                   1     Necessary evil to provide website, collateral, sales support
                                                   2     Need for a 'brand' is emerging, spending for need to have items only
 Rationale for Marketing Spending                  3     Business understands that investments in Marketing increase sales
                                                         Spending in Marketing is to reduce cost/sale, increase revenues
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Description: Your Problem You need to align your marketing objectives and processes to the business strategy and organizational structure. Our Solution A Microsoft Excel self-assessment of marketing/business alignment in 6 key areas: communication, competency-value measurement, governance, partnership, systems & technology, human resources. For background info, read the following Executive Summaries: Marketing Governance Best Practices, Measure your Marketing & Business Alignment Key Benefits identify areas for improvement more accountability for marketing team provides recommendations to improve save thousands by not hiring a consultant graphs results automatically on spider-chart
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