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Account Scoring Template


Your Problem You need to evaluate and prioritize your accounts to provide them with the right level of service. Our Solution An Microsoft Excel analysis tool to evaluate corporate accounts based on key criteria: industry, company size, decision-maker, current need, opportunity size and purchase history. Key Benefits identify A,B,C accounts prioritize your time more effectively maximize your sales opportunities save 4 hours on formatting provides a real-world example

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									                                                                                                                               Account Scoring Template


Use this tool to analyze your accounts to determine their value to your organization.                                                 Grading Scale

1. In the "Weighting" tab, set the weighting for each category. Feel free to customize the weighting as you see fit.                  A - Account Score (8 - 10)

2. In the "Account Scoring" tab, rate your accounts based on each category on a scale of 1-10. (1-low, 10-high)                       B - Account Score (6 - 7)

3. Grade each account based on the Grading Scale on the right side of this worksheet.                                                 C - Account Score (0 - 5)

4. Develop a Key Account Plan for all "A" and "B" accounts to identify opportunities to expand with additional products & services.

5. Determine how to service and retain "C" accounts in a profitable and/or automated manner.
                                                                                                                 Account Scoring Template

                                                Company                                                   Opportunity

Account Scoring Criteria        Industry        Company Size      Decision Maker       Current Need       Opportunity Size   Purchase History   Total

Weighting Scale                   5%                15%                15%                 25%                 25%                15%           100%

Ranking Critieria:         Definitions:
Industry                   Does this company operate in an industry that you typically have success in?
Company Size               How large is this company in terms of number of employees or revenue?
Decision-Maker             How senior is your contact? Are they a decision-maker, influencer, or information gatherer?
Current Need               Does this account have a need for additional products & services at the moment?
Opportunity Size           Does this account represent a relatively large opportunity compared to other accounts?
Purchase History           How long have you done business from this account? Do they purchase additional products from you often?
                                                                                                Account Scoring Template

                              Company                                        Opportunity   
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