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									                       INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS
Preface                                               Manufacturer-Supplied Information
      This Handbook is a guide for those ap-                Information about the home must be pro-
proving manufactured homes on permanent               vided by the manufacturer. To simplify the ap-
foundations -- HUD Field Offices involved in          proval process, the manufacturer may wish to
the approval process and manufacturers and            prepare a Manufacturer's Worksheet for each
site owners who are seeking approval.                 standard foundation system. The Manufactur-
                                                      er's Worksheet is in Appendix E.
       There are two acceptable methods for
owners or developers to use in seeking HUD
                                                      Owner-Supplied Information
Approval: (1) Furnish foundation drawings and
design calculations prepared and sealed by a                Information about the building site must
licensed professional for foundation concepts         be provided by the owner. The size of the
shown in Appendix A and other foundation              foundation, the depth of the footings, and the
concepts not covered in the Handbook. The             anchorage requirements depends on the build-
design criteria and requirements of Chapters          ing's site. This information should be submit-
1-7 of the Handbook shall be followed in              ted on the Owner’s Site Acceptance Worksheet
Method (1) and does not require the submittal         (Appendix E).
of Appendix F (Appendix F instructions in par-
agraph 103 do not apply to Method 1.) Or (2)          Handbook: Site Conditions
Furnish the Design Worksheet (Appendix F)
prepared by a licensed professional in accord-               Chapters 2 and 3 of the Handbook con-
ance with the Handbook. Method (2) does not           tain recommendations for site preparation.
require design calculations. Methods (1) & (2)        They also point out unusual site conditions that
both require submittals of Appendix E. See Ta-        may call for additional geotechnical engineer-
ble i - 1 on page ii.                                 ing reports, such as sloping sites and problem
                                                      soils. This documentation must also be submit-
      The Foundation Concepts (Appendix A)            ted if problem sites are found.
are considered permanent foundations. Perma-
nent foundations are those that have been engi-
                                                      Handbook: Foundation Design Concepts
neered for safety and long-term satisfactory
performance. These foundations were also de-                Companies building manufactured homes
signed specifically for use with manufactured         have assisted in the preparation of this hand-
homes. The Handbook contains construction             book by providing foundation design concepts
recommendations that assure the home, the             appropriate for manufactured housing. This
foundation and the site are all compatible. Be-       information was assembled and used as the ba-
cause these recommendations are based on es-          sis for the Foundation Design Concepts in Ap-
timated conditions, it is important to have           pendix A.
complete information for each manufactured
home and its site.

      The Handbook provides information                 ries of logical steps designated to lead to ap-
about three basic foundation types and six al-          proval. The HUD Field Office at their preroga-
ternative types. Appendix A shows which                 tive may review the Design Worksheet.
foundation designs can be used on sites with
special requirements, such as windy sites.                    Technical assistance to determine accept-
                                                        ability of individual designs of permanent
                                                        foundation systems should be obtained from a
Handbook: Design Verification
                                                        licensed professional engineer.
      The Handbook's format is arranged for a
licensed professional to progress through a se-

            TITLE                           Method (1)                           Method (2)

 Foundation Drawings (Pre-                        Yes                                No
 pared & Sealed by Licensed

  Design Calculations (Pre-                       Yes                                No
  pared & Sealed by Licensed

Design Criteria          Chap-                    Yes                                Yes
           ters 1-7

   Appendix A - Foundation                        Yes                                Yes

  Other Foundation Concepts                       Yes                                No

 Appendix E              (Own-                    Yes                                Yes
er’s Site Acceptability & Manu-
     facturer’s Worksheets)

Appendix F                De-                     No                                 Yes
sign Worksheet      (Prepared
 & Sealed by Licensed Profes-

                                             Table i - 1


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