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									       Main Ideas

What is a main idea? How do we
       find the main idea?
What is the main idea?
 What the text is mainly about
 Big idea
 Overall topic of a story/piece of writing
 Author’s message/goal
 Mostly about, sums up, most likely,
 main theme, best tells, main
 purpose, another title; who, what,
 where, when, why, how
Where is the main idea
 The main idea can be found
 ANYWHERE in a story.
 Title, Subheadings, First or Last
 Sentence, or a summary after you have
 There is not one specific place to find
 the main idea.
How can we find the main
 Look for supporting details
 Summarize after every paragraph
 Look at cues and clues in the text such as
 Pick out the most important and most
 commonly used details
   Supporting details: part of the text that support the
   main idea and make the text interesting
Why do we find main ideas?
 Important skill to have to become a
 fluent and strong reader
 Helps us understand and break down
 the text
 Tells us what is most important
Details versus Main Idea
 While one team bats, the other team
 fields. (detail)
 If the batter crosses home plate, a run
 is scored. (detail)
 Baseball is an exciting game played in
 the United States and other countries
 around the world. (main idea)
 The team with the most runs at the end
 of the game wins. (detail)
For Example…
At age 15, Christopher Columbus left home to
work on trading ships sailing on the
Mediterranean Sea. During these voyages, he
improved his sailing skills. He learned how to
navigate by studying the height of the North Star
at night and the position of the sun at noon. He
learned how to use a compass. By watching
birds, fish, driftwood and the color of the water,
Columbus could tell where he was. The sea had
much to teach him.
What is the main idea in the
Do It Yourself!
 The Navajo Indians were a very
 interesting tribe to learn and study
 about. The things that interested me the
 most were their simple lifestyle. They
 had no electricity, running water, or
 indoor plumbing. Life couldn't get much
 simpler than this!
Navajo Indians lived in houses called
hogans. These houses were made of
mud, wooden poles, and tree bark.
Many Navajo today still live in hogans.
Navajo Indians wore shoes called
moccasins to protect their feet from the
hot, desert ground and cactus. They
were made from leather or rawhide.
The Pueblo Indians taught the Navajo
many skills. They taught them to plant
crops, such as melon, corn, beans, and
squash. This is why the Navajo were
referred to as farmers, sheep herders,
and laborers. Other skills of the Navajo
are sand paintings, jewelry making, and
rug weaving.

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