FIND LOOK KEEP LOOK by jennyyingdi


									FIND KEEP
Stacy London’s look book guide to finding fashion and
keeping it looking fabulous without breaking the bank
Okay ladies, let’s face it. We spend a lot of time and a lot
of money shopping for clothes. Whether shopping at a
favorite local boutique or sifting through our personal
closet at home, there is something to that distinct eureka
moment of putting together the perfect outfit. So, if we
spend all this time trying to find the look, why aren’t we
spending the same amount of time trying to keep the look?

Especially in a tough economy, we need to be smart
about protecting our clothing investments. That’s why I’ve
teamed up with Woolite® to help bridge the two worlds of
clothing consumption and clothing care. Inside you’ll find
a selection of helpful tips on how to launder almost any
kind of fabric and fashion - from darks to whites, heavy
denim to cotton tissue-tees. As a fashion stylist, it’s my
job to help you find the look that’s worth the time and
money. It’s Woolite’s job to help you keep all of your
clothes looking their best.
In compiling this look book, I recruited a team of regional   Here’s to looking stunning,
ambassadors of style, our Woolite® Style Stars. These
women were chosen to share their passion for fashion as
well as highlight some of the regional trends happening
around the country.

Your personal style is your biggest investment. So use
this book the next time you’re set to launder your most       — Stacy London
important assets in your closet portfolio (aka: your
favorite pair of jeans, the dress that turns heads, etc.)
And remember, with Woolite’s care, your clothes can
keep you looking fabulous well into the future.
This book features ten amazing women from across
the country. They each have become successful due
to one unique gift: knowing their region’s style. These
women are not only entrepreneurs, but are also today’s
trendsetters. They are an inspiration to business-women
and fashionistas throughout their communities.

These women are responsible for updating our closets
from coast-to-coast. From knit jeans to rompers, wrap
dresses to trench coats, these are just a few of the everyday
styles that have been translated from their closets to these
pages. However, their expertise in keeping clothes looking
great, regardless of the season or style fad-of-the-moment,
is what elevated them to Woolite® Style Star status.

Woolite® Style Stars

Atlanta – Jaci Effron of Jac Boutique
Boston – Alison Barnard of Injeanius
Chicago – Janice Moskoff of Beta Boutique
Denver – Sarah Penewell of Sarah Boutique
Los Angeles – Wendy Freedman of Polkadots & Moonbeams
Miami – Ali Filler of ShopDaja Boutique
New York – Ilse Werther of Wink
Philadelphia – Candice Caprice of Per Lei
Seattle – Danielle Luartes of Tweed
Washington D.C. – Lindsay Buscher of Urban Chic
                                                          Last year, 1/3 of U.S. working women, over

                                                          23 miLLion women
                                                          admitted to rUining one
                                                          or more pieceS of cLothing
                                                                due to a laundry related mistake

It’s about time for America to come clean.
To discover Americans’ dirty little laundry
secrets, Woolite conducted a survey polling
                                              According to this survey, on average,
                                               U.S working women spend around
                                                                                      of women surveyed

over one thousand American working women.
                                                                                       do not change detergents to
From how many laundry loads are done per
year, to how much clothing/money we throw                                              wash their “favorite” item of
away due to simple laundry mistakes - this                                              clothes that include: jeans,
survey airs America’s true wash and wear
habits. Check out these compelling laundry
                                              buying new clothes                      t-shirts, dresses, skirts or even
statistics to get the true dirt.                   for themselves each year.           a favorite comfy sweatshirt.
                76% of women do not follow laundry care instructions listed on labels

                  On average, approximately

30 miLLion
LoadS of LaUndry are done each year
                                                                                                      of women
                                                                                surveyed wash their clothes
  This is the equivalent to three trans-atlantic flights                        after one day of work, even
                                                                                if they aren’t dirty.
                                                           And, 90% of respondents admitted they do not actually
                                                           check to see if their clothing is dirty after wearing—they
                                                           simply throw it in the wash after wearing it once or twice.
                       from NY to London.

to the traSh                                                $2 biLLion doLLarS
                                                                                Nationally, more than

On average, almost 70% of U.S. working
women admitted to throwing away clothing
                                                              worth of clothing was ruined last year due to
at least once a year due to misinformed
                                                                        laundry-related mistakes
laundry decisions that resulted in pilling, fading,             On average, the estimated value of these ruined pieces of clothing
stretching or bleeding of clothes.                                      combined was a little less than $100 per person.
                I am all about jeans! My style is classic with an edge.

                I love to wear jeans and a white t-shirt paired with a
                cool jacket and fun accessories.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                AG Club Jeans—These jeans can change the way you
                feel. It’s a great confidence booster.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Jennifer Aniston

                Can’t Live Without:
                Jeans—I have over 30 pairs in my closet.

                Alison Barnard of Injeanius - Boston, Massachusetts
                Jeans by Hudson Photograph by Greg M. Cooper
                                       Stacy Says

                                                                                         KEEP THE LOOK
                                       Forget what’s trendy, “in” or “out,” and
                                       find the cut that is perfect for YOUR body
                                       type. The most universally flattering shape
                                       is a straight leg or SMALL boot-cut (which
                                       APPEARS straight to the eye) with a mid
                                       rise (about two finger widths under the belly
                                       button). Go for a uniform dark wash with no

                        Denium Jeans
                                       bleaching or “whiskering” at the hip or thigh
                                       for the longest leanest leg line. When you do
                                       find your jean, buy two pairs: one to hem to
                                       flats and one to hem to heels!

Care Tips                              Washing Tips
A perfect fitting                      Use a non-harsh, color safe liquid detergent
pair of jeans is a                     such as Woolite® For All Darks or Woolite®
prized possession                      For All Colors. Typically, the cold and warm
                                       wash cycles on traditional machines are both
in any girl’s closet.
                                       safe settings. If you like your jeans tight and
It is important                        wear them a lot, then you’ll need
to pay attention                       to wash them at least once a week.
to any and all
special wash/
care instructions                      Drying Tips
listed on the tags.                    For stretch denim that needs to shrink back
Always turn your                       to size, tumble dry at high heat for about 40
jeans inside out                       minutes. Keep in mind that the drying cycle
                                       can reduce the elasticity in the fabric, so if
when you wash
                                       your jeans are a bit older, air-dry them most
them to protect
                                       of the way and then do a quick blast in a
the color.                             high-heat dryer for 10 to 15 minutes.
                Living in the Big Apple, my inspiration comes from

                the “sidewalk runway.” My style is classic with a
                trendy twist.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                My favorite is finding fashion inspiration from customers
                and celebrities on the streets of New York City. Right
                now, I love the look of rompers.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Gwyneth Paltrow

                Can’t Live Without:
                My Rich and Skinny jeans and L&A t-shirts.

                Ilse Werther of Wink - New York City, New York
                Romper by Wink Photograph by Gabrielle Weber
                              Stacy Says

                                                                                   KEEP THE LOOK
                              This look isn’t for everyone. This would look
                              best on someone with fewer curves. If you
                              are slightly larger in your bottom half, look
                              for a romper that sits on your natural waist
                              and has a slightly larger leg.

                              Washing Tips
                              Use a non-harsh, color safe liquid detergent
                              such as Woolite® For All Darks to guarantee
                              your blacks will stay that way. This detergent
Care Tips                     is safe in that it will not fade even your darkest
Rompers rocked                clothes. Keep water temperatures as cold as
the runway in all             possible. Also, set the machine for a delicate
sizes, colors, and            to medium cycle. For all non-dark items,
fabrics. Check                try Woolite® For All Fabrics or Woolite®
the label for                 For All Colors.
specific to your              Drying Tips
favorite romper.              Keep in mind that the drying cycle can affect
                              the stretch and overall shape of the fabric.
                              So if your romper is made of a stretch fabric,
                              consider hanging the garment to air-dry.
                              Follow the labels for alternate drying
                              instructions. To be safe, set your dryer
                              to a low temperature.
                My personal style is classic with a touch of rocker-flare.

                I like to add unexpected twists to a traditional outfit
                to add a little spice.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                Fashion basics like a fitted blazer, a great pair of dark
                denims and a great belt.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Kate Beckinsale

                Can’t Live Without:
                Statement accessories that can add a quick punch to
                any outfit.

                Candice Caprice of Per Lei - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                Knit Pants by Seven for all Man Kind Photograph by Adrian Gibbs
                                       Stacy Says

                                                                                        KEEP THE LOOK
                                       Looking to update your style? Put away the
                                       leggings for a moment, or save them for
                                       lounging on your couch or going to the gym.
                                       Instead, try a pair of black knit jeans.
                                       Knit jeans are a great legging alternative
                                       and are typically more tailored, better
                                       constructed and generally more flattering
                                       on all body types.

                                       Washing Tips
Care Tips                 Knit Pants   Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent like
Excess heat                            Woolite® For All Fabrics to protect your
damages the                            knit jeans. Set your washing machine to
elasticity in clothing,                the most delicate cycle. Wash the pants on
eventually making                      a cold or warm wash cycle.
them lose shape.
Hanging them to
                                       Drying Tips
dry instead of using
                                       Drying time should be shorter than a normal
a dryer is another
                                       drying cycle. Since the pants are made of a
acceptable method
                                       knit material, they will dry faster than other
to ensure your
                                       garments in your load. Check the dryness of
knit jeans always
                                       the pants half-way through a normal drying
look great.
                                       cycle. Remove immediately once dry.
                                                         Stacy’s Tips

                                                         Corduroy pants are getting to be as versatile
                                                         as jeans. Pair a skinny leg like these with
                                                         flats for a casual look. A more relaxed fit is
                                                         great for weekend errands. Pay attention
                                                         to the leg width, as corduroy can be less
                                                         forgiving than denim (the “wale,” or lines of
                                                         corduroy, must be uniform and not stretch

                                        Corduroy Pants
                                                         tight around the hip or thigh). Remember
                                                         cords can be found with stretch in them,
                                                         just like denim, so you can always find a
                                                         flattering silhouette.
                Care Tips
                Turn your corduroy                       Washing Tips
                pants inside out                         Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent such as
                before ironing out                       Woolite® For All Fabrics to ensure your cords
                wrinkles. Place a                        get the best care. Wash in cold or warm
                piece of fabric, such                    water on the most delicate cycle of your
                as a pillow case,                        washing machine.
                between the iron
                and the pants. This                      Drying Tips
                additional fabric,                       Even though cords are tough, they are not
                along with light                         denim and need to be cared for properly.
                ironing, will help                       Dry your corduroy pants on low heat. Just
                protect the wales                        as with jeans, they will be tighter right after
                from becoming                            you pull them out of the dryer.
                                   Stacy’s Tips

                                                                                    KEEP THE LOOK
                                   Sweats are not meant to be dressed up
                                   or really worn in public. That being said,
                                   of course you can keep a pair of your
                                   favorite sweat pants on hand for lounging
                                   at home on the couch. Being comfortable
                                   is important, so look for super soft cotton
                                   for curling up at home!

                                   Washing Tips
                                   Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent like
Care Tips
Keep in mind that
                     Sweat Pants   Woolite® For All Fabrics. For brighter
                                   colored sweats, set your machine to the
even loungewear                    coldest temperature. If the pants are
needs to be washed                 starting to wear thin or fray, remove them
regularly. Many                    before the spin cycle.
people do not
acknowledge when
their clothes are                  Drying Tips
actually dirty.                    Dry the sweat pants on medium heat. If your
                                   favorite sweats are becoming thin, you may
                                   want to skip the artificial drying process and
                                   hang them to dry instead.
                My personal style is care-free and casual. I love mixing

                and matching the expected with the unexpected to get a
                unique style all my own.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                Scarves of any kind and anything that helps me pull off
                the effortlessly-chic look.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Natalie Portman

                Can’t Live Without:
                My soft layered t-shirts.

                Ali Filler of ShopDaja Boutique - Miami, Florida
                Shirts by Daftbird, Converse & Fontaine Photograph by Humberto Vidal Fashion Photography
                                      Stacy Says

                                                                                        KEEP THE LOOK
                                      Layering tees adds visual interest to an
                                      outfit and helps create a deliberate style.
                                      Try layering a long sleeve tee under a shorter
                                      sleeve one in soft neutrals like two tones of
                                      gray. Look for semi-sheer cottons - layered
                                      they should be opaque! Just remember
                                      both tees should have the same neckline.
                                      If you have a lager chest, v-necks are the best
                                      option for creating a longer neckline. The
Care Tips                             tees should fit close to the body, with the tee
                                      underneath perhaps slightly more fitted than
Don’t be fooled—
                                      the one over it.
even this common
item needs proper
washing!                              Washing Tips
                                      Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent like
                                      Woolite® For All Fabrics to protect the
Stacy Tip                             cotton from becoming damaged after
Add a punch of
                                      repeated washing. Wash your favorite
color to a classic
                                      t-shirt on a delicate cycle, in warm water,
t-shirt anytime
                                      and wash bright colored shirts in the
with a great scarf.
                                      coldest temperature.
This accessory of
the moment and
works well in                         Drying Tips
different fabrics                     Dry on low to medium heat. Thinner cotton

                    Layered T-Shirt
                                      shirts, especially ones made for layering,
for different styles.
                                      will dry quickly. You may want to check the
                                      dampness of the shirt mid-way through the
                                      dry cycle.
                My personal style tends to lean toward designer jeans,

                cute flowy cotton, washable silk tops, paired with super
                cute heels or boots. I love wearing bright cardigans to
                add a tailored, finished look to an outfit.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                I am currently obsessed with vibrant colors. They make
                such a difference, especially on a dreary day.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Reese Witherspoon

                Can’t Live Without:
                Cardigans and layered t-shirts.

                Lindsay Buscher of Urban Chic - Washington D.C.
                Sweater by Rececca Taylor Photograph by Mike Buscher
                                           Stacy Says

                                                                                           KEEP THE LOOK
                                           Cardigans are a great casual alternative to
                                           a jacket. The extra layer adds depth to an
                                           outfit and pulls together an ensemble.
                                           I especially love the vibrant color of this
                                           piece. Highlighter colors such as bright
                                           pinks, yellows and blues are big, and they
                                           can help pop an outfit. But be careful – it’s
                                           important to find a color that is flattering
                                           on you.

Care Tips                                  Washing Tips
Use a hand-held                            To keep this cardigan looking vibrant, use
steamer to remove                          a color-safe detergent like Woolite® For
wrinkles, while                            All Colors. Select the coldest temperature
avoiding buttons.                          on your machine and, of course, the most
Place the steamer                          delicate cycle for your cardigan.
roughly three inches
away to avoid
damaging the                               Drying Tips
fabric. Don’t have a                       Typically, for knit cardigans you want to
hand-held steamer?                         avoid the dryer. Instead, try rolling the
Lightly iron the                           garment in a towel to remove excess water,
sweater under a        Highlghter Bright   and then lay flat to dry.

pressing cloth
or towel.
                My style reflects my roots of Southern California and

                Northwest living. I like to call it “carefree beach meets
                the Emerald city.”

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                At the moment, I am loving my Lizzie Parker organic
                bamboo t-shirts. They are super soft and great for
                Seattle layering.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Marilyn Monroe… but not the all made-up version.
                I like the unedited, casual Marilyn.

                Can’t Live Without:
                The color blue – it’s my color.

                Danielle Luartes of Tweed Boutique - Seattle, Washington
                Trench Coat by Gap Photograph by Deborah Spencer
                                         Stacy Says

                                                                                            KEEP THE LOOK
                                         The trench is a timeless piece that will take
                                         you from season to season. While classic in
                                         style, make it your own by pairing it with a
                                         playful scarf, hat, boots or other accessories.
                                         Feeling a little daring? These days, trenches
                                         don’t have to exist in just navy, black or beige
                                         – colorful renditions of this style staple gives
                                         a fresh, new take on the traditional.

                                         Washing Tips
Care Tips                                First, turn the trench inside-out to protect
Some trench coats                        the buttons from unnecessary stress during
will have a lining. Be                   the wash cycle. Use a non-harsh, liquid
sure to note the fabric,                 detergent like Woolite® For All Fabrics.
which is generally                       Whatever the color, wash the trench on
polyester. The wash                      a cold, delicate cycle.
and dry tips will not
change if there is a
lining. Just be more                     Drying Tips
mindful of the tags                      Do not put this coat into the dryer. Turn
as they may have                         the trench right-side out so that the buttons
different instructions.                  are again visible. Hang to prevent wrinkles
                                         from forming.

                           Trench Coat
                                                     Stacy’s Tips

                                                     The blazer is an easy, flattering transition
                                                     piece that can be translated from day-to-
                                                     night. “Boyfriend” style blazers work as well
                                                     as ultra fitted ones. A structured piece like
                                                     this gives you a waistline and shape. It can
                                                     turn a t-shirt and jeans into an “outfit” and
                                                     help complete a look. Remember: almost
                                                     every outfit looks more put together and
                                                     tailored when you throw on a layer. A blazer
                                                     works like magic.

                Care Tips                            Washing Tips
                Turning the blazer inside            First, turn the blazer inside out to protect the
                out will protect buttons             buttons. Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent
                from being damaged                   such as Woolite® For All Fabrics. For a darker
                during the wash.                     blazer, such as this one, you may want to
                                                     use something that prevents fading, like
                                                     Woolite® For All Darks. Wash the blazer
                                                     on a delicate cycle in cold water.

                                                     Drying Tips
                                                     Generally, dry jackets on a low or delicate
                                                     cycle. Check the label for drying instructions

                                            Blazer   specific to your favorite blazer.
                                       Stacy’s Tips

                                                                                         KEEP THE LOOK
                                       Looking for a classic that is easy to wear
                                       and looks great with everything from jeans
                                       to skinny skirts? Try a uniform width striped
                                       tee. A blue and white or red and white
                                       shirt and a great pair of shorts will evoke a
                                       nautical feel without looking like you just
                                       joined the Navy. With a boat neck in black
                                       and white and a skinny ankle length pant,
                                       you’ll look like Audrey Hepburn or Francoise
                                       Hardy: the super groovy girl. Just remember,
                                       if you have a larger chest, horizontal stripes
                                       can work against your natural shape, making
Care Tips                              you look bigger than you are. In that case,
Color plays such an                    stick to solids for a more flattering look.
important role in
your wardrobe.                         Washing Tips
Use Woolite® For                       Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent like
All Colors to ensure                   Woolite® For All Fabrics to protect the
                                       cotton from becoming damaged after
those brights
                                       repeated washing. Wash your favorite
stay bright.                           long-sleeved shirt on a delicate cycle.
                                       Wash your bright colored shirts in the
                                       coldest temperature.

                       Striped Shirt   Drying Tips
                                       Dry on a low temperature to prevent pilling.
                                       Since these cotton shirts rarely wrinkle, there
                                       is no need to pull them immediately from the
                                       dryer to hang.
                                                       Stacy’s Tips

                                                       You cannot go wrong with a button-down
                                                       white shirt as long as it fits properly and
                                                       doesn’t pull at the buttons. To ensure you
                                                       never “pop” out, add velcro or clear snaps
                                                       in between the buttons to make sure you are
                                                       “locked and loaded,” and look as tailored as
                                                       possible. For a sophisticated evening look,
                                                       try it unbuttoned a little lower, with a fitted
                                                       blazer, jeans and high heels.

                                                       Washing Tips
                Care Tips                              Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent like
                Pay special attention                  Woolite® For All Fabrics to protect your
                to shirt details– like                 fitted shirt from stretching or fading. Fasten
                ruffles. You may                       all buttons so they do not get caught on
                want to turn the                       other items in the load. Wash the classic
                shirt inside out                       Oxford shirt on a delicate cycle. The spin
                before washing.                        cycle might tangle the sleeves with other
                                                       garments, so you may want to remove the
                                                       shirt before the spin cycle.

                                           Oxford      Drying Tips
                                                       Dry on medium to high heat. Remove

                                                       immediately after drying and hang in your
                                                       closet to reduce the chance of wrinkles.
                                        Stacy’s Tips

                                                                                        KEEP THE LOOK
                                        Let’s face it: halter tops are not for the
                                        office. But when looking for a great Summer
                                        top or dress option, halters can be great for
                                        hoisting up “the girls” and showing off your
                                        shoulders. Make sure you have a convertible
                                        bra on hand that you can wear underneath
                                        this neck line. You never want to “spill” out
                                        so make sure the back of the garment isn’t
                                        too tight. Back fat is never a good look.

                                        Washing Tips
Care Tips                               First, turn your favorite “going out” top
For tops that tie, make                 inside out before placing in the washing
sure they are completely                machine. Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent
deconstructed before                    such as Woolite® For All Fabrics to protect
washing and drying.                     your top, no matter the fabric. Wash on
                                        the coldest temperature, and on the most
                                        delicate cycle. You should remove the top
                                        before the spin cycle.

                                        Drying Tips

                           Casual Top
                                        Many nighttime garments are slightly more
                                        delicate than your daily wear. Hang the shirt
                                        to dry to ensure the dryer does not damage
                                        your favorite party top.
                My style is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                My fashion favorites include anything and everything
                that highlights my feminitiy and makes me feel
                “accidentally sexy.”

                Favorite Celebrity Icons:
                Audrey Hepburn, Kate Hudson and Zooey
                Deschanel…. depending on my mood of the day.

                Can’t Live Without:
                My vintage sheer cotton voile dresses.

                Wendy Freedman of PolkaDots and Moonbeams - Los Angeles, California
                Dress by Black Halo Photograph by Susan Sheridan
                                           Stacy Says

                                                                                              KEEP THE LOOK
                                           Worthwhile fashion investments are those
                                           that look like they were made for your body.
                                           Perfectly tailored, perfectly fitting garments
                                           will never fail you. You can look like a million
                                           dollars – without actually spending it. For
                                           example, this femme-fetal dress is flattering
                                           in all of the right places. The exaggerated
                                           shoulders work to even out the hips, and the
                                           cut is casual enough to be dressed down for

                      Day-to-Night Dress   day time but, fancy enough to be dressed up
                                           for a night out.
Care Tips
Pay special                                Washing Tips
attention to the                           Use a non-harsh, color safe liquid detergent
care instructions                          like Woolite® For All Colors. Set the machine
for belted dresses.                        to a delicate or low cycle. Typically, the
Remove the belt                            coldest setting will work best for vibrant
from the dress, if                         garments, such as this blue dress.
possible, before
washing and drying.
                                           Drying Tips
                                           Dry on a low heat setting, generally the
                                           delicate cycle will do. Remove the dress
                                           immediately after drying to reduce the
                                           amount of wrinkles. If they are still present,
                                           hold a hand-held steamer about three inches
                                           away from the fabric to get rid of the extra
                                           wrinkles or creases.
                I’d say my style is refined bohemian. Being a mother,

                I’m always on the go and therefore need fabrics that can
                withstand my busy-body lifestyle.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                Wrap dresses (especially the classic DVF dress) and
                anything that is wrinkle-free and travel-friendly.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Kate Hudson

                Can’t Live Without:
                Dresses! Whenever I am rushed and don’t have enough
                time to put together a proper outfit, I throw on a dress
                and instantly feel refined and collected.

                Janice Moskoff of Beta Boutique - Chicago, Illinois
                Dress by Diane von Fustenberg Photograph by Sheri Flynn
                                             Stacy Says

                                                                                              KEEP THE LOOK
                                             In a cotton jersey or micro-fiber, this dress
                                             will be your best friend no matter how
                                             many times you leave it bunched up on the
                                             floor. Look for a dress that wraps at the
                                             smallest part of your waistline for the most

                         Travel Wrap Dress
                                             flattering shape. Layer with turtlenecks,
                                             tights and boots for Winter. Come Spring,
                                             put a lace camisole underneath ones with
                                             a deep V so that you don’t show too much
                                             cleavage at work, then take it off and add
                                             heels for date night!
Care Tips
Wrap dresses can                             Washing Tips
easily become tangled,                       Use a non-harsh, multi-purpose liquid
and then wrinkled,                           detergent such as Woolite® For All Fabrics.
during a typical wash                        Even cotton requires proper care. Typically,
cycle. Be sure to                            both warm and medium temperatures
deconstruct the                              are acceptable on traditional machines.
dress by untying the                         If possible, set on the most delicate
wrapped portion                              wash cycle.
BEFORE washing.
                                             Drying Tips
                                             Dry on a low heat setting on delicate for
                                             only about thirty minutes, depending on the
                                             dryer. The dress should still be slightly damp
                                             as it is hung up to dry. Due to the partial
                                             dryness, the dress will not stretch out.
                I would describe my signature style as bohemian chic –

                or what I call “haute hippy.”

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                A vintage leather/faux fur coat that I bought on my
                honeymoon at a flea market in Bangkok.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Annie Hall, Penny Lane and Carrie Bradshaw.

                Can’t Live Without:
                Dresses –an effortless way to stay (and look) cool.

                Jaci Effron of Jac Boutique - Atlanta, Georgia
                Dress by Lauren Moffatt Photograph by Jesse and Whitney Chamberlan
                                     Stacy Says

                                                                                        KEEP THE LOOK
                                     Maxi dresses can shorten you if you don’t
                                     find the right style for your height. If you are
                                     shorter than 5’4”, find a maxi dress with an
                                     empire waist. These are not an office staple,
                                     but are definitely great for a relaxed weekend
                                     style. Keep the accessories to a minimum,
                                     using simple jewelry.

                                     Washing Tips
                                     Use a non-harsh, color safe liquid detergent
                                     like Woolite® For All Colors to protect your
Care Tips                            multi-colored items from running together.
                        Maxi Dress
Be extra careful when                When washing for the first time, wash
using an on-the-go                   the dress in a load by itself. Wash on the
spot remover. What                   coldest allowable temperature on a low
may be a suitable                    to medium cycle.
device for some
colors can in fact
hurt or fade
                                     Drying Tips
                                     Depending on the fabric, the dress should
the color stripes
                                     be dried on a medium heat setting. Always
                                     check the label for individual garment
the stain.
                                     instructions. Typically, layered flowing
                                     dresses like this will not show wrinkles.
                                     Use a hand-held steamer about three inches
                                     away from the fabric if you come across an
                                     unsightly crease.
                My style can be described as vintage glamour. I’m

                in love with the old Hollywood starlets, like Marlina
                Detrick and Katharine Hepburn. To me, feminine
                silhouettes reach beyond current of-the-moment trends.
                You can never go wrong with classics.

                Fashion Favorites Include:
                Dresses, dresses and more dresses.

                Favorite Celebrity Icon:
                Scarlett Johansson

                Can’t Live Without:
                My little black dress—black wool, a-line, key hole front,
                by Mae.

                Sarah Penewell of Sarah Boutique - Denver, Colorado
                Dress by Mae Photograph by Nicole Popovich
                                             Stacy Says

                                                                                                KEEP THE LOOK
                                             The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a tried and
                                             true fashion piece that stays classy from
                                             season-to-season. But, don’t be fooled. The
                                             LBD is NOT just for cocktail usage - so don’t
                                             be afraid to wear it during the day or to work
                                             functions. The Little Black Dress can add a
Care Tips                                    much needed punch to daytime wear. To get
Pay special attention                        the most out of this wardrobe workhorse, be
to dress accessories,
such as buttons,
clasps or belts. Turn
                        Little Balck Dress   sure to look for three season fabrics to get
                                             the most wear all year round.

the dress inside-out                         Washing Tips
to protect these                             Use a non-harsh, color safe liquid detergent
items from washing                           such as Woolite® For All Darks to protect
damage. Reversing                            your darks from fading. Keep water tempera-
the dress will also                          ture set at the coldest setting. Set the ma-
help maintain color                          chine for a delicate cycle. Check to see if the
intensity.                                   dress lining is machine washable. If not, use
                                             a gentle liquid detergent such as Woolite®
Stacy Tip                                    For All Delicates.
Another option to
the LBD are softer                           Drying Tips
neutrals such as                             Be careful of putting dresses in the dryer.
browns and navy.                             If you aren’t sure, hang the dress to dry, or
These can be viable                          place it on a hard, flat surface. If you’re in a
options to update                            rush, dry the dress for five to ten minutes on
this classic look.                           tumble, not heat. Use a hand-held steamer
                                             to get rid of those few extra wrinkles.
                                                         Stacy’s Tips

                                                         No matter your body shape, the cut of
                                                         this skirt will work. It creates an hour-glass
                                                         figure by defining a waistline. If you don’t
                                                         have hips, the A-shape helps to accent them.
                                                         If you do have hips, the A-shape actually
                                                         conceals them.

                                                         Washing Tips
                                                         Use a non-harsh, color safe liquid detergent
                                                         such as Woolite® For All Colors. Turn the
                Care Tips                                skirt inside out to check for a lining. Wash
                For more elaborate                       on the coldest allowable temperature on
                A-line skirts, like the                  the most delicate setting. You may want to
                one here, you can                        remove the skirt before the spin cycle.
                skip the dryer and
                hang dry so it dries
                properly and without
                wrinkles.                                Drying Tips
                                                         Turn the skirt right side out again before
                                                         placing in the dryer. Set the machine to the
                                                         lowest setting. Hang the skirt immediately

                                          A-Line Skirt   after drying to prevent wrinkles from forming
                                                         on your form flattering skirt.
                                           Stacy’s Tips

                                                                                               KEEP THE LOOK
                                           Pencil skirts can flatter almost any body
                                           shape. If you have no curves, look for the
                                           straightest, narrowest cut you can find to
                                           create the illusion of a smaller waist and
                                           hips. If you are curvier, look for a cut that
                                           accents the waist, like one with a thicker
                                           waistband, that does NOT narrow at the
                                           knee but falls straight from the hip. This
                                           will help to create balance in your body line
                                           while still showing off your curves!

Care Tips                                  Washing Tips
For a stretch cotton                       With this classic cut being made with so
skirt like this one,                       many different fabrics, you will want to find
maintaining elasticity is                  a detergent that specializes in protecting a
a priority. Throw it in a                  variety of fabrics. Use a non-harsh, liquid
dryer for ten minutes to                   detergent such as Woolite® For All Fabrics.
make it a little snugger                   Wash the pencil skirt on the coldest
before wearing.                            temperature on your machine. A delicate
                                           cycle could be helpful if the skirt has a lining.

                                           Drying Tips

                            Pencil Skirt   Dry your pencil skirt on a delicate cycle
                                           on low to medium heat. Excess heat could
                                           damage the elasticity in a stretch cotton
                                           fabric. Luckily, the fabric does not wrinkle
                                           so this truly is a no-fuss skirt.
                                                   Stacy’s Tips

                                                   Full skirts are great when you want to create
                                                   a really feminine feel to an outfit. Be careful if
                                                   you are heavier on your bottom half! Look
                                                   for skirts that emphasize the waist and
                                                   camouflage the hips softly. Anything too rigid
                                                   will only add bulk. Do not go for skirts with
                                                   strong pleats that start at the waist. Look for
                                                   skirts with some fluidity to them, soft folds
                                                   INSTEAD of pleats or pleats that are sewn
                                                   down to the top of the hip, to get the right
                                                   proportion on your body. These skirts also
                                                   tend to be most flattering when they hit at
                Care Tips                          the knee.
                Check for a clasp
                at the back or                     Washing Tips
                side of the skirt.                 Use a non-harsh, color-safe, liquid detergent
                Fastening the clasp                like Woolite® For All Colors. Wash the
                                                   skirt on a delicate cycle in the coldest
                before washing can
                                                   temperature. Remove before the spin cycle
                prevent the clasp                  as it may be too rough for a large skirt. You
                from being caught                  may also want to wash the skirt by itself
                on another garment                 depending on the width of the garment.
                and torn off during
                the wash cycle.                    Drying Tips

                                      Full Skirt
                                                   Dry the full skirt on low to medium heat
                                                   on the most delicate cycle. These skirts will
                                                   generally wrinkle quite easily. Hang the skirt
                                                   right after it dries to ensure the only creases
                                                   in your skirt are the ones meant to be there.
                                          Stacy’s Tips

                                                                                            KEEP THE LOOK
                                          The universally flattering length for skirts is
                                          always to the knee. Hem them a little higher
                                          if you are under 5’4” and a little lower if you
                                          are over 5’9” to balance the length with your
                                          body proportion.

                                          Washing Tips
                                          Use a non-harsh, liquid detergent such
                                          as Woolite® For All Darks to fight fading.
Care Tips                                 Wash on the coldest allowable temperature.
If you want to dress to                   Work-appropriate A-line skirts, such as this
impress, make sure your                   one, will generally have a lining. Wash on the
darks are never faded.                    most delicate cycle.
Turn the skirt inside out
for extra protection.
                                          Drying Tips
                                          Dry your office skirt on a delicate cycle on
                                          low to medium heat. Pull the skirt out im-
                                          mediately after the dryer stops to prevent

                                          wrinkles from forming. You may want to
                                          consider line drying the skirt, depending on
                                          whether or not your dryer runs extra hot.

                   This has been such a great partnership for me. As you      Dare to wash reds and
                   know, my mission is to help you look fabulous everyday.    yellows in the same load?
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                                                                              protect your clothes from bleeding effects. This safe and
                   and your clothes, continue to look your best.              effective detergent also prevents against fading to keep
                                                                              those reds bright and those yellows staying sunny.
                                                                                                                        WOOLITE PRODUCTS
No need to fear fading                                      Even silk is no match to
with Woolite For All
                                                            Woolite® For All Fabrics.
Darks. This powerful                                        This liquid detergent is
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stay dark, well after you’ve worn them.                     clothes from stretching, shrinking or fading.

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