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									                                                             What Is a Tester?
Anyone who has ever bought a perfume from a shop has been exposed to a tester. A tester refers to
that open bottle of perfume that the salesperson uses to spritz your arm to show you what a fragrance
smells like.

Basically a tester is the same fragrance that you buy from a shop, without the fancy packaging necessary
for retail. The testers come in the same bottles and carry the same amount of perfume and have the
same quality as the packaged fragrance.

Perfumerika.com offers a wide range of testers which are available directly from the manufacturer and
have never been used before. Some people when purchasing perfumes for themselves choose to buy
tester bottles as they are much less expensive.

What You Might Hear About Purchasing Testers
Since testers are meant for commercial retail, many people believe that they are somehow inferior to
the packaged fragrances that are generally sold in stores. Here are some common myths that people
believe about testers and why they are untrue.

Myth 1: Testers Have Lesser Fragrance in the Same Bottles
This is untrue because since stores need testers to last long, and they are tried on by many customers
they need to be according to the specifications of the containers they come in. Testers come in both 50
ML and 100 ML.

Myth 2: Testers are Different from the Real Fragrance
Testers are the same as the ‘real’ fragrance because testers are used to give customers an idea of what
the actual packaged fragrance would be like. If testers would be of inferior quality or if they did not
smell the same as the packaged perfume then no customer would buy the actual product.
Myth 3: Testers Come Without Sprayers So They Are Prone To Leakage
While it is true that some testers don’t have caps, all of them do have sprayers; therefore there is no
chance of leakage. The only way a tester can leak is if it is carelessly handled, the same way the
packaged perfume can break or leak if the bottle is tampered with.

Myth 4: Buying Testers is Illegal because they are labeled “Not For Resale”
It is always smart to read the labels clearly. Most testers are labeled “Not for Resale” not, “Not for Sale”.
This means that you can buy them legally without the intent of selling them. Perfumerika.com sells a
whole range of testers, from boxed, to capped to uncapped and unboxed. However all of them are full,
completely unused and are completely genuine.

Since they come directly from the manufacturer, Perfumerika.com guarantees your satisfaction with the
tester you purchase, which is just a less expensive way of owning the fragrance you have been coveting.


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