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                            General Information on Suites 1 – 8
Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, No.1 University Walk, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1TF

The University’s Security Office operates 24hr/7days a week and can be contacted on extension

Flats Nos. 1, 2 and 3 on the ground floor are fitted with security keypad alarms. If you reserve one of
these flats, then details of the security system relevant to that flat will be attached to your ‘welcome’
package on arrival. During a period of tenancy, residents are responsible for the setting of these
alarms whilst they are away from the building. This only applies to Flat Nos. 1, 2 and 3.

Keys are normally available from lunchtime on the agreed day of arrival. For ease of collection of
keys the following options are available:

1. Collect your keys in person from the Hawthorns reception desk between 8am – 8pm Monday to
   Friday. Please note that the Hawthorns reception staff are not responsible for escorting you to
   the Accommodation.

2. Your host department makes arrangements to collect the keys from the Hawthorns reception
   desk between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, prior to your arrival and escorts you to the

3. If you plan to arrive at a weekend or after 8pm, keys will be left at the 24hr/7day Control Room
   at the University’s Security Services Office, Royal Fort Lodge. You will need to make
   arrangements in advance for this. The Security Lodge is situated in the drive entrance directly
   opposite to the University’s Senate House in Tyndall Avenue, Clifton, Bristol. The Security Staff
   are not responsible for escorting you to the Accommodation. If at all possible it is preferable to
   plan your arrival for a weekday rather than at the weekend as all services within the University
   are closed at weekends.

It is suggested that you take a taxi from either the Coach/Bus Station or Railway Station (Bristol
Temple Meads is the closest to the University, not Bristol Parkway), request the driver to wait whilst
you collect the keys from the Hawthorn’s reception desk or the Security Office, and then drive along
University Walk to the Accommodation. The entrance to No 1 University Walk is the second
‘gateway’ set into the wall on the right hand side of the Walk, go down the steps and the front door
is directly in front of you. Your key will admit you both to the House and to your flat.

Routine maintenance problems and requests are dealt with through the University’s Building
Services Help Line. Please contact extension 89898 between 8am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

IAS Accommodation General Information, June 09                                                          1
Outside of these hours, please contact the Security Office on extension 87848, who will alert the 24
hr Shift Team to deal with the problem.

Housekeeping, and servicing, of the flats, is arranged through the Client Services Manager at the
Hawthorns. The contact telephone number is (0117) 954 5518 (internal extension: 45518), Monday
– Friday 8am – 8pm. Weekend/Public Bank Holiday service is not provided. Flats are serviced weekly,
with change of linen/towels. Communal areas, such as the kitchen, are cleaned daily. The flats are
let on a self-catering only basis. There will probably be other people using the communal kitchen
facilities, including the washing-machine/dryer and freezer, during your visit. There is shelf space
provided in the kitchen for storage of dried foods etc. Only two of the flats are self-contained
although all have their own private bathrooms and small individual refrigerators, kettle and mugs.
Each flat has a designated maximum occupancy that should not be exceeded.

The University’s central catering services are based at The Hawthorns, which is situated at the corner
of Woodland Road and Elton Road. The Refectory is open to both staff and students from 10am –
2pm, Monday-Friday in term time; the Staff Dining Room offers hot meals, sandwiches and snacks
between 12noon – 2pm; the Terrace Bar is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, all year round and
offers lunchtime menu, sandwiches, pastries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There is no
weekend or Public Bank Holiday service available.

Telephone System
The direct telephone number to your flat will be allocated at the time of reservation. Internal calls
are free. ‘Uni-Tel’ charge cards are available for purchase at the Hawthorns reception desk to enable
you to make local/national or international calls. To access use of ‘Uni-Tel’ card facility dial 1414
[there is a short time delay for connection] and then when requested enter in the pin number on the
card and follow the recorded instructions. The phone in your flat cannot be used for
local/national/international calls without using this ‘Uni-Tel’ charge card. There is an answer phone
for use during your stay. Visitors to No.1 University Walk should use the telephone situated by the
side of the front door, lift receiver and press the button for the flat they are wishing to contact. This
rings directly to the flat telephone and enables residents to speak to the visitor. However, it is not
connected to an 'entry door' system.

Delivery of Mail
The Porter in the adjoining teaching building delivers mail on weekdays to the House. All outside
mail to the University goes via the main Porters Lodge in Senate House where it is sorted and
collected by porters from buildings located away from Senate House. Because the University is not
open at weekends and Bank Holidays, there is no mail delivery service on those days. There is no
facility for collection of outgoing mail from the flats. The mailing address is at the top of this
information sheet; please add the appropriate flat number. To avoid delay, faxes should be sent to
your host department. Should you wish to send parcels in advance of your arrival, please make
arrangements to send them to your Host Department who can then arrange delivery to you after
your arrival. If you wish to do this, please make arrangements with your host department but
remember that University departments are not open at weekends to accept parcels. Please do not
send parcels in advance of your arrival care of either the Hawthorns or the Institute for Advanced
Studies in Royal Fort House.

Portering/Warden Service
There is no resident portering/warden service at the House.

General Information
The accommodation at No 1 University Walk is designated a non-smoking area.

IAS Accommodation General Information, June 09                                                         2
Local Amenities
The nearest supermarket is Somerfields on St. Michael’s Hill. From University Walk, turn right along
Tyndall Avenue, past Senate House on your left (the main University offices), the Computing Centre
and the Arts Library, turn left at the end on to St. Michael’s Hill, and the supermarket is about
50/75yds along on your right. Open seven days a week. In the same vicinity there is also a
greengrocer, bakery, newsagent, and chemist all open Monday to Saturday. There are many more
shops, banks, bars, cafés and eateries along Queens Road and Park Street, including Sainsburys
Supermarket, Waitrose Supermarket, Boots Chemist and the National Westminster Bank. The
nearest Post Office can be found at 3 Cotham Hill, Cotham.

Please vacate accommodation by 10am on the agreed departure date and return your keys to The
Hawthorn's reception desk. It is the responsibility of residents to ensure that keys are returned at
departure. Lost keys will be charged to the resident. Please ensure that all borrowed Ethernet
connectors are returned to Susan Jim at the IAS prior to departure.

IAS Accommodation General Information, June 09                                                    3

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