Investment and Allotment of Flats SSM Builders and Promoters


                         SSM BUILDERS & PROMOTERS
                               CHENNAI – 600 044
               Parents of SSM School
               Residents of SSM Residency
               Friends and Well wishers
               (Valid up to 30.04.2012 only)

Sub     :      SSM Nagar – Housing Complex – Perungalathur, Chennai – 600 063
               – Investment and Allotment of Flats – Reg.

     1. The amount already paid will be treated as investment for the Project and
        proportionate discount will be allowed in the cost of the Flat for the flat
        purchasers. For other investors amount will be returned at the end of the
        specified period along with agreed benefits.

     2. Flat purchasers benefit – Example:
                                                      Rs.                Rs.
       Cost of Flat                                                  30,00,000
       Advance Amount paid - Rs.500000/-                                      0
       Less : Discount

            a. Investment amount X factor         5,16,397
               Rs.500000/- X 1.032794
            b. Further discount proportionate
               to the quantum of investment       0
               10% of Investment value
               Rs. 500000/- X 10%                     50,000          5,66,397

       Cost of Flat after discount                                  24,33,603
       Less: Advance paid                                           05,00,000
       Balance amount to be paid                                    19,33,603

        Note: Please workout for different investments.

             Factor – 1.032794 is for 24 month investment
3. When the Investment made by a purchaser is more than the amount
   prescribed for booking, the entire investment will be treated as advance
   for booking and discount allowed accordingly.

4. When return on Investment is more than the cost of the flat booked, the
   excess amount at the end of the specified period will be returned to the

5. Those who invest money and do not opt to purchase a Flat, the amount
   will be returned with benefits on the specified due date. Documents will
   be executed accordingly.

6. Allotment of Flat to investors will only be from 19.04.2012 to 30.04.2012
   on first come first serve basis. If no application is presented for allotment
   of Flats on or before 30.04.2012, the investment already made will be
   returned after prescribed period with benefits.

7. The provisional flat allotment letter will be issued instantly and the same
   will again be confirmed after obtaining the plan approval from CMDA.

8. Allotment of Flat from 01.05.2012 will be as per the rates specified
   in the booklet. Applicants, including parents will be treated at par
   with all others. No concession in rate or acceptance of Investment is
   possible beyond 30.04.2012 so as to protect the financial viability of
   the Project.

9. Payment of Flat Cost

   The payment of Flat cost - installments will commence from the date of
   plan approval by CMDA i.e. from October 2012. This has to be discussed
   and finalized with each purchaser on case to case basis.

10. The loan from Financial Institutions / Banks will be organized. The
    quantum of loan eligibility will depend on the cost of Flat, Gross Salary
    and net carry home salary and remaining number of years of        service

  11. Allotment Restriction

     Allotment under this category, is for the period from 19.04.2012 to
     30.04.2012 only and is restricted to total saleable area of 12.00 lakhs
     sq.ft. only, on first come first serve basis, to protect the financial viability
     of the project. 12.00 lakhs sq.ft. of area will be approximately for 1200

 12. For the flat purchasers discount of additional 10% under “quantum of
     Investment” will be after summing up the total investment received
     through them from different investors. It is applicable only for flat
     purchasers and no cash payment will be made on this basis to others.

K. Santhanam
Managing Partner


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