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									                                     Tire Blowouts

Blame shifting may be the easy way out when it comes to an accident. One person always
wants to blame the next guy for not fixing the problem, and so the story goes. The truth
is, if everyone takes proper responsibility instead of shifting the burden onto someone
else, many accidents could be avoided. Tire blowouts are one of the most common causes
of truck accidents, and they are also one of the easiest to prevent. Everyone in the
trucking industry plays a role in preventing these types of accidents. There are part
manufacturers, maintenance workers and the drivers themselves.

One cause of tire blowouts is defective tires. The obvious way to prevent this kind of
fault is to go to the source. Product manufacturers, especially of a part as essential to
safety as vehicle tires, are responsible for assembling quality tires that meet all national
highway standards. Even when product manufacturers produce good quality tires, the
next tier of responsibility lies with the tire sellers. When tires sit in warehouses for
extended periods of time, they become more brittle and prone to breaking. This is why
accurate labeling of tires is so important.

Tire blowouts can also be caused by improper maintenance. Commercial trucks must
undergo maintenance frequently so that any defects can be detected. Maintenance must
not only be frequent, but it most also be thorough. Truck drivers are also responsible for
checking their tires. If they notice that their tires are faulty, they must take the necessary
steps to repair them before continuing to drive. When trucks have to stop at scales they
may be ticketed if their tires are defective or underinflated. Trucks run the risk of being
involved in serious collisions such as jackknife accidents when they travel for extended
periods of time on underinflated tires.

One way that the trucking industry started repairing their tires on a budget was
retreading. Retreading is simply making repairs to an already worn out tire. The old tread
of the tire is smoothed away and a new rubber casing is applied to it. Obviously, this is
not as safe as replacing a tire completely with a new one. If you were injured in a truck
accident, it may have been because of faulty tires that caused a blowout. Even though
trucks have many tires, it only takes one blowout to cause the entire truck to jackknife or
rollover. A truck accident investigation will show accurately what the cause was.

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