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With the newly conceived search ranking system by Google, the Panda Update, all those websites
that simply spin articles and farm original quality content are suddenly finding their page ranks
drop dramatically.

With this new, updated version Google is able to detect copied material, ranking it low on the
search pages, therefore giving a better prospective for quality content on the web. Not only does it
penalize copied material, it also recognizes bad quality content.

The web is chock-a-block with low quality content and if the websites that publish these types of
articles do not remove them, this will have a negative impact on their entire domain. Moving this
content or removing bad quality articles can save a website.

Although there are always strategies to overcome these updates, a fact remains evident, if your
website contains only bad quality content, then it is time to hire a professional freelance writer and
pay more for better quality service, if you want to avoid finding your website at the foot of the
search results.

With the Panda Update web developers need to work at providing quality content for their web
pages and have to keep a few elements in mind when they do so.

People browsing through the web in search for useful information or products do not want to
stumble on incomprehensible content or poorly written articles. What they need is useful and
engaging information that can help them, not only find the information they had come looking for,
but also create a tone and relationship for the future.

All web masters know that Google search engines work on basic mathematical algorithms, and
SEO specialists are forever trying to find out how they can work these out, in order to get the most
out of them. However, you do not have to be a specialist if you follow certain basic search engine
ranking rules.

Make sure you check your analytics, by using the Google analytics snippets in your website to
monitor your traffic and click-through, amongst other actions. This will help you find out where the
problems are on your pages. Bounce rates should be checked too, so find out which of your web
pages do not make the SERPs.

Once you have spotted the pages that are creating a problem, analyze them with a critical eye to
try and determine why. Your bounce rate should not be higher than 60 or 70 percent, as this might
mean that the quality content on the page is low.
Improve the page that are not performing well, as well as those that are outdated. Modify or
change the information and articles on those pages to quality content. While quality content by
Google standards is difficult to define, there are several common traits content should include to
be considered of quality.

Obviously, no copying should be involved and the content should be well-written and
grammatically correct, including spelling checks. When writing content about topics or subjects,
others have already written about, it is fundamental to add value and uniqueness to the
information you are providing readers.

Keep in mind that writing an article just for the sake of adding content is not a good idea. Always
ask yourself, "is this really useful information, and am I offering something unique for my readers?"

If you do this, not only will you be helpful to people reading your content, they will mostly likely
come and read your content again and again.

Sonia Bruni is a freelance writer and web content provider. Visit her professional website

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For more information on Quality Content please check this out;

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