Planning family holidays – not mission impossible

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					Planning family holidays – not mission impossible

Holidays don’t necessarily have to be long and extravagant, although having a good
time that way is what every one of us would dream about. Holidays can be budget
friendly too like may be a short camping trip, a beachfront mansion shared for the
weekend or some good silent time spent with the family fishing, yachting, sailing or
even a week long foreign trip. The idea is to have loads of fun, relax and forget all
the worries of the world. For this it is important to plan the trip right especially if it
is more than one family holidaying so that the relationship grows even after the
vacation is long over.

The first thing is to get the place and the time right. For this you need to consider
school vacation, events, annual leave and other commitments. Synching family
holidays may seem nearly impossible what with the hectic life we lead especially if
both spouses are working. Be ready to compromise and negotiate that is when you
will be able to deduce upon a suitable date and time. Next you need to decide on
the destination. Make sure there is something for everyone to do so that the
holiday is enjoyable for everyone. Beaches are an all time attraction, irrespective of
the age everyone loves beaches and these destinations are ideal for families having
young tots. Farm-stays and theme parks are a great hit with school age kids and it
doesn’t even need a long holiday. If you have high school kids then activity holidays
are what you should be planning like hiking, skiing etc. Before you finalize the
destination, consider the climate like heading for tropical region in rainy season and
having to share a house may give the family members cabin fever or even worse.

Once you decide on the time and the place, plan out the budget. Of course
holidaying is not counting dollar figures, but you surely don’t want to ruin your
other payment plans just because you overspent on the single family holiday.
Decide what type of stay you will need fancy five star luxuries or sleep gazing the
stars. Work out a daily budget; consider food expenses, petrol or other conveyance,
entry fees and then the shopping, after all what is a holiday without shopping. Be
prepared for unplanned costs from the small expense like ice-creams and fishing
baits to major ones. A well planned holiday will leave you and your families with
lots of fond memories so don’t forget to carry the camera or camcorder. And last
but not the least - plan or no plan; have lot of fun.

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