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                  Corporate Wellness Challenge

      Lunch & Learn
   Informational Packet
                                      Table of Contents

      Lunch & Learn (L&L) Seminar Overview                                                           2
      Seminar Options                                                                                3-5
      Quick Reference for Contact Info                                                               6
      Seminar Request Form                                                                           7
      Seminar Evaluation Form                                                                        8
      Profile of Lunch & Learn Leaders                                                               9-28
               Lunch & Learn Seminar Overview
       As part of your participation in the Action Long Island Wellness Challenge, you have the
opportunity to educate your employees on various health and wellness topics through Lunch &
Learn Seminars. A “Lunch & Learn Seminar” is a 30 minute to an hour long presentation by a
health and wellness professional that comes to your office at a time that is most convenient for your
company (typically this is the lunch time hour).

 Your company will receive credit for the amount of seminars you bring into the work
         place as well as the number of employees that attend each seminar.

Lunch & Learn Seminar Guidelines:

    There must be at least 10 people present at each seminar. The only exception is for seminars
     specifically “For the Employer”.
    You may request as many seminars from as many organizations as you choose.
    The seminar is free and does not include lunch. We recommend providing a healthy snack or
     lunch for attending employees.
    Please fill out the Seminar Request Form (page 6) and send it to the corresponding L&L
     Seminar Leader ASAP (page 5).
    Please request your seminar in a timely fashion and as far in advance as possible. Please
     include multiple dates and times in which your company is available. We cannot guarantee a
     seminar will always be available at the times you request.
    Please have participants complete the Program Evaluation Form (page 7) at the
     conclusion of the seminar. Submit Evaluation Forms to Action Long Island via email:

The L&L Seminar Leaders have agreed to the following:
 1) To Attend the Long Island Wellness Challenge Orientation on February 8, 2011
 2) To have a dedicated contact person for Lunch & Learn Seminar Requests
 3) To respond to Seminar Requests within 1 Week of receiving Request Form (Page 6)
 4) To provide an educational presentation that is informative, useful and tactful.
 5) Never to use the presentation solely for the purpose of selling a product or solicitation.
If you ever feel your L&L Seminar leader has behaved inappropriately, please contact Action Long
Island directly: Phone: 631-425-2700 Email: Info@ActionLongIsland.Org
(AHA) – American Heart Association                   (IMF) – Integrated Medical Foundation
(AVCS)- Advanced Vein Care Solutions                 (ISX)- Isagenix
(BTF) – Breakthroughs to Fitness                     (KLIS) – Karp Loshak Insurance Solutions
(CG) – Centura Group                                 (LFI) – Lifestyle Fitness, Inc.
(CL) – Changing Lifestyles                           (MF) – The Maurer Foundation
(CWCC)- Creating Wellness Center of Commack          (NSLIJ) – NS-LIJ Health System
(CWP) – Center for Wealth Preservation                   (SD) – Sadick Dermatology
(CWS) – Compass Workforce Solutions                      (TCWSLI) – The Corporate Wellness Solution
(FWP) – Foundation for Wellness Professionals            (TSFL) – Take Shape for Life
(HSS) – Heartscan Services                               (UF) – Ultimate Fitness
                                                         (WUH) – Winthrop University Hospital
                     Lunch & Learn Seminar Options
The following is a list of the topics available for Lunch & Learn Seminars and the corresponding leaders.
Details on each seminar are included in this packet and on the ALI Website.
Daily Health and Wellness
  Maximizing Your Impact- How to Look, Feel and Live Your Best - LFI
  How Fit is Your…Lifestyle? - LFI
  Increase Your Energy by 400% (2 Part Series) - FWP
  Why Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough - LFI
  Weight Reduction Through Lifestyle Modification - CWCC
  Tobacco Cessation Program - WUH
  Up In Smoke - CL
  Sleepless in Long Island - CL
  Sleep Disorders - WUH
  The New Natural – Staying young without the knife - SD
  Skin Cancer/Sun Protection – SD
  A Changing Paradigm – Myth and reality of skincare products and programs - SD
  Common Skin Problems – Recognition and treatment options – SD
  Revive your legs, Revive your life - AVCS
  Foot Care: Problems/Treatments - NSLIJ
  Taking back your legs- New options for Spider Vein Treatment - AVCS
  5 Keys to Better Women’s Health - CWCC
  Women and Heart Disease: An Interactive Discussion - AHA
  Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)- Am I at risk? - AVCS
  The Power of Change - CL
  Pain Management - NSLIJ
  Should I worry about my Varicose Veins? - AVCS
  Occupational Medicine and the Business Community - WUH
  First Aid/Safety - NSLIJ
  Symptoms of Heart Disease and Stroke: The importance of Life Style changes to reduce the risk of heart
    disease and stroke - HSS
 Diet & Nutrition
  Improving Digestion and Absorption - FWP
  Wellness and Nutrition - AHA
  How to master your Metabolism in 90 Days – BTF
  Nutrition and Weight Management - AHA
  Keeping your Family Heart Healthy - AHA
  What is All the FAT about? - CWCC
  Reading and Understanding Food Labels - AHA
  Beathing the Sugar Blues - CWCC
  Weigh Your Options - CL
  Lose weight the healthy way with permanent results - TSFL
  Toxicity linked to weight gain and the importance of total body cleansing - ISX
  Nutritional re-balancing and weight loss - ISX
  Keep Fit While You Sit - FWP
  5 Keys to Transform your Body in Record Time - BTF
  ZOOM Movement - Exercise for everybody - anytime, anywhere with no equipment needed – UF
  Fitness and Diet - WUH
  Exercise at Your Desk! - AHA
 Heart Healthy Exercise for Seniors - AHA
 The APB Method - The foundation to all movement through the mind/body connection - UF
 Start! Walking Now - AHA

Mind-Body Connection
 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Immediate Relief of Stress, Anxiety and Cravings – TCWSLI
 How Stress Makes You Sick, Tired, Fat, Old and Ugly! – LFI
 Fulfillment in the Workplace - Stress Free in 68 Seconds – TCWSLI
 Stress Management and Walking - AHA
 Wellness From Within-The Mind Body Connection – TCWSLI
 Three Secrests to Stress Management - CWCC
 Mental Health Issues - NSLIJ
 Emotional Freedom Technique for Immediate Relief of Stress, Anxiety & Cravings – TCWSLI
 The Law of Attraction and Your Well Being – Visualization for Intentional Living – TCWSLI
 The Essence of Hypnosis - CL
 Mind Massage - CL
 Choose to Lose. It’s Not What You Put in Your Mouth…It’s What You Put in Your Head! – LFI
 Turning Difficulties into Successes – TCWSLI
 Overcoming Self-Sabatoge - CL
 Stress in the workplace and how it effects your risk for Heart Disease – HSS
 Bust Through Limiting Beliefs & Apply Law of Attraction Techniques to Create Your Life by Design –
 How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Work for You – TCWSLI
 Nutrition and Fitness Tips to Reduce the Risks of Breast Cancer - MF
 The Hormone Connections: Weight Gain, Poor Sleep, Fatigue, Pain and Stress - FWP
 Men’s Health Issues & Prostate Awareness - IMF
 Fall Prevention - WUH
 Back Problems/Injuries - NSLIJ
 Cancer Prevention/Treatment - NSLIJ
 “Gaining Fitness” an Alternative to “Weight Loss Programs” that Fail - FWP
 Life’s Simple 7: Tips for Healthier Living - AHA
 CPR Anytime Tool Kits - AHA
 Signs and Signals of Heart Attack and Stroke - AHA
 Controlling Your Risk Factors for Heart Disease - AHA
 Easy Tips to Promoting Skin Health – Preventative strategies - SD
 Chronic Conditions - WUH
 Asthma & Allergies - NSLIJ
 Diabetes - NSLIJ
 Restless Leg Syndrome- How advances in technology can help - AVCS
 Heart Disease and Stroke: The importance of screening and early detection - HSS
Financial Health and Wellness
 Financial Health - CWP
 Long Term Care is the Elephant in the Room - KLIS
 The Financial Essentials - CWP
 Disabled? Me? Never! - CWP
 Special Care Planning - CWP
 Divorce: Financial Self-defense - CWP
 Understanding your benefits at work - CWP
 Retirement -Act 1 - CWP
 Living in Retirement -Act 2 - CWP
For the Employer
 HR Resources to launch this program and ensure success - CWS
 Marketing the Program to Ensure High Level of Participation – CG
 First Aid/Safety - NSLIJ
  Benefits and ROI for companies, when they embrace a wellness program for their employees -HSS

                                      Lunch & Learn Contacts
    Company           Contact Name                   Email                   Phone          Page #
Advanced Vein Care    Christine                                           (800) 747-
Solutions             Sirgado                                             9014
American Heart                                                            (516) 450-
                      Michele Gervat                               9
Association                                                               9129
Breakthroughs to                                                          (516) 203-
                      Rahz Slaughter                                   10
Fitness                                                                   4534
Center for Wealth     Victor L.                                           (516)-682-
Preservation          LaPoma                                              3386
                      David                                               (631) 843-
Centura Group                                                    12
                      Schoenfarber                                        1940
                      Dr. Joseph                                          (516) 783-
Changing Lifestyle                                          13
                      Criscuoli                                           7877
Creating Wellness                                                         (631) 462-
                      Therese Abruzzo                               14
Center of Commack                                                         0801
Compass Workforce     Christine                                           (631)-539-
Solutions             Ippolito                                            6112
Foundation for
                                                                          (516) 299-
Wellness              Tanya Karsou                                     16
                      Marilyn                                             (516) 316-
Heartscan                                               17
                      Martinucci                                          3975
Integrated Medical                                                        (631) 247-
                      Rhonda Samuel                                   18
Foundation                                                                0100
                                                                          (516) 655-
Isagenix              Carol Dougherty                              19
Karp Loshak LTC                                                           (516) 801-
                      Rona Loshak                                    20
Insurance Solutions                                                       1419
Lifestyle Fitness,                                                        (631)-499-
                      Debi Silber                                  21
Inc.                                                                      4999
                                                                          (516) 535-
Maurer Foundation     Libby Zimmer                           22
NS-LIJ Health                                                             (516)-465-
                      Lorie McClain                                     23
System                                                                    2514
                                                                          (212) 772-
Sadick Dermatology    Jackie Toma                           24
Take Shape for Life   John J. Caputo                                      25
                                                                          (516) 698-
The Corporate
                      Theresa Milillo                                     8038
Wellness Solution                                                    26
                      Ellen Richter                                       (631) 326-
of LI
                                                                          (516) 729-
Ultimate Fitness      Todd Morena                              27
Winthrop-             Denise                                              (516) 663-
University Hospital   Portalatin                                          2609

                           Seminar Request Form- Page 6 or Online
                               LUNCH & LEARN SEMINAR REQUEST FORM
                                                                     Today’s Date: __________
Denotes a required field (*)

   Company Name*:_________________________________________________-
   Address (Street, City, Zip, Suite)*:_____________________________________
   WC Representative Name*:____________________________________
   Title: _____________________________________________________
   Email*: __________________________________________________

   Seminar Topic*:____________________________________________
   Preferred Dates: ____________________________________________
   Preferred Day of Week: _______________________________________
   Preferred Time of Day: ________________________________________
   Expected Attendance: ________________________________________
   Seminar Topic*:____________________________________________
   Preferred Dates: ____________________________________________
   Preferred Day of Week: _______________________________________
   Preferred Time of Day: ________________________________________
   Expected Attendance: ________________________________________

        Please email or call the L&L Seminar Leader with your request (Contact Info Page: 5) The
         organizations requested will contact you directly within 1 week to schedule the requested
        There must be at least 10 people present at each seminar.
        We recommend providing a healthy snack or lunch for attending employees.
        Please have program participants complete the Program Evaluation Form (page 7)
                                         Action Long Island
                                        Wellness Challenge
                                    PROGRAM EVALUATION FORM

Program Title:
Program Date:

We hope that this program has met your needs. In order to assist us in evaluating our speaker’s bureau and to
plan future programs, please take a moment to complete this evaluation form and return it before leaving.
(Please check  )

# of Attendees:

1.    Today’s lecture:
                 Exceeded my expectations
                 Met my expectations
                 Failed to meet my expectations

2.    Overall, how would you rate the information presented during this program?
                  Mostly new information
                  About equal between new information and that which I already knew
                  No new information

3.    Please rate the Speaker (s):
                                      Excellent      Good        Poor
      Quality of Presentation
      New Info
      Relevance to my Needs

4.    How likely are you to change behaviors/make lifestyle changes based on information
      presented today?
                 Not likely
                 Most likely

Additional Comments/Suggestions on today’s program: ____________________________________
      Send Complete Evaluations to Action Long Island by mail: 945 Walt Whitman Rd. Melville,
         NY 11747 Attention: Wellness Challenge Admin; or email:
                                                                                700 Old Country Rd, Ste 205
                                                                                         Plainview, NY 11083
                                                                           Tel: 516.521.9937 Fax: 516.521.3637

Venous disease is a very common malady affecting 60% of Americans in one or more of its various stages.
Symptoms can range from mere cosmetic annoyances to clotting or bleeding and in the worst cases it can even
be the inciting factor for the development of cancer. Yet despite this, a majority of medical practitioners
consider venous disease to be relatively unimportant.

As a long time Board Certified Surgeon, I can tell you that medical students are taught little about the disorders
affecting veins and even vascular surgeons are surprisingly uneducated about the venous side of the circulatory
system. As a result the general population has little knowledge of the simple and effective treatments that are
available today.

At AVCS, we are continuously surprised and dismayed at how many men and woman suffer from venous
disease and allow it to undermine their well-being. So many of our patients complain that their legs feel tired,
achy and painful or appear swollen, discolored or just ugly. They are embarrassed about the way their legs
look. Many have given up wearing skirts or hide their legs in heavy socks. Others will not wear shorts or
sandals during the summer or enjoy the beach or a day on the boat with the family. While that may seem a
minor inconvenience to some, it has become glaringly obvious to us that these patients are denying themselves
some of the basic pleasures of life and in so doing are diminishing the quality of their lives. It is well known
and we firmly agree that a poor quality of life contributes to poor health as well.
The staff at Advanced Vein Care Solutions has dedicated themselves to bridging the gap between the current
science of vein care and the public’s lack of knowledge. Our mission is to educate patients as to how they can
improve the health of their legs and prevent the development of venous disease while diagnosing the individual
patient's specific physiologic and anatomic abnormality, and assisting them in obtaining the best and most
advanced treatment methods available to meet their needs.

                       We do not treat veins, we educate and treat our patients!
    Our presentation, provided personally by Andrew J. Rochman, M.D., founder and Medical Director of
    Advanced Vein Care Solutions, will include a thorough power-point presentation (with before & after
    photos, signs, symptoms & causes as well as what is now being offered for treating this common
    disease). It will last between 20 to 30 minutes and can be tailored on the spot to the needs and
    desires of the audience. Plenty of time will be made available for questions & answers and attendees
    will be directed to a number of sources where further information can be obtained as needed. Please
    contact Melissa or Lisa at Advanced Vein Care Solutions in order to schedule a presentation.

Dr. Rochman is a native New Yorker, living on Long Island for the past 20 years. His training is in General
Surgery in which he is Board Certified. He is an active member of the American Medical Association, The
New York State Medical Society and The American College of Phlebology. With over a decade of experience
within the medical field, Dr. Rochman focuses his attention on advanced vein care techniques, specializing in
the latest varicose and spider vein procedures.

               Advanced Vein Care Solutions is a Partner in Excellence with Best Vein Care
                   We are conveniently located at 700 Old Country Rd, Suite 205, Plainview, NY 11803
      Phone: 516.822.1433. Fax: 516.822.3637            Email:
                    Contacts: or

                                           WHO WE ARE

                                       Our Unique Cause:
          Mission: Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
                                         Our 2020 Goal:
By 2020 to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% while reducing deaths from
                              cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20%
                                       Our Unique Value:
     Promise: The American Heart Association has an extraordinary impact on your life by
  empowering you and your loved ones to save lives, live healthier and enjoy more peace of mind
                                    about cardiovascular disease.
                                       Our Unique Story:
    Countless Americans owe their lives to AHA-funded research breakthroughs and the AHA’s
professional guidelines, training, advocacy and programs. These people rely on the AHA to educate
    and empower themselves about nutrition, physical activity and other preventive measures.
  Hundreds, even thousands of them as survivors or volunteers are now giving back, feeling good
  about contributing, and saving lives by helping others - and future generations – live healthier
                                            longer lives.

                            WHY WE MAKE A GREAT PARTNER

                                        Brand Awareness:
 98% of consumers have a favorable reaction to the AHA logo and 96% are aware of the AHA name
                                       Purchase Influence:
      90% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product displaying the AHA’s logo
                                       Media Impressions:
        15 billion national impressions annually AND 9 million local impressions annually
                                       Customer Centricity:
   Organization-wide implementation of corporate customer management approach results in
                                 customer satisfaction and retention
                                           Cause Leader:
                 AHA is seen as the industry leader with innovative cause programs:
                            Go Red For Women (heart disease in women)
                                        Start! (adult inactivity)
                       Alliance for a Healthier Generation (childhood obesity)
                         Power to End Stroke (stroke in African Americans)
Our Mission is to Educate, Equip, and Inspire
people to create breakthroughs in life through Fitness.
Presentation Names:

      How to master your Metabolism in 90 Days- 6 proven strategies that will help you burn fat, increase
       your energy, and look sexy in 90 days or less.
      Fast Fat Loss for The Busy Professional- 21 Day Fat Flush Revealed
      No Quadriceps, No Hamstring, Basically no Right Leg, What’s your Excuse? 5 Ways to overcome self
       limiting beliefs and create the champion you were born to be.
      5 Keys to Transform your Body in Record Time. The Secret to reclaiming your tight, toned, firm body
       without diets, pills, or boring long cardio sessions.

Rahsheen Slaughter, President of Breakthroughs To Fitness Inc. is a recognized speaker, master
personal trainer, golf fitness instructor, and wellness coach, specializing in cutting edge one-on-one
health coaching, and corporate health and fitness seminars. For 10 years he has assisted thousands of
people change self-limiting habits and create breakthroughs in life through ftness. Born with physical
and learning disabilities, Rahsheen was challenged and labeled throughout his life. His compelling
story of triumph over self-doubt is what sets him apart from others in his feld. Rahsheen is the creator
of the B2F wellness coaching program, and co-creator of the Ultimate Transformation UT-
90 Fitness system. Rahsheen is the author of numerous articles, and the highly inspiring audio CD
“Labeled Disabled, How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities”. He has personally been mentored and
coached by world renowned motivational and health industry leaders. Rahsheen is available for
seminars, personal one-on-one coaching, and corporate wellness program consulting. His
professional guidance will assist you attain maximum results in minimal time!

Breakthroughs To Fitness
340 Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale NY, 11543
Contact Person: Angel Gomez:
Office 516-2032-4534
Owner: Rahsheen Slaughter
Lead Fitness Coach: Greg Kalafatic
                     Center for Wealth Preservation 6800 Jericho Turnpike Suite 202W Syosset, NY 11791
How do you measure positive impact on a community? For the Center for Wealth Preservation, it means making a
difference in the lives of people through solutions that help secure their financial futures. We are proud of our affiliation
with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), a company that has recorded strong financial results
that have spanned generations.
We take great pride in helping friends and neighbors, families and business owners make good decisions when it comes to
being financially prepared for many of life’s pivotal events. We hold a strong belief that doing business the right way
leads to long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve.

     1. The Financial Essentials: Where do I begin and What does it all mean? Organizing your financial
         life, investment terms, handling debt or a windfall and making sound financial decisions.

     2. Retirement Act 1: Turtle or Hare? Investing early vs. later, the power of tax-deferred compounding and
        types of IRAs for the accumulation phase of retirement. Why a 10% return does not ensure success!

     3. Living in Retirement Act 2: “What?! I have an Estate?” Coordination of assets and essential
        documents needed to save unnecessary expenses, costs and delays in settling an estate. Estate planning,
        understanding probate, using trusts to avoid probate and estate planning for unmarried couples for the
        distribution phase of retirement.

     4. Disabled? Me? Never! Who depends on your Income? Your ability to earn a living should be treated as a
        valuable asset. Protecting your income is the key to maintaining independence.

     5. Special Care Planning: Life care planning for your loved one with Special Needs. Discussions include the
        four pillars of a Life Care Plan: Protect, Provide, Choices, and Control. Everyone who has a loved one, or
        knows someone, with special needs should attend.

     6. They are driving me crazy! I love them dearly, but they’re losing their mind. What is Long
        Term Care? Discussions will include Medicare, Medicaid*, the tax benefits associated with long term care
        insurance, how you can have LTCi and still qualify for Medicaid without giving up your assets.
        * Medicaid guidelines vary by state. Contact your local Medicaid office for more information.
     7. Divorce: Financial Self-defense: War or Peace? Suggestions to head off potential financial problems if you
        are about to divorce.

     8. Understanding your benefits at work:
         Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability, Retirement - Oh My!

     9. Charitable Giving: Leaving a legacy for your favorite charity, church or synagogue. What are GRATs,
        CRAT’s and CLAT’s, etc…?
                                                                  1900 New Highway • Farmingdale, NY 11735
                                                               Tel: 631-843-1940 Ext: 11 • Fax: 631-777-1754
                                                         Email: •

                                   Centura Group, Inc. Overview:

Centura Group, Inc. has been in business for over a quarter of a century. We are a full service strategic
marketing organization whose strength lies in the ability to develop marketing programs from
conception through execution.

The company’s extensive knowledge of creative tools, presentation methods, and production
capabilities gives Centura the opportunity to offer our clients a “one stop” marketing facility. The
ability to utilize unique creative methods and multi-platform marketing gives our clients maximum
results. Whether it’s a website development, social media exposure, email utilization or printed
materials, Centura is able to match the correct platforms and materials with a program’s objectives.

Our group of specialized resources includes production facilities, media & website designers, as well as
copywriters all of whom are seasoned and experienced professionals.

A partial listing of our clients are: at&t, Metropolitan Life, The Disney Corporation, Adelphi
University, HealthPass of New York, HIP, The Korea Society, as well as additional companies of
national stature and regional clients within Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Why select Centura Group as your marketing resource?

       Experience:     Centura Group's 28 years of strategic marketing experience enables us to
                        select appropriate platforms and materials to maximize results to a level
                        that is as realistic as possible.

       Quality:        Our organization prides itself on goal specific strategies that are
                        developed with quality as well as unique design and excellent execution.

       Integrity:      Our efforts will always be honest, realistic and goal oriented. References
                        and sample marketing proposals available upon request.
Changing Lifestyle had developed its reputation as a leader in mental health counseling and behavior

modification programs on Long Island. As a not-for-profit counseling and behavior modification organization-

Changing Lifestyle, with this two tier approach to mental wellness, prides itself on presentations that are

educational, innovative…and effective!

These presentations include:

                                           The Power of Change
                                              Mind Massage
                                           Weigh Your Options
                                               Up In Smoke
                                         Overcoming Self-Sabotage
                                         The Essence of Hypnosis


         If you know one of 70 million Americans who suffer from some type of sleep disorder you will really
                                             Sleepless in Long Island

Insomnia can negatively impact a person’s life in so many ways. From poor work performance to mood
problems, lack of energy and inability to concentrate the list is boundless.
Changing Lifestyle uses cognitive behavioral strategies to help people with sleep disorder identify and correct
thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that may contribute to insomnia. This presentation provides current information
about sleep norms, age-related sleep changes, reasonable sleep goals and influence of diet and exercise.
                               We l l n e s s 1 0 1 ™ : L e c t u r e S e r i e s
                                            DR. DAVID L POLLACK

The Creating Wellness Center of Commack has served Long Island since 2001, offering the most advanced Wellness Care and nutritional
technology available. The Center has been exhibiting Wellness Lectures to organizations, social groups and companies since its inception as
well as offering Healthy Cooking Classes, Wellness Workshops, and Wellness Programs to both the community and corporate clients. Dr
David L Pollack is a captivating lecturer that has supported Action Long Island in its 1st Wellness Challenge giving numerous lectures for
the companies participating.

The Center offers individual, family, and executive wellness programs designed to improve health, vitality, energy, and support weight loss.
Our efforts earned us the rank of:

                                                             2 0 1 0 Long Isla nd Pr ess "B est o f L on g Isla nd"
                                                       1st P lac e Winn er : B E S T H O L I S T I C W E L L N E S S

presentations for the ALI wellness Challenge
        Five Keys to Better Women’s Health - Today’s women are more stressed than ever before, find out the 5 KEYS to
         unlocking health, normalizing hormones, achieving normal weight and much more.

        What is All the FAT About? – An in depth and fun exploration into the body’s systems revolving around fat metabolism.
         We discuss the ‘good’ & ‘bad’ fats as well as how the stress affects the body’s hormone systems which use fats as its
         messengers. This is an empowering lecture on how the body really works and how one can understand what is really

        Weight Reduction Through Lifestyle Modification - An excellent workshop for businesses, support groups, and gym
         members. Learn ways to reduce stress, lose weight, and feel better about yourself and your health. Great handouts included.

        Three Secrets to Stress Management - Learn ways to reduce stress at work, home, or anywhere. You will learn how to
         better manage stress, excellent handouts on getting started with exercise, good nutrition, and stress relief techniques.

        Beating the Sugar Blues - Find out ways to cut out sugar and what sugar really does to our bodies and our health. You will
         find out how your energy increases just by eliminating sugar, as well as losing weight.
Please contact:
Joanne Maloney – 631-379-0689 –

    66 COMMACK ROAD STE101, COMMACK, NY 1172                                                                  631-462-0801
Would your company like to participate in the Action Long Island Wellness Challenge, but you lack
             an internal HR resource to launch this program and ensure success?

                                Compass Workforce Solutions can help!

Compass Workforce Solutions, CWS, provides HR resources and expertise to small business across NY,
NYC and NJ. We are experts in designing, developing and implementing employee policies, procedures
and programs in compliance with Federal, State and Local employment guidelines.

As a member of Action Long Island and part of the Healthcare Task Force, CWS is supporting the ALI
Wellness Challenge by offering wellness challenge facilitation services at no cost to a limited number of
small businesses.

                Wellness Challenge implementation services are available at no cost
                          to small businesses within Action Long Island.

Wellness Challenge Facilitation Services include:

   1. 20-minute presentation to the executive leadership on the positive effects a wellness program can
      have on employee morale, productivity, absenteeism and healthcare costs.
   2. Registration of your company on the ALI and AHA “My Start” websites.
   3. 2 forms of employee communications to launch the challenge. ( You may choose from: memo,
      Power Point presentation, email blast, conference call or webinar)
   4. Assistance for employees in registering in the My Start Online Tracking program.
   5. Assistance in identifying, scheduling, organizing and tracking attendance at Lunch & Learn
   6. Development & implementation of up to 2 workplace “wellness” policies or programs.
   7. Regular updates to executive leadership on progress and employee participation in the challenge.

            A limited number of companies will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

    If you are interested in learning more or taking advantage of this service, please contact Christine
                    Ippolito, Principal, at or 631-539-6112.

                    To learn more about CWS visit us online at
You and your employees can take advantage of a 2-series wellness program at NO
COST to your company, right in your own office?
It’s true! Through the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, Action Long Island Wellness Challenge
Participants are provided a Two part lecture series, in your own office environment, at no cost
This educational seminar will help you to discover how to…
Increase Your Energy by 400 % (2 part series)
Millions of people suffer from chronic fatigue. This workshop goes into detail about
how to increase your energy, feel refreshed, renewed and revitalized. You will feel
younger as soon as you leave!
• This series explores various environmental, nutritional, and physical stresses that
lead to poor health
• Provides empowering information to encourage healthier eating patterns, reduce
junk foods, and increase water and vegetable intake
• Learn tips on getting started with a fitness program
• Understand the difference between medical intervention and preventative measures
“Gaining Fitness” a better approach to “Weight Loss Programs” that Fail                        It is all too
common to see our friends, families and coworkers struggle with diets and weight loss programs that
ultimately fail. This workshop explores strategies on living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Learn legitimate
ways to lose weight.
Keep Fit While You Sit If you work on a computer and / or sit behind a desk for extended periods
of time, than this is the workshop for you. You will learn ways to stay fit while working, learn to
prevent injury, increase your energy and feel better about your work, all at the convenience of your
work station.
The Hormone Connections: Weight Gain, Poor Sleep, Fatigue and Stress                          Women are
generally the keeper of family health. Discover the secrets to aging healthfully, high energy, reducing
weight, pains, all through balancing hormones naturally. Excellent for women between 25 and 60
years of age.
Improving Digestion and Absorption -Overcoming the Ten Most Common Symptoms American’s Suffer
 It’s no secret to doctors or drug makers -- we all have trouble digesting. The ten most common signs
of poor digestion include; pain syndromes, headaches, sinusitis, loose stools, constipation,
gas, bloating, indigestion, fatigue, depression, and interrupted sleep. This workshop will
review common forms of treatment, medical and alternative. Participants will learn how digestion
works and what they can do to optimize the absorption of nutrients for longevity and symptom relief.
      Through FWP Dr. Lewis offers two complimentary presentations per corporation.
      Additional programming is offered at a fee including:
      Dr. Matt’s Nutritional Medicine Key Note Presentations
      One on One in office nutritional counseling with an RD or Holistic Health Counselor
      Advanced Nutritional Lecture Series with Dr. Matt
      Advanced Nutritional One on One services with Dr. Matt in office or via phone.
      Call us today to set up your NO COST wellness program! Contact: Tanya Karsou
                       Phone: 516 299 9313 Email:
                                       CARDIOVASCULAR SCREENING
                                         DETECTION IS THE KEY TO PREVENTION
On average, every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke.

About every 25 seconds, an American will suffer a coronary event, and about every minute
someone will die from one.
(AHA Computation based on latest available data).

Heartscan Services:                                 What we do?

                             DETECTION IS THE KEY TO PREVENTION
  Imagine the convenience: We are mobile: we go into any office or place of work. All studies are
   performed by a cardiac sonographer and read by a board certified cardiologist. The screening
    evaluates the risk for Cardiovascular Disease. . We perform a carotid screening - (to identify
 potential stroke), an Echocardiogram (looks at size, shape and movement of the heart muscle) and
  an ABI index (for peripheral arterial disease). The three screens take approximately 30 minutes.
The report is mailed to the person being screened within 72 hours of the test. The key to preventing
  Sudden Cardiac Death is early detection. The cost of the test is $199. Call to Reserve your
                                    appointment 1-866-518-1112.
             Educational program sponsored by
             The Integrated Medical Foundation
                              “Private Plumbing”
                          and other Urology Problems
                  MEDICAL EXPERTS
                  MEDICAL EXPERTS
                MEDICAL FOUNDATION
                MEDICAL FOUNDATION

Prostate cancer affects our loved ones....our fathers, grandfathers, husbands, brothers,
uncles, sons, grandsons, friends, neighbors and colleagues. 1 out of 6 men (1 out of 4
African American men) will have prostate cancer in their lifetime. 230,000 men a year
are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and 30,000 of them will die.

With Prostate Cancer being the world's second most prevalent form of cancer in men
after skin cancer, the goal of IMF is to provide critical information about the disease;
free prostate cancer screenings and to educate the public about the importance of early
detection of prostate cancer.

Education and Early Detection can help save lives! Other topics that can be discussed
might include BPH, Kidney problems, erectile dysfunction, bladder infections
Incontinence, Kidney Stones, Renal Failure, Male infertility, urinary tract infections as
well as other related diseases. Please join us and find out what you can do to protect
yourself and a loved one.

Feel free to ask questions! The physician will be happy to answer them!

For more info visit:
         Endorsed by authors Dr. John Gray (Mars & Venus)
         & Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) series

Have you asked yourself these questions?
     Why am I so tired?
     Why do I crave sweets?
     Why can’t I lose weight?
     Why can't I reduce my stress level?
     Why do 1 in 2 people get cancer?
     Why is my child's life expectancy less than mine?

Carol Dougherty is an inspiring speaker who is deeply committed to impacting
global health. She will change how you view the food you eat, the water you drink,
and the air you breathe. Her presentation will motivate you to take control of your
health by introducing you to a system that safely and naturally removes harmful
impurities from the body while restoring optimal nutrition - leading to an increase
in energy, stamina, and mental clarity, as well as weight loss. Join the thousands of
others who have been impacted by this powerful presentation.

                      Karp Loshak LTC Insurance Solutions
                                    Long Term Care Is the Elephant in the Room

Critical Planning Tools to Protect Your Family Financially, Physically and Emotionally

Americans are living longer lives. Advances in medical care and healthy lifestyle choices will help more people
reach their 80s, 90s and some will reach age 100. Long Term Care Planning is critical for today’s families and
is a growing concern as the baby boomers age. Once a person reaches age 70, there is a 70% chance they will
need long term care in their lifetime.

Families need to prepare given the consequences of a long-term care event. Long-term care costs will affect
them financially, physically and emotionally. Today’s workforce, and especially the “ sandwich generation”
must plan for their care, their children’s care and for their aging parents. They recognize the importance of the
planning and need a solid foundation and understanding of their options.

The consequence to employees in lost productivity and absenteeism are measured in the billions.

We will present the Myths & Facts of Long-Term Care including:
            What is Long-Term Care?
            Long term-care is a family issue
            Women are especially vulnerable
            Where long-term care provided and what is the cost?
            Do you have a plan to pay for Long-Term Care?
            What are your options for paying for Long-Term Care?
            Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for Long-Term Care
            Self funding options
            Long-Term Care Insurance
            Importance of applying younger and healthier
            Buying earlier will cost less over a lifetime and will not risk insurability
            How Long-Term Care insurance works
            State tax incentive of 20% NYS Tax Credit on LTC Insurance premiums
            Federal business deductions on LTC premiums
            Employer offered or sponsored LTC Insurance plans
            The importance of a discussion on long-term care planning with your family.
            The consequences of not having a plan for care will have an effect on the family, income stream
              and retirement portfolio.

Natalie Karp, MBA, CLTC and Rona Loshak, MBA, CLTC are highly accredited specialists in LTC Insurance and ranked by The
American Association of Long Term Care Insurers as top professionals in New York State, 2009 and 2010. Karp Loshak LTC
Insurance is a trusted source of information on long term care insurance solutions for individuals, business
owners and employer groups. Licensed in NY, NJ, CT, FL, CA, and MO and licensed in State Partnership Insurance Plans.
Karp Loshak is an approved NYS Sponsor of Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

We affiliate with the leading LTC carriers: Genworth, Guardian/Berkshire, John Hancock, MassMutual, MedAmerica, MetLife,
Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, TransAmerica ,UNUM.As independent brokers who specialize in long term care insurance our
platform is built on education: both consumer and professional. We address issues ranging from the cost to self insure vs. transfer the
risk, NYS Partnership Plans, The Class Act, State and Federal tax advantages, review of old policies, provide LTC Insurance analysis,
and financing strategies for LTCi . Our expertise includes: Traditional Long Term Care Insurance Policies, Universal Life with LTC
Benefits, and Annuity Contracts with LTC benefits.
                   Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach®
                         President, Lifestyle Fitness, Inc.

Maximizing Your Impact-How To Look, Feel and Live Your Best How can you transform into your healthiest, happiest and
                                               most successful self?
Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC The Mojo Coach will share proven strategies to unleash your ultimate
body, mind, image and lifestyle. You'll learn the secret to creating a lean, fit body, radiant health,
soaring confidence, rewarding relationships, financial abundance, a dynamic image, charismatic style
and an optimistic outlook.

You'll learn strategies to finally overcome your personal obstacles in the areas of life most important
to you and learn how to create charisma and magnetism, as you become your personal and
professional best.

Why diet and exercise aren't enough. The secret to lasting weight loss, fitness, wellness
and happiness Think diet and exercise are enough? Think again! Just as a table needs 4 legs to
stand strong, we need to strengthen 4 crucial areas of health in order to look, feel and live our best.
Debi will reveal these 4 pillars of health and inspire your employees to incorporate simple yet
powerful strategies to create radiant health from the inside, out. Watch your interoffice culture
change as employees become healthier, happier and more productive.

How Stress Makes You Sick, Tired, Fat, Old and Ugly! Learn exactly how your stress causes
physical, emotional and mental wear and tear. Once you learn the damage stress can cause, you'll
learn how to protect your body and mind from its harmful affects. You'll also hear Debi's incredible
journey from illness to health, pain to pain free living and misery to joy as a result of identifying and
reducing the damage from chronic, unmanaged stress. She'll teach you how she did it so you can do
it too!

How Fit is Your…Lifestyle? Feel frustrated, miserable and powerless around food? Have some
eating habits that have prevented you from living the life you want? Haven’t found an exercise
program that brings results? If you’re battling with the same foods for years...maybe even decades,
Debi can help. Debi will teach you some easy tricks, tips and strategies so you can enjoy a renewed
and healthy relationship with food and start living the life you really crave! You’ll also discover your
unique “fitness personality” so you can create a fitness program perfect for your individual needs,
goals, interests and lifestyle.

Choose to lose. It's not what you put in your's what you put in your head! Some
"food for thought." While we think it's what we're eating that's causing our weight issues, Debi will
show you how it's the who, what, when, where, how and why of your eating that's keeping you
overweight, frustrated and unhappy! You’ll receive proven strategies to overcome emotional eating,
mindless munching, portion distortion and stinkin' thinkin' while learning how to create a healthy,
happy and fulfilling life starting right now.
The health of your employees is a company’s most precious asset. We at the Maurer Foundation share in the
hope of a healthy future for all workforce members.

Joining The Maurer Foundation’s Breast Health Education Corporate Wellness initiative is one of the
wisest decisions an employer can make.
     Given the benefits of risk reduction and early detection, employers who promote breast health
        education are engaging in one of the most pro-employee/pro-employer management decisions an
        organization can make.
     We help employees or family members understand and take advantage of an important screening
        benefit that in most cases is already being provided for them thru fully insured plans.
     We help employees understand the important role that early detection has in early treatment and
        increased survival rates.
     Healthier employees lead to a reduction in sick days and increases employee moral.

There are multiple ways to receive The Maurer Foundation Corporate Wellness Program; delivered in person
by our trained educators at your facility, by computer through an online webinar or any combination of
these two.

                                CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM

The 45 minute program clearly and persuasively explains how nutrition, fitness and everyday life habits can
reduce, or possibly increase, the risk of breast cancer. Our certified educators demonstrate how to perform the
most advanced and effective form of breast self-examination. For our on-site seminars, educators use
extremely lifelike, textured models which closely resemble real breast tissue to teach breast self exam to
participants. These models contain embedded pieces which feel very similar to the type of lumps that breast
surgeons might consider suspicious.

All our program promote a healthy work life balance by educating participants on:
     Risk factors (smoking, alcohol, obesity, environment, other)
     Healthy lifestyle choices
     Awareness
     The Roles of Fitness
     Being your own Health Advocate

Follow-up question and answer time is provided for up to 24 hours following the seminar and webinar to
ensure that support is provided and all questions have been answered.

                                                                               Department of Public Health Education
                                                                          175 Community Drive, Great Neck, NY 11021
                                                                                     516-465-2500 / fax: 516-465-8204
                                    WELLNESS AT THE WORKPLACE

Worksite wellness strives for health enhancement and disease prevention through screenings, immunizations,

health fairs and educational programs at the workplace. It has been documented that significant savings are

realized by the way of these   programs in terms of decreased absenteeism, health claims and increase

productivity. Objectives of worksite wellness are controlling risks and chronic disease prevention.

Our wellness programs are individually designed to fit the needs of each worksite. Programs present up-to-

date, credible information and support activities to raise awareness. Employees are encouraged to engage in

healthy sustainable behaviors. Programs are arranged to meet the schedule of each worksite (i.e., before and

after work or during lunch hour).

Lectures can be scheduled on a topic of the employer’s choice, and all are delivered by health professionals who

            have current knowledge in the field. “Lunch and Learn” topics include:

      Asthma & Allergies                                   Heart Health/Know Your Numbers
      Arthritis                                            First Aid/Safety
      Back Problems/Injuries                               Mental Health Issues
      Cancer Prevention/Treatment                          Nutrition
      Dermatology: Common Skin Problems                    Osteoporosis
      Diabetes                                             Pain Management
      Falls Prevention                                     Smoking
      Foot Care: Problems/Treatment                        Substance Abuse
      Gastrointestinal Disorders                           Urological Concerns/Prostate
      Headaches                                            Women’s Wellness

Additional programs such as immunizations, CPR/AED certification, parenting and biometric screenings are
available for nominal fees.

                                     For additional information contact:
                                            Lorie McClain, M.S.
                                 Assistant Director, Public Health Education
Sadick Dermatology was established in 1981 by Dr. Neil Sadick. Over the past 25 years, Sadick Dermatology has
evolved into one of the world’s premier dermatology centers in the country. Our physicians are recognized for
their expertise and regularly conduct in clinical research on new and innovative dermatology treatments.

The practice has six dermatologists and skincare experts. Their specialties include:

                -   General and cosmetic dermatology
                -   Laser treatments for hair removal                     -   Hair restoration and hair disorders
                    and rejuvenation                                      -   Leg vein treatments
                -   Cosmetic fillers and Botox                            -   Pediatric dermatology
                -   Body contouring
                -   Skin cancer and melanoma

    Sadick Dermatology offers convenient patient hours in both our New York City and Great Neck, Long Island
    offices. Both offices are open every day including Saturday and hours are from 8AM-8PM. We also accept
    most major insurance plans.

    Dr. Meghan O’Brien is a dermatologist practicing in both offices and
    specializes in comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology.

    Her areas of expertise include inflammatory conditions of the skin, full body
    skin exams, skin cancer treatment, photo-rejuvenation, lasers, fillers and
    pediatric dermatology.

    Dr. O’Brien attended Harvard University where she graduated cum laude,
    receiving her bachelor degree in Anthropology. She earned her medical
    degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. O’Brien
    completed her training in medicine and advanced training in dermatology at
    Hahnemann Hospital and Drexel University College of Medicine. During her
    last year at Drexel she was named chief resident as well as resident of the                Dr. Meghan O’Brien
    year amongst all specialties. She is currently a Clinical Instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

    Dr. O’Brien has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has presented at both international
    and local dermatology meetings. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American
    Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery.

                                       Sadick Dermatology offices are located at:
                                      833 Northern Blvd, Great Neck 516-482-8040
                                       911 Park Avenue, New York 212-772-7242

                                       What is Take Shape for Life?

      It is a program to help people lose weight on average 2-5 lbs a week, keep it off and also teach
them on how to live a healthy life style forever……

    It is sweeping the nation and people are lowering or eliminating there Diabetes, Cholesterol and High
blood pressure medications.

       This program was designed by Dr. Wayne Anderson a past emergency room critical care physician
who was tired of receiving patients who were so broken and many times couldn’t help them because it
was too late. His program was clinically tested at John’s Hopkins medical and was proven to help people
reach their healthy weight goals.

       The program is called the 5 and 1 you eat 5 of there meals a day and one of you own lean and
green meals that you obtain on your own by cooking, sitting down at a restaurant or eating home with
your family, etc. The 5 meals only cost about $9 a day and you also get a free health coach, unlimited
phone is support and unlimited web support forever!!!!!

              Check out WWW.LINY.TSFL.COM or give me a call and I would be glad to help.
                          John Caputo
                          Health Coach
                       The Corporate Wellness Solution of Long Island
Ellen Richter and Theresa Milillo of The Corporate Wellness Solution of Long Island are bringing wellness to
organizations through the empowerment of its individuals. TCWSLI is revolutionizing the wellness movement by
teaching tools that create internal changes that naturally foster healthy choices. Over 90% of an individual's behavior is
driven by the subconscious belief patterns they hold. The body has a natural tendency to stay comfortable and maintain
status quo. In order to reset the internal thermostat, one needs awareness and a toolkit for easy internal transformation.

TCWSLI brings the most powerful form of Energy Psychology, EFT, along with Theta Healing Belief Processes and Law
of Attraction techniques, for immediate stress relief and improved wellness. This ultimately fosters greater productivity in
the workplace.

TCWSLI presents “Wellness From Within-The Mind Body Connection” bringing tools to organizations through
exciting lunch and learn programs such as:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Immediate Relief of Stress, Anxiety and Cravings (Ellen)- - What
if you could learn a technique to instantly dissolve stress, anxiety and cravings on the spot? How empowering and freeing
would that be? Learn the most powerful form of energy psychology and melt stress away, eliminate cravings that wreak
havoc with your blood sugar and mood, restore your sense of wellbeing, and watch your productivity soar!
Bust Through Limiting Beliefs and Apply Law of Attraction Techniques to Create Your Life by Design
(Ellen)- We all carry negative limiting beliefs about the world and ourselves that can keep us stuck in certain areas of our
life. If you were told at an early age that you were overweight or sick or that life is hard, you will live this reality. Identify
and bust these limiting beliefs and learn Law of Attraction tools to create new ones. Open your mind to new possibilities
and watch your life shift!
How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Work for You (Ellen) - Did you know that over 90% of your behavior is
controlled by your subconscious mind and is driven by beliefs and thoughts you are usually unaware of? This is the main
reason people often do not reach their goals. Learn how this very important part of your mind works and learn skills to
retrain it so that it works for you, not against you.

Fulfillment in the Workplace - Stress Free in 68 Seconds (Theresa) – Do you have more work than you can
handle? Are your days filled with interruptions and deadlines? Do you find yourself having knee jerk reactions to
unpleasant situations? Did you know that all of your power to change a situation is in the now, in the moment you become
aware? This Law of Attraction based presentation will show you how to “shift your awareness” to rise above the demands
of your work environment. Catch yourself and move from stressful to stress-free in 68 seconds and bring fulfillment to
your work life.
The Law of Attraction and Your Well Being – Visualization for Intentional Living (Theresa) - Everyone
visualizes whether they know it or not. Your thoughts become things because of the absolute perfection of the Law of
Attraction. Gain a deeper understanding of its principles and harness the power of your imagination to intentionally
become the master of your destiny, creating the life you truly desire for yourself. This program can be offered in one
session or in three “progressive visualization” sessions.
Turning Difficulties into Successes (Theresa) – Are there really accidents, mistakes, coincidences? Do you keep
having the same experiences over and over again? You are where you are and that is in perfect harmony with who you are
becoming. Find out if your subconscious beliefs are blocking your well being through Theta Healing energy testing. This
technique can assist you in identifying limiting beliefs and reprogram them, (like reprogramming your computer) and
allow yourself to experience new and beneficial feelings.
 Call us to arrange presentations during ALI’s Corporate Wellness Challenge at No Cost to your organization.
                                           Contact Information:
                        Theresa Milillo – 516-698-8038 –
                      Ellen Richter – 631-326-6116 -
                              Questions & Information:
Ultimate Fitness and Sports Performance provides a variety of wellness programs to Corporations, Wellness
Centers, Fitness Centers, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Schools/Universities, Assisted Living Facilities,
Community Groups and Sports Teams.
Our programs are created to be delivered one on one or in a group setting and are designed for children and
adults of all age levels and abilities. Our approach is to provide the awareness, education and tools necessary to
bring all areas of your wellness – fitness, nutrition, mindset and spirituality – to a healthy balance. Whether you
engage in one of our movement programs, learn more about proper nutrition or participate in one of our mental
workouts we are always challenging you to improve yourself.

Lunch and learn topics:

ZOOM Movement Workshop- This easy to learn, non-impact, whole body exercise system combines and uses the
disciplines and principals of weight training, Tai Chi, karate, visualization and inspirational music. This allows
participants to guide their body with visual and personal thought patterns to promote increased muscle strength and
tone, improve balance, reduce stress and increase the ability to improve concentration.

ZOOM Movement was created and designed to accommodate the needs and fitness/development levels of a wide
range of individuals from children to adults. It is also beneficial for those who have not had any formal training or
experience engaging in exercise programs. This program consists of a series of fifteen movements, performed in
continual flowing motions, in a standing, seated, supine (lying) or wheelchair position. This program can be done
anywhere, requires a minimal amount of time and space and does not require any equipment. It is excellent for the
workplace, while traveling, at home, etc. It also improves an individual’s morale and self esteem.

The APB Method Workshop (Awareness, Posture and Breathing) – The APB Method can help whether you
are exercising, playing a sport or handling daily activities. It is easy to learn and designed to accommodate
children and adults, regardless of their physical abilities and/or activity levels. This easy to learn method is the
foundation to all movement and exercise. Learn how to increase stamina and improve performance while
reducing pain and injury. The APB Method helps each individual establish a reference point to learn and
maintain proper posture during any movement pattern then monitor, adjust or correct improper movements
while protecting the nervous system, joints and ligaments from injury. We will teach you how to create a mind-
body connection focusing on awareness, posture and breathing using positive affirmations. If you are
experiencing lack of breath walking up stairs or moving in a wheelchair, back pain getting out of your chair or
lifting something, light headed when standing up then this method can help!!
        Winthrop-University Hospital has been providing care to the residents of Long Island for over 114
years. Founded in 1896 as Nassau Hospital, it was the only voluntary, non-profit hospital from the Queens
border to the Montauk lighthouse. Today, Winthrop is a 591-bed major regional healthcare provider, offering
an extensive range of preventive, diagnostic and treatment services through a broad range of primary and
specialized care, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Winthrop provides sophisticated diagnostics and
therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery, while adhering to the
personalized and compassionate approach to healing that is the Hospital’s guiding philosophy.
        In a steadfast commitment to community service, the Hospital partners with area businesses, service
organizations, local Chambers of Commerce, social service agencies, school systems, and community and
faith-based groups to provide care to all populations.
        Winthrop recognizes that a healthy lifestyle prevents or delays the onset of disease. A deep
commitment to a healthy lifestyle through health maintenance and wellness is fundamental to the Hospital’s
mission. Many of the hospital’s wellness programs care conducted in the Winthrop Wellness Pavilion. There,
the Winthrop Welcome Center offers written material, public lectures, free health sreenings and physical
fitness programs to members of the community. In addition, many health and wellness programs are
conducted off-site for the convenience of our community partners.

Occupational Medicine and the Business Community- The presentation will give an overview of Occupational and Environmental
Medicine and how the services provided by Occupational Physicians can benefit Worker Health and reduce lost time and costs due
to on the job injuries/illnesses. Marc Wilkenfeld, MD, Chief of the Division of Occupational Medicine, Department of Medicine at
Winthrop University Hospital.
Fitness and Dietary Lectures -
Fitness and Diet - Learn how to work-out smarter not just harder. Dietary Advice- "Choose to Lose"-learn how to eat more and still
lose weight. Marlene Simonson Director of Coaching, Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness Center
Mind/Body/Stress Management – “People who exercise regularly will tell you they feel better.” From the American Council on
Exercise. Marlene Simonson, Director of Coaching, Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness Center
Tobacco Cessation Program - A Lunch and Learn lecture or four week smoking cessation program designed to empower participants
to become tobacco-free. Behavior modification techniques are addressed in addition to changing the participant’s attitude towards
tobacco. Grace Rowan, MS, RN, Community Outreach Education, Winthrop-University Hospital.
Fall Prevention - A focused Fall Prevention program offered to educate seniors, caregivers and other interested people about risk
factors causing a “Fall” and helpful tips to prevent Falls. Grace Rowan, MS, RN, Community Outreach Education, Winthrop-University
Sleep Disorder – “Why Can’t I Get a Good Night’s Sleep” Qanta A. Ahmed, Attending Sleep Disorders Medicine, Division of
Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine Department of Medicine - Winthrop University Hospital.
Chronic Conditions - Helping ease Patient’s and their family burdens through a single coordinated plan of care. Experience has
shown that people with chronic conditions do best when they feel less stressed, more informed and supported. Discussion of
chronic conditions vs. acute and how the Center for Chronic Disease Programs and the Nurse Navigator can be of help. Nancy
Langdon, RN, Clinical Coordinator of the Chronic Disease Program and Karen Janovsky, Nurse Navigator
LifeScan screening - A LifeScan screen is performed by CardiacScan Imaging Services in partnering with Winthrop University Hospital.
This is a simple, painless, non-invasive ultrasound package that can evaluate your risk for Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and
Peripheral Vascular Disease. We will perform an Echocardiogram, a Carotid Ultrasound, and an Ankle-Brachial Index in complete
privacy. The studies are performed by the most highly trained Cardiovascular Technologists, and read by Board Certified
Cardiologists from Winthrop University Hospital.

                                        For further information contact: Denise Portalatin
                                   Telephone: 516-663-2609 Email:
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