Three Top Advantages of Portable Exhibition Stands

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					Three Top Advantages of Portable Exhibition Stands
If you’ve just created the latest gadget or gizmo that the world needs to know about, what are the
easiest ways to spread the word? Especially if you’re on a budget? Make sure your latest must-have
product is given the grand reveal it deserves, by showcasing it at an exhibition.

But in order to make a lasting impression, and make your ground breaking products sell, you need to
stand out from the crowd. Unique exhibition graphics will go part of the way to making you stand
out, but what else can you do?

Novice and experience exhibitors alike can often be guilty of neglecting perhaps the most important
tool in your trade show arsenal - the exhibition stand. Merely seen as a necessity, some companies
are yet to harness the true marketing potential of a well designed exhibition stand.

Why Exhibition Stands?
Available in a whole host of styles, and for every budget, investing in the right stand can be the
difference between success and failure. Sure, you can attract a few customers and create a bit of a
buzz with any old stand. But if you want to be remembered, you have to make the right choice.

One of the most popular types of stand takes the shape of the portable exhibition stand. Whether
you opt for a pop-up or banner stand, this type of stand is professional, unique, and will help you
stand out at your next corporate event.

Decked out in your corporate branding, portable stands are a great way to attract your target
market. Whoever you’re looking to sell to, and whatever your goals for the day, you should certainly
invest in one of these stands. In case you’re still debating whether this is the right stand for you,
here are some of the main advantages:

1) Easy to Set Up
When exhibiting at a trade show, conference, or networking event you can pretty much guarantee
you’ll have lots to remember. What with preparing your products, setting up your AV equipment,
and making sure you’re dressed to impress; you may not have the time to set up a modular
exhibition stand.

Quick and easy to assemble, portable stands save you loads of time in setting up. This frees up the
rest of you time to display your products in the best possible way, to gain maximum visibility. You
can also pack away quickly and easily.

2) Saves Money
Similarly if you’re a particularly small business, saving money is a concern for you. Without the
budget, or trade show experience, behind you, investing in a large exhibition stand isn’t always an
affordable option.

Portable exhibition stands provide you with everything you need to showcase your business in a
professional manner, without breaking the bank. They’re also reusable which makes them a sound
investment and a cost-effective marketing solution.
3) Easy to Transport
Portable exhibition stands, as the name suggests, are easy to transport and move around. This is
especially useful for businesses who have to travel a long distance to tradeshows, or people who
exhibit frequently throughout the year.

Portable stands are a great choice for companies with limited exhibition, or even storage, space.
They’re easy to set up, show off your products in the best possible light, and are easily transported
from location to location.

You don’t have to blow the budget to compete with your competition. Even the smallest of
companies are sure to leave their mark on an exhibition with one of these stands. Pop-up and
banner stands are just as effective, especially if you’re exhibiting in a smaller space.

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Description: Discover why portable exhibition stands could be the best option to help your business make an impact at your next trade event. This guide outlines the 3 main benefits of portable exhibition stands.