Epsxe a new playstation emulator to runps1 games on your computer by jaisinghsaini


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									The ePSXe help file has been created in order to easily combine the
official ePSXe readme, the unofficial FAQ by NGEmu and all the hints
floating around on the message board and the net. All this knowledge and
these informations have been merged into one comprehensive file, which
you're looking at right now. Seperated into several sub categories, you
should find answers to most of your questions in this documentation.

If you couldn't find any help, don't worry. The ePSXe message board for
example is a helpful place, where lots of people know more than we could
ever write into such a document, so just ask your question there.
However, make sure that your question isn't already answered in this
document first.

ePSXe Help File Version 1.1
Based on Informations about ePSXe v1.5.2
Created and written by Bobbi

What is ePSXe
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What is ePSXe
ePSXe is a Sony Playstation emulator for your PC running under Windows,
programmed by calb, Galtor and _Demo_ !

 The authors
The programmers aren't new to the scene. The one you all have probably
already heard of is _Demo_, one of the authors of the best SNES emulator
out there: ZSNES! The other two are calb, experienced programmer from
emulators like ESNES, and Galtor, who is new to the emu scene, but still
is a skilled programmer.

ePSXe takes advantage of the popular PSX plugins system, which has been
introduced to the scene by PSEmu Pro, a great project which got stopped
after a beta got leaked to the public. ePSXe and it's components are all
completly programmed in C++. Right now, it doesn't look as if the source
might ever get released, but you'll never know.

ePSXe is also being programmed on two OSes at the moment, MS Windows
9x/Me/2k/XP and linux. Although this limits some parts of the program
(for example making a proper windows GUI ;)), it's an extreme advantage
only having to code changes into one source and getting the results for
both platforms.

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