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					                                          E N C O U R A G I N G O P T I M A L H E A LT H A N D B E A U T Y
                                                   February / March 2012



Fall in love with these Valentine’s
Day treats

Beauty and solace in the Berkshires

By Maria Orlando Pietromonaco
Life and longevity - Taking it to heart

St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center –
Healthcare excellence, close to home


A guide to some of the area’s hospitals

A guide to some of the area specialists
and what procedures they offer

Q&A with Barry Jason, DDS
The correlation between unhealthy
gums and heart attacks, diabetes, and

Q&A with Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, D.O.           22 KICKING HEART DISEASE                                   38 EARLOBE REJUVENATION
A remedy for acne vulgaris                        by Roxanne Carfora, D.O.                                   by Roya Emami, M.D.
                                                  Pave the way to prevention with tests and                  A quick and relatively painless
                                                  screenings                                                 procedure
12 BISPHOSPHONATES                                24 EXERCISE BENEFITS TO HEART HEALTH                       42 CORRECTIVE PLASTIC SURGERY
by Susan Karabin, DDS                             by Mimi Berkman, CPT                                       by Andrew A. Jacono, M.D.
Now used in the treatment of                      Regular physical activity can dramati-                     When what you’ve “fixed” needs
osteoporosis                                      cally improve your quality of life                         fixing
14 HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS                          26 DR. BO’S DIET                                           46 FACIAL HARMONY
by Julie Shih, M.D.                               by Bo Rosenblat, M.D.                                      by Olga Lucia, FAAM, CPCP, CMI.
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?                 Fast and furious, or slow and steady?                      Eyebrows – framing the face, and
                                                                                                             expressing emotions
by David Schlessinger, M.D.                       by Mark Schwartz, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Eyelid rejuvenation surgery is one of the
most popular surgeries performed
                                                  Addressing the underlying problems                         special
                                                  34 BODY CONTOURING                                         48 FROM OBESITY TO HEALTH
20 THE “REAL” SUPER FOOD                          by Steven Katz, M.D.                                       by Joan Denizot
by Dana Cohen, M.D.                               A tummy tuck can be a life-changing                        A mother and daughter journey to
The universal health benefits of fish oil         transformation                                             total transformation
                                                                              This Issue’s              contributors
Dr. Mark Illan SIlberMan attended Duke University, Georgetown University Medical School, and State University of New York –
Downstate Medical Center. He completed Plastic Surgery training at Downstate Medical Center in New York. He is Board Certified by the
American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Dr. Silberman has been in private practice on Long Island for 24 years, with offices in Great Neck and Rockville Centre, and has clinical po-
sitions at nine area hospitals, including North Shore University Hospital, Long Island Jewish Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital. Dr. Silberman
specializes in cosmetic surgery as well as post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, and lectures frequently on these topics.
Dr. Silberman serves as the medical advisor to IMaGe Publications.

                        Dr. JulIe ShIh is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in private practice at Northern Obstetrics and Gynecology in North Hills, New York and
                        is affiliated with North Shore University Hospital. She graduated with honors from Brown University, and then went on to receive her
                        medical degree from the Brown University School of Medicine. She completed her residency training at NYU Medical Center and then
                        joined a private practice affiliated with NYU for nearly eight years before moving out to Long Island. She was board certified in 2005 by
                        the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Recently Dr. Shih also became a Lactation Counselor to better serve her preg-
                        nant (and recently pregnant) patients. She also has a special interest in contraception and minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. DavID a. SchleSSInGer is the Medical Director of Schlessinger Eye & Face. He is one of the few specialists in the world that spe-
cializes in both Cosmetic and Recosnstructive Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery and Neuro-Ophthalmology. He attended Medical School at
the University of Pittsburgh and completed a prestigious Fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Schlessinger is Board Certified by
the American Academy of Ophthalmology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He limits his practice to Oculo-
facial Plastic Surgery and Neuro-Opthalmology and has been in practice since 1993. Dr. Schlessinger serves as the Director of Oculoplastic
Surgery at Nassau University Medical Center. In addition to teaching residents, he is called upon to see the most challenging and
difficult eyelid surgery cases. He performs reconstructive surgery for both trauma and cancer patients. For more information visit

                     Dr. SuSan karabIn is the past President of the AAP, Northeastern Society of Periodontists, and New York Academy of Dentistry. She is a
                     fellow of the American College of Dentistry. Dr. Karabin received her dental degree in 1981 and certification in Periodontics from Columbia
                     College of Dental Medicine in 1984, where she has a faculty appointment as Associate Clinical Professor. She has a full-time periodontal
                     practice in Manhattan.

Dr. anDrew Jacono is a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a thriving practice on Long Island's Gold Coast and in Manhattan.
He is Section Head of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at North Shore University Hospital Manhasset; Assistant Clinical Professor, Di-
vision of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary; Assistant Professor, Department of Head and Neck
Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Director of The New York Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery in Great Neck, NY;
author of the book FACE THE FACTS: The Truth About Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures that DO and Don't Work; and creator of J PAK SYSTEMS™,
homeopathic remedies to help optimize healing after aesthetic procedures. Dr. Jacono is is one of a small group of surgeons that has achieved
Dual Board Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Jacono is one of only 37 surgeons
in the United States that are Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship Training Directors for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Re-
constructive Surgeons

                       Dr. Suzanne SIrota rozenberG teaches at St. John’s Hospital and Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. The comprehensive der-
                       matologic services she offers in her boutique practice in Woodmere include medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologic care. A former
                       family practitioner, she prides herself on her one-on-one relationship with each patient and has had extensive training in all areas of der-
                       matology. Her state-of-the-art office offers a wide range of services including Smart Lipo, Iso-Laz, Juvederm and Botox, laser resurfacing,
                       photo facials, skin tightening and rejuvenations, microdermabrasion peels, permanent makeup, electrolysis, facials, massage therapy,
                       and yoga classes. She also has a nutritionist on staff.

Dr. barry JaSon is a general dentist with over 25 yrs experience in cosmetic, sedation, and implant dentistry. He graduated from NYU
College of Dentistry with National Dental Honor Society status at the top of his class. He is a member of the American Academy of Implant
Dentistry, the International Congress of Oral Implantology since 1982, Dentists for Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS) since the 1990's, and the
American Society of Dental Anesthesiologists (ASDA) since 1982. He practices on Long Island, Westchester, and Queens where he performs
state-of-the-art dental treatment including cosmetic care such as crowns, laminates, tooth-shaded fillings and invisible orthodontics, surgical
as well as non-surgical gum therapy, root canals, implant surgery and placement, sedation dentistry using both I.V. and oral when desired or
needed, and routine family care.

                       olGa lucIa, CPCP, FAAM, CMI, graduated from La Salle University in Colombia with a degree in Optometry. While Olga was a practicing
                       optometrist, she became interested in permanent eye makeup and attended the prestigious Christine Valmy International School of Aes-
                       thetics and Dariou’s Studio Academy. She is a now a New York State Licensed esthetician and make-up artist. Olga has specialized in per-
                       manent color application (micropigmentation) since 1993 and is licensed to practice tattoo procedures. She studied the permanent cosmetic
                       field, attending classes in recognized schools, and as a result developed a new career in eye, eyebrow, and lip enhancement, camouflage
                       of scars, and nipple areola repigmentation. Olga Lucia is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest quality, professional service
                       available to achieve their cosmetic goals.
 This Issue’s              contributors
                     Dr. roxanne carfora has been practicing Family Medicine and Preventative Medicine since 1993 on Long Island. She was an emergency
                     room physician at St. Charles Hospital for 3 years and then continued her education in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, completing an
                     additional 3-year fellowship while maintaining her practice. She became board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine in 2007
                     and was one of the first doctors in the U. S. to have completed this new specialty. Her articles have been published in Newsday's Wellness
                     Magazine and the Daily News. She also appeared on Channel 12 news. Dr. Carfora continues to lecture throughout the northeast on Health
                     and Wellness. Visit for further information.

Dr. Mark Schwartz is a Vein Specialist with more than 20 years experience. He is a Triple Board Certified General/Vascular Surgeon
and Phlebologist, who is also RPVI (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation) certified. He is the Medical Director of the North
Shore Vein Center and North Shore Medical Spa, which specializes in the latest treatment of venous disease including varicose and spider
veins, as well as aesthetic procedures for laser hair removal, body contouring and skin rejuvenation. His facility is AAAHC accredited and
AAAASF certified. He is also a member of over 14 different related organizations, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery,
the American College of Phlebology, the American Venous Forum and the American College of Surgeons. For more information, visit or

                   Dr. elIzabeth roya eMaMI is a graduate of University of California Davis, attended medical school at Drexel University in Philadelphia
                   and completed her residency at Nassau University Medical Center with training in both General and Plastic Surgery. Her passion for minimally
                   invasive rejuvenation therapies has led her to focus her attention in these areas. Utilizing the latest methods, Dr. Roya specializes in facial
                   rejuvenation through dermal fillers (Radiesse/Juvederm) or fat grafting (utilizing your own fat). It is her firm belief that maximum anti-aging
                   effects can be achieved through proper skin care, Botox, and facial fillers, thereby avoiding the need for more invasive modalities. Dr. Roya’s
                   outgoing and fun-loving personality helps each and every patient feel at ease. For a consultation call 631-940-8606.

Dr. Dana cohen was board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1998. She was recently appointed to the Board of Di-
rectors of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), the leading voice of Integrative Medicine for more than 1,500
MD’s, DO’s, ND’s and master-level health-care providers. She received her MD from St. George’s University School of Medicine, and completed
a three-year internal medicine residency at Albany Medical Center. Dr. Cohen was trained by the late Dr. Robert Atkins and Dr. Ronald L. Hoff-
man, each of whom are true pioneers in the field of integrative medicine.

                    Dr. bo roSenblat is a Board Certified Physician, specializing in the fields of weight loss and weight management. The lack of personalized
                    focus and specialized care in other programs led him to create a plan to help his own patients who were suffering from heart disease,
                    strokes, diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and physical pain as well as the many other complications of being overweight. With
                    a staff of doctors, PA’s, nurses and weight-loss specialists, Dr. Bo’s team works together with the patient to identify their specific weight
                    struggle and create a customized plan that identifies the physiological, psychological and nutritional components to the patient’s weight
                    struggle. For a free consultation or to receive more information call Dr. Bo's Diet at 516-284-8248 or visit online at

Dr. Steven katz is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed both his general surgery and plastic surgery resi-
dencies at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He then went on to pursue a fellowship in microsurgery and
breast reconstruction at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. His private practice is in Huntington, and he also practices as part
of the division of Plastic Surgery at Stony Brook University Medical Center Hospital teaching surgery residents and medical students. An
active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, he is affiliated with hospitals
in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Dr. Katz offers seminars on procedures to reshape the breast and body, in addition to discussing new
developments in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation of the face.

                    MIMI berkMan, is a Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center in East Hills, Long
                    Island. She holds a B.A. from the University of Maryland and her M.S. Ed from Mercy College. Mimi is a mother of 3 and lives in Port Wash-
                    ington, NY. For a consultation please call the JCC at 516-484-1545.
           IMaGe has the answers
          have a question about procedures that can help you look and feel your best? Our doctors and
          other professionals are among the best in their fields, and they’ll be happy to provide you with
                                                                                                              E N C O U R AG I N G O P T I M A L H E A LT H & B E AU T Y
          clear, helpful, authoritative advice and answers to your questions.                                 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, C.E.O
                                                                                                              Donna Halperin
          Send your questions to: and please mark the subject line ASK THE
          DOCTOR. Thanks! We’re happy to help you.                                                            Bruce Jacobson
          ____________________________________________________                                                ______________________________

          Q: Is it possible to improve my complexion from the inside out? I am wondering if there
                                                                                                             MANAGING EDITOR
          are really foods you can eat that will help make you look younger and more refreshed,
                                                                                                             Maria Orlando Pietromonaco
          and give my skin a healthy coloring and glow.
                                                                                                             ART DIRECTOR
          A: You certainly are what you eat when it comes to the condition of your skin. And if              Justin Michaels
          you’re looking for that healthy glow, look no further than carotenoids. Carotenoids are            ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES
          the antioxidants that give yellow and orange fruits and vegetables their color. A study            Jill Cohen
          was recently conducted at the University of Bristol that found people with high levels of          Randi Feldstein
          carotenoids in their system had more glowing skin than those with less. Fish oil is an-
          other way to boost skin health. The Omega 3’s in fish oil help to regulate the skin’s oil          ADVISORY BOARD
          production thereby boosting hydration, preventing acne, and delaying the skin’s aging              Dr. Mark Illan Silberman
          process. Drinking plenty of water helps to rid the body of toxins. Toxins, that if not             PHOTOGRAPHY
          flushed out, can damage the skin. Sleep is another crucial factor in skin health. During           Richard Liebowitz
          sleep the body repairs the damage done throughout the day. So eating your five a day,
          properly supplementing, lots of water, and restorative sleep are the only true fountains           WEBMASTER
                                                                                                             Keith Feltenstein
          of youth.
          (Answered by Dr. Dana Cohen)                                                                       ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                                             Edna Drori
                                                                                                             Ilene Wekselblatt
          Q: My teeth are ultra sensitive to everything - hot, cold, and everything in between. Is
          there a way to reduce this sensitivity? It makes eating many things uncomfortable.                 CIRCULATION
                                                                                                             Creative Distribution
                                                                                                             Matthew Halperin
          A: Ultra sensitivity could result from a few things. If you are talking about a particular
          tooth, then there could be a cavity or a crack in the tooth. If it's generalized, then you
          could be brushing too hard. Over time, brushing too hard or using a hard-bristled tooth-           ADVERTISING & ART CONTACTS
          brush can wear down enamel and cause recession of the gums. Not flossing well enough               Image Magazine
          could leave a lot of bacteria around the gums, which leads to cavities and gum recession           Advertising: 516-307-1110
          – both causes of sensitivity. Cleaning and flossing will reduce plaque and tooth decay             Email:
          near the gum line, therefore, reduce sensitivity. If you have receding gums (tooth abra-           Art & Production: 516-307-1109
          sion), then a varnish or bonding could be applied. Overall, you need to be checked by a            Email:
          dentist to figure out the exact cause of the sensitivity so it can be treated properly.
           (Answered by Dr. Maia Berger)
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          Q: With winter here, my hands are in really bad shape. The skin on my fingers is raw                tisers and contributors assume all liability for the content and photographs
          and cracking, sometimes even bleeding. I apply lotion throughout the day, but I feel like           they supply to Image magazine and assume responsibility for any claims
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          A: During the winter our hands suffer tremendously. Cold weather and hand washing                   edit, rewrite, or reject editorial material and assumes no responsibility for
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          make it worse. Generally, trying to protect our hands is the best treatment. Regular lo-            by Image magazine is the property of the magazine and cannot be repro-
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          like CeraVe that help. Do not wash your hands often, only when necessary, and imme-                 fers, products, services, statements, information and contact expressed
          diately apply the repair cream. Very often, you need to see your dermatologist for                  within this magazine. Any person or entity that relies on information ob-
                                                                                                              tained from this magazine does so at his or her own risk. The content is pro-
          stronger medicated ointments to help your hands heal.                                               vided as a information service only, and it is the sole responsibility of the
           (Answered by Dr. Sirota Rozenberg)                                                                 reader to investigate and evaluate any and all content provided.

08   •   IMAGE    •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                                  WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
                                             eDITOr’S letter                      February 2012

                                                                 elcome back to
                                                                 the first official
                                                                 IMAGE Magazine
                                             of the New Year. I hope everyone
                                             had a wonderful holiday season and
                                             that 2012 is filled with health and
                                                                                      Image Magazine's holiday dinner at ravagh Persion Grill
                                             happiness shared with family and         from l to r-(names of staff) Ilene, bruce, Donna, Jill,
                                             friends.                                 randi & Maria

                                                  February is Heart Health Awareness month, so of course we must address
                                             certain heart health topics in this issue. Diet, exercise, and annual checkups are
                                             still the best defense against heart disease. Our contributing doctors have of-
                                             fered some insightful information that will educate you on how to take the best
                                             care of yourself and be ahead of the game. Dr. Roxanne Carfora fills us in on what
                                             tests we should be given each year, such as checking our cholesterol and hor-
                                             mone levels. Dr. Dana Cohen educates us on the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil,
                                             which is found in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel. In our interview with
                                             Dr. Barry Jason he tells us why it is so important to care for our teeth and gums,
                                             and how poor dental health can ultimately affect your heart. Unfortunately the
                                             obesity rate in the U.S. has increased substantially – over one third of adults and
                                             18% of our children are obese. Mimi Berkman, certified fitness trainer at the Sid
                                             Jacobson JCC, reminds us of how important cardio workouts are to keep the
                                             heart strong and our bodies in shape. This issue is a great opportunity to take
                                             a long hard look at yourself and discover if you are really doing all you can to be
                                             the very best you can be.
                                                  I know that you all take the time to read IMAGE from cover to cover, but
                                             how much of the information do you really absorb and act on? For instance, we
                                             highlight the very best of the best spa resorts in each issue and I am always cu-
                                             rious how many people actually book a weekend away just because they read
                                             the article. With each issue we spend a lot of time choosing a resort that is
                                             within driving distance, has a five-star rating, and has a luxury spa worthy of our
                                             upscale readership. For this issue we have chosen the Cranwell Resort and Spa
                                             in the Berkshires. The Spa is a recent addition to the already luxurious resort
                                             making it our February pick. The Berkshires is a year-round area filled with cul-
                                             ture, great restaurants and of course amazing ski resorts therefore making any
                                             time the time to visit. Please email me and let me know if you have ever booked
                                             a weekend away after reading our “Highlight on Spas.” Or if you have visited a
                                             spa resort that you would like to see highlighted in IMAGE Magazine, please
                                             share it with us.
                                                  We are always open to suggestions, so if there is anything that you would
                                             like to see in our magazine that we are not currently providing please feel free
                                             to contact me. We pride ourselves on presenting up-to-the-minute information
                                             so we are always seeking new topics for your interest. Enjoy the rest of your
                                             winter and I look forward to welcoming springtime with all of you.


10   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                    WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
           by   SUSAN KARABIN, DDS

                                                                             in the Treatment
                                                                             of Osteoporosis
                                                                              Weighing the benefits and the
                                                                              risks of this drug formulation

                  IT IS ESTIMATED THAT
            VERTEBRAL FRACTURES BY                         gen production.                       sis, such as hyperparathy-
         70%, HIP FRACTURES BY 41%,                             The National Institute of        roidism, leukemia, and celiac
                                                           Health defines osteoporosis as a      disease.
         AND ALL OTHER FRACTURES                           “skeletal disorder, characterized
                               BY 25%.                     by compromised bone strength          treatment
                                                           predisposing a person to in-               The treatment goals for this
                                                           creased risk of a fracture.” In the   disease are to maintain bone
                                                           United States there are 1½ mil-       strength and prevent fractures.

                                                           lion fractures in women every         For women over 50 it is recom-
                           he life expectancy of both      year. A woman is five times more      mended they take 1200 mg of
                           men and women has in-           likely to have an osteoporosis re-    calcium per day and 800-1000 IU
                           creased significantly over      lated fracture than breast cancer.    of vitamin D per day. However, it
                     the last couple of centuries. Bet-    The cost of medical care for this     has more recently been shown
                     ter nutrition and medical care        disease is about 20 billion dollars   that calcium supplements may
                     have allowed Americans to live        a year in the United States.          not be very helpful in treating
                     longer, healthier lives. This aging        Osteoporosis occurs when         this disease because they are not
                     population, however, presents         more bone is being removed            well absorbed by the body, and
                     unique challenges that were not       than new bone is being laid           also because the cause of the dis-
                     an issue just a couple of genera-     down.        Bone is a living         ease is not low calcium but rather
                     tions ago.                            organ —down new bone and              changes in bone turnover and re-
                          One of those major issues        osteoclasts remove old and            newal .
                     facing women above the age of         damaged bone. Risk factors                 Biophosphonates are a
                     60 is osteoporosis.         Young     for osteoporosis include ge-          group of drugs that are used to
                     women reach their greatest            netic predisposition, physical        treat osteoporosis. There are in-
                     bone density in their early 20s.      inactivity, smoking, alcohol          travenous formulations as well as
                     By their 30s they are losing          abuse, low calcium intake, early      oral formulations. Intravenous
                     bone mass. But it is when they        menopause, and certain med-           bisphosphonates are helpful in
                     reach the age of menopause            ications. In addition, a variety      cancer patients to prevent the
                     that bone density drops precip-       of systemic diseases can make         spread of the cancer to bone.
                     itously due to the loss of estro-     you more prone to osteoporo-          The way bisphosphonates work is

12   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                       WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
by interfering with the function of the osteoclasts (the
cells that remove bone). This results in an increase of
bone mass.
     Bisphosphonates do not grow new bone; bispho-
sphonates actually inhibit the growth of new bone by
interfering with bone turnover. They increase the den-
sity of the existing bone. About one third of the dose
of the oral bisphosphonate is absorbed by the stom-
ach and incorporated into the body. The rest is ex-
creted in the urine, whereas 50% of an I.V. dose of
bisphosphonates is absorbed and deposited in bone,
making it a much more potent drug.

A wOmAn is five Times mOre
likely TO hAve An OsTeO-
pOrOsis-relATed frAcTure
ThAn BreAsT cAncer

     It is estimated that bisphosphonates will stay in
the bone for 10+ years after the patient stops taking
the medication. A low-risk side effect of taking bis-
phosphonates has recently been identified and is
called Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ), and has in re-
cent years received a lot of publicity. The exact cause
of this side effect is not well understood. It is most
likely multi-factorial including impaired bone remod-
eling and impaired blood supply resulting in bone
death and exposure of that bone within the oral cavity.
Most of the cases reported have been in patients re-
ceiving the I.V. form of bisphosphonates and usually is
associated with oral surgical procedures. The esti-
mated incidence of ONJ occurring in patients on oral
bisphosphonates is one in 100,000 patients.
     The current definition of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
is exposed bone in the oral cavity that has not healed
for eight weeks with a current or past treatment with
bisphosphonates. However, the benefits of bisphos-
phonates are very high. It is estimated that bisphos-
phonates reduce vertebral fractures by 70%, hip
fractures by 41%, and all other fractures by 25%. This
is a huge medical benefit, improving quality of life and
reducing morbidity.
     As an oral health professional I must inform my
patients that there is a low risk of ONJ associated with
oral surgical procedures for patients on bisphospho-
nates. There are ways to minimize that risk, but not
completely eliminate it. Good oral hygiene and regular
dental care is the best way to lower your risk. Surgical
procedures can be done on patients taking bisphos-
phonates, but the advice is to start small and proceed
judiciously, especially with bone manipulatory grafting
and implants. This is especially true in patients who
are receiving I.V. bisphosphonates. The benefits of
treatment with bisphosphonate must always be
weighed against the possible risks as with any medica-
tion.                                    IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   13
           by   JULIE SHIH, M.D.

                                                                           To vaccinate or not to

                                                          own without any treatment.           in bodily areas that are not cov-
         VACCINES BECAUSE THEY ARE                        Low-risk strains are rarely re-      ered by the use of condoms.
              EFFECTIVELY A VACCINE                       sponsible for causing cervical       However, condom use is still en-
                                                          cancer.                              couraged to reduce the risk of
                   AGAINST CANCER                              High-risk strains are respon-   other sexually transmitted dis-
                                                          sible for pre-cancerous or can-      eases. HPV does not usually
                                                          cerous changes in the cervix,        cause any visible signs of infec-
                                                          which are typically discovered       tion, and there is no fever or dis-
                      Did you know that there is a        by an abnormal Pap smear re-         comfort associated with it.
                      sexually transmitted disease        sult, as there are usually no pre-   Staying healthy, keeping stress
                      that nearly 80% of us will get by   senting symptoms. The next           levels low, and stopping smoking
                      the time we reach the age of        step in evaluation would be to       are all ways to keep your im-
                      50? Human Papilloma Virus           undergo a colposcopy. This is a      mune system healthy enough to
                      (HPV) is everywhere, however,       procedure done in the office         clear the HPV infection, which
                      fortunately most of us clear the    where your doctor would shine        can usually take 1-2 years.
                      infection on our own and it is      a light on the cervix with a mi-
                      not a long-term condition. The      croscope and look closely at the     the hPv vaccine
                      latest tool in protecting our-      cervix to examine for any evi-            The Gardasil vaccine was
                      selves from HPV is a vaccine; but   dence of abnormal cells as a re-     FDA approved in 2006 to pre-
                      is this intervention worth con-     sult of HPV infection. Biopsies of   vent pre-cancerous and cancer-
                      sidering for your daughter or       the outside and inside portion       ous changes in the cervix for
                      son?                                of the cervix would be done as       females ages 9-26; this vaccine
                                                          necessary, and treatment is de-      was also approved in 2009 for
                      what is hPv?                        termined by the degree of ab-        use in males ages 9-26. It pro-
                           There have been over 100       normality found on the biopsies.     tects against high-risk HPV types
                      different strains of HPV types      Even in the setting of high-risk     16 and 18, which together ac-
                      that have been identified. With     HPV being present, many biop-        count for 70% of cancerous le-
                      such a large number of them         sies are benign or show only a       sions on the cervix and 50% of
                      being passed around, we have        mild degree of abnormality and       pre-cancerous lesions of the
                      categorized them into “low-risk”    can simply be monitored closely      cervix. The vaccine also protects
                      and “high-risk” strains. Low-risk   with more frequent Pap smears        against low-risk HPV types 6 and
                      strains are primarily responsible   and /or HPV testing.                 11, which together account for
                      for causing warts (genital, hand,                                        90% of genital warts. In order to
                      and foot), which can be treated     how do you get hPv?                  get the maximum benefit of the
                      with topical medications or, for        HPV is acquired through          vaccine, it is best to administer
                      larger lesions, minor surgical or   sexual contact, but this can in-     it prior to the first time a young
                      laser procedures. Low-risk          clude even skin-on-skin contact      person becomes sexually active
                      strains can also cause benign       only. While condom use can cer-      because there has not yet been
                      changes seen on Pap smears          tainly reduce the transmission       any exposure to HPV. Another
                      that typically resolve on their     of HPV, it may not be protective     vaccine, Cervarix, is available,
14   •   IMAGE    •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                     WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
 however it covers only high-risk HPV types 16 and 18          what is the safety profile of the vaccine?
 (not the low risk HPV types).                                      The vaccine is neither a live nor killed (inactivated)
     The vaccines against HPV are unique amongst all           virus vaccine; it is made of recombinant DNA technol-
 vaccines because they are effectively a vaccine against       ogy, like the Hepatitis B vaccine. There is no thimerosal,
 cancer.                                                       a mercury-containing preservative. Although the vac-
                                                               cine is not recommended for use in pregnancy, there
 how is the vaccine given?                                     are no documented fetal effects from the vaccine. Any-
      The Gardasil vaccine is given in a series of three in-   one with an allergy to yeast should not take the vac-
 jections, administered over six months; after the initial     cine, as it is a component of the vaccine.
 shot, the second dose occurs 2 months later, and then              Studies show that the vaccine confers excellent
 the third shot is given 4 months later. If you are late for   protection against the specific HPV types it is designed
 the second or third dose, it is recommended to just           to protect against. While this protection has been ob-
 pick up the series where you left off, rather than start      served in study groups for 5 years, it is not yet known
 it all over again. However, for optimal protection            whether a booster series is necessary. This information
 against HPV, it is best to stick to the recommended 0,        will become available as more patients become vacci-
 2, and 6-month schedule.                                      nated and more data is collected over time.
                                                                    It is important to remember that the vaccine pre-
 what are the side effects?                                    vents transmission of the specified types but it does
      One of the most common side effects of the vac-          not treat any HPV that a patient may already have. If a
 cine is dizziness or lightheadedness; this reaction is        patient has already been exposed to HPV (by virtue of
 more likely related to getting an injection rather than       having had an abnormal Pap smear), she can still be el-
 a reaction to any component of the vaccine itself. It is      igible for receiving the vaccine, because she can still
 recommended that a patient be observed for 15 min-            get coverage for the HPV types that she has not been
 utes following injection to make sure he/she does not         exposed to.
 injure themselves by falling, should dizziness or light-
 headedness be experienced. Another common side ef-                 can I skip Pap smears after getting the vaccine?
 fect is redness, swelling, or pain at the injection site.          Absolutely not! While the vaccine protects against
 There have also been reports of an increased risk of          the 4 most common HPV types that make up the ma-
 blood clots after receiving Gardasil, but this was seen       jority of HPV-related diseases, there are still 100 other
 primarily in patients who were already at increased risk      types of HPV that are NOT covered by the vaccine. A
 for blood clots (due to genetics or family history).                                                   (Continued on page 54)

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                               FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   15
          by   DAVID SCHLESSINGER M.D.

                                                             Eyelid rejuvenation is one of the most
                                                             popular surgeries performed

           “BANG FOR THE BUCK” IS IN
                    THE EYELID AREA buck” is in the eyelid area. While middle portion and transferring
                                                           many of us may notice jowls or        it to the outer eyelid, a youthful
                                                           other lines on our faces, it is re-   look can occur without the hol-

                                                           ally the eyes that contribute         lowness sometimes associated
                         t is said that the eyes are the   most to an older appearance.          with upper eyelid surgery.
                         windows to the soul. While        This is the reason that Cosmetic           Lower blepharoplasty is
                         this saying may not be true, it   Eyelid Rejuvenation is one of the     slightly more technically difficult.
                      is certainly true that the first     most popular surgeries per-           In the past surgeons would re-
                      thing we see when we notice a        formed.                               move a lot of fat and skin. Al-
                      person is their eyes. The eyes            The most common type of          though this got rid of bags, it
                      occupy much of the middle of         surgery is an upper eyelid ble-       didn’t always make people look
                      the face and are so important        pharoplasty. This is a surgical       better. There is a classic hollow
                      that when they are blacked out       procedure that removes excess         look with rounding of the outer
                      in a photograph, the person is al-   skin of the upper eyelids. In the     part of the eyelids that is a tell-
                      most unrecognizable. The eyes        right patient, this can be an ex-     tale sign of lower eyelid surgery.
                      and eyebrows impart so much          tremely rejuvenating procedure.       More modern techniques in-
                      character to a person’s appear-      In most cases it is performed in      volve tightening the muscles of
                      ance that they are the most im-      under an hour with minimal            the eyelids. Instead of removing
                      portant aspect of conveying a        anesthesia, the sutures are re-       a lot of fat, the fat is gently
                      person’s emotions. Eyes can be       moved several days after sur-         sculpted and moved from the
                      “sad, happy, or tired” and truly     gery, and the individual can          bulging area to the hollow area
                      communicate many visual clues        return quickly to a normal rou-       underneath. This creates a
                      as to a person’s age, mood, and      tine.                                 smooth, youthful contour to the
                      even level of alertness. When             More modern techniques of        junction between the lower eye-
                      someone says “you look tired,”       upper eyelid surgery utilize fat      lid and upper cheek. In most
                      what they may or may not real-       grafting techniques. In many          cases only small amounts of skin
                      ize is that they are noticing that   aged eyelids, there is excess fat     are removed. This lowers the risk
                      your eyelids and surrounding         in the middle portion of the eye-     of having eyelids that get pulled
                      areas are aging.                     lid and a loss of fat in the outer    down, which can give a sad, tired
                           It is no wonder then that in    portion. Removing too much fat        look.
                      terms of facial rejuvenation, the    can give a hollow, aged look. By           People who would like to
                      area with the most “bang for the     carefully taking the fat from the     achieve a more youthful lower

16   •   IMAGE    •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                       WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
eyelid without the downtime or cost of surgery may           traditional brow lifts where a larger incision is made
get similar results with the use of injectable fillers.      with removal of skin near the hairline.
With age, the middle of the face loses fat and de-                A newer approach to eyebrow rejuvenation in-
scends. This “deflation” of the mid-face creates the         volves restoring the fat pad that lies behind the eye-
appearance of bulging lower eyelids and a hollow             brow. Just as deflation can occur in the mid-face, the
space between the cheek and lower eyelid. The care-
ful use of fillers like Restylane or Juvederm in the hol-
low area can rejuvenate lower eyelids in several
minutes with minimal discomfort and minimal bruis-           mOre mOdern Techniques
ing. This typically gives excellent results and can last     invOlve TighTening The
up to one year.
      It is important not to forget the role that the brow   muscles Of The eyelids
plays in the appearance of the eyes. As we age, we do
not actually grow extra skin. Just as the middle of the
face can deflate, so can the upper face and eyebrows.        eyebrow fat pad can also shrink with time. Fat grafting
This can cause the eyebrows to fall and create the ap-       techniques can be performed through the same inci-
pearance of extra skin in the upper eyelids. Classically,    sion as an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, giving a very
women should have an arched eyebrow where the                natural, youthful look. For those wanting a non-surgi-
outer part of the brow is higher than the middle. Men        cal approach, injectable fillers can also be used in the
typically have a flatter eyebrow where the outer edge        eyebrows to fill a flattened eyebrow. The combination
is at the same height as the inner part. When the            of Botox and fillers in many cases can rejuvenate the
outer edge is too low it imparts a tired look, but when      forehead and eyebrows just as much as surgery.
it is too high, it can create an evil or artificial look.         With the growth of different techniques, both sur-
      Many people can benefit from brow lifting proce-       gical and non-surgical, there are so many options for
dures. There are several ways to lift the eyebrow. An        restoring a youthful look. Whether you are looking for
endoscopic approach with small incisions can be very         a new job or just want to look as young as you feel,
effective in some people, however, some surgeons             rejuvenating the way your eyelids look is a great in-
question how long this procedure lasts compared to           vestment in yourself.                           IMaGe
WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                              FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   17
                                                        gum diseAse wiTh
                                                        iTs cOrrelATiOn TO
                                                        heArT ATTAcks,
                                                        sTrOkes, And
                                                        Q&A              WITh    barry JaSOn , DDS

         According to the American Academy of Periodontology, re-                         Another reason is that the body’s
         searchers have found that people with gum disease are almost                     natural response to infection is in-
         twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. In addition,             flammation (swelling). This leads to
         diabetics are more likely to develop periodontal disease, which in               narrowing of the blood vessels and
         turn can increase blood sugar and diabetic complications. Here to                increasing the risk of clots as well as
         explain exactly why this happens and what we can do to prevent it                reducing circulation. These same cri-
         is Dr. Barry Jason.                                                              teria can lead to or be linked to dia-
                                                                                          betes, respiratory disease (COPD),
                                                                                          Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis...all
                                                                                          of which have shown a high correla-
         IMaGe: I have heard that poor den-       as likely to suffer from heart prob-    tion to patients with gum problems.
         tal health could ultimately affect       lems as those with healthy gums.
         your heart. Is this true?                                                        IM: Can gum disease also be inher-
                                                  IM: what other conditions could be      ited?
         Dr. Jason: Over the last several         linked to poor oral hygiene?
         decades research has shown that                                                  Dr. Jason: Yes, research indicates
         there has been a significant link be-    Dr. Jason: In addition, studies have    that gum disease is inherited from
         tween active periodontal (gum) dis-      indicated a very strong correlation     your parents or grandparents. Be
         eases and heart problems. This           between gum disease and cerebral        especially vigilant about practicing
         exists because it is believed that       stroke risks. Those patients who        the best oral hygiene possible if pe-
         germs frequenting the inflamed           have had strokes have had a signif-     riodontal disease runs in your fam-
         gum tissue affect the heart when         icantly higher connection to oral       ily.
         they enter the blood stream. The         gum infections. The heart issues in-
         bleeding gums send bacteria              clude heart attacks, hardening of       IM: what precautions can I take to
         through the body, and these germs        the arteries (atherosclerosis), which   help prevent these problems?
         may attach to the coronary arteries      can lead to blockage, angina, and
         (heart blood vessels) and contribute     certain arrhythmias. The principal      Dr. Jason: There are many steps you
         to the formation of clots that inhibit   catalyst is the bacteria present in     can take to reduce the risk of peri-
         blood flow to the heart. This can        gum disease, which can enter the        odontal disease and many that can
         lead to heart attacks and other          bloodstream through the bleeding        help treat it. First and foremost is
         heart ailments. Patients with gum        that occurs. These are the same         good oral hygiene. Brushing at least
         problems may be more than twice          germs found in artery plaque.           twice a day and flossing after meals

18   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                    WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
is important. Regular dental check-                                           odontal pockets and to smooth the
ups, and where indicated, more in-                                            tooth root to remove bacterial tox-
tensive periodontal therapies may be                                          ins), followed by systemic antibiotics
required. It is a fact that regular den-                                      and topical treatment gels. In the
tal visits are required to prevent pe-                                        event that these treatments do not
riodontal disease – which over 40%                                            achieve periodontal health, surgery
of all adults are prone to. However,                                          may be needed.
once a dentist has diagnosed a gum
problem you may need further care                                              You should consider having both your
based on the extent of the situation.                                          general dentist and a periodontist be
Remember, it is not only your gums,                                            actively involved in the diagnosis and
but the integrity of the foundation of                                         treatment of your periodontal dis-
your teeth and even more impor-                                                ease. This team approach will help
tantly the overall well-being of your                                          your general dentist (who is familiar
health that is at stake! The conclu-                                           with your dental and medical history)
sion is to see a dentist regularly. Your                                       and your periodontist (who has ex-
mouth is the pathway to your overall health.               tensive experience treating periodontal disease) collab-
                                                           orate to tailor a treatment plan that works best for your
IM: can Periodontal Disease be treated successfully?       individual case.                                  IMaGe
Dr. Jason: Once you are diagnosed with Periodontal
Disease it can be treated non-surgically, which includes   Dr. Jason is a practicing dentist in Great Neck, with
scaling and root planing (a careful cleaning of the root   offices in Westchester and Queens as well. For more
surfaces to remove plaque and tartar from deep peri-       information visit

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                          FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   19
                 by   DANA COHEN, M.D.

                The “reAl”

                super fOOd
                The Universal Health Benefits
                of Fish Oil

                    OIL ARE SHOWN MOST
                         DRAMATICALLY IS tion and may delay or prevent a lowered risk from all causes, is-
                                           the onset of dementia. In coun- chemic heart disease and stroke
                            HEART HEALTH tries where fish makes up a large mortality across 36 different
                                                                   part of the diet, there are fewer      countries. It is also thought to re-
                                                                   incidents of depression. Supple-       duce sudden cardiac death. It is

                                                                   menting with fish oil has also         well-established that omega 3
                               t seems every week there is a       been shown to alleviate symp-          fatty acids reduce triglyceride
                               new “savior” food or supple-        toms of bipolar disorder and           levels in the blood, and has a
                               ment in the news. Inevitably        psychosis. Fish oil is beneficial to   small effect on lowering blood
                           the news of the discovery is            eye health, delaying or prevent-       pressure. It is also thought to
                           quickly superseded by new find-         ing macular degeneration. Even         have an antiarrhythmic effect on
                           ings that the latest nutritional        unborn babies can benefit. It’s        the heart, and finally it is re-
                           “it” has been exaggerated. The          recommended that pregnant              cently proposed to inhibit the
                           one super food that has not             women take 900 mg of fish oil a        new development of plaque on
                           fallen into that pattern is fish oil.   day to promote healthier brains,       arterial walls.
                           In study after study, the merits        better nervous system develop-              Which is better, fish or fish
                           of fish oil are only reinforced.        ment, fewer behavioral prob-           oil? While it’s almost always
                           You can think of fish oil as the        lems, and better sleep patterns        better to get nutrients from a
                           “universal supplement.” It’s            in babies and children.                whole food, there are some dis-
                           something that everyone needs                Where the benefits of fish        tinct advantages that fish oil
                           and can benefit from. Our bod-          oil are shown most dramatically        holds over fish. Some people
                           ies cannot make Omega 3 fatty           is heart health. Heart disease is      simply don’t like the taste of fish.
                           acids so we are completely de-          the number one killer of Ameri-        The kinds of fish with the highest
                           pendent on outside sources.             cans. Every 25 seconds some-           levels of Omega 3’s are fatty fish
                           That’s why I recommend it               one in America has a coronary          like salmon, mackerel, and her-
                           across the board to my patients,        event and one every minute will        ring. The healthiest kind of
                           even before seeing the results of       die from one. Studies show that        salmon, wild caught, can be ex-
                           their blood work.                       mild fish consumption (some            pensive and many American
                                 Fish oil has been found to        fish weekly) has been shown to         palates don’t care for mackerel
                           reduce pain and inflammation            lower the mortality rate in men        and herring. Some types of fish
                           caused by rheumatoid arthritis,         with coronary artery disease           can be contaminated by mer-
                           allowing patients to lower their        than in men who ate no fish. An-       cury. For many healthy adults,
                           intake of NSAID drugs. The DHA          other study showed that fish           the body can eliminate mercury
                           in fish oil helps cognitive func-       consumption is associated with         safely. But children and women

20     •      IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                           WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
                                                                    An indication of quality is the amount of EPA and
                                                               DHA in each capsule. For example, a capsule that is
                                                               1000 mg of fish oil may contain 200 mg of EPA and 150
                                                               mg of DHA, meaning that capsule contains 350 mg of
                                                               Omega 3’s and the rest is filler. Make sure your capsule’s
                                                               EPA and DHA amounts add up to the recommendations
                                                               of your physician. How much fish oil should you take?
                                                               Generally, anything less than 3 grams a day is safe for
                                                               anyone. Here are some general guidelines: To avoid dis-
                                                               ease, take 500 mg daily. For great health, take 1000 mg
who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid fish           daily. For Omega 3 deficiency related conditions take
with any chance of contamination, and fish known to be         2000 mg or more daily, but consider speaking to an in-
high in mercury, like albacore tuna and farmed Atlantic        tegrative physician who is knowledgeable in prescribing
salmon, should be avoided or at least limited by every-        supplements.
     The quality of your fish oil is important. There are
currently three grades of fish oil available. Cod liver oil,    in sTudy AfTer sTudy, The
health food grade, and pharmaceutical grade. Cod liver
oil has the lowest level of Omega 3’s and the highest           meriTs Of fish Oil Are Only
level of contamination. Health food grade has had the           reinfOrced
saturated fats removed, leaving behind a more concen-
trated solution of Omega 3’s. Pharmaceutical grade are             If a patient was to ask me, and they do, “What is the
the purest form with the lowest levels of contaminants.        easiest thing I can do for my health that will have the
They are also the most expensive, sometimes costing            greatest benefit?” the answer will always be to start
twice as much as their lower grade counterparts. Many          supplementing with fish oil. Not only will the benefits
are produced to have a 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA and this        prolong life, they will improve the quality of those years
has been shown to have significant clinical benefits.          as well.                                           IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                               FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   21
            by   ROXANNE CARFORA, D.O.

            kick heArT
            diseAse BefOre
            iT kicks yOu...
            Detecting the causes through blood
            tests and screenings can pave the
            way to prevention and cure

                    BREAST CANCER don’t want to. I am 51 years treatment is most effective for
                                                            old and will do everything to       YOUR body. One person may
                                                            stay in optimal health and live     need a statin, the other may
                                                            a life without disease. I want      need niacin (a “b” vitamin that

                                                            to share some things that you       decreases plaque). These tests
                               eart disease is still the    can request from your doctor        are done on ALL my patients
                               most common cause of         to do. These tests are covered      and are covered by the insur-
                               death in the United          by insurance and can detect         ance companies. It also de-
                       States in spite of all its techno-   the very beginning stages of        tects your genetics so you will
                       logical advancements in treat-       possible heart disease:             know how aggressive to be
                       ment. The problem is that the                                            with a preventative program.
                       cure is based on treatment…          1. Get your cholesterol
                       not on detecting the causes of       checked using the VAP test.         2. c-reactive protein – this is
                       the disease and preventing it.       Usually a standard cholesterol      an inflammatory protein found
                            The death toll per year is      test is ordered and will miss       in your blood. If this is high you
                       horrendous in women – this is        the “sticky cholesterol,” or your   will need B6, B12, folic acid,
                       why there is a Red Dress             genetic potential for disease,      and quercetin (one of the high-
                       Month – to make women                or the strongest HDL (most          est anti-oxidants). This is a pro-
                       aware of the potential for           protective). On conventional        tein that causes vessel
                       heart disease, especially post-      testing you can have a “nor-        damage. We have known this
                       menopausal women. More               mal” HDL, but when you look         for years; I remember studying
                       women die of heart disease           at it with a “fine tooth comb”      this back in the 90’s. It is about
                       per year than breast cancer          (vap) you may have very little      time that attention is paid
                       (and those are some astonish-        “most protective” HDLs . This       here.
                       ing numbers).                        is a major risk factor for heart
                            So what can we do about         disease. On conventional test-      3. homocysteine – another in-
                       it? Do we want to wait until we      ing, you may also miss Lpa (this    flammatory protein, that if
                       have the disease? Do we want         is a sticky cholesterol) that can   high, puts you at risk for
                       to receive our first stent at 55     also block the arteries. It is      strokes. Simple nutrition and
                       years old? Do we want to have        very important to isolate these     vitamin supplementation can
                       a stroke at age 50? I know I         cholesterols to determine what      decrease your risk factors.

22   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                       WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
 Many physicians “poo-poo” this protein, however,           carotids, I am aggressive at that stage. No way will
 through my studies and practices I find it very help-      I wait until it is 90% for them to get a stent or
 ful. We know it can increase the risk for strokes, so      “rotor-rooter.”
 why wouldn’t we check it and treat it?                           All disease is preventable. We all must choose
                                                            a life of optimal health so we can enjoy our family,
 4. Hormone Balance is also very important. Estro-          friends, and most of all – ourselves. Of course diet
 gen, progesterone, testosterone, and Dhea are
 some hormones I check in my patients. Some hor-
 mones have clotting potential, while others will           dieT And exercise Are The
 protect the blood vessel wall from getting dam-
                                                            mOsT impOrTAnT in All diseAse
 5. fibrinogen level – this is a clotting factor that can
 cause extensive plaque. It is very important if this
 level is high to decrease it with aspirin. This level is   and exercise are the most important in all disease
 usually not checked conventionally and I think is          prevention. Smoking and excessive alcohol use is a
 very important, again to determine preventative            big mistake if you want optimal health. Smoking
 treatment plans.                                           increases your chance of heart disease by 80% – so
                                                            why would you want that? Why would you pay for
 6. If you have a family history and elevation of any       your own death? Make a change today…be around
 of the above mentioned labs, demand to have a              longer, stronger, and healthier.
 stress test, a carotid ultrasound, and an aortic and            To sum up, have your doctor check these blood
 femoral ultrasound (this is known as the “lifeline”        tests: Vap test, c-reactive protein, homocysteine,
 screening tests that are given in many facilities). You    fibrinogen, and hormones. Also, go for a stress test
 do not have to pay for this out of your own pocket         and vascular screen. Know where your body is
 – insurance does cover this and it can SAVE your life.     headed and make the changes to “Kick heart
 If my patients have a 20% blockage on their                disease before it Kicks you.”               IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                          FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   23
                   by   MIMI BERKMAN, Certified Personal Trainer at the Sid Jacobson JCC


                     BenefiTs TO
                   heArT heAlTh

                                Regular physical activity can
                                  dramatically improve your
                                                quality of life

                   THE ONSET OF A NEW YEAR
                 AND NEW OUTLOOK, TO GET                        creases in the heart’s working       cuss an exercise program with
                                                                capacity; increases in the body’s    their doctor before they begin.
                        YOUR BODY AND YOUR                      ability to take in and use oxy-      Your doctor will, most likely,
                 HEART IN OPTIMAL PHYSICAL                      gen; reduced body fat and at-        prescribe blood pressure-lower-
                                                                tainment of a healthy weight;        ing medications before you
                                   CONDTION                     and increased insulin sensitivity    begin an exercise program if
                                                                and reduced risk for diabetes.       your blood pressure is moder-

                                                                      The Centers for Disease        ate to severe. Precautions for
                                t’s no coincidence that the     Control, American Heart Associ-      individuals with high blood
                                majority of American adults     ation, American College of           pressure include regular, steady
                                making New Year’s resolu-       Sports Medicine, and Surgeon         breathing during exercise, since
                             tions for 2012 resolved to in-     General recommend that every         holding your breath elevates
                             crease their levels of exercise.   American adult should partici-       blood pressure, increasing your
                             They know that regular exercise    pate in 30 minutes or more of        risk for heart attack or stroke.
                             can dramatically extend life and   moderate-intensity        activity         While an optimal exercise
                             improve its quality.               most, and preferably all, days of    program comprises aerobic and
                                  Regular exercise provides a   the week. A person who exer-         resistance components, aerobic
                             myriad of health benefits, in-     cises frequently and intensely       exercise appears to provide the
                             cluding protection from heart      has a lowered risk for heart dis-    greatest benefits to heart
                             disease and stroke. That pro-      ease, but any amount of exer-        health. Select exercises that
                             tection occurs because an ap-      cise is beneficial to your heart,    use large muscle groups for
                             propriate physical activity        even for those individuals with      overall conditioning such as
                             regimen strengthens your heart     existing heart disease. These        walking, running, swimming, cy-
                             muscle and cardiovascular sys-     individuals, however, should         cling, stair-climbing and skating.
                             tem. Benefits include reduced      consult with their physicians be-          A proper aerobic exercise
                             blood pressure and elasticity of   fore beginning a physical activ-     workout consists of a warm-up,
                             vascular walls; increased blood    ity program.                         the main workout, and a cool
                             flow; increased HDL (high den-          Additionally, moderate-in-      down period, followed by
                             sity lipoprotein), or “good cho-   tensity exercise has proven ef-      stretching. Warming up in-
                             lesterol” levels; decreased LDL    fective in controlling high blood    volves performing light activity
                             (low density lipoprotein), or      pressure. Anyone with existing       to gradually raise your body
                             “bad cholesterol” levels; in-      high blood pressure should dis-      temperature. Gently exercise

    24    •     IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                    WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
 the muscles you will be working within your
 comfort zone as a prelude to your workout.
 You should follow your main workout with
 a cool down period to gradually drop your
 body temperature and heart rate. The ac-
 tivity you choose should use the same mus-
 cles you worked in your workout. You may
 perform stretches during or following your
 cool down. The best time to improve flexi-
 bility is after your workout.
      Check with your doctor before begin-
 ning an exercise program. Determining ex-
 ercise intensity depends upon your
 maximum current fitness level and goals.
 Individuals with deregulated blood pressure
 may structure their cardio exercise program
 around heart-rate training. In this model an
 individual determines his or her maximum
 heart rate, the highest value achieved in an
 all-out effort to the point of exhaustion. He

 deTermining exercise
 inTensiTy depends
 upOn yOur mAximum
 currenT fiTness level
 And gOAls

 or she then uses percentages of that value
 to determine the appropriate intensity for a
 workout to get into their targeted training
      Individuals taking medications regulat-
 ing their heart rates may use the “talk test,”
 or rate of perceived exertion, to design their
 exercise program. Perceived exertion is the
 measurement of how hard you feel you are
 working based on how you are feeling dur-
 ing exercise. The Borg Scale measures these
 feelings from a range of 6 (no exertion at all)
 to 20, maximal exertion. The consensus is
 that a rating of 12-14 on this scale indicates
 physical activity is being performed at a
 moderate level of intensity.
       This is the perfect time, with the
 onset of a new year and new outlook, to
 get your body – and your heart – in opti-
 mal physical condition. Start an exercise
 program that will fit into your lifestyle,
 and start feeling stronger, younger, and
 better than ever.                      IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                        FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   25
          by   BO ROSENBLAT M.D., Chief Physician for Dr. Bo’s Diet

                                                                      fAsT And furiOus
                                                                      Or slOw And
                                                                       Is Rapid Weight Loss Just a Quick Fix?

         THE REAL TASK IS FINDING THE                               There is only one way to lose     associated with their weight; di-
                                                               weight: consuming less energy          abetes, hypertension, high cho-
          RIGHT PATH TO GET US THERE                           than you exert. While medica-          lesterol, heart disease, infertility,
                                                               tion can give dieters the edge         stroke, and back pain, are all very

                                                               they need to get over some early       much related to obesity. I then
                            am frequently asked, “is rapid     weight loss hurdles, there is no       consider the risks associated
                            weight loss safe?” This is a       magic in weight loss. Medication       with dieting, weight loss, and
                            great question, but ironically I   alone will never cause you to          medication. A careful analysis of
                        most often hear it from people         lose weight, just like crutches        the risk-benefit is determined
                        so overweight that they are al-        won’t heal a broken leg, but it        and an appropriate diet plan and
                        ready in a very unsafe position        can act as an important aide to        prescription is offered to the pa-
                        regarding their health. A better       help you. When combined with           tient.
                        question would be “is rapid            a healthy diet and a structured             In my experience, losing
                        weight loss safer than being           program designed to educate pa-        even 10-15 pounds allows many
                        obese?”                                tients on proper nutrition, the ul-    people to cut their use of other
                              There is a profusion of med-     timate goal of keeping the             medications, including those for
                        ical evidence as to the value and      weight off (without medication)        hypertension, high cholesterol,
                        success rates of medically super-      can be life changing. We rarely        and even diabetes. Often, poor
                        vised weight loss, but I have also     question the use of medication         eating habits and additional
                        read many articles recently sug-       when treating heart disease, hy-       weight are the underlying causes
                        gesting a more homeopathic ap-         pertension, or diabetes, but iron-     of these problems, and eliminat-
                        proach is not only ideal, but in       ically we question it when             ing the source will have a
                        fact safer. While a completely         treating a very common cause           domino effect and in turn allevi-
                        natural approach works for             for these diseases – obesity.          ate or help stabilize the symp-
                        some, discounting and/or dis-               The truth is that there is sim-   toms.
                        couraging people from seeking          ply no quick fix when it comes to
                        out all options is irresponsible,      most things in life, especially our    Slow and Steady [Sometimes]
                        especially if the patient has al-      health. There are, however,            wins the race. Let’s face it –
                        ready tried many diets, only to        many things to consider when           we live in an instant gratification
                        succeed in the short term and          choosing a weight loss program:        society and patience is a virtue
                        fail in the long term. Albert Ein-                                            we are quickly losing. So while
                        stein once said, “insanity is de-      risk/benefit: When I encounter         losing 1 or 2 pounds a week
                        fined as doing the same thing          a patient that has an elevated         seems reasonable, it isn’t always
                        over and over again and expect-        BMI, I immediately consider the        enough to motivate us. When
                        ing different results.”                very serious health risks directly     you are on a diet you are con-

26   •   IMAGE     •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                            WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
stantly testing your willpower and discipline. This is         to the risks associated with obesity.
great, but if after 3 weeks you have only lost 3 or 4
pounds and don’t see any visible changes to your appear-       It’s not taking It off, It’s keeping It off. The main reason
ance you may get frustrated and veer off course when           rapid weight loss gets a bad rap is that most people as-
tempted. At that point you are only one binge away from        sociate it with “crash dieting,” where people take un-
gaining back what took you 3 weeks or more to lose.            healthy measures to shed pounds quickly. “Crash
       If, however, you have sustained a weight loss of 15     dieting” is simply too unsafe to justify any type of weight-
or more pounds in that same period of time, not only are       loss results. Prolonged exposure to a deficiency of nutri-
you going to see the physical changes to your body, but        ents could have devastating effects on the delicate
you are also less likely to fall into temptation. That jump-   electrolyte balance of the body. When we lose weight
start allows for an easier transition to the most important    quickly, only to put it back on quickly, you are putting ad-
element of a good weight-loss program – keeping that           ditional stress on your body and metabolism, ultimately
weight off.                                                    making it harder to maintain a healthy weight.
      There is a general consensus among weight-loss                 This cycle of losing and gaining, commonly referred
physicians that long-term success for obese patients in-       to as “yo-yo dieting,” is not only unsafe physically, but the
volves a healthy, balanced diet, combined with exercise        emotional toll it takes is more far-reaching than people
and gradual weight loss over an extended period of time.       realize. These series of weight-loss failures convince us
This involves a large educational component, allowing pa-      that the disease of obesity is unbeatable, and only serve
tients to adjust to this new healthier lifestyle. Its safety   to reinforce the lack of confidence we have in our ability
lies in the fact that gradual changes to the body are easier   to lose weight. Conquering obesity is almost always pos-
to absorb than rapid shifts. The vast majority of pro-         sible; the real task is finding the right path to get us there.
grams are built on this platform of slow and steady. Yet,            Additionally, these diets are generally extremely low
despite the consensus that this approach is best, the un-      calorie and/or nutrient deficient, and the results borne
fortunate reality is that approximately 90% of people who      from these diets are simply not sustainable. If, however,
try these programs fail. As a physician, I encounter the       the rapid weight loss comes from a combination of re-
complications of these diet failures daily, so while “slow     formed habits, gained education, and when appropriate,
and steady” might be the safest to employ, it is clearly       a medication, the results are transformative in the short-
not the most effective, leaving 90% of patients exposed                                                  (Continued on page 54)

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                                  FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE    •   27
                                                     AcleArA TherApy
                                                     Q&A               WITh     Dr. Suzanne SIrOTa rOzenberG

                                                                         many contributing factors. However, overactive se-
                                                                         baceous glands produce oil and the pores get
                                                                         plugged. The bacterium P. acnes live in the oil,
                                                                         multiply, and cause inflammation. Hormones,
                                                                         heredity, menses, and stress can bring on acne or
                                                                         worsen it. Certain foods in only certain patients
         Acne Vulgaris, commonly known as acne, is char-                 may make acne worse.
         acterized by whiteheads and blackheads, pimples                    There are many different treatments for acne.
         and cysts that occur on the face, neck, back, chest,            Depending on the severity, the choices vary. Oral
         and shoulders. Sometimes acne can also be seen                  antibiotics are standard and topical retinoids are
         on the upper arms. Generally, acne starts at pu-                extremely effective. Benzoyl peroxide, salacylic
         berty. It is the most common skin disease, espe-                acid, and topical antibiotics are all effective as well.
         cially in teenagers and young adults. Another                   In severe cases, oral isotretinoin can be used.
         group that acne is seen is in menopausal women.                    Along with medications, laser treatments, mi-
         Nearly 85% of all people have acne during their                 crodermabrasion, peels, and resurfacing are all
         lifetime.                                                       available. One of the newest treatments is the
            The exact cause of acne is unknown. There are                Acleara Acne Therapy.

         IMaGe: what is the acleara acne           than one treatment is needed. A se-        during work with no down time. Ac-
         treatment?                                ries is generally set up.                  tivities of daily living are resumed
         Dr. Rozenberg:        This treatment
         combines a vacuum to cleanse your         IM: What types of results can I ex-        IM: how many treatments will I
         pores with pulses of light designed       pect?                                      need?
         specifically to destroy bacteria. The
         treatment works to clear clogged          Dr. R: This treatment clears the           Dr. R: The number of treatments
         pores and kill the bacteria on the        pores of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria,   will vary. Generally a treatment se-
         skin. It can be used in all patients –    and debris. Pores may be temporar-         ries of six is recommended.
         those on medications, those who           ily reduced in size. The skin is left
         want to avoid systemic medications,       feeling refreshed and clean.               IM: what is the recovery period
         and those who can't tolerate other                                                   and what can I expect immediately
         treatments.                               IM: how long does the treatment            after? In days to come?
                                                   take? what's involved?
                                                                                              Dr. R: : No acne treatment is imme-
         IM: can it treat both mild and se-        Dr. R: The beauty of this treatment        diate. Patience is required for treat-
         vere acne?                                is that it is quick and effective. A       ments to work, and maintenance
                                                   treatment can be as quick as 10            therapy is needed. Acne is ongoing
         Dr. R: This treatment can treat all       minutes or take up to 30 minutes. It       and no treatment is permanent.
         types of acne as well as all skin color   is well tolerated and little to no dis-    There are many contributing factors
         types. The results will vary from in-     comfort is felt during it. It can be       to acne, and a multimodal approach
         dividual to individual, and more          done during lunch, after school, or        often works best.             IMaGe

28   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                        WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
           by   MARK SCHWARTZ, MD, FACS, RPVI

                                                                                A new yeAr, A
                                                                                new yOu
                                                                                Undressing vein disease and
                                                                                addressing the underlying venous

                  50% OF WOMEN SUFFER
                      FROM SPIDER VEINS ing ‘accessory’ that you just ward flow, called venous reflux,
                                                              can’t take off, and women often      is what precipitates symptoms.

                                                              avoid wearing clothes that show      These symptoms arise from ele-
                            t’s a new year and you’ve         their legs due to the embarrass-     vated pressure inside the veins
                            turned over a new leaf to get     ment of spider veins. Various        and may be referred to as ve-
                            “healthy” for 2012. All of        creams and lotions have no ef-       nous hypertension.
                         those laps you swim, trails you      fect, and self tanners and con-           Heredity seems to play a
                         ride, and miles you run may          cealers offer only a temporary       critical role in developing vein
                         make those pounds disappear,         fix. It’s a wonder that there        disease, as well as occupations
                         but those ugly veins on your         aren’t more slacks than skirts       requiring prolonged sitting,
                         legs remain. Vein disease is a       sold in the summer time.             standing or working on hard
                         common ailment that affects 30            Unfortunately, spider veins     concrete floors. Women are
                         to 50% of the adult U.S. popula-     are usually identified as being      usually more affected than men
                         tion, with the majority being        “purely a cosmetic issue” be-        due to the effects of pregnancy,
                         women. It is common in men           cause most patients have no ob-      hormones, birth control pills, or
                         too, but less noticeable due to      vious      symptoms.         Thus,   hormone replacement therapy,
                         body hair and clothing options.      unsuspecting women are not in-       but men typically present with
                              The good news is that win-      formed that spider veins could       more severe symptoms.
                         ter is the perfect time of year to   cause burning, itching, throb-            Being able to spot the
                         say ‘goodbye’ to painful and em-     bing, heaviness, or pain. These      symptoms in the early stage ei-
                         barrassing spider veins you’ve       may have gone unrecognized,          ther visually or through a ve-
                         been trying to ignore, and           but can be a sign of a more seri-    nous ultrasound can help
                         ‘hello’ to new vein-free legs        ous underlying vein issue and        physicians not only provide the
                         you’ll want to dress up, not         eventually evolve into varicose      sufferer with preventative
                         dress down.                          veins or even venous ulcers in       measures, but also a variety of
                                                              the future.                          treatments. Symptoms can
                         Spider veins                              When your vascular system       often be present for many
                              Spider veins are tiny super-    is perfectly healthy, your heart     months or years without esca-
                         ficial blood vessels appearing on    pumps blood throughout the           lating into a serious problem.
                         the skin in "sunburst" patterns.     body and veins carry the blood       When symptoms develop
                         They often appear in clusters on     back to the heart. When the          slowly, people start to accept
                         the lower extremities, face, and     veins fail to operate properly,      them as part of the regular
                         hands. It is estimated that at       blood within the vein tends to       aches and pains associated with
                         least 50% of women suffer from       flow backwards, causing it to        aging and simply ignore their
                         spider veins. They are an annoy-     pool in the lower legs. This back-   presence.

30   •   IMAGE    •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                        WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
other types of vein Disease                                   will eliminate the visible effects and potentially prevent
     In addition to spider veins, there are other forms of    more serious health risks of vein disease. All treatments
vein disease to look out for including varicose veins, ve-    are outpatient procedures performed in the doctor’s of-
nous ulcers, and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Varicose       fice, with little or no downtime, which results in quicker
veins lie just below the skin’s surface and often appear      recovery times. Some of these procedures include, but
as twisted, bulging, or lumpy veins that are usually quite    are not limited to, endovenous radiofrequency ablation
noticeable. Symptoms include swelling, discoloration          or endovenous laser ablation for varicose veins, and
with inflammation, pain, heaviness, and tenderness            sclerotherapy or topical skin laser therapy for spider
along the affected areas and an itching or burning sen-       veins. All of the modalities listed have completely elim-
sation. If left untreated, varicose veins and underlying      inated the need for painful stripping procedures per-
venous hypertension may lead to blood clots, skin dam-        formed in the hospital under general anesthesia that
age, inflammation, and venous ulcers.                         frequently led to prolonged convalescence. All patients
     Venous ulcers are most commonly located around           with symptomatic vein insufficiency can be treated, al-
the inner ankle. The first sign of an impending ulcer is      most regardless of age, and treatments for varicose
the appearance of reddened skin over the affected area.       veins are frequently covered by insurance carriers.
Often the skin is dry and has the appearance of a rash             Going to a vein specialist is the best treatment op-
or eczema. Venous ulcers may rapidly develop once             tion. You will want to choose a vein-dedicated facility
these skin changes are present.                               that is certified by the AAAASF and AAAHC. A vein spe-
     RLS is an irresistible urge to move one’s legs to stop   cialist will hold board certifications in not only Vascular
uncomfortable leg cramps. This typically occurs during        surgery, but also Phlebology, which is a specialty in the
the night as the leg muscles need to contract to push         study of venous diseases. Lastly, they should hold an
the blood out of the legs back toward the heart.              RVT or RPVI certification, which qualifies the doctor to
                                                              not only preform vascular ultrasounds, but also inter-
approaches to treatment                                       pret the results, thus giving them the experience and
    There are several conservative treatments for ve-         knowledge they need to give you the best comprehen-
nous disorders, which have marginal positive effects.         sive treatment plan.
These include compression hose, elevation of the legs,             For more information on vein disease or how to
and lifestyle changes such as weight loss, avoidance of       schedule a free, no-obligation vein screening at the
sun, and mild daily exercise.                                 North Shore Vein Center, call 516-569-VEIN (8346) or
    There are a variety of non-invasive treatments that       visit                      IMaGe
WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                              FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   31
                   Valintine’s Day Special
                              belle ÉtoIle heart-ShaPeD Jewelry
                         These beautiful pieces inspire love and fun. The Red Heart
                              pendant is Italian enamel embedded and stone, with
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                                                                                       lavanIla, vanIlla PaSSIon
                                                                                       fruIt fraGrance
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                                                                                       Introduced by the brand last year is
              SenSualIty -                                                             Vanilla Passion Fruit, a blend of their
           black currant                                                               staple vanilla note and Passion Fruit (a
                  vanIlla                                                              natural aphrodisiac). The result is a
               Put love in the air as                                                  crowd-pleasing fruity fragrance
                  you fragrance your                                                   smoldering with sexiness!
           home. Black Currant in-                                                     $39 for a 1 fl oz. spray bottle.
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          soothes and calms to in-
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             Bath and Body Works.
                                                                                          GooDIeS ny
                                                                                          "Wild Thing" pj's from Bed
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                                                                              hyPnotIze love SPell
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   kaMa Sutra chocolate creMe
  The Kama Sutra edible Body Souffle collection encour-
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                                                                                                                              Perfectly delicious
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  WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                                       FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012    •   IMAGE    •   33
           by STEVEN     KATZ, M.D.

                                                                   A tummy tuck can be a
                                                                   life-changing transformation

                  A TUMMY TUCK WILL
            FAT DEPOSITS AND TIGHTEN     The transformation from a and the excess skin below the
                                     sagging to smooth, flat abdomen belly button removed. Men may
                 AREAS OF LOOSE SKIN is breathtaking. A tummy tuck find this procedure a reasonable
                                                          (abdominoplasty) can be part of         option.

                                                          a “mommy makeover” of tummy,                 With a complete abdomino-
                           or both men and women,         breasts, and face. A tummy tuck         plasty, much more removal of ex-
                           over time our bodies can       is also a part of a belt lipectomy      cess skin is possible. Stretch
                           change. These changes can      or lower body-lift procedure.           marks above the navel can be im-
                     be due to weight gain, childbear-    These are extensive procedures          proved considerably. Complete
                     ing, or simply our age. For many     used in body recontouring after         muscle tightening below and
                     women, pregnancy has left them       patients have lost very large           above the belly button is done.
                     with sagging abdominal skin and      amounts of weight after a gastric       For women, the incision can be
                     stretch marks. Their muscles have    bypass or gastric banding proce-        designed so that it will be cov-
                     become lax and their tummies         dure. The large amounts of              ered by the “bikini” line.
                     are distended. No amount of diet     weight these individuals have lost           The mini-abdominoplasty
                     and exercise is completely effec-    has alleviated problems with            utilizes a horizontal skin incision
                     tive at restoring youthful con-      their knees, eliminated their hy-       just above the pubic hair. For a
                     tours to their abdomen.              pertension, and improved weight         woman with a previous cesarean
                     Sometimes these abdominal            related diabetes. But their skin        section scar, the incision would
                     changes just happen with aging.      has lost its elasticity, leaving them   be in the same place only slightly
                     Regardless of the reason, weight     with large amounts of sagging in        longer. From this incision, some
                     control or exercise alone will not   many parts of their body includ-        muscle tightening is done and
                     restore your flat abdomen or         ing their abdomen.                      excess skin is removed. With a
                     slender waist.                                                               complete abdominoplasty the in-
                          A tummy tuck will remove        the abdominoplasty Procedure            cision begins just above the pubic
                     those unsightly fat deposits and         The approach for an ab-             region and curves towards the
                     tighten areas of loose skin. As      dominoplasty will vary from per-        hip on each side. If possible, as
                     you regain more youthful con-        son to person. Those with little or     mentioned, your plastic surgeon
                     tours and proportions, your body     no abdominal muscle laxity and          will position the abdominal inci-
                     image will improve and so will       mild amounts of excess lower ab-        sion so that it is hidden beneath
                     your overall self-esteem. This is    dominal skin will benefit from li-      your bikini swimwear. A second
                     especially true if you made the      posuction alone or liposuction          incision releases the navel from
                     commitment to lose weight.           combined with a         “mini-ab-       the surrounding tissue. The skin
                     After a tummy tuck it becomes        dominoplasty.” With a “mini- ab-        is separated from the abdominal
                     much easier to maintain a            dominoplasty,” a small amount of        wall up to the ribs, the skin flap is
                     healthy, active lifestyle.           muscle tightening can be done           lifted, and the abdominal mus-

34   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                        WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
cles are tightened with sutures. Excess skin is removed       revision can be done to improve the texture of your
from the flap, the navel is repositioned, and the incisions   scars. However, in almost all cases the final appearance
are closed. An abdominoplasty is often combined with          of your scars is almost as though they aren’t there.
liposuction to improve the contour of the flanks and               Results of an abdominoplasty are often permanent,
hips.                                                         barring major weight gain. Abdominoplasty should be de-
     The procedure is done under general anesthesia for       ferred if you plan on losing a significant amount of weight
your maximum comfort and relaxation. Patients who             or are thinking about getting pregnant in the future.
have had mini-abdominoplasties may be mildly uncom-
fortable in the immediate post-operative period. Any          Important things to remember
discomfort can be effectively controlled with Tylenol-             In some cases, a portion of the abdominoplasty pro-
type pain medicine. For those patients who have had a         cedure may be covered by your insurance. The incidence
full abdominoplasty, they may elect to remain in the          of wound healing problems and infection with smokers
hospital overnight. For several days they will be more        is much higher than in non smokers. Your plastic surgeon
comfortable with a combination of pain medicines and          will be very strict about your not smoking for at least four
muscle relaxants. They will also be more comfortable re-      to six weeks before a full abdominoplasty.
maining slightly flexed at the hip for the next week or            If you have just had a baby it is difficult to tighten
so. A flexible garment called an abdominal binder is          the abdomen completely. It is better to wait several
worn all the time for the first two to four weeks and then    months for the uterus to contract and relax before hav-
intermittently during periods of strenuous activity for       ing an abdominoplasty. If you are planning on getting
several weeks after that.                                     pregnant again some of the benefit of a tummy tuck will
     After the operation, your plastic surgeon’s staff will   be lost. It is better to wait until you are finished having
work closely with you to make the appearance of the           children before your abdominoplasty.
scars as inconspicuous as possible. There are several im-          Many women will combine a tummy tuck with a
portant options available for scar treatment. Beginning       breast recontouring procedure such as a reduction, aug-
about a week after your procedure you will begin topical      ment, or lift. The results of this almost “total makeover”
treatments to help your scars begin to fade in color and      can be superb! For more information visit
flatten out. After several months, if necessary, laser scar                         IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                               FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   35


                                                                           France. All of the guest rooms are decorated in the 19th
                                                                           century English arts and crafts style, and provide some of

         I  f you are suddenly feeling the urge to immerse yourself        the most spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.
            in natural surroundings and indulge in a little pampering           Beecher’s Cottage, originally constructed in 1882, has
            and serenity, the Cranwell Resort, Spa and Golf Club is        a shingled, Queen Anne style facade, mansard roof and ve-
         the perfect place to refresh yourself. Centrally located in the   randa, and overlooks the first tee of the golf course. The
         scenic Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, the 380-acre          original 3-story spiral staircase still remains and the 25 guest
         Cranwell Resort was already one of the Berkshires' premier        rooms are decorated with a contemporary flair, while still
         lodging destinations prior to the addition of the spa. The        retaining their old world charm and design. Beecher's Cot-
         property is a member of Historic Hotels of America and            tage has some of the most spacious rooms at Cranwell and
         boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, luxurious pre-        some contain decorative fireplaces and/or large bay win-
         mier spa, and the Cranwell Mansion, the 1894 Gilded Age           dows. Olmsted Manor is linked to the Spa by a heated,
         "cottage" built by Vanderbilt relative and furniture magnate      glass-enclosed walkway, and the lobby reflects Cranwell's
         John Sloane.                                                      elegance and luxury complete with an adjacent windowed
                                                                           sitting area and grand fireplace. For those needing addi-
         accommodations                                                    tional space, there are also Town Homes and Suites avail-
             There are several lodging options at Cranwell. The            able.
         charming and historic Tudor Mansion offers the conven-
         ience of being situated in the same building as the lounge        the Spa
         and dining rooms. The common rooms in the 100-year old                Voted “Best Spa in the Berkshires" by a 2009 & 2010
         Mansion include the Great Hall, complete with overstuffed         Berkshire Eagle Readers Poll, guests will find a myriad of
         sofas from England, oriental rugs, and wall tapestries from       treatments and services designed to restore and relax. Dec-

36   •   IMAGE    •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                          WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
orated in earth tones, the interior design of the Spa is a
comforting environment where guests, clothed in cushy
robes and slippers, can enjoy the saunas, steam rooms, and
spacious whirlpool therapeutic baths. There are over 50 spa
services ranging from soothing massages and detoxifying
wraps to rejuvenating skin and body treatments. For those
craving cosmetic transformation, The Image Center offers
soothing manicures and pedicures, deep conditioning hair
treatments, and custom make-up artistry.
     If you are looking for some physical rejuvenation, the
Fitness Center hosts an array of state-of-the-art equipment
and specialty classes including yoga and water aerobics.
The indoor pool, enclosed within a crystal atrium with 20-
foot-high glass walls, offers spectacular panoramic moun-
tain views.

     Winner of the Wine Spectator Award for Excellence,
Cranwell has a selection of dining experiences in four dis-
tinctive restaurants throughout the resort. The Wyndhurst
and the Music Room restaurants have long been renowned
for their all-season Berkshire Mountain views and their
magical setting in the historic Gilded Age Mansion. The
restaurants feature creative and award winning American
Classic cuisine.
     For guests seeking a casual dining experience, Sloane's
Tavern overlooks the golf course and is a great place to kick

     The Cranwell Ski Center has 10 kilometers of scenic,
groomed trails designed for all levels of cross country skiers
and snowshoe enthusiasts. And you don’t need to come
prepared – they offer a complete line of modern Rossignol
Ski Touring rental equipment and Tubbs Snowshoes, as well
as skier accessories.
     If taking to the trails isn’t your thing, then why not try
ice skating on Cranwell’s ice skating rink. It is located on the
grounds of the resort, and admission to the rink is free for
house guests. Skate rentals are available at the Ski Center
for a nominal cost.
     The Berkshires are also a premier destination for the
arts, long known as a cultural mecca of museums, historic
sites, and performing arts venues. Visitors can take in the
sights and sounds at the Norman Rockwell Museum or
the Boston Symphony’s summer home at Tanglewood.
Cranwell Resort has a little something for everyone, and
may be the ideal weekend away during the cold snap of
winter.                                                 IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                        FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   37
            by ROYA      EMAMI M.D.

                                                                     This quick and relatively pain-
                                                                     less procedure can result in a

                                                                     younger, more attractive

              AFTER THE NEW WOUND
            EDGES ARE REPOSITIONED pendent on the size, shape, tary service once the healing is
            EVENLY, THEY ARE SUTURED and weight of the earring being complete.
                                     worn and the duration of wear.     A common question involv-
                           TOGETHER      So, what can be done to ing this procedure is “Will I ex-
                                                         remedy this problem? A very        perience much pain?” The
                                                         simple office-based procedure      answer is “No.” The local anes-
                                                         can be performed to return the     thesia prevents any pain during
                                                         earlobe to its pre-pierced sta-    the procedure and patients ex-

                      E     ar piercing is one of the
                            oldest known forms of
                            body modification, with
                      artistic and written references
                      from cultures around the world
                                                         tus. Typically, a small amount
                                                         of local anesthesia is placed
                                                         into and near the affected area
                                                         of the earlobe. The edges of
                                                         the opening (or tear) are then
                                                                                            perience very little discomfort
                                                                                            after the procedure. On aver-
                                                                                            age, any post-procedure dis-
                                                                                            comfort is easily alleviated with
                                                                                            over-the-counter pain relievers
                      dating back to early history.      surgically removed, usually        such as Tylenol or Motrin. In
                      However, many women find           with a small scalpel. After the    addition, the application of an
                      themselves unable to wear          new wound edges are reposi-        ice pack on the night of the
                      their gorgeous earrings due to     tioned evenly, they are sutured    procedure will help decrease
                      a torn or stretched earlobe.       together. Ideally these sutures    any minor swelling.
                      What a shame, considering this     should be placed on the inside          Another frequently asked
                      damage can easily be repaired      of the wound, allowing for a       question is “What limitations
                      with a quick and relatively        less visible scar. Your doctor     will I have after the proce-
                      painless office procedure.         may choose to place a small        dure?” Patients are allowed to
                           Torn or stretched earlobes    bandage over the wound or          return to most of their daily ac-
                      are one of the most common         suggest daily application of an    tivities on the day of the proce-
                      problems affecting people with     antibiotic ointment for several    dure, including showering and
                      pierced ears. Usually the result   days after your procedure.         washing their hair. Most physi-
                      of trauma, they can be caused      Once the wound has entirely        cians will request refraining
                      by an accidental pull on an ear-   healed (approximately 6-8          from heavy exercise for 48
                      ring or from chronic long-term     weeks) and the resulting scar      hours post procedure and sug-
                      use of heavy earrings. The ear-    has softened, the ear can be re-   gest spending the first night
                      lobe can be completely torn, or    pierced without difficulty.        sleeping with your head slightly
                      the pierced area may just be       Most physicians who perform        elevated to help decrease any
                      widened. Generally speaking,       ear lobe repair will re-pierce     associated swelling.
                      the amount of stretching is de-    the earlobe as a complemen-             Lastly comes the question

38   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                  WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
 of pricing. This is dependent on the severity of the
 tear (or stretch) and the degree of difficulty in-
 volved in the repair. Most earlobe repairs can be
 performed within the price range of $750-$1250.
 Unfortunately, this is considered a cosmetic proce-
 dure and is not usually covered by most insurance
     Earlobe rejuvenation can also be considered
 when seeking facial cosmetic enhancements.

 sTreTched Or elOngATed
 eArlOBes cAn Be reshAped
 Or shOrTened

 Many women fail to consider their earlobes when
 investigating facial rejuvenation. As we mature,
 our earlobes begin to thin and stretch (regardless
 of our earring “status”). Stretched or elongated
 earlobes can be reshaped or shortened resulting in
 a younger, more attractive appearance. Often this
 earlobe rejuvenation can be performed with any of
 the fillers available on the market today. You may
 wish to consider asking your physician about the
 latest techniques in earlobe repair and/or rejuve-
 nation during your next consultation.       IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                             FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   39
            Andie MacDowell
                                            By Maria Orlando Pietromonaco

W           ith our dedication of this
            February issue to heart
            health, we thought it
apropos to have Andie MacDowell
as our cover celebrity. Since she
                                           some really challenging off-trail
                                           routes and even camping in tents
                                           overnight. She has completed 25!
                                                Though she is not a vegetarian,
                                           Andie does partake in a very
                                                                                    talift line as part of her everyday
                                                                                    skincare routine.
                                                                                         What’s next for Andie? If you
                                                                                    haven’t already seen it, look out for
                                                                                    her on an ABC Family series Jane by
lost her mother to heart disease           healthy diet filled with fruits, veg-     Design. And she’s not the only fam-
years ago, Andie has devoted much          etables, and beans. She also eats        ily member in the spotlight these
of her life to spreading the word          “real” food, and not much                days. The Hollywood Foreign Press
about heart disease prevention, es-        processed food. But stress, she be-      announced this past December
pecially in women.                         lieves, is a significant contributor to   that Andie’s daughter, Rainey Qual-
     I had the opportunity to talk to      heart disease. “It changes the way       ley, will be the 2012 Miss Golden
Andie about her passion for well-          you breathe,” she explains. Exer-        Globe.
ness and life in general, and she          cise can relieve stress by releasing          The mother of three children,
was eager to talk about the impor-         endorphins. Also, she advises that       family is a huge priority. Through all
tance of a pro-active healthy              we stop so much worrying about           of the triumphs and turbulence
lifestyle. This is an especially signifi-   everything, and learn to communi-        over the years, her kids have been
cant year for her as well – Andie is       cate. “I advise that you articulate      the “highlight” of her life. She
now 53 years old, the exact age her        your feelings.” All of these facets –    treasures special moments with
mother lost her life to heart dis-         exercise, eating right, reducing         them, especially now that they are
ease.                                      stress, annual doctor visits, and        grown. She told Nickelodeon’s Par-
     In her highly anticipated subtle      mental well-being – are a part of        ents Connect “Set aside "un-
Southern accent she explained              Andie’s conscious daily living.          plugged" quality time with the
how her mother’s heart issues                   Professionally, Andie has not       kids. It's hard to get my kids to-
could have been prevented. “My             slowed down. With over 30 films to        gether now because they're older,
mom never got annual check-ups.            her credit as well as several televi-    but we all spend Christmas in Mon-
She also smoked, and didn’t exer-          sion roles, including such success-      tana. There's no television, no
cise.” Andie believes strongly that        ful movies as ‘Sex, Lies and             computer, and cell phones don't
we need to be advocates for our            Videotape,’ ‘Groundhog Day,’ and         work. So we play games, hike, go
own bodies. She realizes that many         ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral,’ she       cross-country skiing, cook and talk.
women do not go for regular check          has experienced quite a career. Phi-     It's a full week of connection that
ups at the family physician, but in-       lanthropy is at her core as well, and    we all look forward to.”
sists you ask your ob/gyn to do the        she received an honorary Doctor of            When it comes to aging, Andie
necessary blood work-up.                   Letters degree from Lander Univer-       is doing it gracefully. Admittedly
     Exercise is also a huge part of       sity in South Carolina for dedica-       she is in a great place now, both
Andie’s life picture and she incor-        tion to the Graham Children's            mentally and physically. “I can’t
porates some form of it each and           Health Center. She is involved in        look 20 anymore,” she explains.
every day. “I do a lot of yoga, walk,      several children’s organizations, in-    “You have to embrace who you
and use the elliptical. Find friends       cluding the local hospital.              are.” Instead of whining about her
to walk with. It’s very motivating,             You cannot miss her plethora        age, she is really relishing in the
and makes walking more enjoy-              of commercials and print ads,            specific joy life is offering at this
able.” Living in the mountains of          boasting her rich, shiny brown           point in time. She is “comfortable
North Carolina, Andie has taken up         locks and sultry unmistakable eyes.      and content,” very at peace with
hiking, indulging in the both the          This year she is celebrating 25          her stage of being. “We change.
serenity of the natural surround-          years as an international L’oreal        We just do the best we can. Eat
ings and vigorous workout she              spokeswoman and model, enjoying          right, use sunblock, exercise. But
gets. Her hiking is no kids play…she       years of success and a wonderful         most of all, work on your head.”
belongs to a hiking club where they        relationship with the highly ac-         Her spirituality keeps her con-
climb 40 peaks over 6,000 feet, in-        claimed cosmetics company. She           nected as well, and “reaffirms all
cluding “bushwhacking” through             says she does use the L’Oreal Revi-      that is.”                     IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                              FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   41
            by ANDREW       JACONO, M.D.

                                                              plAsTic surgery
                                                              When What You’ve “Fixed” Needs Fixing

                 MOST FAILED PLASTIC
                SURGERY IS SIMPLY THE
           RESULT OF BAD JUDGEMENT                            much off the nose, making it too        and the result was not acceptable
                                                              small and “pinched” or “piggy” in       because areas of the face were un-
                OR POORLY EXECUTED                            appearance. In these cases the          dertreated. The most common
                             SURGERY                          nose needs to be rebuilt, and car-      problems include continued jowls
                                                              tilage grafts are taken from the        or neck laxity after surgery, or

                                                              nasal septum, ear, or sometimes         drooping of the cheeks and midfa-
                                 e’ve all seen those          from the ribs (in more severe           cial area after a face lift. Proce-
                                 cases of celebrities         cases where someone has had             dures that do not last as long as
                                 who either went too          multiple “nose jobs”).                  anticipated are also a very com-
                     far with plastic surgery or put               In bad eyelid lift surgery (ble-   mon reason a person will inquire
                     their procedure in the hands of a        pharoplasty), the eyelids can be-       about a secondary facelift proce-
                     less than professional surgeon. An       come pulled down, a condition           dure. Patients who are overdone
                     Olympian like Bruce Jenner and           called ectropion. The eyes lose         with a tight or stretched appear-
                     country star Kenny Rogers are re-        their normal almond shaped ap-          ance tend to be dissatisfied and
                     cent examples of botched plastic         pearance, and become rounded            also seek corrective facelift revi-
                     surgery, proving that men walk           or “hound dog” looking. An eye          sion procedures. Any facelift tech-
                     into these situations just as often      plastic surgery, also known as          nique that places excessive
                     as the Joan Rivers of the world.         oculoplastic surgery, is performed      tightness on the skin can produce
                     The truth is, most failed plastic        where the eyelid tendons are cor-       scarring and distortions around the
                     surgery is simply the result of bad      rected, and sometimes the cheeks        ears (pixie ear deformity) or hair
                     judgment or poorly executed sur-         need to be lifted to recreate a nat-    line problems (loss of sideburns).
                     gery. Reputable plastic surgeons         ural appearing eyelid. If too much           Superficial based facelifts are
                     not only help first-time patients        fat was removed from the eyelids,       the most common type of face lift
                     experience outstanding results,          the eyelids become hollowed out,        performed. They only tighten the
                     but they can also regularly correct      making the eyes look deep set           skin and do not lift the supportive
                     previous plastic surgeries that          and older. In this case sometimes       musculature of the face (the
                     have gone wrong.                         an autologous fat transfer is re-       SMAS muscle in the cheek and
                          In facial plastic surgery, most     quired for correction.                  Platysma muscle in the neck), but
                     of the corrective surgery is for              There are many reasons peo-        simply put tightening stitches in
                     botched nose jobs, misplaced chin        ple seek revision facelifts. The        the surface of these muscles (sus-
                     implants, bad eyelifts, and facelifts    most common scenario is the per-        pension sutures) that have a lim-
                     that have been pulled too tight.         son has had a successful facelift       ited and short-term effect. This
                     Rhinoplasty, in particular, is a pro-    that has naturally aged over time,      ends up producing tight skin, poor
                     cedure for which it is not unusual       and now needs to be repeated to         scars, and ear distortions; but
                     for a patient to go in for a revision.   maintain your youthful appear-          leaves deeper tissue structures
                     In this case, the problem usually        ance. Most times well-performed         such as jowls, nasolabial folds and
                     has to do with the surgeon just          face lifts last over 10 years. Other    neck skin undertreated. Results
                     going a bit too far and taking too       times a person has had a facelift       such as this can be very frustrat-

42   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                            WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
ing. Furthermore, many doctors use liposuction under the         cases, some sort of psychological problem may be present
neck and when combined with an inaqequate superficial            that is causing the patient to seek multiple surgeries.
skin lift can result in a cobra neck deformity, with the cen-          As victims of bad plastic surgery quickly learn, the
ter of the neck caved in and with hanging jowls on either        best way to approach corrective surgery is to take the
side (shaped like a cobra’s head).                               extra effort to find a truly proven and experienced sur-
     Revision facelift procedures must concentrate on the        geon to conduct the procedure. It is important to ask for
sagging deep tissue that has not been addressed by the           the credentials of any plastic surgeon you are considering
original superficial facelift. In these cases a deep plane       working with. It is also important for you to check the sur-
facelift is indicated as it does not tighten the skin and is     geon’s portfolio, before and after photos, license, educa-
directed at the sagging deep tissue. It lifts under the          tion, board memberships, and overall track record. If
SMAS and Platysma muscle described above, supports               there are any potential red flags with a doctor, a licensing
the face, lifts drooping, and takes the tightness off the        board should let you know.
skin. It is the best option for a second facelift without pro-         Another lesson of bad plastic surgery is communica-
ducing any further tightening of the skin layer, and it will     tion. Sometimes, a less experienced surgeon may not ask
correct residual jowling, heavy neck, and cheek drooping         enough questions or work with a patient enough to un-
and nasolabial folds in one procedure.                           derstand what his or her exact aesthetic goals may be. It
     If you are seeking corrective surgery, choose your sur-     is important that you choose a surgeon you have great
geon carefully. The truth is that many surgeons shy away         communication with. If you feel as though your surgeon
from revision work and most charge substantially more            is not listening to you or that your surgeon just can’t grasp
for it, because this type of surgery presents many addi-         what you want, take that as a sign that this is not the plas-
tional challenges to the surgeon beyond primary plastic          tic surgeon for you.
surgery:                                                               The right corrective plastic surgeon will take the time
     •The degree of difficulty is greatly increased, due to      to work with you so that they can make sure to correct
the presence of scar tissue, altered anatomy (things just        the first surgery and prevent a need for any further ones.
don’t look like they do in the medical books any more)           It starts with a personal consultation, so if you’re ready to
and often a lack of “material” to work with.                     bounce back from a botched surgery, don’t hesitate to
     •Patients are often emotional about their situation and     arrange a meeting with a corrective surgery specialist in
are quite afraid to undergo another procedure. In some           your area today.                                      IMaGe
WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                                  FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   43
                                    ST. CATHERINE

                                    OF SIENA
                                    MEDICAL CENTER

                                   F     or more than 10 years, St.
                                         Catherine of Siena Med-
                                         ical Center has been a
                                   trusted health care resource.
                                   St. Catherine’s is located on 110
                                                                        tient Diagnostic Pavilion lo-
                                                                        cated on its campus, which is
                                                                        dedicated to offering complete
                                                                        diagnostic services, giving
                                                                        women access to comprehen-
                                                                                                            on the campus, staffed with
                                                                                                            board certified colorectal sur-
                                                                                                            geons, both male and female,
                                                                                                            who are experts in the use of
                                                                                                            endoscopic and laparoscopic
                                   acres on the north shore of          sive health care in one location.   procedures and other mini-
                                   Long Island in Smithtown. The        Diagnostic services include         mally invasive techniques to
                                   campus is comprised of a 558-        breast MRI and breast MRI           treat colon and rectal disor-
                                   bed, not-for-profit hospital (in-    biopsy, breast ultrasound, fine     ders.
                                   cluding 240 nursing home             needle aspiration, galactogram,          The medical center also
                                   beds), a 298-unit senior hous-       high-quality digital mammogra-      houses a Diabetic and Wound
                                   ing facility, and a medical office   phy, needle localization, stereo-   Healing Center, which special-
                                   building.                            tactic core breast biopsy,          izes in helping patients, includ-
                                        St. Catherine of Siena has      sentinel lymph node biopsy, ul-     ing those with diabetes, whose
                                   experienced          tremendous      trasound-guided cyst aspira-        wounds have reached a plateau
                                   growth and change over the           tion, ultrasound-guided needle      and may be at risk for compli-
                                   past decade. With a dual Car-        biopsy and bone densitometry.       cations. Dedicated staff create
                                   diac Catheterization Labora-              While the pavilion is dedi-    a personalized treatment plan
                                   tory, completely renovated           cated to women’s health             for patients using the latest
                                   with new, state-of-the-art           needs, diagnostic testing is        techniques for the most effec-
                                   equipment, experienced staff         available for men as well. The      tive and expedited recovery.
                                   can efficiently perform elective     medical center also offers com-          St. Catherine of Siena Med-
                                   and emergency angioplasty.           prehensive breast health serv-      ical Center provides compre-
                                   Coronary angioplasty opens           ices, with compassionate care       hensive medical services using
                                   clogged arteries in response to      available, from diagnosis to re-    the most advanced-technology
                                   a heart attack. This minimally       constructive surgery. The Deep      across a broad spectrum of
                                   invasive, nonsurgical procedure      Inferior Epigastric Perforator      specialties. Other services of-
                                   quickly restores blood flow          (DIEP) Flap Procedure is a state-   fered at the hospital include:
                                   through blocked arteries with-       of-the-art breast reconstructive    Ambulatory Surgery, Bariatrics,
                                   out the need for open heart          procedure, which uses tissues       Endoscopy Suite, Parkinson’s
                                   surgery. The medical center is a     harvested from a patient’s          Program, Palliative Care, Physi-
                                   recipient of the Get With the        lower abdomen to create new         cal Therapy, Sleep Disorders
                                   Guidelines® Gold Plus Perform-       a breast mound after a mastec-      Center, Emergency Services,
                                   ance Achievement Award from          tomy. Through this advance          Maternity, Orthopaedic and Po-
                                   the American Heart Association       procedure, patients experience      diatry, Radiology and Psychia-
                                   and American Stroke Associa-         less post-surgical pain, expe-      try. For more information on
                                   tion for success in improving        dited recovery and reduced          any of these services or for a
                                   quality of care for heart disease    chances of developing other         physician referral, please call
                                   and stroke patients.                 medical complications.              631.870.3444              or       visit
                                        St. Catherine of Siena has a         St. Catherine’s Colon and      w w w. s t c a t h e r i n e m e d i c a l
                                   Women’s Health and Outpa-            Rectal Program is also available                   IMaGe

44      •      IMAGE          •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                      WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
            by OLGA     LUCIA, FAAM, CPCP, CMI

                                                                                  The importance of eyebrows
                                                                                  in framing the eyes and
                                                                                  allowing for emotional

                 THE GOAL IS FOR THE
           EYES AND FACE NATURALLY                                 Anatomically, the definition      illusion of eyebrows.
                                                              of the eyebrow is a structure                It is not uncommon for people
           AND CREATE HARMONIOUS                              formed with ciliums (hairs), lo-       – women in particular – to modify
                           BALANCE                            cated above the eyes, that follows     their eyebrows by means of hair
                                                              the shape of the lower margin of       addition (hair transplant), removal
                                                              the brow ridges. The function is       (the use of waxing, electrolysis or

                      W          e always hear the ex-        protecting the eyes from the ex-       laser hair removal), makeup (pen-
                                 pression “the eyes are       cessive light (sunlight) and from      cils, shadows or permanent cos-
                                 the windows of the           sweat, water, and other debris         metics), or piercings, reflecting
                      soul.” This is true, but they are       that fall into the eye socket. But     their own personalities. These
                      complemented by the eyebrows,           another function that is very im-      changes can make you look
                      which frame the eyes and the            portant is the role of the expres-     younger and enhance your natural
                      face, giving us different unique        sion of the eyes and face.             features, but badly shaped eye-
                      characteristics, personality and             The eyebrows play a power-        brows can also go against your
                      expressions.                            ful role in oral communication.        face. Well-balanced eyebrows with
                           Over the years of experience       Why? When we talk we can move          proper position of the arch can
                      in the beauty business I have           the eyebrows, creating different       make the cheekbones stand out,
                      learned about the importance of         expressions like surprise, anger,      also changing the eye expression.
                      the eyebrows. As an optometrist,        sadness, happiness, etc., and the            The effect of the eyebrows
                      I learned how to do eyeliners, and      showing of emotions has an influ-      on the eyes is tremendous and
                      of course to me the eye’s shape         ence on relationships.                 can make them look round, sad or
                      and eye expressions are very im-             Eyebrows also have an influ-      droopy, almond shaped, or lifted.
                      portant – this is one of the rea-       ence on self-esteem. Some condi-       Other forms of modification of
                      sons why I got involved in the          tions and diseases can cause           the eyebrows are cosmetic sur-
                      cosmetic industry. With time and        alopecia (loss of hair), and the fa-   gery or use of Botox to create an
                      artistic ability I specialized in the   cial appearance is incomplete and      eyebrow lift – the raising of the
                      field of micropigmentation, or          unframed with sparse eyebrows          eyebrows creates a youthful and
                      permanent cosmetics, since              or complete absence of them,           feminine appearance. An illusion
                      1993. The inquiry for eyebrows          causing a psychological impact.        of a facelifting can also be
                      increased so much in my practice        That is why pencils, brow pow-         achieved with the proper shape
                      that it compelled me to research        ders, and also permanent cos-          of the eyebrows without going
                      more deeply and understand the          metics are available on the            under the knife!! The position of
                      importance of the eyebrows.             market, to replace and create the      the arch thickness and length can

46   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                           WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
create the lift, but we have to be careful. If the place-    ple’s lives, and I want to share with you these two won-
ment is too high, then you can look surprised all the        derful cases. I hope that this will inspire and educate you
time.                                                        on the power of the perfect eyebrow, both aesthetically
     It is very difficult to design and shape the eyebrows   and the psychological effect they can have on your self-
properly. We might know the basics, but we should give       image.                                              IMaGe
them to a professional expert on eyebrows to sculpt               _______________________________________
them to a perfect shape suitable to your features. The                                   caSe #1
bone structure, features, and facial shape (round, oval,          When I had my consultation with Olga she thought I
pear, heart, or square) have to be considered in the de-     was interested in having my eyebrows done. I told her
sign of the eyebrows. The goal is for the eyebrows to en-    that I was actually there to have permanent eyeliner
hance the eyes and face naturally and create harmonious      done. She wanted to show me how I would look with my
balance.                                                     eyebrows done. She penciled them in and I fell in love
     The skin tone and hair color, should be involved in     with the way it brightened and lifted my face. Having my
the creation and manipulation of the eyebrows. Women         eyebrows permanently placed has made a world of dif-
with very light skin and blonde hair need slightly darker    ference to me. There isn't a day when I don't receive a
eyebrows (not too dark), to make the face show better,       compliment on my eyebrows.
while women with dark hair need lighter eyebrows to                                                              Lexy M.
soften their features.                                            _______________________________________
     If you decide to permanently modify or change your                                  caSe #2
eyebrows, check the credentials and look at the portfo-           I am so happy with my eyebrows. For years I have
lio of the person you choose. A good professional will       spent so much time penciling them in, then waking in
give you the best design to enhance your face, and will      the morning with no brows and feeling and looking
consider your bone structure, natural features, skin tone,   awful. Now I wake up looking like I used to....and it’s
previous cosmetic procedures, and personality. For more      wonderful! My friends cannot believe how natural my
information visit          brows look. As a woman of 82 years old, I am so thrilled
     I have numerous personal stories about how perma-       that I look as good as I feel.
nent cosmetic eyebrows have made a difference in peo-                                                       Rita Dawson

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                             FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   47
           by   JOAN DENIZOT

                                                                            frOm OBesiTy
                                                                            TO heAlTh
                                                                            Mother and Daughter
                                                                            Journey to Long Island
                                                                            Seeking Total Transformation

                FOUR MONTHS AND I
           HAVEN’T “CHEATED” ONCE anymore. Heck – I started a back, and chest) and frequent
                                                        company so that people like me      infections. I said to her, "I know
                                                        could ride reliable bikes. What’s   this would be good for us, but
                      Joan Denizot – an award-win- left to discuss? I had so many           it's just so much money." Then
                      ning entrepreneur – and her       health issues –depression, in-      I had an epiphany: That’s what
                      daughter, Natasha, 23, drove somnia, chronic exhaustion, di-          my customers say when they
                      from Vermont to Long Island       gestive problems, aches of          see the price of my bicycles,
                      in July of 2011 hoping to re-     every kind and massive food         which would basically enable
                      gain their health, beauty, and cravings – until recently. I be-       them to ride again, and it makes
                                                        came insensitive to my own          me crazy. Here’s a one-of-a-kind
                      peace with food with the help
                                                        body. But in spring of 2011 I no-   product that could change your
                      of Kat James’ Total Transfor-     ticed numbness in one of my         life, and you're worried about
                      mation® program. Joan shares feet whenever I stood. I didn't          the cost?
                      their inspiring story.            tell a soul-– I didn't want to            The program experience
                                                        know what it was. Then out of       was beyond expectation. It was
                                                        the blue one day my daughter,       hosted at the idyllic home of Dr.
                                                        Natasha, looked at me and said      Roxanne Carfora, who gave an

                                                        in a very loving way, "I'm wor-     eye-opening talk about hor-
                                 y size has crept up on ried about you." That really af-    mones and bio-identical treat-
                                 me. I was a chubby fected me.                              ments on the second day of the
                                 child who used food         I’d read about Kat James’      program. The women (and two
                      as comfort through my parents’ personal transformation and            husbands) who came from all
                      miserable marriage – and then stories of others she’s helped to       over the country were extraor-
                      through my own. I’d become regain their health and sanity             dinary, and all have remained a
                      obese by forty. My knees and regarding food, first in a maga-         part of my life. The food was –
                      back started to give out and my zine and then in her book, The        and I say this having trained pro-
                      physical activities became lim- Truth About Beauty. I told            fessionally in French classical
                      ited. I had bariatric surgery at Natasha about her and also           cuisine at Strasbourg, France
                      47, and dropped 100 pounds, learned she’d be holding her              Hotelier's School – absolutely
                      but gained back half over the program in Long Island for the          sumptuous, yet deceivingly ef-
                      next six years. Luckily I’m now first time in seven years.            fective at achieving the “bio-
                      married to a man who loves me Natasha also struggled with the         chemical transformation” Kat
                      at any size.                      depression, obesity, and back       achieved for herself, as we’d
                           I rarely talk about weight pain I did, as well as acne (face,    soon learn.
48   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                     WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
the rich Just Got richer: kat’s low-Impact cuisine               later that day. Spa services were lined up to pamper us
     Kat threw together savory “low-impact” (referring           through “the transition.” I did fine, but that was
to blood sugar impact) meals on the spot from the first          Natasha’s moody and antsy day. Kat gave her a few items
night, sweeping us into her swirling “dance” in the              including something with ginger and some essential oils
kitchen as she got to know us. Those who felt like it,           to apply, and told her “tomorrow will be a very different
chopped and stirred as she made predictions about how            day.” Natasha told me she felt better after that.
each of us would respond to the food in the days ahead,               On the third day is when – amidst continual indul-
right down to the bumps we’d encounter the next day.             gences – people began talking about improved sleep,
She had us at dessert… her ultra-creamy concoction               ceased hot flashes, reduced bloat, increased energy and,
called “Creamy Dreamy,” made in about thirty seconds,            in Natasha’s case, looser clothes. “My hips and belly are
which no one could guess the secret ingredient (not              ‘less puffy’ and my pants are looser,” she told me. She
even for the Himalayan Salt grinder she offered as a re-         became very low maintenance and dove into the kitchen
ward). She served the stiff-peaked dollops in tiny cups,         with true interest after that. I noticed my eyes and face
insisting that we have more if we wanted it. I already           were less puffy. With the growing excitement and meld-
wanted more and I hadn’t even tried it yet. Words were           ing of personalities it started to feel like a reunion with
scarce as we wrapped our brains around the dense, cool,          old friends, only with a unique physical and ideological
citrusy sweetness on our tongues. As I scraped the cup           understanding forming between us.
clean, I was surprised to feel so satisfied after so little of        We each spontaneously led our own experiments in
something so delicious. I was deeply content.                    the kitchen to create a magnificent poolside picnic
     The next morning, we made Kat’s “Transformed Bel-           spread with Kat’s guidance. We were reminded to al-
gian Waffles,” drenched in her buttery low-impact maple          ways eat until full, but save a little room to sample every
syrup facsimile (another one-minute exercise). One               new creation, so we could glean our list of favorites by
would never suspect the absence of grain or any flour,           the end to make at home. Between meals of wild caught
as they tasted better than the “real thing” with no slug-        sablefish, grass fed filets, free-range poultry and organic
gish after-effects. We were wowed by breakfast, but Kat          produce – all laced with buttery, beautiful fat –Kat took
reminded us that we’d be feeling a little “out of sorts”         requests (Cheese Nip “upgrade,” anyone?) and created
WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                                  FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   49
         “Dead Ringers” like her Transformed Peppermint Patties       pounds by the time we got home, and the next day, easily
         (yes, about two minutes). Turns out she knew we would        resisted my favorite chocolate cake at a meeting without
         rarely crave such things once we got home. Natasha and       the slightest impulse to lick my fingers as I served it. So
         I laughed at the “challenge” of having enough room to        this was how humans were meant to feel, I thought. No
         sample the white orange-chocolate Brazil nut bark (an-       more food obsession. Natasha agreed, saying: “When I'm
         other of her two-minute wonders) if we ate too much          hungry now, it’s because I need to feed my body. Not my
         spinach puff or “Crancherry Cheesecake.” Natasha is          mind.”
         shrinking and my eyes are de-puffing and we have no de-           Over the next few days we eagerly procured our new
         sire to overeat anything yet can have all we want from       food staples, special ingredients and our individual sup-
         this endless parade of mouthwatering morsels. Were we        plement regimens, based on Kat’s book as well as tons of
         dreaming??                                                   information presented at the program. Natasha and I re-
              On the final day, Kat treated us to one-on-one game-    sisted taking supplements at first, but Kat said not taking
         plan sessions during our amazing makeover and photo          key support, like probiotics, fish oil, blood sugar, thyroid,
         shoot with her (Kat was a top makeup artist for stars like   or adrenal support, for example, could be a deal-breaker.
         Sarah Jessica Parker and Martha Stewart). Jaws dropped            Another critical part of success, says Kat, is setting
         as each person emerged from her chair looking red-car-       aside a “make-ahead day” to cook and store individual
         pet-radiant. We gasped, cheered, and even teared up          meals and treats in your freezer. We brought home a list
         watching the slide show of the photo sessions, which cap-    of things we knew we wanted to make ahead of time.
         tured a unique beauty in everyone. The experience was        Natasha has become a dynamo in the kitchen, dreaming
         a catalyst for Natasha. In four days I watched her go from   up all sorts of original dishes based on Kat’s principles.
         skeptical and withdrawn, to inquisitive and convinced.       One of her dishes was so incredible she even cried after
         She was literally transformed in her demeanor, and her       tasting it, knowing she could eat it and continue to get
         relationship with food and her body.                         slimmer and healthier.
              The trip back to Vermont was with an engaged and             It’s true that this whole overhaul was quite expen-
         animated new friend. My beloved withdrawn and cynical        sive, but now we were eating out less, eating less food,
         daughter with her I-can-barely-tolerate-life-and-my          becoming more productive, and even seeing our dental
         mother attitude had left the vehicle. I’d dropped three      health improve – all of which we believe will easily pay
50   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                                      WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
back our investments. But what is                                                           is back. Consequently, morn-
really priceless is what has hap-                                                           ings are no longer groggy. I’ve
pened to our health and quality of                                                          gone from two to three morn-
life.                                                                                       ing hours of grumpy produc-
                                                                                            tivity, to eight to ten stable,
our four-Month “transformation                                                              peaceful and happy hours. No
report”                                                                                     snacking needed to “get me
     At this writing it’s been four                                                         through.” I’ve just had my
months and I haven’t “cheated”                                                              best two sales months and
once. Natasha has stayed the                                                                won a national business
course, too. That’s a lifetime record                                                       award. And all this after
for me. I guess it’s because I feel like                                                    weaning gradually off of
I’m cheating all the time and never go hungry. I don’t have      Zoloft since the program. I had a few “bumps,” but it’s
a lot of space to tell the whole story, or even what my          getting easier to deal with some of those old feelings.
friends and family think, but here are the physical changes      Supplements and my new “Happy Life” are also really
that have happened:                                              helping.
     I’ve lost just over forty pounds, but look like I’ve lost       Natasha is experiencing pretty much the same
even more (Kat says muscle to fat ratio increases with this      changes that I have. Everyone thinks she’s lost a ton of
biochemical change involving resensitizing to the hor-           weight, but she won’t even step on the scale. She refuses
mone leptin). My joints don’t ache and my knees don’t            to obsess about her weight. We’re finally buying her a
pop when I descend stairs anymore. Natasha says I no             new wardrobe after her smallest high school clothes are
longer “grunt” when I reach for things. But here is the big-     now too big for her.
gie: the scary numbness in my feet upon standing is gone.            Her infections don’t happen anymore. Her digestive
I can stand for as long as I want now. There are no words        issues and aches are gone. Interestingly, her teeth have
to convey my relief.                                             changed near the gum line from yellowish and soft to
     The IBS symptoms (I’ll spare you the details) have          harder and whiter. Kat pointed out that stopping sugar
ceased. My ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply                                               Continued on page 57

 WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                                FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   51
                                             image events

     From left to right - Dr. Daniel Baker,   Andy Acaru from Cynosure
     Dr. Thomas Rees, Dr. Jack
     Friedland and Dr. Sherrell Aston

     the cutting edge aesthetic Surgery Symposium at
     the waldorf astoria
      Thousands of Plastic Surgeons from around the globe attended
     the 31st annual Aesthetic Surgery Symposium hosted by the most       the ninth annual about face
     noted, renowned specialists of our time, Dr. Sherell J. Aston, Dr.   benefit for Domestic violence
     Daniel C. Baker and Dr. Thomas Rees. Educational seminars and        Survivors
     panel discussions were on such topics as Stem Cell Biology and       was held on October 20th at the
     FatGrafting possibly replacing facelifts and the latest techniques   Trump SoHo Hotel in New York City.
     for shaping and enlarging breasts without implants.                  Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon,
                                                                          Dr. Andrew Jacono and Park Slope Pro-
                                                                          ductions co-chaired the event honor-
      D-fine Grand opening                                                ing Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne
      On January 5th,D-Fine Fitness and                                                             Dr. Compa-
                                                                          Maloof, co-owner of MaloofEthan Lerner,
      Splurge had there Grand Opening                                     nies and star of the Real Housewives of
                                                                                                    Dr. Meghan O’Brien and
                                                                                                    Dr. Neil Sadick
      party for their new state of the                                    Beverly Hills. Over 250 guests at-
      art facility. Over hundred people                                   tended this star-studded evening in-
      came out to show their support. It                                  cluding The Real Housewives of New
      was a great way to kick off the                                      Jersey stars Melissa and Joe Gorga,
      New Year and new location.                                          Kathy and Rich Wakile, and Bravo’s Ex-
                                                                          ecutive Vice President of Original Pro-
                                                                          gramming and Development and host
                                                                          of “Watch What Happens: Live,” Andy
                                                                          Cohen. All proceeds were to benefit
                                                                          Face to Face, The National Domestic
                                                                          Violence Project and the Nassau
                                                                          County Coalition Against Domestic Vio-
                                                                          lence. Dr. Jacono is the senior advisor
     Nicole Mogavero, Betsy Rosenthal Carla Magray, Craig Hatchett        to Face to Face which provides pro
     (co-owner) , Lisa Roberts, Patti (owner)Debbie Feldman, Barrie       bono reconstructive surgery to victims
     Elman, Gayle Hatchett(co-owner) Ansel                                of domestic violence.

52   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                            WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
   Geralyn lucas shares her memoir, "why I
   wore lipstick to My Mastectomy" at the
   Sid Jacobson Jcc
   The rain did not prevent the crowd from attending the
   amazing talk and book signing given by award winning tele-
   vision producer, author, lecturer, women's health advocate,
   and Breast Cancer Survivor, Geralyn Lucas. Geralyn's posi-
   tive and emotional journey left the audience laughing and
   crying throughout the evening. This was a wonderful op-
   portunity to announce the formation of the new Strength
   to Strength; North Shore Woman’s Cancer Support Group.
                                    This well deserved new
                                    service available to the
                                    Long Island community
                                    consists of a collaborative
                                    team of the Manhasset
                                    Woman’s Coalition Against
                                    Breast Cancer and the Part-
                                    ner’s in Caring, Strength to
                                    Strength; FREE Cancer Well-
                                    ness Program for adults.
                                    For more information
                                    please contact Randi Hight
                                    at the Sid Jacobson JCC in
                                    Roslyn, NY 516-484-1545.

                               natural beauty Derma
                               Spa's annual holiday
                                It was a joyous night of celebra-
                                tion at Suffolk County's most rep-
                                utable and pampering Medi-Spa.
                                Renowned Cardiologist, Dr. David
Kavesteen, Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Roya Emami, Spa Director,
Camille Morrison and the entire staff at both Heart and Health
and Natural Beauty Derma Spa took a nice long break from work,
to eat, drink and be merry in celebration of the holiday season.

Michael's Mission
3rd annual benefit
The Michael's Mission
3rd annual benefit was
held on December 6,
2011 at Astra in Manhat-
tan's D&D building.
Michael's Mission was
formed in 2009 and is
focused on improving
the lives of those living
with colorectal cancer,
and enhancing colorec-
tal cancer treatment and
research efforts.

   WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                      FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   53
                                             BO’S DIET
                                             (Continued from page 27)

                                             term and more likely to carry over into the long-term. At this point,
                                             the patients have already “banked” their early success and are will-
                                             ing to continue on the safe “slow and steady” course because they
                                             are thrilled at their success that they carry with them all the time.

                                             building a Strong foundation. You wouldn’t purchase a home
                                             knowing it was built on a poor foundation, and the same is true in
                                             weight loss. Rapid weight loss can instill the confidence needed
                                             to make better choices, stick with a health program, and even
                                             begin to examine any underlying psychological causes of weight
                                             gain. If you are completely reliant on the medication and expect
                                             that it will do all the work, you will be doomed to fail. If, however,
                                             you focus on learning proper diet and nutrition, and the medica-
                                             tion is simply used as an accessory to complete the program, you
                                             are far more likely to succeed.
                                                  Through experience, I have found that patients who have pre-
                                             vious failed attempts at dieting, often point to difficulty sustaining
                                             enthusiasm when constantly bombarded with stimuli to break
                                             their diet. The psychological component, to be in the "right state
                                             of mind" when dieting, is often essential to the success of any pa-
                                             tient. In these cases, a short-term “rapid” weight loss program,
                                             followed by a long-term “slow and steady” program often works.
                                             Patients must be carefully screened to insure that their body can
                                             safely sustain a short-term low calorie program, and sometimes
                                             lab tests are required to carefully follow electrolyte balance. Once
                                             you begin any program, the follow-up visits will help you channel
                                             the excitement of the rapid weight loss into a new lifestyle change.
                                             When on any structured program, staying connected to that pro-
                                             gram is ideal and helps sustain your passion as well as your ac-
                                             countability, while learning to manage the new lifestyle.
                                                  In short, the answer is that rapid weight loss is not always the
                                             ideal, but when performed in a medical environment, for short
                                             term, it is very often better than the alternative of being over-
                                             weight. The unfortunate reality is that when people don’t see re-
                                             sults quickly, they most often give up on their goals of healthy
                                             weight management and that is, without debate, very unsafe. And
                                             whether you take it off slowly or quickly, with medication or with-
                                             out, the important thing is that you look to the long term, not the
                                             short. So, if losing a pound a week hasn’t worked for you in the
                                             past, Einstein implied it’s insane to think it will in the future.

                                             Dr. Bo Rosenblat is a board-certified medical doctor with office
                                             locations in Hewlett, Great Neck, Brooklyn and Manhattan. For
                                             more information about Dr. Bo’s Diet, please call 516-284-8248. IMaGe

                                             (Continued from page 15)
                                             Pap smear is an important component of a regular gynecologic
                                             checkup for all women starting at the age of 21 and remains
                                             an important tool in the early detection of cervical cancer.
                                                 Educating yourself about HPV, engaging in safer sex prac-
                                             tices, and going for regular checkups with your doctor are the
                                             cornerstones in protecting you and your loved ones from HPV.
                                             The Gardasil vaccine affords us the opportunity to add that ar-
                                             senal. IMaGe

54   •   IMAGE   •   FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012                                     WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM
                                             HOSPITAL DIRECTORY
Manhattan                          Manhattan eye ear and throat      South nassau communities             Stony brook university hospital
beth Israel Medical center         210 E 64th St                     hospital                             & Medical center
1st Avenue at 16th Street          New York, NY 10021                One Healthy Way                      101 Nicolls Road
New York, NY 10003                 212- 838-9200                     Oceanside, NY 11572                  Stony Brook, NY 11794
212-523-7772                       Specialize in ophthalmology,      877-SOUTHNASSAU                      631- 689-8333
Complete Care                      otolaryngology and plastic sur-   Complete Care                        Complete Care
hospital for Special Surgery                                         St. francis hospital
535 East 70 Street                 Mount Sinai Medical center        The Heart Center                     St. catherine of Siena Medical
New York, NY 10021                 One Gustave L. Levy Place         100 Port Washington Blvd.            center
212-606-1000                       New York, NY 10029-6574           Roslyn, NY 11576                     50 Route 25A
Specialize in Orthopedics,         Complete Care                     516-562-6000                         Smithtown, NY 11787
Rheumatology, Neurology                                              Specialize in Heart Health           631 862-3000
                                   north Shore/lIJ lenox hill hos-                                        Complete Care
Memorial Sloan-kettering can-      pital
cer center                         100 E 77th St                     Mercy Medical center
1275 York Avenue                   New York, NY 10075                1000 North Village Avenue            huntington hospital
New York, NY 10065                 212-434-2000                      PO Box 9024                          270 Park Avenue
646-227-3634                       Complete Care                     Rockville Centre, NY 11570            Huntington NY 11743
Specialize in Cancer Treatment                                       516-626-3729                         (631) 351-2000
                                                                     Complete Care                        Complete Care
Metropolitan hospital center       lonG ISlanD
1901 First Avenue                  north Shore university hospital   winthrop university hospital
New York, NY 10029                 300 Community Drive               259 First Street                     South hampton hospital
212-423-8162                       Manhasset, NY 11030               Mineola, New York 11501              240 Meeting House Lane
Complete Care                      516-562-0100                      516-663-0333                         Southampton, New York 11968
                                   Complete Care                     Complete Care                        631-726-8200
nyu langone Medical center                                                                                Complete Care
550 First Avenue                   long Island Jewish                brookhaven Memorial hospital
New York, NY 10016                 270-05 76th Avenue                Medical center                       Peconic bay Medical center
212-263-7300                       New Hyde Park, NY 11040           101 Hospital Road                    1300 Roanoke Avenue
Specialize in Orthopedics, Reha-   516-470-7000                      Patchogue, NY 11772                  Riverhead, NY 11901
bilitation and Rheumatology        Complete Care                     631-654-7708                         Complete Care
   WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                                    FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   55
                                          fish oils and Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics
_________________________                 (both products have had major impact
(Continued from page 51)                  on our health). The trip will be physi-
                                          cally challenging, so this opportunity
and using xylitol (her favorite sweet-    has really motivated us. But we’ll
ener) “changes the mouth ecology”         never again make over-simplified New
and is actually proven to fight decay     Years’ resolutions to “lose weight” or
and remineralize tooth enamel.            deprive ourselves again. Those goals
Here’s another big one: Natasha’s         won’t train your body to prefer fuel
acne is pretty much gone – face,          over fat or signal your brain that
chest, and back.                          you’re not in a famine any more...
      She finds it annoying that her           So what are my new resolutions?
friends still congratulate her on         To continue to hone and balance my
“sticking with her diet” or apologizing   thyroid, adrenal, and other hormonal
for “waving fries in front of her,” not   issues as my body changes. And finally,
believing that she’s truly not            to set up one of my bikes inside and
tempted. But her moods and outlook        get as strong as I can for Costa Rica!
are so transformed and her self-es-
teem keeps rising. She just won her
first speaking contest, in fact.          follow IMaGe for a Six Month up-
                                          date on Joan and natasha
                                               Be sure to keep your eye on
new new years’ resolutions: trad-         IMAGE in the coming months for Joan
ing In Suffering for biochemical          and Natasha’s updates and photos.
Peace                                     Learn more about Kat James’ pro-
     Kat recently selected Natasha and    grams at,
I to share a scholarship to her Costa     or catch her keynote and meet Joan
Rica Total Transformation® later this     and Natasha at Navel Expo in Hunting-
month, sponsored by Nordic Naturals’      ton, NY, Sunday, May 6th.     IMaGe

WWW.IMAGEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM                                                         FEBRUARY / MARCH 2012   •   IMAGE   •   57
                                                                                                                                                                  ry                  ery                                                                          ery                ery      stia        tuc
  reconstructive plastic/cosmetic surgery                                                                                                                     urge              urg                         ift                   -s   pa                    urg                  Surg ecoma            m y c i a l F i o t ox                                                       suc                              t
                                                                                                                                                       id S                eS                       row
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              edi                      dS                     ast                                                                                                                              elif
  Name                                    Address                     Town                    Phone                                               Eyel                 nos                      B                         M                        Han                    bre             Gy n      tum        Fa B                                                           lipo                      Fa c
   Dr. Steven Katz                         107 Woodbury Rd.           Huntington              631-423-9742                                        X                    X                  X                           X                         X                         X                          X                 X                          X                           X                        X
   Schlessinger Eye & Face                 75 Froehlich Farm Blvd.    Woodbury                516-496-2122                                         X               X                        X                             X                                                                                                                       X                                                    X
                                           1455 Veterans Highway      Hauppauge               516-496-2122
   Dr. Martin Kessler                       650 Northern Blvd        Great Neck               516-466-7000                                         X               X                        X                                                    X                        X                          X                 X                               X                      X                        X
                                            242 Merrick Rd. Ste. 302 Rockville Centre         516-536-5858
   Dr. Mark Illan Silberman                 650 Northern Blvd        Great Neck               516-466-7000                                         X               X                        X                                                    X                        X                          X                 X                               X                      X                        X
                                            242 Merrick Rd. Ste. 302 Rockville Centre         516-536-5858
   Dr. Andrew Jacono                        440 Northern Blvd.        Great Neck              516-773-4646                                         X               X                        X                         X                                                                                                                                X                                               X
   Dr. James Marotta                        267 E. Main St. Bldg.B    Smithtown               631-982-2022                                         X               X                        X                                                                                                                                                          X                                               X

                                                                                                                                                              in tion s                               ing                            ts                                                 n                       ons                           istr                                         t ics           ea
  general dentistry                                                                                                                                       cela tora eer                           iten                        l an                     ding                   s   al i g                tal acti                    er D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tion                  dul ont
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                J l d -A h o d
                                                                                                                                                       Por res Ven                              wh                        Imp                       bon                  Invi                        Den extr                    las                   IV S                   tM Chi Ort         Sle
    Dr. Maia Berger                           343 West 58 Street              NYC                  212-757-3183                                        X                   X                  X                       X                          X                       X                               X                    X                                          X
    Newman Orthodontics                      14 Glen Cove Rd.                  Roslyn               516-626-2060                                                                                                                                                         X                                                                                                                 X
    Dr. Barry Jason                          1 Barstow Rd.                   Great Neck          516-767-0900                                       X                      X                X                             X                        X                     X                               X                    X                   X                      X
                                             9 West Prospect Ave. Mount Vernon 914-699-8940 / 65-31 52nd Ave. Maspeth 718-424-8688
    Dr. Barry Chase                           324 South Service Rd.            Melville            631-393-6888                                       X                    X                X                             X                        X                     X                               X                    X                                          X                                     X

                                                                                                                                                                      um                                                                                                                  alth        tion nts
                                                                                                                                                                 of G                             wn                                   ts               ning                         l he          ena mpla
                                                                                                                                                              ent e                            Cro ening       raf ting          p l an             itio               s          ora          ejuv eeth/I
  periodontist                                                                                                                                             atm Diseas
                                                                                                                                                                                            tic th
                                                                                                                                                                                         the g               G             tal Im
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              re pos            action     me n's            eR T
                                                                                                                                                       tre                            Aes Len            Gum            Den               lip               Extr         wo             Bon for
   Perio NYC                             218 East 61st Street                New York              (212) 756-8890                                           X                               X                             X                         X                    X                       X                    X                         X
   Edward Gottesman, DDS Susan Karabin, DDS
                                                                                                                                                                                    oss Botox es                  ses   lth                                                                                                       elin n                    s
                                                                                                                                                                         ms     ht l                          isea r hea                                                                                                       uns      io          n- gram
                                                                                                                               ng &nal ne al ion              zedl Progra l weig il ers & alth issu s     ne D ascula                                                                                                      l co sultat ted/noed Pro sting
                                                                                                                         i-Ag o ci on at                u al i n a                                     mu                                                                                                               ona Con               a icat
  nutrition / natural medicine                                                                                                                                              a          F    e       ie
                                                                                                                      Ant Functi Medi horm evaul IndividNutritio Medic Facial Men's H al erg Autoim cardio Toxici
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    v    ty                                                                                         riti ee                dic            R Te
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 nut           Fr        Me Me d       BM
   Dr. Roxanne Carfora                      301 Maple Ave.                  Smithtown               631-265-9355            X          X                      X                X                X                     X                   X                X             X                       X

   Dr. Dana Cohen                           10 West 74 Street                NYC                    212-787-1877            X          X                    X                  X                X                     X                   X                X             X                       X

   Dr. Bo's Diet Center                     1800 Rockaway Ave. Ste. 101      Hewlett                                                                                                                                                                                                                              X              X                              X                    X
                                            800 Community Drive Ste. 208     Manhasset               516-284-8248

                                                                                                                                                              f                                                        ot               ve ry                y     rch
                                                                                                                                                          nt o                s       Toe s                       c Fo       c & ructi rge              rger     da        ily e
                                                                                                                                                       tme arts chil es roblem ail and roblem ports juries eriatri are osmeti econst oot Su         r Su eel an ain tal Fam ot Car
                                                                                                                                                   trea w       A p             N P           S In G C                    c r       f         L as e           h P To Fo
   Massapequa Podiatry                      4160 Merrick Rd.               Massapequa               516-541-9000                                      X                             X                                 X                                 X                         X                              X                          X                                      X                          X

                                                                                                                                                            r s             or s                                                                                                    py
                                                                                                                                                        t fo Vein       nt f ein                                                    uch                                nd        era                 g
                                                                                                                                                     men ous          me er v                                                   l To r                              sou d oth              Vein enin
   vascular surgery
                                                                                                                                                Treat Varic       trea Spid                                                C o o L as e                        ultra guide Scler       Free Scre
   Dr. Mark Schwartz                        1 Hollow Road                  Lake Success              516-869-8346                                     X                                   X                                     X                                         X                                            X

                                                                                                                                                             al lifts                                                 ein nt                                  s       l on             s                      r
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sion t fo se                                                                                                                        n
                                                                                                                                                       rgic Face             air al                               er V atme                                ent cia ati             lysi         bra en isea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    nen p                                                                                                         atio
   dermatology /medical spas                                                                                                                     n -S u L i q u i d      er h ov                                                                    y reatm aser Fa ejuven     ctro Micro- Derma treatm Skin D Perma Makeu                                                                                                   r tor
                                                                                                                                              No                      las rem                                 Spid Tre                           bod t          L R        ele                                                                                                                                            Hai Res
    Dr. Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg           11 Irving Place                    Woodmere               516-295-5570                                       X                        X                                X                                    X                     X                           X                  X                          X                                   X                              X
    Vita Ageless Medical Aesthetics        1500 Old Northern Blvd.            Roslyn                 516-626-6800                                       X                        X                                X                                    X                     X                                               X                         X                                   X
    The North Shore Medical Spa            1 Hollow Lane                      Lake Success           516-441-5110                                       X                        X                                X                                    X                     X                                               X
    Dr. Helen Flamembaum                    3003 New Hyde Park Road           New Hyde Park          516-354-6868                                                                X                                                                                                                                            X                        X                                   X

    Natural Beauty Derma Spa               1350 Deer Park Avenue              North Babylon          631- 940-8606                                      X                        X                                X                                     X                    X                                                X
    Women’s Health & Wellness              55-15 Little Neck Pkwy.            Little Neck            718-281-1800                                       X                        X                                                                      X                    X                                                X                                                             X
                                           155 Froehlich Farm Blvd.           Woodbury               516-921-5900

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              n ling     h oni n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ing                                                              es                      ses
   fitness/physical therapy                                                                                                                       al
                                                                                                                                               son iner tes
                                                                                                                                                                                       obi oga                           ritio nse trengt onditi ore raning                                                      box
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         l y
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     sica rap                                 c   lass            re   Clas
                                                                                                                                            Per tra Pila                           aer       Y                        nut cou        S C           C T                                                       kick                 Phy The                                Spin                  Bar
   Sid Jacobson JCC                    300 Forest Drive                       East Hills            516-484-1545                                  X                    X            X                  X                      X                         X                              X                       X                           X                                 X
   Hot Ryde                            55 Lumber Road                         Roslyn               516-801-6666                                                                                        X                                                   X                                X                                                                                X                     X
   South Shore Fitness                 3465 Lawson Blvd.                      Oceanside             877-443-4863                                   X                   X              X               X                       X                            X                                X                    X                           X                               X
   D-fine Fitness                      1 Albertson Avenue                     Albertson             516-484-6300                                   X                   X                              X                       X                            X                                X                   X

                                                                                                                                                          are                                              rap
                                                                                                                                                                                                              y                                                                                          ric
                                                                                                                                                       &c                                       ting                    ting                                                                         diat t       t of
                                                                                                                                                   osis sthma                                Tes gen unothe                                                                                      / Pe atmen atmen ema, mititi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              s                                                                              al       ns
                                                                                                                                                 gn                                       rgy r                     ct S rgy                                                                   lt re                                                                               es                     son rgy ctio
   allergies/asthma                                                                                                                           Dia of a                                Al e Al e Imm             Inse al e                                                                   Adu T            tre ecz Der                                                       Hi v                    Sea al e Inje
  Dr. Gadi Avshalomov                   560 Northern Blvd                        Great Neck        516-487-6200                               X                                               X                                                     X                                        X                                   X                                           X                                  X
  175 Jericho Tpke., Syosset, 516-921-6780 / 2084 E. 67 St., Brooklyn, 718-444-8014

                                                                                                                                                             me          ic
                                                                                                                                                          eat 's ron                                                                                                                                                      re
                                                                                                                                                      d tr kinson e & Ch
                                                                                                                                                    ne ar as ss                                               ctu
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 re                                   ath
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ed ctu
  parkinson's disease                                                                                                                             ow P                e                                    pun                                    eop                        eop                                anc pun
                                                                                                                                               Ren for Dise Il n                                        acu                                   Ho m                        ost                                Adv Acu
   The Werth Parkinson Centre           448 Highcliffe Drive               Vaughan , Ontario, Canada         905-889-4462                                  X                                            X                                      X                             X                                     X

                                                                                                                                                          an d                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      nt
                                                                                                                                                      oat                                  l oo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ns                                                               ch &                                                       tme
                                                                                                                                                   Thr urgery                          t ba ty                             n tom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ctio                                                              pee ing s                                                  rea
 otolaryngology                  (ear, nose & throat)                                                                                            e                                  ren uplas                                                                                  &         rs                                    e, S a low sorder                                            cT
                                                                                                                                              Nos k S                             la                                   atio il ec                        ar I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             nfe           ring ance orde                                                                                       lts & iatri
                                                                                                                                           Ear Nec                             acc Sin                            C obl Tons                            e               Hea Bal Dis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          voi Sw Di                                          Adu Ped
  LI Otolaryngology Associates    560 Northern Blvd.            Great Neck         516-487-6200                                                   X                                   X                                   X                                X                                X                                    X                                                 X
  175 Jericho Tpke., Syosset 516-921-6780 / 5505 Nesconset Hwy., Mount Sinai, 631-509-5250

                                                                                                                                                                                    gic           ity                                                                             hic          nt        sal         o- y
                                                                                                                                                              rics   isk trics   olo es        ens g                                                                           rap es       sce cine  pau ine     nec
 women’s healthcare                                                                                                                                     Obstet high r obste Gynec Servic bone Dtestin                                                                    So nog Servic adole Medi Meno Medic al Gy logic Surge

Northern Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C. 3111 New Hyde Park Road           North Hills           516-365-6100                                                X                    X                                 X                             X                                    X                            X                               X                                     X
Eileen Krim, MD, Brian S. Cooperman, MD, Wendy Fried, MD, Hetty Chung, MD, Julie Shih, MD, Doreen Marinese, MD