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Feb. 24 - Mar. 4, 2012 austin business journal   |                                                                                                                    | A5

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Robert Bernhoft considers moving his law firm to Austin from Milwaukee a strategic decision.

Firm known for highly visible
clients moves HQ to austin
Vicky Garza                                          like,” he said. | (512) 494-2528                 The firm moved to its new 3,300-square-
                                                     foot office west of the Texas Capitol with a
   The Bernhoft Law Firm SC chose Aus-               core group of four attorneys and one para-
tin for its new headquarters over Nashville          legal in November, and it plans to hire six
because found the Capital City a draw for            employees locally.
creative people such as the firm’s employ-              Bernhoft also plans to hire a couple more
ees and clients.                                     attorneys and another senior-level partner
   The firm, which had been based in Mil-            over the next two to three years so that the
waukee, prides itself on thinking outside of         firm can begin to accept other business,
the usual parameters in high-profile crimi-          such as political litigation. But Bernhoft
nal defense, criminal tax law and invest-            said he won’t let the firm become a big shop
ment fraud recovery cases. The 11-year-old           because he would rather manage a finite
law firm has an acquittal rate of about 95           number of clients and do it well.
percent.                                                The firm has only handled about 10
   “Our shop has proven the value of a dif-          cases in Texas, but Bernhoft expects to
ferent approach,” founder Robert Bernhoft            gain more in Houston, Dallas and Austin
said.                                                because of its new location.
   Bernhoft has represented clients rang-               The law firm has a branch office on the
ing from celebrities to family-owned con-            Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles because
struction companies, and the outcomes of             about a third of its clients are from Cali-
                                                                                                                                                 A V I A T I O N        A T T O R N E Y S
several of his cases have been significant.          fornia, but Bernhoft said he would like to
The firm is well-known for representing              close that office and open a boutique office
Wesley Snipes in what The New York Times
called “the most prominent tax prosecution
                                                     in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica.
                                                        Bernhoft said the majority of his clients                                      Business Jet
                                                                                                                                       Aviation Law
since Leona Helmsly.” The firm was also              come from economically robust areas such
responsible for getting Ralph Nader on the           as New York and Los Angeles and tend to
national ballot in Wisconsin and getting             be entrepreneurs.
IRS whistleblower Joseph Banister acquit-               He has become increasingly concerned
ted on all federal charges of tax fraud and          about the climate for tax law enforcement,                               Business jet aviation litigation is a complex practice area that
conspiracy.                                          saying an innocent business mistake can                                   demands strong technical and legal skills. Our aviation team
   After Bernhoft turned 50, he made a               result in a client’s criminal indictment.                                  includes highly experienced attorneys who also possess a
strategic decision to move the firm’s main              The over-criminalization of tax errors                                  deep understanding of the aviation industry as well as the
office.                                              such as unintentional misallocated expens-
                                                                                                                              technical aspects of aviation. Our expertise has worked to the
   “Moving the national headquarters to              es “can have a chilling effect on entrepre-
Austin gave us the natural opportunity to            neurship and a depressing effect on the                                    advantage of a wide variety of business jet aviation clients
rethink what [our] presence should look              economy,” Bernhoft said.                                                    including aircraft owners, operators, flight departments,
                                                                                                                                    and aircraft managers in various disputes such as:

recruiting, collaboration spur                                                                                                             • Misrepresentations by buyers and sellers
                                                                                                                                               • Failure to make timely delivery
                                                                                                                                 • Improper or incomplete modifications and completions
software company’s relocation                                                                                                       •
                                                                                                                                          • Maintenance errors and mistakes
                                                                                                                                      Excessive or inappropriate maintenance charges
                                                                                                                                            • Uninsured/non-covered losses
Sandra zaraGoza                                      away, called Pecan Park. It will occupy | (512) 494-2522           about 21,000 square feet of space in the
                                                     office park. The company provides fund-                                            Call Slack & Davis to put our extensive business jet
   Sage Nonprofit Solutions is preparing             raising and fund accounting technology                                                     aviation experience to work for you.
to move into new digs that it believes will          for nonprofit and governmental entities
better reflect its culture and help it recruit       and has two other small U.S. offices, one
top tech minds.                                      in New York and one in Toronto.                                                       A national and international practice with offices
   Sage Nonprofit Solutions, which is part             The company thought it was time to                                                             in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth
of U.K.-based software giant The Sage                move to an office that would lend itself to its                                                         Toll Free: 800.455.8686
Group Plc, has more than 120 employees               “agile culture and innovation,” said Krista                                           
at its Northwest Austin headquarters. The            Endsley, general manager and senior vice
company will be moving in mid-March to a
LEED-certified building about four miles                                               see SAge, a6
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