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									Positive Cash Flow
Property lying idle is of no use and in the long run, it gets damaged leading to loss. I had one such
property with me, which I wished to utilize but didn’t know how there could be positive cash flow.

I wanted to give property to someone, who would utilize this properly but was afraid whether they
would take proper care of it. Then, I decided to get in touch with Paul and Karen, who were
dealing in this type of business. They understood what I wanted to do and we decided to enter
into joint venture.

Today my property is well taken care of and my negative geared property has become useful and
now, it’s generating good income also.

There is a positive cash flow, as amount keeps on flowing into my account every month and as they
had taken complete care of the transactions, I didn’t have to worry about anything since then.

After being associated with them, I always thought, why I didn’t think of it earlier, as my property
was lying idle since last five years and if I had done this earlier then this positive cash flow would
have started much earlier.

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