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									A group of innovative people, who consider each projects as an opportunity to
                      do something different & unique.
Our buildings are a personification of our dynamic imagination. And our vision is to
   create the finest elements of urban living & working with our wide-ranging
                        experience in real estate business.
Earth Infrastructures Ltd. has a strong customer service and emerging practice policy reflecting the
values endowed by the unsurpassed Real Gains Realty Ltd., which is now known as the small wonder in the
                           realty sector and is known to have taken all the
                                     currents when they served.

Real Gains Realty Ltd. has actualized the superiority of amazing success. The company has given a long
                             lasting reputation to Earth Infrastructure Ltd.
Projects overview
•   Kessel I valley at Tec zone-9 in greater Noida comprising of 25 lakh Sq ft. of I.T.SEZ approved,
    commercial and Residential studio apartment (AMR)
• Kessal Grand at Kundli a project of 134 room hotel with revolving restaurant and a
    Shopping mall par excellence (AMR)
• Globus KP-3 Greater Noida, 10 lakh Sq. ft. (ARN)
• Globus business park Tec zone 10 Greater Noida in 8.5 lakh Sq. ft. (ARN)
• Earth Towne Plot No. 4, Noida Extn. 19 Acres development with 2500 residential flats. Total 3
    million sq.ft. development.
• Earth Saphire Court Plot No. 48, KP-V, Greater Noida. India’s first fully furnished business
    suits projects with bank guarantee.
 A founding member of Indian Green
          Building Council.

A step towards Caring of Environment.
                        Investment Opportunity
  Housing Development in Gurgaon Sector 112
Location Advantages

• Part of NCR – Delhi

• One of the closest Sector from New Delhi Border adjoining New Delhi Airport and Dwarka

• On the arterial road connecting Intl airport to NH8

• One of the very few sectors that has bitumen access as of now.

• On the Delhi – Gurgaon border with largest frontage on Delhi border overlooking the green belt.

• 800 mtrs from existing residential development.

• Sector/Area: Sector 112

• Land Area: 11 acres. Total No. of Flats : 550
• Ownership (JV/Owned): Owned                                                                        Intl Airport

• Under Master plan (yes/no): yes. Master Plan 2021

• Land Use: Residential (Group Housing)

• FSI: 1.75, Built Up Area : 1.0 million sqft

• CLU: CLU done, LOI Received, EDC+IDC Charges deposited.

• Architects : U.K. based renowned architects EIGEN.
                          Dwarka Metro

                                                    Intl Airport

               + Metro

                                     Delhi Jaipur
112                                  Railwayline
                 Critical Distances for day to day living
                                             Model Railway Station, Bijwasan
                                             Distance : 2 kms, Transit Time 10 mins
                                             Status : land acquisition completed.
                                                                                                  International Airport / Dwarka Metro Station
                                             To be completed by Dec. 2011
                                                                                                  Distance: 5 kms, Transit Time : 15 mins
                                                                                                  Status: completed

                                                                                                         Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
Radisson, Rangpuri, Delhi
                                                                                                         Distance : walking distance, 2 kms, Tansit
Distance : 10 kms, Tansit Time : 20 mins                 Sector 112                                      Time : 10 mins
                                                                                                         Status: 12 years old Ansal township with
                                                                                                         developed community centres for day to day

             Kapasheda, Delhi                                                                    Sector 14, Gurgaon
             Distance : 7 kms, Tansit Time : 25 mins                                             Distance : 5 kms, Tansit Time : 20 mins
             Bust Stand                                                                          Status: Old Gurgaon area and Bus stand.
                                                       NH8, Gurgaon
                                                                                                 Market: Big Bazaar, branded showrooms, etc
                                                       Distance : 8 kms, Tansit Time : 20 mins


Area of Flats:
• 3 BHK + S – 1835 sqft
• 4 BHK+Study + S – 2392 sqft
• 2 BHK – 1235 sqft.

Price List:
• Current Basic Sales Price of 3 & 4 BHK : Rs. 4500 per sqft.
• Current Basic Sale Price of 2 BHK is Rs 5000 per sqft
• EDC+IDC, Club, PLC, Parking, IFMS Charges Extra.
• Down Payment: 10% at the time of Booking.
Tentative Apartment Layout
                  The Architect

                                A Synonym of high quality
An International Architecture & Engineering firm with synonym of high quality assurance provides
     One Stop Solution for all Design Engineering and Technology Solutions for the Construction
    Industry. You name the best and they have it from the Burj Tower, Dubai to Strawberry Place,
     Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K. The company has provided a wide range of Architectural Services
     or Various Consultancy for some part of the services to projects in various markets of Global
       Construction Industry including India, Australia, Middle East, United Kingdom, Caribbean
                                          Islands and the US.
 Their few of the Mega projects
 •Burj Tower, Dubai
 •Aldar Headquarters PC 814, UAE                                                              Burj Tower
 •Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, India
 •DLF Cyber Terraces Building 5, Gurgaon, India
 •DLF Cyber SEZ Building-14, Gurgaon, India
 •One Hyde Park, London, UK
 •The Dubai Mall, Dubai
                                                                           DLF SEZ Building
                    Nehru Stadium             Dubai Mall

Aldar Headquarter                                      DLF Cyber Terrace    One Hyde Park
Some other Milestones
•Cyber City, Gurgaon
•Canon Place, London UK
•Paradise Street Development, Liverpool, UK
•Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai, UAE
•Al Zeina, Abu Dhabi, UAE
•Feasibility Study for Hyderabad Metro Link, India

           Paradise Street
                                        Hyderabad Metro
                                                          Jumeiraah Golf

          Al Zeina
                                         Canon Place         Cyber City
                                          Thank You

This presentation is purely conceptual and confidential. The layout and pictures shown may be changed as per the specifications and approvals.

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