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									                                                                                           FASHION FORWARD
                                                                                               By Lindsey Simon, Staff Stylist for Mixology

                                                                  I love sequin shift dresses – especially mini       of sequins though, doesn’t mean that they are
                                                               ones! They can be worn any time during the year,       meant to be only worn “fancy”. Dress them
                                                               in the summer with strappy sandals or paired           “down” with denim, chunky knits, blazers and the
                                                               with tights and boots for the holiday seasons. I       highest booties with a sexy platform. Even sequin
                                                               love adding texture to any outfit, so when wearing      dresses can be tucked into denim shorts and
                                                               sequins, I often choose to add a leather jacket        worn with tights to dinner or a night out with your
                                                               to enhance my look. Fur and sequins also look          girls. Toss on a chunky sweater and what may
                                                               fabulous together. The pair definitely makes for a      have begun looking like a super fancy sequined
                                                               more luxurious look than the biker style.              dress, now has casual appeal.
                                                                   As a Stylist for Mixolog y stores, I get a first-      So, sparkle-obsessed like I am? Take it a step
                                                               hand chance to preview beautiful clothing. When        further this holiday season with glitter shoes too.
                                                               we received a gold sequin dress, it occurred to        Opening the latest Elle Magazine, or any fashion
                                                               me that this gorgeous piece could be fabulously        magazine for that matter, “glitter-fied” shoes are
                                                               paired for a store photo shoot with one of our         lighting them up. My new name for them is “twinkle
                                                               tweed blazers. The daring combination was very         toes” – and I need to find myself the perfect pair
   As we begin approaching all of the holidays, all us
                                                               fashion forward, oozing with sex appeal. Don’t         soon. There are a lot of occasions coming up that
“fashionistas” are beginning to realize we need our special
                                                               be afraid to experiment. Fashion is about taking       we can all “shine” for – so the search is on!
holiday outfits! Being a huge lover of fashion, of course
I’ve researched and browsed all of the greatest fashion        risks that are a reflection of your personality and
websites, stores and various boutiques in New York City        style. I’ve worn one of my favorite sequin tops
to find what’s hot for the season. What I’ve found is that      with denim cut-offs, a pair of black tights and
sequins are still first in the running for being named my       leopard platform booties, even though the sequin
favorite for dressing up with. Who wouldn’t want to glisten    tee could make a statement on its own. I can’t
in glitter? The great thing about sparkles is that they look   wear anything without accessorizing, and adding
fabulous in many forms, from tops, shorts and dresses          the leopard look has done just that.
to even accessories like shoes, bags and necklaces. If            Sequin pieces are forever. They’re timeless and
you’re daring enough for this attention-getting look, you      gorgeous and should be a no-thinking-required
can go a step further and mix your sparkles by wearing a       go-to, especially for appearing center-stage
sequin top and glitter shoes. The pairing is just paradise     at events and parties, accessorizing
for those with eyes for fashion. Just try making sure that     them as simply as with a
the colors don’t compete with one another. It’s best to        great pair of shoes. The
stick to neutrals or black and grey tones.                     beauty, shine and fullness

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