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Promise to Pay Template - DOC


Your Problem You need to collect a debt from an account receivable and need assurance that payment is on the way. Our Solution This also known as a promissory note is a simple form where one party makes an unconditional promise in writing to pay a sum of money to the other at a fixed or determinable future time with specific terms. Key Benefits gets commitment from customer to pay reduces anxiety for sales/customer reps provides a payment plan solution save 1 hour on formatting increases chances of getting paid Microsoft Word Document Estimated Time Required: 15 Minutes Skills Required: Business Writing

More Info
									Promissory Note (Promise to Pay)
Company Name: Enter Company Name (Company ABC)

Address: Enter Address

Telephone: Enter Phone Number

Contact: Enter Contact Info (Name, Title, Phone, Email)

Date of Agreement: Enter Date

We, at Company XYZ, promise to pay to Company ABC the sum of $15,000 USD for Enter
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