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									RxMedCo Transportation and Translation Services

During a vacation, I and my cousin arranged for a tour. On the
way, my cousin fell ill and we didn’t know what to do.    All of
a sudden, I remembered that my father had once taken
transportation service from RxMedCo and they had informed that
they provide transportation services in all 50 states. Luckily,
I had their contact details with me. I immediately got in touch
with them to send an ambulance. Moreover, we were also facing
some language barrier and hence, as communication with doctors
would be difficult, we had requested them to send a medical
interpreter also so that proper communication with the doctor is

We went to the hospital in their ambulance and they took proper
care till we reached there. Their transportation services also
include Wheelchair, Stretcher, ALS/BLS     being used by private
citizens, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, HMOs, nursing
or group homes and assisted living facilities.

RxMedco’s medical interpreters are available 24 hours and 365
days and also provide services in over 250 languages.

Additionally, RxMedco also provide language services like On–
Site interpretation, Document translation, Conference Calls, On-
Site Translation of stipulations and final settlement etc.

For more information visit: KWWSZZZU[PHGFRFRP

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