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1. In the "Key Messages" tab, brainstorm 10 key messages for your audience and then create a short label to make them easy to chart.

2. In the "Weightings" tab weight the importance for each prioritization criteria. Be sure that your total weight equals no more or less than 100%.

3. We have set up the evaluation criteria based on Effectiveness, Credibility and Resonance perspectives. Feel free to customize as you see fit.

4. In the "Message Ratings" tab below, rank eachmessage (Green, Amber, Red cells) on a scale of 1-10.

5. In the "Rankings" tab, sort the results to identify the messages that are most effective, credible and resonate with your audience.

6. View the automatically generated "Message Map" which provides a visual representation of the data from the prioritization exercise.

7. Identify which messages to cut, and which to refine based on the evaluation criteria for solid messages.
                                                                                               Message Mapping Tool

Key Messages                                                                                     Short Label

1. Our product has a 99.9% uptime so you never have to worry about our system being offline.     Reliability

2. We have customer support agents ready to help 24/7/365.                                       Assurance

3. Wouldn't you rather just pick up the phone?                                                   Convenience

4. It can't get much simpler than flipping a switch to activate.                                 Ease of Use

5. With an industry-leading service level agreement, you won't be left waiting.                  Responsiveness

6                                                                                                -

7                                                                                                -

8                                                                                                -

9                                                                                                -

10                                                                                               -
                                                                                                                          Message Mapping Tool

Weighting Scale

             Effectiveness                                       Credibility                                      Resonance
               Aligned with    Consistent with
Memorable                                         Objective       Believable        Not Fluffy        Trendy           Impact   Relevant
                 Strategy       Positioning

  15%              10%             10%              10%              20%              5%               5%              15%       10%       100%

Ranking Criteria & Definitions:

Memorable - is this message one that will be easily recalled and remembered?

Aligned with Strategy - how aligned with corporate strategy is this message?

Consistent with Positioning - does this message stay consistent with the positioning statement?

Objective - is this message objective in nature? Does it avoid being too sensational and playing on emotions?

Believable - will this message be readily accepted and believed to be true?

Not Fluffy - is the message free of marketing hyperbole such as claims of being 'world-class' or other lofty ideals?

Trendy - does this message hit on a topic of keen interest or trends of the moment?

Impact - how impactful is this message? Is it something people care about or will really consider?

Relevant - is the message extremely relevant to the target audience for your product/service?
                                                                                                 Message Mapping Tool

                          Effectiveness                               Credibility                          Resonance
                             Aligned with
Key Messages     Memorable
                                               with       Objective    Believable   Not Fl
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