5 Ways Endur ID Hospital Wrist Patient Wrist Bands Save Lives by EndurID


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									              5 Ways Endur ID Hospital Wrist Patient Wrist Bands Save Lives
Patient wrist bands have long since been problematic for patients and doctors: babies have been given to the wrong
parents, patients have had incorrect medications administered or hospital staff cannot identify a patient because their
wristband is gone. Most hospital wrist bands are made of paper and can be easily destroyed, but Endur ID hospital wrist
bands are made of plastic and are waterproof and tear proof.

Helps Keep Patients Identified

Patients wearing Endur ID will be readily identifiable by a doctor. Traditional patient wrist bands are made of paper, so
they can be easily ripped off or torn. If the patient were to lose their wrist band, doctors or nurses would need to ask a
barrage of questions to identify the patient. These questions can be lengthy in nature, and if there is an emergency
doctors would be hard-pressed for information on how to treat the patient.

Prevents Wrong Dosage

Patient wrist bands are often a quick reference to important information, such as the patient’s medication or their
allergies. One key aspect to keeping a patient safe is to administer the correct dosage of medicine. With Endur ID’s clean
layout, nurses will not have to flip through charts or decipher messy handwriting to get to the right information. Quick
access to this information will minimize mistakes.

Saves Time

The use of barcodes on Endur ID wrist bands will be helpful for nurses and doctors to keep track of what and how much
medication was given to the patient. Scanning barcodes will save time even if it is only a few minutes. Reading
information on the computer is easier and quicker than reading handwritten notes. The time that is saved could be very
valuable in an emergency situation.

Prevents Administration of Wrong Medicine

Endur ID implements bar codes on patient wrist bands which are then linked to patient information and medical records.
Barcodes will cut down on errors, especially in patients that have life-threatening allergies to certain medication. Nurses
scan the bracelet and the patient’s information appears on a computer screen. They then scan the medicine, and if there
is an error such as incorrect medication, the nurse will be alerted. Barcodes can also be used to avoid confusion with
drugs that have similar sounding names.

Sharing Medical Data

Doctors and nurses can share medical information easily between each other with Endur ID’s system. This advantage will
help facilitate quick conversation between professionals. Doctors and nurses can leave notes for each other about the
patient’s condition, how they handled the medication or if something went wrong. With the digitization of medical
records, doctors can pull up any piece of information in an instant.

With Endur ID, patient wrist bands have become more secure and safer for the patients wearing them. They are printed
using standard printers so they are inexpensive to produce and have a plastic coating that makes it less likely that the
hospital wrist band will accidentally fall off. Hospital bar coded ID bands will be a staple of the future to ensure the
safety of each and every patient.

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