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A Colourful Book Yvonne Porcella. 1986. 120pp. BW.                                      PB $49.50
A Passion for Patchwork. Lise Bergene       155pp.     2004         CL                   PB $39.95
The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Patchwork Quilting and Applique
Elaine Hammond. 1997. 128pp. CL.                                                        HC $38.45
**** The Alabama Stitchbook: Projects & Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery
for Contemporary Sustainable Style. N Chanin with S Stukin 176pp 2008         T&H         HC $59.95
All About Quilts from A-Z.     Ed. Barbara Kuhn 256pp.         2002             C.&T.    HC $64.00
All Quilt Blocks Are Not Square Debra Wagner. 1995. 161pp. Kir                            PB $48.35
American Patchwork: True Stories from Quilters.      Ed. Sonja Hakala 232pp
 2007                       UNIC                                                        HC $39.95
Amish Quilts Robert Bishop & Elizabeth Safanda. 96pp. T&H.                               PB $27.45
Anatomy of a Doll Susanne Oroyan. 1997.                 RIST.                             PB $65.00
The Anchor Book of Needlecraft Techniques.            191pp.        2003 Per            PB $29.95
 Applique For Baby: 20 Charming Projects For the Nursery. Beesley & Boerens.
1999. 128pp.       Mart.                                                                 PB $43.95
Applique Innovations: Machine Techniques for Beautiful Clothing.
Agnes Mercik. 1997. CL.                                                                  PB $27.45
Applique Paper Greetings Elly Sienkiewicz.      1997.     222pp.      AQS.               HC $49.50
 Applique Quilt Patterns Maggie Malone. 1998.          144pp.       CL.                  PB $27.45
Applique Style: The Best of Contemporary Design Plus Stylish Projects
To Make At Home. Juliet Bawden. 1997. 128pp. NH.                                        HC $38.45
Appliquilt Tonee White. 80pp. Mart.                                                      PB $28.55
Appliquilt in the Cabin Tonee White. 80pp. 2002 Mart.                                    PB $34.50
The Art and Craft of Quilting: A Beginner's Guide to Patchwork Design, Color,
and Expression. Daisy Grubbs. 1995. 144pp. BW.                                          PB $49.50
Art and Inspiration: Ruth McDowell 1994. BW.                                           Out of Print
Art and Inspirations: Yvonne Porcella 1998. 143pp. CBW            .                     HC $66.50
Art Deco: Making Classic Quilts & Modern Variations. Jenni Dobson. 1995. 109pp. CL        PB $27.45
The Art of Annemieke Mein 1992. 256pp. Pen.                                            HC $102.00
The Art of Fabric Collage Rosemary Eichorn         170pp         2000       Ing         HC $69.50
Art of Joan Schulze. Forward by Constance Howard. 163pp            2001 Schul.           HC $95.00
The Art of Manipulating Fabric Collette Wolff. 310pp.       1996           CL            PB $50.00
**** Art Plus Quilt: Design Principles and Creativity Exercises. Lyric Kinard
135pp        2009                           KA                                          HC $47.00
The Art Quilt Penny McMorris & Michael Kile. 1996. 135pp.           NH.                  PB $43.95
Art Quilt Workbook Jane Davila & Elin Waterson 95pp           2007 KA                    PB $54.95
Art Quilts Sue Pierce & Verna Suit. 1994. 140pp. Per.                                   PB $32.95
Art Quilts: A Celebration. 400 Stunning Contemporary Designs 511pp. 2005 CL              PB $40.00
Artful Album Quilts Jane Townswick.        127pp     2001           Mart                  PB $56.95
Aunt Sallie's Lament Margaret Kaufman. Designed by Claire Van Vliet. Boxed. Per.  Out of
Australia’s Quilts: A Directory of Patchwork Treasures. J.Manning. 336pp ’99   JM HC $58.00
Australian Quilt Heritage Margaret Rolfe.     120pp.    1998. GA.                 PB $21.95
Awash With Colour Judy Turner. 1997. 80pp. Red Cedar.                             PB $21.95

Baby Patchwork: Gianna Valli Berti.      1996. 177pp.        CL.                         PB $27.45
Baltimore Album Quilts: Historic Notes and Antique Patterns.
Elly Sienkiewicz. 1990. 184pp. BNT.                                                     PB $42.85
Baltimore Beauties and Beyond: Studies in Classic Album Quilt Applique Vol.1.
Elly Sienkiewicz. 1989. 176pp.       BNT.                                              Out of print
Baltimore Beauties & Beyond Vol 2. Elly Sienkiewicz. 1991. 176pp.           KA .       Out of Print
Baltimore Beauties & Beyond Vol 3: Papercuts & Plenty.
Elly Sienkiewicz. 1995. 208pp. KA.                                                     Out of Print
Baltimore Elegance: A New Approach to Classic Album Quilts.
Elly Sienkiewicz.        175pp.            2006            ING                           PB $55.00
Bargello Tapestry Quilts Marilyn Toheny. 1992. 134pp. QRI.                              PB $43.95
Bargello Quilts Marge Edie. 95pp. 1994.           Mart.                                PB $35.00
Best of Baltimore Beauties: Part 2 Elly Sienkiewicz. 2002. 224pp. ING.                  PB $44.95
Best of The Classic Quilt Laura Nownes.            NH.                                  PB $38.45
Beautiful Foundation Pieced Quilt Blocks Mary Jo Hiney 128pp. 1999.         CL          PB $27.45
Beautiful Quiltagami Mary Jo Hiney 127pp.           2004.        CL                    HC $49.95
The Big Book of Quilting.    Cassia B. Farkas       592pp         2003        CL       PB $39.95
Book of Colours Shigenobu Kobayashi. 1987. 127pp. BW.                                   PB $27.45
Borders and Bindings     Mimi Dietrich.     78pp. 1998         Mart.                   out of print

**** Cathedral Window Quilts: The Classic Folded Technique and a Wealth of Variations.
Lynne Edwards         137pp          2009                  CL                            PB $35.00
Celebrate With Little Quilts Berg, Von Holt & Johnson. 88pp. Mart.                       PB $38.50
Celebrating the Traditions: Quiltmakers of Australia. Karen Fail. 95pp. GA.               PB $46.75
Celtic Quilt Designs Philomena Wiechec. 1980. 60pp. BNT.                               Out of print
Celtic Quilting Gail Lawther. 128pp.          CL.                             PB $29.95 HC $43.95
Circles of the East: Quilt Designs from Ancient Japanese Family Crests.
Kumiko Sudo. 1997.          127pp.         McGrH.                                     Ou t of Print
Classic Basket Quilts Liz Porter & Marianne Fons. 125pp. AQS.                           PB $39.60
Classic Quilts Susan Harris. 1997.      80pp.    GA.                                    PB $21.95
Classic Quilts: With Precise Foundation Piecing.
Tricia Lund & Judy Pollard. 1996. 80pp. Mart.                                          out of print
Clues in The Calico: A Guide to Identifying & Dating Antique Quilts.
Barbara Brackman. 1989.         200pp.      EPM.                                        PB $63.80
Color: The Quilter’s Guide. Christine Barnes. 1997. 125pp. Mart                          PB $43.95
Color and Cloth: The Quiltmaker’s Ultimate Workbook.
Mary Coyne Penders.       1995. 143pp.      NH.                                          PB $38.45
Color and Composition for the Creative Quilter
Katie Pasquini Masopust & Brett Barker.    80pp          2005.        KA                 PB $47.95
Color Harmony for Quilts. W. Ringle & Bill Kerr 144pp 2002              TOW               PB $44.95
Color Moves. Transfer Paints on Fabric. Linda Kemshall. 2001 95pp           Mart         PB $48.95
Colorwash Bargello Quilts. Beth Ann Williams. 2001 95pp              Mart              out of print
Colour Choices: Making Colour Sense Out of Colour Theory. S. Quiller. 144pp. BW.         HC $54.95
Colour Confidence for Quilters Jinny Beyers. 148pp. 1997. NH.                             PB $47.25
Colours Changing Hue Yvonne Porcella. BW.                                                PB $43.95
****Come to the Edge Quilts and Other Journeys of Megan Terry 2008 MT 200pp.              HC$85.00
Community Quilts, How to Organise, Design and Make a Group Quilt. Karol Kavaya & Vicki Skemp.
136pp.          2001                              CL.                                   HC $46.00
The Complete Book of Machine Quilting R & T. Fanning. 272pp. Kir.                        PB $54.95
The Complete Book of Patchwork, Quilting & Applique Linda Seward. 1998.
Fully revised edition.     184pp.     BW.                                             out of print
The Complete Crazy Patchwork Anne Hulbert. 2002. 144pp. CL.                            HC $39.95
 The Complete Guide to Quilting Techniques Pauline Brown 256pp 2006 ADS HC $55.00
The Complete Quilting Course Gail Lawther. 176pp. Pen.                                 HC $44.00
Complex Cloth: A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design.
Jane Dunnewold. 1996. 160pp. Mart.                                                     out of print
**** Contemporary Quilt Art: An Introduction and Guide. Kate Lenkowsky
287pp            2008                  Unirep                                         HC $66.00
Contemporary Quilts: Design, Surface & Stitch. S. Meech       128pp.    2003 CL         PB $39.95
Contemporary Quilting: Exciting Techniques and Quilts from Award-Winning Quilters
 Cindy Walters, Stevii Graves      2005       144pp                  CL                PB$39.95
Contemporary Southwestern Quilts: A Practical Guide To Developing Original
Quilt Designs. Mary Evangeline Dillon. 1989. 182pp. Kir.                                PB $32.95
Country Applique: Quick and Easy Projects. Nutt & Ellery. 1997. 80pp. GA.               PB $27.45
 Coxcomb Quilt Donna Hanson Eines. 1998.               Mart.                          PB $14.30
Crazy Patchwork Janet Haigh. 1998. 128pp. Per.                                       out of print
**** Crazy Quilting: The Complete Guide. J.Marsha Michler 255pp 2008 CL                HC $40.00
**** Crazy Quilts: History, Techniques, Embroidery Motifs. Cindy Brick 159pp 2008 CL    HC $40.00
Crazy Rags: Contemporary Wearable Art. Deborah Brunner. 1996. 90pp. Mart.               PB $31.90
Creating Texture with Textiles Linda F. McGehee 1998 128pp               CL             PB $39.95
Creative Crazy Patchwork Helen Moore & Theresia Stockton. 1997. 80pp. GA.               PB $21.95
Creative Medieval Designs for Applique Eileen Campbell 2003. 80pp.          CL.         PB $29.95
Creative Miniature Quilts Kerry Gadd. 2002. 128pp.           CL.                      PB $29.95
Creative Photocopying       S & S Walton.      1997. 125pp.    Lo.                    HC $39.60
The Creative Quilter: Techniques & Projects. Pauline Brown. 1999. 150pp.                PB $32.95
Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project Karey Patterson Bresenhan
272pp                 2007                   KA                                        PB $55.95
Creative Quilts: Inspiration, Texture & Stitch Sandra Meech 128pp 2006 CL              HC $59.95
**** Creative Quilting with Beads: Bags, Aprons, Mini-Quilts & More.
Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader       128pp       2008            CL                       HC $35.00
Creative Tucks and Textures for Quilts & Embroidery Jennie Rayment. 127pp 2004 CL PB $39.95
Curved Piecing Paulette Peters.        1999.     79pp.       Mart.                     PB $31.35

Deidre Scherer: Work in Fabric & Thread 144pp.            1998        KA.                 PB $53.85
Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt & Patchwork Projects. 175pp 2005 ING             PB $50.00
Design Your Own Quilts Judy Hopkins.           1998. 95pp.        Mart.                   PB $36.25
Designing Quilts: The Value of Value. Suzanne Tessier Hammond. 1999. 80pp. Mart.           PB $32.95
Designing Tessellations: The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns. Jinny Beyer 242pp 1999 McGH HC $69.95
Dimensional Applique: Baskets, Blooms & Baltimore Borders. Elly Sienkiewicz.
1993. 176pp.     CBW                                                                     Out of Print
Drafting & Design Simplified     Ed: Sarah Sacks Dunn         2002.    128pp.   BW        HC $39.95
Dyes & Paints: A Hands-on Guide to Colouring Fabric. Noble. 1998. 160pp. Mart             Out of Print

Easy Japanese Quilt Style Julie Davis & Anne Muxworthy           128pp      2009 CL         PB $35.00
Easy Machine Paper Piecing: 65 Quilt Blocks for Foundation Piecing.
Carol Doak. 1994. 95pp. Mart.                                                             PB $28.05
Easy Paper-Pieced Miniatures Carol Doak. 1998. 111pp.                  Mart.              out of print
East Quilts West Kumiko Sudo. 1996. 198pp. McGH.                                          out of print
East Quilts West II Kumiko Sudo. 1996. 128pp. McGH.                                       out of print
Embellished Mini-Quilts: Creative Little Works of Art. Jamie Fingal 127pp
2007            ING                                                                       HC $40.00
The Encyclopedia of Designs For Quilting Phyllis Miller. 1996. 192pp. AQS                  HC $65.95
The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques K. Guerrier. 175pp. S&S.             PB $32.95
Encyclopedia of Applique      B. Brackman. 200pp.         Ing.                            out of print
Erika Carter: Personal Imagery in Art Quilts. K. Hoffman (Ed.) 1996. 112pp. Mart.          PB $42.35
The Essential Quilter: Tradition, Techniques, Design, Patterns and Projects.
Barbara Chainey. 1997. 144pp. CL.                                                          Out of print
Everything Flowers Jean & Valori Wells. 1996. 96pp. BW.                                     PB $43.95
Everyday Angels in Extraordinary Quilts Mary Lou Weidman
1999.    96pp.    Mart.                                                                     PB $37.35
Everyday Art, Australian Folk Art. J.Logan Nat. Gall. Of Austr.     80pp. 1998. T.&H.        PB $27.45
Exploring Machine Trapunto` Hari Walner 1999.          112pp.        C&T.                   PB $52.95

Fabled Flowers: Innovative Quilt Patterns Inspired by Japanese Sashiko and Origami Traditions
 Kumiko Sudo. 139pp.              1996           McGH                                      Out of print
Fabric Collage Quilts Joanne Goldstein 95pp.         1999        Mart.                     Out of print
Fabric Stamping Handbook.         Jean Ray Laury 96pp.         2002    KA                    PB $59.95
101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts Judy Hopkins & Nancy Martin. 1998. 265pp. Mart.               PB $44.00
Faces and Places: Images in Applique. Charlotte Warr Andersen. 128pp. KA.                   Out of print
Fancy Applique Elly Sienkiewicz. 144pp. 1999.            C&T/ Ingram.                       PB $49.50
Fantasic Fabric Folding: Innovative Quilting Projects. Rebecca Wat 96pp. 2000 KA            PB $43.95
Fantasies & Flowers: Origami in Fabric for Quilters K.Sudo 128pp. 2000         McGH         out of print
Fast-and-Fun Stenciled Quilts Vicki Garnas. 1999. 112pp.          Mart.                    PB $37.40
Feathers That Fly: How to Design, Mark, and Machine Quilt Feather Motifs.
Lee Cleland.        2002.              144pp.         Mart.                               out of print
Fibrearts Design Book 6 Ann Batchelder (Ed.)           240pp     2001           CL.        HC $68.00
Fine Art Quilts: Work by Artists of the Contemporary Quilt Art Association.
1997. 111pp. Mart.                                                                        PB $49.50
Flannel Quilts. Sandy Bonsib.           2001       95pp             Mart                   PB $48.95
Floral Abundance. Applique Designs Inspired by William Morris.
R. Makhan            2000          80pp                 Mart                              PB $45.00
Flower Origami: Fabric Flowers from Simple Shapes. Kumiko Sudo. 160pp 2004 ING               PB $55.00
Flowers in Applique: Fast and Simple Quilting with Printed Motif Fabrics.
Judy Severson.    1998.   150pp.         NH.                                              PB $43.95
Folk Art Animals: 25 Fanciful Applique Designs. Janet Carija Brandt. 1998. Mart.            PB $26.40
Folk Art Quilts: A Fresh Look. Sandy Bonsib. 1998. 128pp.             Mart.               PB $38.50
**** Free Expression: the art and confessions of a contemporary quilter Robbi Joy Ecklow
116pp          TOW                                                                         PB $50.00
Freedom in Design Mia Rozmyn 1995. 112pp.                Mart.                             PB $38.50
From Fiber to Fabric: The Essential Guide to Quiltmaking Textiles.
Harriet Hargrave. 144pp. 1997. BW.                                                         HC $60.50
Fun and Fancy Jackets and Vests Patrick Lose. 1995. 136pp. CL.                             HC $43.95
Fun With Miniatrure Log Cabin Blocks D. McConnell. 95pp.              Mart.                 PB $30.80
**** Fuse-and-Tell Journal Quilts Laura Wasilowski         2008      63pp      CBW          PB $49.95

Garden Applique Beesley & Boerens. 1999. 126pp.              Mart.                       PB $43.95
Gathered In Time: Utah Quilts and Their Makers, Settlement to 1950.
Kae Covington. 1997. 168pp. EWEB.                                                       PB $54.95
**** Gee’s Bend The Architecture of the Quilt Paul Arnett, William Arnett, Bernard Herman, Maggi
Gordon, Diane Mott, Dilys Blum, Lauren Whitley, Amei Wallach. 2006 224pp. ING            HC $90.00
Glorious Patchwork    Kaffe Fassett with Liza Prior Lucy.   160pp. 1997     RH          HC $56.10
Go Wild With Quilts: Forteen North American Birds and Animals.
Margaret Rolfe. 96pp. Mart.                                                            PB $32.95
Great Quilting Techniques From Threads Magazine. 95pp. (Taunton) BW                      PB $38.50

Hamlyn Needlework: Patchwork & Quilting. Jacqueline Farrell. 1999. 144pp. BW.                HC $43.95
Hand Dyed Fabric Made Easy Adriene Buffington. 1996. 56pp. Mart.                            PB $21.95
Handprint Quilts Marcia L. Layton. 1996. 56pp. Mart.                                       PB $21.95
Harmonies and Hurricanes: Color and Line in Japanese Quilts. Kumiko Sudo.
1998. 134pp.       McGH.                                                                    PB $49.95
Heirloom Machine Quilting Harriet Hargrave. 1995. 176pp.      KA                            HC $68.95
Hidden in Plain View Jacqueline Tobin.      230pp. 1999        RAIN                         PB $27.95
Honoring the Seasons: Quilts From Japan's Quilt House Yama.
Takako Onoyama. 96pp.         1996           Mart.                                     PB $35.2

Imagery on Fabric: A Complete Surface Design Handbook.             Jean Laury.
   176pp.    1997                         C.&T.                                        PB $59.95
Improvisational Quilts Nancy Crow 40pp. 1998               BW                           out of print
In The Studio with Judy Murrah. Judy Murrah 2001            95pp     Mart               PB $48.95
Incredible Quilts For Kids of All Ages Jean Ray Laury. 1996. 140pp. NH                   PB $38.45
Innovative Piecing. Ed: Sarah Sacks Dunn       128pp        2000       BW               HC $35.00
**** Inspired to Quilt: Creative Experiments in Art Quilt Imagery. Melanie Testa
135pp                        2009                  KA                                   PB $44.00
Inspiration Odyssey Diana Wessel. 1996.       95pp.    Mart.                            PB $38.50
Interlacing Borders Donna Hussain. 1998.        61pp.     Mart.                         out of print
**** It Keeps Me Sane: Women Craft Wellbeing. Enza Gandolfo, Marty Grace
68pp     2009         DJ                                                                 PB 29.95
Its Raining Cats and Dogs     Janet Kime. 1999. 112pp. Mart.                             PB $32.95

Japanese Country Quilting: Sashiko Patterns and Projects for Beginners.
Karen Kim Matsunaga.             95pp.            BW.                                    P B $37.95
Japanese Inspirations. Easy-to-make patchwork and applique projects.             J.Haigh
2000                 128pp                                              HC               HC $45.00
Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix & Match Susan Briscoe         128pp    2007     HC           PB $34.95
 Japanese Quilting, Sashiko Hiromitsu Takano 128pp. 1993, 2001             CL            PB $39.95
Jazz It Up: 101 Stitching and Embellishing Techniques. Judy Murrah. 1998. 128pp. Mart. PB $41.80
**** Jelly Roll Quilts: The Perfect Guide to Making the Most of the Latest Strip Rolls.
Pam & Nicky Lintott 128pp        2008     CL                                              PB $35.00
Joy of Quilting Joan Hanson & Mary Hickey. 265pp.        1999.            Mart.           HC $41.80

Kaffe Fassett’s Kaleidoscope of Quilts Kaffe Fassett 126pp 2006        GA              PB $44.95
Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in the Sun  Kaffe Fassett    144pp    2007     GA               PB $49.95
Kaffe Fassett’s V&A Quilts: 23 Beautiful Patchworks Inspired by the Victoria & Albert Museum
Kaffe Fassett w/ Liza Prior Lucy    160pp       2005      RAIN                        HC $79.9 5
Kake-Jiku: Images of Japan in Applique, Fabric Origami & Sashiko Kumiko Sudo
140pp              2006               ING                                             PB $55.00
Kaleidoscopes and Quilts Paula Nadelstern. 144pp.               C&T.                  out of print
Kokoro no Te. Handmade Treasures From the Heart. 156pp          2005  ING              PB $55.00

 Landscape in Contemporary Quilts: Design & Technique Ineke Berlyn        128pp
2006                 CL                                                          HC $49.95
**** Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts Pam & Nicky Lintott 128pp 2009 CL PB $35.00
Little Book of Quilts Katherine Guerrier.     1998.     NH.                      HC $43.95
Lively Little Logs: Making Log Cabin Miniatures.
Donna McConnell.      1993.      79pp.      Mart.                                PB $26.35
Living With Little Quilts Berg Von Holt & Sylvia Johnson. 1997. 63pp. Mart.       HC $27.45
The Log Cabin Design Workbook: Basic Blocks and Beyond. C. Carter. 96pp. Mart.    PB $29.95
Loving Stitches: A Guide to Fine Hand Quilting. Jeana Kimball. 1992. 52pp. Mart.   PB $26.95

Machine Quilting Made Easy Maurine Noble. 1994. 63pp. Mart.                             PB $31.90
Machine Quilting With Decorative Threads Noble & Hendricks.
1998      88pp.    Mart.                                                              PB $32.95
Magical Hexagons. Martha Thompson. 2002. 80pp. Mart.                                   out of print
Make Room for Quilts Nancy Martin. 1998. 216pp.            Mart.                        out of print
The Making of a Baltimore-Album Quilt. Frances Benton 1995. 163pp. ING                  HC $30.00
Mariner's Compass: An American Quilt Classic. Judy Mathieson. 1987. 70pp. BW.           out of print
Mariner’s Medallion M’liss Rae Hawley.      1999.   56pp.     Mart.                     PB $35.20
Master Works. Decorative & Functional Art. Comp. by Sally Milner. 2000. 195pp. GA.       HC $59.95
**** Masters: Art Quilts. Major Works by Leading Artists. 414pp 2008        CL          PB $35.00
**** Material Obsession: Contemporary Quilt Designs. Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke
206pp         2008                          ADS                                        PB $44.95
Memorabilia Quilting: Quilts, Clothing, Adornments. Jean Wells. 96pp. BW.              PB $36.25
The Miniature Quilt: Over 24 Projects for Quilter’s and Doll’s house Enthusiasts.
Dinah Travis. 1998. 111pp.          CL.                                              HC $49.50
Mini Quilts From Traditional Designs Corcoran & Wilkinson. 128pp. CL.                 PB $27.50
Mississippi Quilts. Mary Elizabeth Johnson.    225pp.     2001                EWEB   PB $97.00
Mixed Media Explorations: Blending Paper, Fabric & Embellishment
Beryl Taylor         112pp.        2005         QA/KA                                  PB $50.00
Modern Quilt Workshop (The) Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr 2005 128pp TOW                    PB $39.95
Molas: Patterns, Techniques & Projects for Colourful Applique.
Kate Mathews.     1998.     128pp.      CL.                                            HC $43.95
More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts Pam Bono. 1996. 160pp. CL.                             PB $32.95

Nancy Crow      Jean Robertson.        302pp.      2000          ING                 HC $105.00
Nancy Crow, Quilts & Influences       Nancy Crow. 256pp.             AQS.            Out of print
Nature’s Patterns: Inspirations and Techniques For Quilt Makers.
J.Becker.   1996. 148pp. NH.                                                        PB $43.95
Nebraska Quilts & Quiltmakers. Patricia Cox Crews & Ronald C.Naugle.1991 241pp EWEB    PB$65.00
The Needlecrafter’s Computer Companion J.Heim. 1995. 460pp. NSP.                     PB $62.70
New Directions in Chenille. Nannette Holmberg.       111pp      2000     Mart         PB $49.95
A New Slant on Bargello Quilts Marge Edie. 1998.          96pp.    Mart.             PB $32.95
A New Twist On Triangles Mary Sue Suit. 1999. 96pp.          Mart.                  Out of print

Ohio is my Dwelling Place. School Girl Embroideries 1800-1850
Sue Studebaker               310pp     2002       ING                                 PB $ 55.95
Old Nova Scotian Quilts Scott Robson & Sharon MacDonald. 1995. 112pp. Dee.             PB $42.85
Old Patchwork Quilts and The Women Who Made Them
Ruth Finley. 1929. Reprinted 5 times. 203pp.      EPM.                                PB $46 .20
Omiyage: Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition.
154pp.         2001        McGr.H/ING                                                  PB $45.00
On The Surface: Thread Embellishment & Fabric Manipulation.
Mathison & Philippoff. 144pp. BW.                                                     PB $54.95
101 Full-size Quilt Blocks & Borders     216pp.         2003     BP.                  PB $29.95
1000 Great Quilting Stitch Patterns Luise Roberts    512pp    2004   HC               HC $39.95
Origami Quilts Tomoko Fuse       90pp.      2001                BW.                   PB $39.95

**** The Painted Quilt: Paint & Print Techniques for Colour on Quilts.
Linda & Laura Kemshall      123pp        2008          CL                             P B $30.00
Paper Piece a Flower Garden. Jodie Davis         2001       96pp       Mart          PB $48.95
Passionate Patchwork. Kaffe Fassett      160pp.     2001        RH                   HC $75.00
Patches of Australia Deborah Brearley. 128pp. Lo.                                    PB $32.95
Patchwork & Quilting in the National Museum of Victoria. Margaret Rolfe. 2003 60pp BW PB$14.95
Patchwork Basics: Easy Quilts For Beginners and Beyond.
Marie-Christine Flocard & Cosabeth Parriaud. 112pp. TPP.                             PB $38.45
Patchwork Handbook: 350 Original Designs for Traditional Patchwork.
Birte Hilberg. 192pp. Per.                                                          PB $32.95
Patchwork. Iowa Quilts and Quilters. By Jacqueline Andre Schmeal 140pp EWEB 2003       PB $52.00
Patchwork Patterns       Jinny Beyer.    200pp.       EPM.                           PB $50.60
Patchwork Persuasion Joen Wolfrom. 144pp. 1997.             BW.                      PB $49.50
The Patchwork Planner Birte Hilberg 192pp.           2002 reprint        CL           out of print
Patchwork Portfolio Jinny Beyers. 242pp.         1989.            EPM.               Out of print
Patchwork, Quilting & Applique       Jenni Dobson 192pp.          2000      PER       HC $45.00
Patchwork Quilts in Australia Margaret Rolfe. 1987. 128pp.           MR.             PB $23.10
Patchwork Quilts Made Easy Jan Wells. 256pp. BW.                                     HC $49.50
Pattern on Pattern: Spectacular Quilts From Traditional Blocks.
 Ruth McDowell. 1998.      158pp.     NH.                                                PB $38.45
Patterns of Progress: Quilts in the Machine Age. Brackman. 127pp. 1997. EWEB.             PB $53.90
Photo Transfer Handbook (The) Jean Laury 80pp. 1999                  Ingr.               PB $39.60
Pieced Borders: The Complete Resource. Judy Martin & Marsha McCloskey.
1994.    160pp.      Feathered Star Productions.                                         PB $49.50
Pieced Vegetables      Ruth McDowell        128pp.              2002       C.&T/KA        PB $54.95
Piecing: Expanding the Basics Ruth B. McDowell. 1998. 160pp. C&T/KA.                      Out of print
Plaids & Stripes Roberta Horton. 1997. 126pp. BW.                                        PB $43.95
Plain & Fancy.       Richard Cleveland.
    1998.      NH.                                                                       PB $38.45
Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish. Sue Bender. 152pp. HC.                  PB $28.55
**** Pretty Little Patchwork 128pp           2008        CL                              HC $25.00
Provence, Quilts & Cuisine. Marie-Christine Flocard        112pp      2002     C.&T.      PB $59.95

Q is For Quilt Diana McClun 112pp.             2002                C.&T.                PB$56.95
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 Quick Watercolor Quilts: The Fuse, Fold and Stitch Method.
Dina Pappas.      1999.        112pp.      Ingram.                                      PB $43.95
Quilt: Handmade Style. Ruth Van Haeff & Janine Flew 111pp 2006 ADS                       PB $29.95
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**** Quilt the beloved Africa J. Williamson & P. Parker            2008    113pp.   GA PB $40.00
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The Quilt Encyclopedia Illustrated Abrahams. T&H.                                        HC $79.20
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Barbara Chainey. 1999. 192pp.            Mart.                                           PB $43.95
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**** Quilted Object (The): Making Things with Quilt Art Techniques. Ineke Berlyn
128pp        2009          CL                                                            HC $50.00
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Quilter’s Guide to Pictorial Quilts. Maggie McCormick Gordon 2000 128pp             HC    PB $39.95
**** Quilting Arts Workshop: Collage Lace Scarves with Marinda Stewart.
2008                  KA                                                               DVD $35.00
Quilting Back to Front. Larraine Scouler. 2001. 64pp                  KA                PB $43.00
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BW                                                                                         PB $35.00
**** Quilting Arts Book (The): Techniques and Inspiration for Creating One-of-a-Kind
Quilts. Patricia Bolton 143pp 2008             KA                                             PB $40.00
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190pp        2002          ING                                                               HC $90.00
**** Quilts On the Double: Dozens of Easy Strip-Pieced Designs. Judy Hooworth &
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Ralli Quilts, Traditional Textiles from Pakistan & India.         Patricia Stoddard.
176pp.                               2003                        Per.                          PB $70.00
Razzle Dazzle Quilts Judy Hooworth          2001      95pp             Mart                    out of print
Red & White: American Redwork Patterns and Quilts.
Deborah Harding.        2000.      2 Volumes.      T&H.                                        HC $85.70

Sashiko: Easy and Elegant Japanese Designs for Decorative Machine Embroidery.
Mary S. Parker.     144pp.         1999            CL.                                PB $34.95
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Simply Seminole       Dorothy Hanisko         102pp.    1997             McGH             PB $45.00
 Simply Silk: 12 Creative Designs for Quilting and Sewing. Mary Jo Hiney 128pp
2007                        CL                                                            PB $35.00
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Elizabeth Hamby Carlson.       1999.       95pp.     Mart.                                PB $35.20
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48pp           2006             BM                                                        PB $35.00
Spectacular Scraps: A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts Judy Hooworth & Margaret Rolfe
reprint 2003             80pp              GA/ING                                           PB $32.95
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Start Quilting Alex Anderson. 1997. 40pp. BW.                                             PB $27.45
**** Start to Patchwork Nancy Nicholson           48pp     2009          KA               PB $22.00
**** Start to Quilt Miriam Edwards 48pp 2007                KA                           HC $20.95
**** Stitch it: Quilts 16 Quilted Projects to make for your home       2008    144pp. GA PB $29.95
Stitched from the Soul. Slave Quilts from the Antebellum South Gladys-Marie Fry
2002            102pp             UNCP                                                   PB $62.70
**** Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art: Colour, Texture and Distortion
C June Barnes                 2008             128pp.       CL                             HC $50.00
Studio Quilts Michael James. QRI.                                                       HC $115.50
Story Quilts and How to Make Them Mary C. Clarke. 1996. 128pp.              CL.            HC $43.95
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Donna Lynn Thomas. 1997. 96pp. Mart.                                                     PB $32.95
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Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles Judy Turner & Margaret Rolfe
 2002            96pp       GA                                                           PB $42.95
Sweet and Simple Country Quilts J. Dobson. 1996. 160pp. CL.                               HC $43.95

Textile Artistry: Wonderfully Easy Designs to Create Using Hand and Machine Embroidery,
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That Perfect Stitch: The Secrets of Fine Hand Quilting.
Roxanne McElroy.        1998.    138pp.    NH.                                            PB $63.00
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Threadplay: Mastering Machine Embroidery Techniques. L. Lehman. 1997. 96pp. Mart           out of print
Threads and Ties That Bind Jean Johnson. 140pp. 1997.         NH.                         PB $43.95
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Three Dimensional Pieced Quilts Jodie Davis. 1995. 132pp. Kir.                             PB $43.95
Through the Garden Gate: Quilters and Their Gardens.
 Jean & Valori Wells. 1999. 144pp.       C&T/KA.                                          PB $5 4.95
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Tiny Treasures Virginia Enright. 1997. 80pp. GA.                                          PB $21.95
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Transitions: Unlocking the Creative Quilter Within. A.Balosky. 1996. 94pp. TPP.          PB $25.30
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Treasure Underfoot Shirley MacGregor,          144pp.     2001            CTP          PB $63.00
Triangle Tricks. One Easy Unit, Dozen of Gorgeous Quilts. Sally Schneider 79pp 2002 Mart PB
True Style: Pieced Jackets with Distinctive Applique. Peggy True. 1997. 95pp. Mart.     PB $24.15
 21 Sensational Patchwork Bags Susan Briscoe 121pp 2006             CL            PB $30.00
Two Color Quilts Nancy J. Martin. 1998. 180pp. Mart.                                  out of print

Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns Judy Martin. 1988. 98pp. BNT.                       PB $32.95
Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook(The) Susan Briscoe 2005 128pp CL                           PB$39.95

Variations in Chenille N. Holmberg.    1997. 87pp. Mart.                                  PB $39.60
Vintage-Style Quilts.    Flora Roberts    128pp    2004             Per                   HC $39.95
Visions: Quilt Art. 1996. 88pp. BW.                                                       PB $43.95

Watercolor Impressions: Quilts Inspired by the Best Seller Watercolor Quilts.
Pat Maixner Magaret & Donna Ingram Slusser. 1995. 111pp. Mart.                             PB $38.50
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The Weekend Quilter Rosemary Wilkinson (Ed.)        1997. 144pp.       NH.             OUT OF PRINT
Welcome Home Kaffe Fassett. 1999.          126pp.         Mart.                          HC $51.65
Westminster, Patchwork & Quilting Book Number 1. Kaffe Fassett 2000 Ingr.                 PB $37.40
**** Where Rainbows Live         Denise Venderlugt 2007          DV                      HC $35.00
Whimsies & Whynots: A Playful Approach to Quiltmaking. M. Weidman.
1997. 94pp.         Mart.                                                                PB $35.20
Wild By Design: 200 Years of Innovation & Artistry in American Quilts
Janet Catherine Berlo & Patricia Cox Crews     2003. 158pp.            ING                PB $65.00
Wildflowers Carol Armstrong. 1998. 96pp.                           BW.                   PB $43.95
Women of Taste: A Collaboration Celebrating Quilt Artists and Chefs      Ed. Jen Bilik
112pp.       1999                                          Ingr.                         PB $49.50
Words and Quilts Felicia Mitchell.       1998.    NH.                                     HC $32.95
Workshop with Velda Newman           78pp. Velda Newman. 2002                 C.&T.        out of print
Wow! Wool-on-Wool Folk Art Quilts Janet Carija Brandt. 88pp. Mart                          PB $38.50

Your First Quilt Book: Or it Should Be! Carol Doak. 1997. 224pp. Mart.                     PB $35.00

Zen & The Art of Quilting.    Sandra Detrixhe    212pp       2004         PER          PB $17.95

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