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									                                                                                 with declarations laden with

                                                                                 exclamation points. (And then
                                                   ASIDES                        quickly forgotten.)
                                                     &                              But, typically, one can also
                                                                                 find on the agenda seemingly
                                                  INSIDES                        well-meaning but somewhat
                                                                                 silly resolutions dealing with
                                                                                 topics such as the need for
And now, it’s on to the                                                          warning labels on cotton swab
                                                                                 packaging and a call to
Miss Universe contest                                                            address the scourge of video
                                                                                 game addiction.
Outliers imagines that Detroit Medical Center did pretty well for                   This year is no exception. In One AMA resolution targets smoking
itself last year when it hired Rima Fakih as a part-time physician               addition to resolutions dealing in apartments. No word on any
sales representative.                                                            with healthcare reform, scope opposition to the Lava Lamp.
   If her name sounds familiar, it’s because Fakih won the recent                of practice issues and the intri-
Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas and will compete in the Miss Uni-                  cacies of medical economics, there are resolutions calling for mandatory
verse pageant this summer. DMC hired Fakih as a part-time sales rep              political science classes in medical school, prohibiting smoking in multi-
                                                                                 family housing and making condom use mandatory in adult films.
                                                                                    While that last resolution may seem the most over-the-top, Outliers

                                                                      AP PHOTO
                                                                                 thought the anti-smoking resolution contained the most eye-rolling
                                                                                 language as it discussed why people shouldn’t be allowed to smoke in
                                                                                 their own homes because “smoke can move along air ducts, through
                                                                                 wall and floor cracks, through elevator shafts, and along plumbing and
                                                                                 electrical routes.”
                                                                                    (For the record, Outliers grew up in a home with a smoking parent
                                                                                 and never took a sick day in high school. Just sayin’.)

                                                                                 “Certainly resources have exchanged hands, because it takes quite a bit to
                                                                                 launch a new initiative. And to the credit of our corporate partner, the
                                                                                 resources we receive are received for the broad construct of heart health and
                                                                                 messaging to use physically active play to increase activity in many seden-
                                                                                 tary individuals. … The logo’s not for sale. What we’re doing is promot-
                                                                                 ing a message that’s incredibly important.”
                                                                                      —Clyde Yancy, president of the American Heart Association, to
                                                                                      ABC News on the group’s decision to endorse the Nintendo Wii
                                                                                   video game system and Nintendo’s $1.5 million gift to the group to
                                                                                                                          support a heart-health initiative.
Rima Fakih celebrates her win as Miss USA at the pageant earlier
this month in Las Vegas.                                                         “You do Medicare for God and country because you lose money on it. The
                                                                                 only way to provide cost-effective care is outside the Medicare system, a
in February 2009, says Reginald Lee, senior vice president for physi-            system without constant paperwork and headaches and inadequate reim-
cian recruitment.                                                                bursement. … I’ve been in practice 24 years, and a lot of my patients got
   “Her personality, what you saw on TV, is what we saw every day,”              old right along with me. It’s stressful to tell them you’re leaving Medicare
Lee says, describing Fakih as personable and easygoing. Fakih has                and they’re responsible for payments if they want to stay with you. You feel
developed a good rapport with physicians and has never missed a beat             like you’re abandoning them.”
while competing in the pageant, Lee says.                                           —Guy Culpepper, a Dallas-area family practice doctor who opted
   Fakih swore Lee to secrecy regarding her modeling and pageant                       out of Medicare in March, in the Houston Chronicle. The paper
work when she joined DMC, Lee says. “She wanted people to judge her                found that more than 300 Texas doctors have dropped Medicare in
based on her accomplishments,” he says. The cat was out of the bag                                                                        the past two years.
after Fakih, 24, of Dearborn, Mich., won the Miss Michigan pageant
last September.
   Fakih earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University
                                                                                         Have an idea for an
of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and has plans to go to law school after com-
pleting her Miss USA duties, but she has a home at DMC if she wants
to come back after taking time off, Lee says: “We’re going to save a spot                             E-mail us at
for her.”
Smoky thinking?                                                                                                the quirky side
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venes in Chicago to discuss the weighty healthcare issues of the day.                              of healthcare, visit
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