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                                               BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                      Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                                         February 28, 2007
Chair Williams said the board is glad to be back on South Campus and in the green building. He thanked Dr. Pan and staff for hosting
the board here, noting they did an excellent job.

President Holcombe welcomed those in attendance to the February Board of Trustees meeting and announced that this library is the
only green building in Broward County, and it is our responsibility to maintain this building in a green way. President Holcombe
congratulated Ms. Douglass and Chair Williams for being reappointed as trustees by the Governor. He thanked them for their great
service to this college, noting this is their community service, and he thanked them for their willingness to serve BCC again.

Chair Williams requested Dr. Debbie Sloan lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. Ross, Dr. Husain, and Ms. Printz introduced faculty,
students and media personnel in attendance, respectively.

President Holcombe requested Dr. Husain make a couple of comments about Mr. William Metcalf and his service to the college. Dr.
Husain said Bill Metcalf was trying to make this meeting today up until the last minute. She gave background information on him and
his service to the college since 1972, celebrating and commending his many contributions. He began the sailing program and the
Tigertail Lake Center and retired in December 2006. President Holcombe said that the college would not have Tigertail Lake without
Bill Metcalf . He single-handedly dealt with the county in getting BCC an allocation of land for the new center.

Dr. Bolton introduced Ms. Maryann Pezzullo, who retired. She gave background information on Ms. Pezzullo and her years of service
at BCC from 1976 to 1978 and from 1992 to 2007. President Holcombe presented her with the official college retirement plaque in
appreciation of her years of service.

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Broward Community College was called to order at approximately 2:15 p.m. on
Wednesday, February 28, 2007, by Chair Williams in Building 81, Room 138 of the Library, South Campus, 7300 Pines Boulevard,
Pembroke Pines, Florida. In attendance were Chair Williams, Ms. Douglass, Ms. Garrido, Ms. Krause, Mr. Tanner, College Attorney
Fernander, and President Holcombe.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Tanner/Garrido to approve the agenda and public notice of the
regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held on Wednesday, February 28, 2007, by announcement appearing in a newspaper of
general circulation in Broward County. Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

Motion was made by Douglass/Garrido to approve the January 24, 2007, regular monthly meeting minutes and the January 24, 2007,
Student Forum meeting minutes with an amendment to include the name of Ms. Krause where Ms. Garrido was mentioned in the
Student Forum minutes. Ms. Garrido did not attend that forum, and Ms. Krause made the referenced statements. Motion carried
without a dissenting vote.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Douglass/Tanner to approve the following Consent Agenda Items:

        A.       Human Resources:
                 1.     Employment of Personnel
                 2.     Resignation/Termination of Personnel

        B.       Procurement - None

        C.      Contracts:
                1.       General – City Furniture training agreement; City of Sunrise agreement to provide non-credit continuing
                         education courses to the residents of the city; and revocable license granted by the City of Fort Lauderdale
                         to allow the college to close Southeast 2nd Avenue so that construction work can be completed at the Willis
                         Holcombe Center.
                 2.        Construction/Facilities – None
                 3.      Summary of Economic Development Contracts - None
                                                                                            BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE

                  4.      Summary of Rentals of Bailey Hall/Omni
                  5.      Summary of Student Life Contracts
                  6.      Summary of Consultant/Performance Contracts
                  7.      Summary of Health Science Affiliation Agreements
                  8.      Summary of Articulation Agreements - None
                  9.      Ratification of Previously Approved Contracts

         D.       Budget Amendments

         E.       Warrants

         F.       Curriculum Recommendations

         G.       Student Receivable Debt Reduction

Ms. Douglass commented on Consent Agenda Item IV, C, 1-c, Revocable License from the City of Fort Lauderdale, and congratulated
Mr. Fernander for the information printed on the first page at the bottom left-hand corner of the agreement which indicated “Last
printed 1/25/2007 1:58:00 PM” and “Last saved by BCC” President Holcombe requested Mr. Fernander and he be given editorial
rights to change the license if necessary when it is received from the City, and consensus of board members was to give those rights.

Ms. Douglass requested information on Agenda Item IV, C, 6 -c, Jazz Recital presented by Professor Caldwell, and her question was

Ms. Douglass had questions on IV, D-1, Budget Amendment for General Current, and Mr. Pennell and President Holcombe responded
to questions. Chair Williams suggested scheduling a workshop for the board to review the policy of naming a building. President
Holcombe said the foundation will be raising funds for the Marine Center, and he is sure naming will be an issue there.

Ms. Douglass mentioned that she was pleased to see contained in Agenda Item IV, F, Curriculum Recommendations, the addition of a
new course entitled Latin American Art. Mr. Tanner noted the combining of community assets and this campus’s community cultural
center, which will be a cultural center as well as an educational center. BCC is a community leader in cultural arts and he commended
that initiative. President Holcombe announced that Dr. Pan will be hosting the City of Pembroke Pines in the performing arts theater,
and the city is partnering with BCC in improving this facility at South Campus. Ms. Susan Barnett reported that BCC has always been
involved in culture, which started over 30 years ago, and she is delighted to see that we have partnerships with many organizations and
agencies including the Broward Symphonic Orchestra and also the Band, where many of BCC’s students participate.

Ms. Douglass had a question on Agenda Item IV, G, concerning collection, and it was answered by President Holcombe.

Motion carried without a dissenting vote.


         A. Grants
Mr. Jorge Guerra reviewed background information concerning the U.S. Department of Labor grant in the amount of $1,998,621, to
establish a training program to serve the marine industry of South Florida. Ms. Douglass commended this initiative and the fabulous
opportunity for BCC. It was explained that the marine industry does not have established certifications as in the automotive industry,
and BCC would be helping them create industry standards. This proposal was commended by board members.                      Upon the
recommendation of the president, motion was made by Douglass/Garrido to approve acceptance of the U.S. Department of Labor grant
in the amount of $1,998,621 to establish the South Florida Marine Technology Center of Excellence, Enclosure #1, and Enclosure #2,
amendment #001 to an existing agreement with the Department of Children and Families to add an additional $60,000 to the Project
RENEW (Refugees Entering New Enterprises and Workforce) grant as specified. Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

         B. Waiver of Bids
Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Garrido/Douglass to approve the following Waiver of Bids: #1,
which is an amendment to an existing contract with Tetrad Solutions necessitated by staffing resignations at the software consortium
office and the need to obtain additional consultant help to enable the project release dates to be met with the maximum additional
expenditure estimated at $68,400, and #2, agreement with Tetrad Solutions, Inc., a software development firm, on behalf of the Florida
Community College Software Consortium, for which we serve as fiscal agent, for the development and delivery of a data element
BCC Board of Trustees Minutes – February 28, 2007- 2 -
                                                                                               BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE

dictionary which will enhance the consortium’s data warehousing project in the amount of $76,480. Motion carried without a
dissenting vote.

          C. Aviation Lab Fee Increases
Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Krause/Garrido to approve Aviation lab fee increases as specified.
Ms. Douglass stated her concern at having a fee increase for AMT0130 from $75 to $255. She stated this is unfair to the students and
someone needs to be responsible for requesting minor incremental increases in a timely manner. President Holcombe explained that
fee increases are usually incremental and the course requesting this increase has had a change in materials, to composite. Mr. Guerra
explained the shift in materials for the programs to composites which increases the cost. President Holcombe pointed out the aviation
programs are very expensive programs, and Mr. Guerra will try to find financial aid for this program. Mr. Guerra noted that this is a
20-month program, and the cost is $6,000 for the 20 months. He stated that we are considerably lower in cost than any other college in
the state, and we have several scholarships available at the Aviation Institute and work with the students on an individual basis. Mr.
Tanner pointed out the Special Operations Command Base U.S. Navy is ordering composite boats, and they are much longer lasting.
This order is followed by an order for the U.S. Coast Guard. Ms. Krause stated that she shares Ms. Douglass’s concern with the price
of the increase, and we have a responsibility to the students and tax payers. She noted that we are closing the gap at a loss. Motion
carried without a dissenting vote.

           D. Policies
President Holcombe stated that Mr. George Meros is here today and is assisting in policy review as the revisions are brought to the
board. Mr. Fernander stated that in reviewing and preparing for these policies, several typos have been noticed. He assured the
board that he will work to make sure that does not happen again. He explained the revision process and sending to Mr. Meros for
assistance and approval. President Holcombe requested the board give him, Counsel Fernander, and staff the liberty to make
corrections to typos with no substantive changes to the policies. Motion was made by Douglass/Garrido to allow President Holcombe,
Counsel Fernander, and staff to make corrections to typographical errors with no substantive changes to the policies. Motion carried
without a dissenting vote.

Ms. Krause stated that she is very disappointed in the quality of the writing of the policies; they are extremely difficult to read. If she
has a hard time reading the language, then she wonders how a person with no familiarity with the policy can understand it. She
suggested that someone should be in charge of writing it clearly, getting it in plan English and style with consistency. She would like
to see the policies more well written. We are an institution of higher learning, and our documents should reflect that, she stated.
Revision to Policy 6Hx2-3.02 (Recruitment, Selection, and Assignment of Personnel) was discussed. Chair Williams requested point
of order and stated that it is statutorily required when there is a transfer or reassignment for the board to approve it. Ms. Krause asked
if there is a change according to this policy, where in the agenda does it come to the board for action. President Holcombe stated that
it could be a separate consent agenda item; they could include it in the employment of personnel and resignation/termination of
personnel from human resources in the consent agenda. He stated that they are working on organizational charts now, realigning
faculty and staff, and it could be brought to the board in organizational charts for approval. Chair Williams said he would like to see
that list up front in the agenda. Ms. Krause requested using established channels to have clarification in the writing. Chair Williams
requested Ms. Douglass introduce Mr. Meros, and she introduced Mr. Meros from the firm of Gray Robinson, an attorney specializing
in writing policies and procedures for BCC and for other colleges around the state. She stated she is very pleased that he is here and
can hear board member comments in person. Mr. Meros stated that policies and procedures have been developed, amended, and
deleted through time, and if the board wants the firm to look at the existing policy and make it better style, he would be happy to do
that. Ms. Krause stated that because of this overall review, when we are finished, we should have a set of policies that look like they
have some commonality. She would like to see a good finished product. Mr. Meros stated that his firm includes legal or constitutional
changes. President Holcombe stated that it is staff’s responsibility to make recommendations of policy. He came in after the board
directive and he was never really sure what approach the staff and attorneys were taking, and he would welcome the opportunity for
staff to be the drafter and attorneys to make sure it is based on law. Consensus of the board was in support of President Holcombe’s
suggestion. Chair Williams said that it will take over a year for this process. President Holcombe said he does not think we need
additional resources and asked if there is any priority on a particular section of policy or if staff should start with Chapter I and go all
the way through the policies. Chair Williams stated that for him human resources was the number one priority, strengthening it and
institutionalizing it since it is the most litigious area. He stated that contracting is also a sensitive area to him. President Holcombe
stated that the student affairs area is also a priority as well, and board members agreed. Ms. Douglass stated that the priority is human
resources, and we have not had an Edna Chun, vice president for human resources and equity. She asked Mr. Fernander which area, in
his personal experience, is the most outdated, and Mr. Fernander responded the largest inquiries deal with human resources. He stated
that people charged with following those policies and procedures are in the most litigious they are seeing. Also, he stated, purchasing
and procurement people get the most questions. President Holcombe requested guidance in a related area. He said they are
diversifying faculty now using equity and affirmative action as a term of art, and he thinks we need to adopt one of those terms. Equity
is a term for federal and state law, and it is not synonymous with affirmative action, he stated. Equity is a definable term and
affirmative action is not, and we should be hesitant to use affirmative action since it could be a lot of things to a lot of people. Dr.
Chun said that one of the areas is affirmative action of the federal law that is enforced by the federal government, and we have an
BCC Board of Trustees Minutes – February 28, 2007- 3 -
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affirmative action plan. Affirmative action was discussed among board members and with Dr. Chun. She stated that she would be
happy to report on the affirmative action plan in April to the board.

Concerning Policy 6Hx2-3.02, Ms. Douglass pointed out that in the second paragraph “Such transfers will be submitted for approval
by the Board of Trustees” there was some disagreement between board members and the former president. If an employee is
transferred from one position to another position, it would have to be approved by the board, she pointed out. She told of the lengthy
memorandum Chair Williams submitted regarding this issue. President Holcombe inquired if he were the president of BCC and
transferred Mr. Williams from position A to position B, would that have to come before the board for approval? Mr. Meros stated
that no transfer will be made until ratified by the board. President Holcombe said operationally he can only see then what is the
definition of assignment of duties. He stated that they are looking at reestablishing institutional effectiveness and doing things in
preparation of accreditation, and that will be specifically in someone’s job. He inquired if he changes someone’s job description and
work within the department would it need board approval. Chair Williams said if he wants to take a chemistry professor from North to
South, there is no need for approval, but if taken from North and given other duties, there is need for approval. Mr. Fernander said
there is some guidance to underlying duties of that employee change. President Holcombe said he needs operational guidance.
Background checks and fingerprinting for pre-employment for all full-time employees were discussed. Mr. Fernander requested no
changes to the procedure. President Holcombe said guidance is very helpful to him and staff as they redraft for consistency.
Discussion ensued. Motion was made by Krause/Tanner to table Policy 6Hx2-3.02 (Recruitment, Selection and Assignment of
Personnel) and refer it back to the committee to incorporate better and clarified issues and language. Motion carried without a
dissenting vote. Ms. Douglass commended Dr. Chun for all of the diversity contained in this policy and procedure.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Douglass/Garrido to approve revisions to Policy 6Hx2-3.13 (Exit
Interview) as specified. Discussion ensued. Mr. Pennell pointed out a problem when an employee owes the college money and is
planning to leave the college, they need to have the money repaid before that employee leaves. Mr. Fernander stated that when staff
works with this policy and it goes to their committee and Cabinet, he tries to keep an eye to the fact of the work that went into it. Chair
Williams stated that he tends to be more lenient with BCC policies than if it was a Fortune 500 company. Motion was made by
Garrido/Krause to withdraw the previous motion to approve Policy 6Hx2-3.13. Motion carried without a dissenting vote. Motion was
made by Garrido/Tanner to refer Policy 6Hx2-3.13 (Exit Interview) back to the committee for further review, clarity, and revisions.
Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Garrido/Tanner to approve revisions to Policy 6Hx2-3.22
(Employment of Relatives) as specified. Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Douglass/Krause to approve revisions to Policy 6Hx2-5.20 (Sexual
Harassment/Battery/Assault) with amendments. Chair Williams pointed out these policies will be living documents and every couple
of years they will need to be reviewed. Ms. Krause noted that sexual harassment is referred to in this policy and also in Policy 6Hx2-
5.22 and both definitions need to be included in both policies, side by side. Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Douglass/Tanner to approve revisions to Policy 6Hx2-5.22 (Unlawful
Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy for Students). Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Douglass/Tanner to approve revisions to Policy 6Hx2-5.23
(Compliant Process for Students for Non-Instructional Issues). Motion carried without a dissenting vote.

Chair Williams thanked Mr. Meros for his time and expertise.

          E. 2005-2006 Financial Audit
Upon the recommendation of the president, motion was made by Garrido/Tanner to accept Broward Community College’s 2005-2006
Financial Audit as specified. President Holcombe stated that they are undergoing a management audit that will address issues
concerning the inventory and other matters. He commended the work done to achieve this audit, noting no instances were found of
non-compliance or other matters that are required to be reported. He commended the financial staff for their good work. Motion
carried without a dissenting vote.

Mr. Tanner left at this point in the meeting.

President Holcombe pointed out that Dr. Shouan Pan elected to showcase two campus initiatives that have taken place during the
month of February for his campus presentation. Both of these initiatives establish an academic component to important issues that
involve both our history and our future. One concerned Black History Month and the other initiative was Environmental Awareness
Week, February 5-9, 2007. Dr. Hank Martel introduced the Black History Month educational and celebratory activities. Dean Debbie
BCC Board of Trustees Minutes – February 28, 2007- 4 -
                                                                                             BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Sloan introduced the Environmental Awareness Week initiative which described the comprehensive campus involvement and
showcased the student winners of the environmental awareness week’s writing and poster contests. A copy of further information
concerning these two initiatives is attached to the official minutes.

          A. Presidential Search
President Holcombe called upon Ms. Douglass to give an update to the board on the presidential search committee. Ms. Douglass
distributed to board members a brochure entitled, “Presidential Search Committee – Background Briefing Materials.” She stated that
with the help of Dr. Chun this brochure was created to guide the search committee through the process. She reported that applications
have been scanned. The committee has met and have a very diverse cross-section of the community. Mr. Mason Jackson, executive
director of Workforce One, was elected co-chair, serving along with Ms. Douglass. She distributed a CD containing applications of
the applicants for the trustees’ review. March 12 will be the next search committee meeting, and March 26 they will also meet to
choose the five or six finalists to be submitted to the board.

         B. December 31, 2006, Quarterly Financial Report
President Holcombe commended Mr. Pennell and the financial staff under his direction, who have worked hard to get the board a
quarterly financial report. President Holcombe said that their intention is to give board members quarterly reports during the budget
year so that the board will know where the college is financially throughout the year. Mr. Pennell reviewed the overview of the
college’s quarterly financial statements and explained the decline in Pell grant amounts. Ms. Douglass expressed her appreciation with
this format. As we go forward, she noted, it would be good to have a comparison, and she requested that be included with the current
report for comparability. President Holcombe stated that they will show current quarter and a year ago also. The September 30, 2006,
and December 31, 2006, Quarterly Financial Report was presented for information only.

        C. Construction/Project Status Report
The construction/project status report was provided for information only.

        D.    President’s Report
The President mentioned the following items in his report to the trustees:

         He noted that the board may want to consider dealing with policies in a separate meeting. He expressed the importance of
         having time without feeling the pressure of normal activities of the board. Consensus was to continue revising policies and
         when there are enough together then the board will be polled to decide the best time to meet in a special meeting. Ms.
         Douglass suggested that it is mentally exhausting, and she would not want that review to be a full day. She suggested a one-
         half day with breakfast and lunch.

         Ms. Krause attended the Trustees conference in Tallahassee last week with him. Ms. Pippin had several appointments for
         them while there. Ms. Pippin had to leave to go back to Tallahassee this afternoon. Monday there was a good meeting on
         North Campus and a good presentation in health sciences for Senator Jeremy Ring. Yesterday, he noted they had a good
         meeting at Central Campus and the Institute of Public Safety with Representative Martin Kiar and Representative Evan Jenne.
         They received exposure to the simulator man and also exposure to the campus. They are trying to get the new legislators
         involved to learn about the college and the quality and diversity of our programs.

         Ms. Botero and her staff will be advertising soon for the First Generation scholarships with $750,000 in scholarship money
         available; lots of students will be eligible. He expressed his pleasure at having this opportunity to help students.

         They are going forward with the parking garage at Central Campus.

         He distributed the board members’ calendar for the upcoming month. He pointed out the college will be closed for Spring
         Break from March 5-9, and he will be available by cell telephone. He called attention to the board meeting next month,
         March 28, to be held at North Campus, hosted by Provost Barbara Bryan.

         He discussed the Pappas Report that was recently distributed. It was the result of the Florida Department of Education
         requesting the Board of Governors to discuss issues. It really focuses on the need for the state of Florida to provide
         baccalaureate degrees. A bill is to be signed into law to sanction and officially support the role of community colleges to
         award bachelor’s degrees where it serves a workforce need. He stated that he will send the Pappas Report to the trustees
         before the next meeting. Dr. Holcombe stated that colleges would go through a specific process if they desire to provide a
         four-year degree. He stated that the college would need to notify its intent in specific fields, making a complete proposal that
         would have to be approved by the Florida Board of Education. He pointed out that there is an official agreement in the report
         if it is put into law that will solidify the college’s role and ability to serve.
BCC Board of Trustees Minutes – February 28, 2007- 5 -
                                                                                             BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE

         Ms. Garrido left at this point in the meeting.

         Ms. Krause requested to receive the green sheets distributed at the trustees’ conference. Dr. Holcombe said that he will get
         that legislative information to trustees.

           E. Board Members’ Comments
Ms. Krause said that she and Ms. Pippin had a great visit in Washington, D.C. attending the recent ACCT legislative conference. She
said it was discouraging that their focus was in increasing the Pell grant and people in Washington were congratulating themselves
over decreasing the interest rate. She stated that they should be increasing the Pell grant for students.

Chair Williams said that Senator Wise from Jacksonville has a program of matching with this program and it might be a good idea to
check with Senator Wise to review his program. Students have scholarship money when they go to college. President Holcombe said
that he will follow up on that issue.

Ms. Douglass thanked President Holcombe for following up on questions from the last meeting.

Chair Williams thanked everyone for making the excellent, interesting facts brought to the attention of the trustees. Included on that
list is that BCC is the first public higher education institution established in Broward County (in 1960) and has served more than one
million students since it opened its doors. Looking at our facility vision on the board, he stated that the college needs to sit down and
review adding on and up instead of out for facilities.

Chair Williams declared the meeting adjourned at approximately 5:15 p.m.

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held on February 28, 2007.

BCC Board of Trustees Minutes – February 28, 2007- 6 -