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									Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council of the 16th May, 2012
                          in Kirkton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members - Jean Muir, Neil Munro, Hugh Johnstone, Fiona Meikle-Latta, John
Young, Peter Landale, Derek Ivy

Non-KCC Members – Claire Corlett, Yen Hongmei Jin , Sgt Fiona Bell, David Henderson,
Margaret Wilson, Gordon Bissett

1 – Apologies – Ivor Hyslop

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 18th April, 2012

2.1 – An amendment should be made to point 10.3 where it was wrongly stated that the Kirkton’s got
Talent celebrations start at 5 pm. The celebrations start at 6 pm.

2.2 – Approved the minutes of 18th April, 2012 moved by JY and seconded by NM.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – Re 3.2 - Mr Vallance’s sons have decided to let the fields for fodder cultivation. No fertilisers are
to be used and no animals will graze them.

3.2 – Agreed to thank Councillors John Charteris and Lorna McGowan for their work and support for
the KCC. New councillor, and Yen Hongmei Jin Sergeant Fiona Bell based in Loreburn Street
Police Station were welcomed.

4 – Moffat Initiative - Windfarm Community Development

4.1 – NM attended the D & G Council meeting at Kirkcudbright. The manner in which the regional
consents for turbines is sympathetic to the environment and the community. However, if D & G
Council Planning reject an application, the developer can take this back to Central Government where
it is likely that the Council rejection will be overturned. With regard to proliferation, it was suggested
that the community is more likely to have their views heard if they approach Central Government in
Edinburgh. The Community Benefit Policy proposed by D & G Council has no legal standing and can
be challenged. Clarity on how this is going to be implemented is to be sought. In this respect, NM met
with Helen Friedricksen, Community Officer, who is to ask the newly appointed Community Benefit
Officer, Susan Kercher to contact NM. At the Nithsdale Meeting which JY attended, it was suggested
that a meeting was held with the local officer to establish a means of tackling this issue. JY to copy
local MSPs with regard to all future decisions in respect of windfarm developments and the
associated issues.

4.2 – With regard to future Windfarm Community Benefit, a date, time and place is to be agreed
where our community can have the opportunity to draw up a list of blue sky projects on which the
money might be used.

4.3 – PL stated that no analysis has been carried out as to where power generated in D & G is
ultimately used. 90% of the power requirements could be provided by Dalswinton’s windfarm

5 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)

5.1 – BT have confirmed by email that they will replace the telephone box door, the delay is in
procuring a replacement which conforms to the kiosk’s listed status. The painting, glazing and
cleaning programme is also confirmed as work in progress which will be progressively completed.

5.2 – Duncow Court landscaping project is scheduled to commence in the next two weeks. NM to
meet with Norman Burns of DGHP to discuss possible provision of a noticeboard and the final details
of the work.

5.3 – It is hoped that the edging at the rear of the area adjacent to the pump can be started mid-June.
GB raised queries in respect of public safety, planning and public liability insurance. NM to contact the
Council in respect of these matters and to ensure that these are clarified prior to any work being
carried out.

5.4 – JY unable to recover NIthsdale Salmon Fishing Board correspondence in respect of their
response from Scottish Water/SEPA. PL to contact Jim Henderson of NFSB in this regard.

5.5 – The delay to the construction of the pavement from the edge of the church grounds to the
village green is due to the need for Scottish Power to reroute a cable. JY to contact the Council to get
an update on progress and their plans for completion.

6 – Community Council Election 2012

6.1 – This year Community Council election day is Thursday 4th October. Agreed that Jackie Bodle
be Returning Officer subject to her acceptance. JY is to obtain a timetable for nominations for
Community Council Elections.

6.2 – Agreed a flyer be distributed publicising the Community Council elections.

7 – Police Report

7.1 – Noted - a speeding driver has been traced and talked to after a complaint by local horse-riders.

7.2 – Noted - anonymous tip-off about a male driving without insurance.

7.3 – Noted, attempted break-in to cabins in the Dalswinton area.

7.4 – Noted, anonymous report about local youths cutting through gardens in Barrasgate.

7.5 – Rural thefts of tractor batteries, trailers, quad bikes and scrap metal, are still ongoing. Public
asked to remain vigilant.

7.6 – GB reported a black VW Golf car being driven through Kirkton on several occasions at high

7.7 – Sgt Bell to make inquiries about borrowing mobile speed flashing sign for Kirkton village.

8 – Treasurer’s Report

8.1 – Overall Financial Position - there is £3000 in all the Funds together at the end of the financial
year. Since then £500 has been committed to buying two barbecue pits and insurance for the Jubilee
Weekend activities. There was a late invoice so the Annual Accounts are not finalised but this will be
completed later in the month.

8.2 – Future Insurance - although it is understood that D & G Council have made arrangements for
overall KCC Members’ Liability cover, it has not been possible to get quotes from the new
organisation. Accordingly, Giles Insurance has been used for the Jubilee Weekend.

8.3 – D & G Grant Applications for 2012/2013 - notification has been received that KCC will receive
£250 each for the Jubilee Gala and the Senior Citizens’ Event 2013.

8.4 – Windfarm Grant Monies - agreement under which headings this year’s grant should be applied
for, needs to be decided at this meeting. KCC is in receipt of an annual administrative grant from the
Council (last time £585). However, despite KCC Members and other volunteers, covering their own
expenses, basic annual running costs exceed this amount.

Suggestions are as follows:

KCC Grapevine - two issues at £350 per issue is £700;

The Iron Gate to allow young and old access safely through the fence to the refurbished War
Memorial cost £300;

Two barbecue pits have been purchased for use at KCC Events, costing just over £400;
Various Village Green enhancements have been undertaken. It is recommended that £300 is
requested towards such initiatives;

KCC may wish to purchase decent Bunting for its events. It seems that this can be obtained via the
internet at something under £2/metre. 100m would cost £200.

There is about £1,930 that can be bid for. The above amounts add to £1,900.

It was agreed to accept these suggestions (moved by DI and seconded by JM).

8.5 – JY intimated that an offer of £250 sponsorship for the Jubilee Gala had been received by the
Loreburn Centre Manager, who lives locally. Agreed to express thanks on behalf of KCC.

9 – Councillors’ Report

9.1 – Yen Hongmei Jin reported that the committees have not been formed yet. She also gave
feedback from her election campaign, which included: speed reduction in Kirkton; no bus stop in the
village; flooding issues; concerns re SEPA’s role; potholes; blocked drains; safer cycle routes for all;
who decides which councillors are present at meetings?

9.2 – JY to obtain an up-to-date map of Kirkmahoe Community Council area.

10 – Planning Matters – no planning matters on this occasion.

11 – Events

11.1 – Arrangements for the forthcoming KCC barbecue were discussed.

11.2 – JM proposed and NM seconded a motion that £200 be set aside for the purchase of bunting
which PL is to buy.

11.3 – Short events meeting to be held in Kirkton on Thursday 31st May at 7.30 pm and thereafter on
7th June to discuss, among other things, The Race Night.

11.4 – JY to email community police re Jubilee barbecue.

12– Correspondence

12.1 – Noted, the 4th Periodic Review of Community Councils which starts in January 2013, is to take
10 months. There will be a new model constitution which will be adoptable any time and not just at an

12.2 – Noted, new flyers from the Council about sources of external funding.

12.3 – Noted a new Tai Chi class to be held in Kirkton Hall, Wednesday 6th June, 2012 at 1.30 pm
and every Wednesday thereafter.

13 – Any other business

13.1 – Noted that the Lower Nithsdale Federation of Community Councils had agreed to invite the
Councils Windfarm Officer to a future meeting in order to explain the Council’s strategic plan for
windfarms in the Nithsdale area.

13.2 - Noted poor attendance by councillors from Upper Nithsdale at Community Council meetings.

14 – Date of Next Meeting The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 20th June, 2012 in Dalswinton
Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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