2011 United States Vehicle Owners Attitudes and Beliefs About Vehicle Maintenance by brown06


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									   2011 United States Vehicle Owners’ Attitudes and Beliefs
                 about Vehicle Maintenance
Frost & Sullivan’s objectives for this research service include identifying attitudes and beliefs of
vehicle owners in the United States regarding vehicle maintenance. This service identifies oil change
and fuel purchase behaviors, determines replacement part behaviors, and identifies usage rates of
roadside assistance. Since attitudes have not changed but behaviors have, it appears the economic
recovery is the largest contributing factor. This research targeted 1,098 United States vehicle owners
who have had general vehicle maintenance performed on their primary vehicle within the past
twelve months.

Table Of contents
Research Objectives, Method Details, and Demographics
Executive Summary
Minor Maintenance Behaviors
Switch from Vehicle Dealership for Minor Maintenance
Other Maintenance Behaviors
Switch from Vehicle Dealership for Other Maintenance
Maintenance Attitudes and Beliefs
Oil Change Behaviors
Purchase Behaviors of Performance Chemicals
Purchase Behaviors of Replacement Parts
Roadside Assistance
Engine and Transmission Repair
Current Vehicle in Household and Switch to Alternative Transportation
Service Center Brand Perceptions
Maintenance Parts Brand Perceptions
The Frost & Sullivan Story

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