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Your Problem You need to understand how your key stakeholders are using mobile devices and applications. Our Solution A Microsoft Word survey to get a better understanding of your employee, customer & target audience behaviors based on habits, interests, level of participation and current involvement across a variety of mobile channels. Key Benefits collect empirical data to support decisions 9-page survey template get a handle on how mobile is perceived support for mobile project approvals save 2 hours on research & formatting

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									Mobile Marketing Usage Survey


The purpose of this brief survey is to help us understand mobile marketing usage among
employees, customers, prospects and contractors in order to gain a better understanding
of their behavior.

Our goal is be proactive with monitoring habits, interests, and participation across a variety
of mobile marketing channels, so please provide constructive feedback that we can
incorporate into our strategy.

All surveys will be completed anonymously, so please be candid with your feedback and
provide details.


Some questions are Yes/No, while others provide a scale to rank your answers. Please circle
the response that best represents your view. Please circle N/A for any questions that you
don’t understand or are not relevant to you.

Following is an example of the scaling system.

10   9      8   7          6      5     4       3   2    1         N/A


0-12       13-17         18-25           26-40         41-50           51+

What is the highest level of education that you have completed?

< High School       High School      College     Masters       Doctorate     OTHER

What is your current marital status?

Single   Common Law            Married      Divorced       Separated       OTHER

What is your total household income?

<20K      21K-40K        41K-60K      61K-100K         101K-200K        201K+

The organization you work for is in which of the following categories:

Public Sector      Private Sector   Not for Profit       OTHER

Job Function

Sales    Marketing      Research    Consultant       Manager     Executive    OTHER

Would you consider yourself “tech-savvy”?
Yes         No         Not Sure

Mobile Usage

Do you either own or have access to a mobile phone?

Yes         No         OTHER

What brand of mobile phone do you use?

Apple        Blackberry          Samsung         HTC      LG      OTHER

What operating system you use?

IOS       Blackberry          Android    Linux        Microsoft    No Idea    OTHER

Who is your current mobile phone service provider?

Verizon          Sprint        AT&T     T-Mobile        Virgin     Not Sure    OTHER

How often do you use your mobile phone?

DAILY                  WEEKLY           MONTHLY                RARELY         NEVER

How likely are you to use your mobile phone in the following circumstances?

Check Email

VERY LIKELY                                                       VERY UNLIKELY

10      9          8      7        6       5      4        3      2     1     N/A
Watch Video

VERY LIKELY                              VERY UNLIKELY

10    9       8   7      6   5   4   3   2    1     N/A

Get Directions (GPS)

VERY LIKELY                              VERY UNLIKELY

10    9       8   7      6   5   4   3   2    1     N/A

Make a Call

VERY LIKELY                              VERY UNLIKELY

10    9       8   7      6   5   4   3   2    1     N/A

Search for Information

VERY LIKELY                              VERY UNLIKELY

10    9       8   7      6   5   4   3   2    1     N/A

Conduct Banking

VERY LIKELY                              VERY UNLIKELY

10    9       8   7      6   5   4   3   2    1     N/A
Make a Purchase

VERY LIKELY                            VERY UNLIKELY

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