5 Effective Strategies for Increasing Subscribers to your Blog

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					5 Effective Strategies for Increasing
Subscribers to your Blog
Competition for the attention of blog readers is high; bloggers are continually looking for
new ways to increase their number of subscribers.

Fortunately, there are afew little tricks you can use to gain an advantage over your

Here are 5 effective strategies for increasing subscribers to your blog

1. Run regular competitions

Competitions are always popular with readers, especially if the prize is something
related to the topic of your blog. One-off competitions will bring in the readers, but
not necessarily new subscribers. You need to give readers a reason to subscribe to
your blog; make it clear that there will be more competitions at a later date, and that
they can be kept informed by subscribing. Competition prizes don’t have to cost a
lot of money; you could team-up with a larger company, and get them to provide the
prize in return for some free advertising.

2. Hand out free e-books

Write an e-book related to the topic of your blog, including a small bio and a link.
Offer the book for free download on freebie sites, free e-book directories, and
anywhere else you can think of. Ask other bloggers if they would like to offer free
copies of your book on their blog; most bloggers are on the lookout for new content,
especially if it’s free. Allow people to redistribute your book wherever they see fit,
providing they don’t remove the link to your blog.

3. Tweet regularly

Twitter has become a highly effective marketing tool, and a great way to build
relationships with other Twitter users. If you provide regular, interesting tweets
related to the topic of your blog, your Twitter followers are more likely to consider
subscribing to your blog. Provide links to interesting articles and related news items,
and keep followers updated on your blog posts. Avoid spamming or posting unrelated

4. Offer an incentive

Offer a free gift or special offer to new subscribers. Offering free reports, e-books, or
software downloads to new subscribers is an effective way to get people to sign-up.
You could also provide ‘subscriber only’ special offers, such as money-off coupons
or free trials of a product or service. Team up with a larger company to find discounts
and special deals to offer to your subscribers.

5. Join forces with other bloggers
Find other bloggers with a similar goal to your own, and promote each other on your
respective blogs. This could be in the form of guest posts, reciprocal links, blog
reviews, or even just commenting on each others posts. Follow each other on Twitter,
and retweet interesting content from each others blogs. By endorsing each other in
this way, you can dramatically increase the number of subscribers to your blog.

Implementing these strategies will help you see a tremendous response to your blog.
Getting the traffic to your blog is key but also you want to turn those visitors into
connections, contacts and of course, paying customers!

Share your thoughts and comments on this topic. Was it helpful, will it motivate
you to look at other ways to increase your subscribers to your blog?

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