Moccasins by jennyyingdi


									                                                                                                               Prompt Card

   Child’s fiction book: Peter’s Moccasins                 Word Fun
   Non-fiction book relating to the story: Let’s Go           What do you think the word “hai-hai” means?
     Trapping                                                  What are other words/names for moccasins?
   Main characters and props:                                 What name do you use to call your Grandmother,
   Audio Tape of the Story                                     Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, Mom, Dad?
   Game
   Pattern for making paper moccasins                      Game
   Backdrop scenes for the story                              Matching Game – Match pairs of moccasins.
   Parent prompt                                              Memory Game – Matching Footwear – Find pairs of
                                                                 matching footwear.
   How is Peter feeling when he goes to school?            Activities
   Peter’s Grandfather, Uncle and Father are going
    hunting. What animal are they going hunting for?            Make a pair of paper moccasins.
   What did Peter have for lunch in his backpack?              Draw pictures showing the different ways we use
   What did Ann and Vincent Flathead bring for show and
    tell? Why didn’t Peter want to show his moccasins for       Make a list of things that Grandparents do for you, and
    show and tell?                                               then write a thank you letter for those things.
   Why did Peter wear his moccasins out at recess time?        Make bannock.
                                                                  Have a “show and tell”. Have you child pick something that is
                                                                   important to them and tell the rest of the family about it
     Look through the story and see how many times you
       can find the moose hiding.

NWT Literacy Council

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