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					                                                 Consigned by Larry G. Taylor, Fairfield, IL                                                         123
                                                   DROPPING THE BOOTS
                                                                       (Illinois Eligible)
                                BROWN COLT; Foaled May 28, 2009; Brand 7G123
                                                               Western Hanover p,3,1:50.4 ................                       No Nukes p,3,T1::52.1
             Droppin'thehammer p,1:50.1............... .......................................................................   Wendymae Hanover p,4,T1:57
                                                               Pacific Flight N p,1:51.1.........................                Vance Hanover
 DROPPING THE BOOTS                                                                                                              Significant
                                                               Cam Fella p,4,1:53.1 .................................            Most Happy Fella p,3,T1:55
             Put The Boots p,3,1:59.4f........................                                                                   Nan Cam p,2:05.1f
                                                               Boots Lobell p,2,T1:58 .............................              Armbro Nesbit p,3,1:56
                                                                                                                                 Bret's Dream p,3,2:03h
By DROPPIN'THEHAMMER p,2,1:54.4h; 3,1:51.2h; 1:50.1 ($323,617) by Western Hanover p,3,1:50.4.
    Winner 9 of 49 lifetime starts. At 2. winner Abe Lincoln S., American National (elim.); second in
    Review S., Governors Cup (elim.); third in Metro S. and American National. At 3, third in Hoosier
    Cup. Droppin'thehammer's oldest foals are two-year-olds in 2010.

1st Dam
PUT THE BOOTS p,3,1:59.4f ($17,437) by Cam Fella p,4,1:53.1. 3 wins. At 2, race timed 1:59.4. At 3,
    race timed 1:58.2. Dam of 8 of racing age, all raced, 6 winners. Dam of:
  BOOTS PLACE p,2,1:56.1; 3,1:53.3f; 1:51.3f-'10 (m, Park Place) ($280,261).24 wins. At 2, winner
    Big Ten S. at Altamont; second in MWIRA S. at Aledo, Egyptian S. at Fairfield and Albion (timed
    2:01.1 in track record mile), Illini S. at Greenup, IDOA S. at Springfield and ISOBA Fall Review at
    Springfield; third in MWIRA S. at Carrollton and Big Ten S. at Pana. At 2, race timed 1:55.1. At
    3, winner Michelob Series (2 legs and Final) at Ocean Downs and FM Jr. Open (third in FM Jr.
    Open) at Harrington. At 4, winner 2 FM Jr. Opens; second in FM Jr. Open and third in 4 FM Jr.
    Opens at Harrington and Dover. Now 5, racing and winner FM Perferred; second in FM Open;
    third in FM Open at Dover with 2010 earnings of $18,020.
  FOX VALLEY ROPER p,3,1:55.1f; 1:53.4h (g, Sportsmaster) ($76,558). 21 wins. At 2, race timed
    1:57.2. At 3, 4 (3-1-0).
  FOX VALLEY ARIAT p,2,1:54 (g, Sportsmaster) ($42,890). 10 wins. At 2, winner 2 IDOA S. at Spring-
    field, Orange & Blue (elim.) and MWIRA S. at Carrollton; third in Orange & Blue (Cons.). At 2, race
    timed 1:53.2. At 3, race timed 1:52 (twice).
  MS BOSSY PANTS p,2,1:58; 3,1:56.4; 1:54.2f (m, Incredible Finale) ($95,276). 27 wins.
  WHISKY GIRL p,2,1:55.3 (m, Sportsmaster) ($48,308). 8 wins. At 2, 10 (3-2-0) and winner ISOBA
    Spring Preview at DuQuoin, Misty Misty Misty S. and Incredashell S.; second in Hanover S. and
    World Series S. Final at Hawthorne. At 2, race timed 1:54.3. Racing and a winner in '10.
  FOX VALLEY GOALIE p,2,1:58.1; 3,1:56.4 (Incredible Finale) ($12,990). At 2, winner Robb Ranger
    S. Cons. at Balmoral.
  Fox Valley Garth (Incredible Finale). At 2, second in MWIRA S. at Carrollton and race timed 1:58.1.
2nd Dam
BOOTS LOBELL p,2,T1:58 by Armbro Nesbit p,3,1:56. At 2, winner PASS at Liberty Bell. At 3, third in
    Mistletoe Shalee Cons. Dam of 11 foals, 10 winners, including:
  CAMSECO p,3,1:57.3h; 1:54f (Cam Fella) ($91,432). At 3, winner Howard Parker Memorial S. at
  WHAT A BRUISER p,2,2:02.3f; 3,1:58.3f; 4,1:54.1 (m, Laag) ($222,131). At 3, second in Perfecta Series
    (2 divs.) at Hippodrome de Montreal. Dam of WHATA BUSTER p,3,1:52.3f ($232,206), ANCIENT
    HIGHWAY p,4,1:55.4f- and PICTONIAN STRAPPER p,4,Q1:59.4f.
  CAM'S MAGIC p,2,Q2:02.2f; 3,1:54.2 (Cam Fella) ($71,961). At 2, third in Ambassador Series (2
    legs) at Rosecroft.
  BABY BOOTS p,2,2:00.4f; 1:58.1f (m, Armbro Emerson) ($61,347). 25 wins. Dam of CRAFTY PAT
  RIOTOUS p,3,2:01h; 4,1:58.2f (Niatross) ($20,424).
  PUT THE BOOTS p,3,1:59.4f (m, Cam Fella) ($17,437). 3 wins. As above.
  MAHAN p,3,2:02.3h; 2:00h (Cam Fella) ($29,276).
  BOOT DA MUFFLER p,2,2:07.2h (Cole Muffler) ($6,117). At 2, winner MWIRA S. at Mt. Sterling.
  Dreams N Wishes p,3,2:03.2 (m, Cole Muffler) ($7,096).
3rd Dam
BRET'S DREAM p,2,2:07.3f; 3,2:03h ($12,279) by Bret Hanover p,4,T1:53.3. Half-sister to PASSAGE
    WEST p,1:56.4 ($248,900), DARING KNIGHT p,1:58.2f ($147,261), etc. From 8 foals, dam of 6
    winners, including:
  BRET LOBELL p,2,2:02f; 3,1:57; 1:53.4 (Oil Burner) ($216,213). 16 wins. At 3, winner and second in
    NJSS at the Meadowlands. At 4, winner Final of Four Leaf Clover Series, etc.
  TROUBLEMAKER p,2,T1:54 (Most Happy Fella) ($1,112,103). 25 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner
    Reynolds Memorial and elims. of Woodrow Wilson P., Peter Haughton Memorial and Kentucky
    Pacing Derby, etc. At 3, winner Messenger S., Breeders Crown, heat and Final of Dancer Memo-
    rial, heat, (third in Final) of Little Brown Jug, elim., (third in Final) of Monticello Classic, etc.
  BISTRO LOBELL p,2,1:59.4h; 3,1:56f (Nero) ($68,479). 6 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner Cons. of Shep-
    pard P.; third in Goshen Cup.
  THELMA'S DREAM p,3,2:02f; 4,1:57.4 (m, Most Happy Fella) ($122,970). 11 wins. At 3, third in NYSS
    at Roosevelt. At 4, winner NYSS; third in leg of Guys & Dolls P. Dam of BULLVONS DREAM p,1:50.2
    ($842,960), CASINO CANDY p,4,1:55.4f, JOSEPH BULLVILLE p,1:55.4h ($150,080), BULLVILLE
    DAMAGE p,1:55.3, MAJOR POWER p,1:58.4f; granddam of OUR DIRECTOR p,4,1:52.4 ($483,041),
    EXOTIC BET p,4,1:54.1, PHILIP WALTON p,3,1:55.3f, HURRICANE HUGO p,4,1:55.4h ($147,585),
    CASINO RESORT p,1:56f, etc.
  BOOTS LOBELL p,2,T1:58 (m, Armbro Nesbit) ($33,251). 5 wins at 2 and 3. As above.
  Bijou Almahurst (m, Oil Burner). Dam of ALMAHURST FLYER p,4,1:53.4f, FATHER JOE D p,4,1:54.1,
    etc. Granddam of OPEN FIRE p,3,1:59.1f.

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