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Account Executive Job Description - DOC


Your Problem You need to document the role and responsibilities for Account Executives. Our Solution A Microsoft Word template to quickly document the role and responsibilities for this position. Key Benefits lists common responsibilities defines educational requirements sets expectations for the position outlines reporting relationship save 2 hours on writing & formatting

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									Account Executive Job Description
Position Overview

Reporting the VP Sales & Marketing, the Account Executive is responsible for managing
client relationships via regularly planned customer-lifecycle touch points. Major duties
include selling new accounts, upgrading/cross-selling existing accounts, renewing accounts,
and providing superior customer service & support.


      Build and maintain client relationships to meet and exceed sales goals.

      Proactively communicate on quarterly basis with all customers to identify new sales
       opportunities, provide customer service, and ensure account renewals.

      Respond to Request for Proposals (RFP) in a timely and accurate fashion.

      Work with customers to identify challenges that our products can solve.

      Conduct professional and informative sales presentations

      Share expertise and best practices with new recruits and co-workers.
      Provide market intelligence to VP Sales to identify product improvement areas

      Gather competitive intelligence regarding pricing and other information.

      Execute direct marketing campaigns such as cold calling, or email marketing.

      Provid
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