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					                                      Idris eye
car van truck car bike
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car van truck car bike
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bike trailer car wagon
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trailer car                                                                           Christmas 2007

                                      Christmas Message
    In this issue                     This year, DCS are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by
                                      replacing their annual Christmas cards with a special edition of Idris Eye.
  Christmas Message
                                      All monies saved on this venture will be donated to Iain Rennie Hospice
     New Face on the                  at Home ( So, may we take this opportunity to wish all
          Idris Team                  our partners and associates...
    Transtoll Pty Ltd
   Obtain ITP Status
   Idris & Excellence
   Florida's Pre-Class
  Tulips, Clogs & Idris
    Idris Community                   A Very Merry
                                      Christmas and a
                                      Prosperous 2008
                                      New Face on the Idris Team
                                      Jo Bate, the organisational whiz who keeps our Idris head office running
                                      smoothly is off on maternity leave at Christmas.We wish Jo every
                                      happiness with her new family and look forward to her return in 2009.
                                      In the meantime, we welcome Lucy Edwards to the team. Lucy will be
                                      responsible for covering Jo's role within the Idris team and ensuring
                                      the continued smooth operation of the office. Lucy has diverse office
                                      experience having worked for various organisations as well as small unique
                                      businesses. Her organisational skills come into good use when managing
                                      our varied working environment, and she is looking forward to what lies
                                      ahead in 2008.
                                      Welcome to the team Lucy!

    Chestnut Farm,
    Dinton, Aylesbury,
    Bucks HP17 8UG
    Tel: +44 (0)1296 747667
    Fax: +44 (0)1296 747557
                                      Diamond Consulting Services Ltd. is registered in England No 2609993.          Reg Office: Manor Courtyard, Aston Sandford, Bucks HP17 8JB
car van truck car bike
trailer car wagon
truck car car car van
lorry car van truck car
bike trailer car wagon
truck car car car van
lorry car car van truck
car bike trailer car
wagon truck car car
car van lorry car car
car car van truck Idris &
                   car             Excellence
bike trailer car                                  At the recent
                                                  International Bridge,
                                                  Tunnel and Turnpike
                                                  Association (IBTTA) Toll
                                                  Excellence Awards 2007,
                                                  Tampa's Reversible
                                                  Express Lane (REL)
                                                  received the International
                                                  Presidents’ Award 2007
                                                                                 Meet some
                                                  for the most creative,
                                                  innovative and positive
                                                                                 clever clogs
                                                  toll project. First opened     Intertraffic 2008 - Amsterdam
                                                  to traffic in July 2006, the
                                                  REL project is a nine mile     Idris Technology will be exhibiting at
                                                  elevated structure with        Intertraffic 2008, at the RAI Exhibition
                 reversible commuter lanes and an open road tolling              centre,Amsterdam April 1st - 4th 2008.
                 (ORT) gantry.The entire operation is managed with a             Intertraffic offers a comprehensive
                 system of computer-controlled gates, cameras and                overview of the traffic and transport
                 variable message signs. In addition, tolls are collected        industry.The exhibition is a great
                 using the world's first reversible ORT lanes, based on the      opportunity to meet, network and
                 Florida Turnpike Enterprise Sunpass transponder system.         build on business relations with over
                 This system relies on Idris detection technology to             25,000 professional visitors and
                 determine vehicle presence, speed, axle count and               exhibitors. Our stand 07.508 (hall 7)
                 additional relevant information while the car is travelling     will have information and fact sheets
                 through the detection range. One reason the technology          available for all your vehicle detection
                 was selected was due to its bi-directional vehicle              and classification needs, demonstrating
                 detection and classification ability. Duplicate lane            Idris in action with live site data
                 equipment such as cameras had to be installed on the            collection and mock-up test lanes.
                 gantries to enable the lanes to function in reverse,            Call in and chat with the Idris team
                 whereas, only one Idris system was necessary.                   or alternatively, if you would prefer
                                                                                 to arrange a more formal meeting
                 In less than a year of full operations, the REL was
                                                                                 with any of the Idris engineers during
                 exceeding the daily projections made for that first year
                                                                                 this event, please contact us to
                 by 25%.Traffic and revenue continue to outpace official
                                                                                 arrange a convenient appointment.
                 projections as more people discover the 20-30 minutes
                 of time savings in each direction.Through the combined          We look forward to seeing
                 efforts of consultants, technology providers and road           you there!
                 operators the quality of life for the people using the
                                                                                 1st - 4th April 2008
                 Tampa Hillsborough Expressway is improving and on
                                                                                 Visit us at stand 07.508 (Hall 7)
                 the move!
                                                                                 Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre
                                                                                 Amsterdam,The Netherlands
                                                                                 For further information, visit
                                                                                 or contact

                 (pictured Left to Right:
                 Martin Stone, James Ely, James Hargrett)
                 Photo courtesy
car van truck car bike
trailer car wagon
truck car car car van
lorry car van truck car
bike trailer car wagon
truck car car car van
lorry car car van truck
car bike trailer car
wagon truck car car
car van lorry car car
car car van truck Transtoll
                   car                         Pty Ltd obtain                                                    Florida's Pre-Class
bike trailer car wagon                                                                                           DCS and their ITP – ACS State &
                                      ITP status                                                                 Local Solutions, have been working
                                                                                                                 together on the development of a
                                      The number of Idris Technology Partners (ITPs) increased                   new pre-class tolling solution for
                                      once more in November 2007. DCS is pleased to                              deployment on Florida's Turnpike.
                                      welcome Transtoll Pty Ltd as an ITP. Transtoll will be
                                      implementing Idris technology into a variety of vehicle                    The development program for
                                      detection and classification areas with their main focus on                the system reached an important
                                                                                                                 milestone in October this year when
     next issue                       tolling operations.Transtoll is a leading toll system solution
                                      provider and has delivered in excess of 1500 lanes of                      it moved out of the lab and into the
      The run up to                   tolling projects across 5 continents over the past 20 years.               field for the first time. A single lane
    Intertraffic 2008                 Transtoll has extensive ETC experience and indeed was                      test site has been constructed by ACS
       ITP Updates                    the first tolling company to achieve technical ETC                         at their facility in Crofton, Maryland –
                                      interoperability in Australia.With offices in Australia, North             USA and DCS staff were on hand to
      Project News                                                                                               supervise the layout and installation
                                      America and Europe,Transtoll's vision is to ensure a
    Data Recording                    seamless and positive experience for all users of their                    of the loops; they were even seen
                                      products, from the operations & maintenance staff through                  sticking down loops in 90 degree heat!
         M42 Trials
                                      to the patrons driving through the toll lanes on the road.                 The test site is an exact replica of
       Forth Bridge                                                                                              a real lane and contains all of the
        Projections                   Transtoll's new ITP status will enhance the global
                                      positioning of Idris, increase a Road Operators choice of                  advanced sensing and enforcement
          New York                    ITP for their specific product and open new roads to Idris                 systems which will be deployed to
         Congestion                                                                                              the FTE sites starting spring 2008.
                                      technology. In addition, by incorporating Idris into their
                                      business model,Transtoll is strengthening their toll system                The new X86 powered Nortech
                                      range and opening doors into new classification and                        detector rack integrated into the ACS
                                      detection markets.                                                         cabinet without any problems and was
                                                                                                                 commissioned to work with the
                                      For further information contact:                                           finalised loop layout.The Nortech
                                      John Davis                                                                 TD724's proved simple to use and
                                      Transtoll (Pty) Ltd                                                        tuning of the loops, to minimise noise,
                                      PO Box 832                                                                 was easy due to the wide dynamic
                                      Newbridge                                                                  frequency range available in the
                                      Co.Kildare                                                                 TD724's.The whole site was ready
                                      Ireland                                                                    for the first vehicles in a matter of
                                      Mobile: +353 (0) 872790047                                                 minutes.The system test exercised
                                      Email:                                            the DCS/ACS software interface
                                                                                      and verified that the two systems
                                      or                                                communicated correctly. Both
                                                                                                                 companies are pleased to report the
                                                                                                                 successful outcome of this important
                                           Idris Community                                                       milestone in the development of an
                                                                                                                 efficient and effective pre-classification
                                                                                system based on Idris technology.
                                           Keep up to date with all news and events                              For further information contact;
                                           by visiting the Idris Community Website.                              Mark Cantelli
                                           The site provides technology support through;                         ACS State & Local Solutions
                                           Forums                                                                12410 Milestone Center Drive
                                           Frequently Asked Questions                                            Maryland, 20876
                                           Tutorials                                                             USA
                                           General Articles & Information                                        Tel: 001 301 820 4205
        Idris is protected by one or more of the following patents: EP0879457, USA 6345228 , 6337640 & 937741.
        Patent Applications Pending in other Countries.
        Idris is a registered trademark of Diamond Consulting Services Ltd.

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