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 To Fill Or Not To Fill,                                                                                                derMalessence®
 And Will It Last?
             hese questions right now might be
                                                                                                              Wilson li, our licensed aesthetician, is
                                                                                                              proud to introduce “sugaring” to chelsea
                                                                                                              dermatology this summer. sugaring is
                                                                                                              a process of hair removal that has been
                                                                                                              becoming increasingly popular as of late. it
                                                                                                              is safe, gentle, and effective for all skin types
             better answered, “It all depends.” The                                                           and hair textures of both men and women.
             American consumer who now seeks
                                                                                                              the process of sugaring is similar to waxing.
             advice about how to restore or attain
                                                                                                              sugaring involves the application of an
 a more youthful facial appearance has a myriad                                                               all-natural sugar based paste. the sugar is
 number of choices that flood their consciousness                                                             mixed with water and cooked to the consis-
 from many messages in the media. How does one                                                                tency of soft taffy. it is then applied to the
 know whether Brand X is better than Brand Y?                                                                 skin and peeled off along with the unwanted
                                                                                                              hair. it can be used anywhere on the body.
 The answer has to address whether the substance
 that is being used to correct the facial volume,                                                             Why should you try sugaring?
 fold or wrinkle has a temporary, semi-perma-                                                                   the sugar paste is made from 100% natural
                                                                                                               ingredients. you can actually eat it! Because
 nent, or permanent effect. The temporary fill-           Before filler             after filler               the sugar paste is so natural, it does not
 ers include collagen (Zyplast®, Cosmoplast®)                                 Photos ProPerty of restylane®    cause allergic reactions.
 and hyalurons (Juvederm®, Restylane®, Perlane®,
                                                                                                                sugar paste only has to be heated to
 Hylaform®). Semi-permanent fillers include           lines around the mouth and chin, and contour-
                                                                                                               body temperature thereby eliminating the
 Radiesse® and Sculptra® and permanent fill-          ing and/or plumping the lips. The improvement            chance of burning and irritating the skin
 ers include ArteFill® and silicone (Silkon®). Over   is immediate and lasts an average of six months.         unnecessarily.
 eighty percent of cosmetic corrections done by       Correction of the folds around the mouth is the
                                                                                                                after sugaring, the skin remains hairless
                                                      most frequent use in the United States, while lip        longer than with waxing because the hair is
                                                      augmentation is the most frequent use in Europe.         being pulled directly out from the root.
  to attain optimal results for upcoming
  Fall and Winter events, schedule                        A recent observation about the hyaluronic acid
                                                                                                                less chance of ingrown hair when compared
  your consultation for Facial Filler                 fillers is that following their use and degradation,     to waxing or plucking.
  rejuvenation with dr. virgil hatcher                the skin’s own collagen begins replenishing itself.
                                                                                                                no irritation or redness.
  today. if you act now and mention this              This leads to natural augmentation which might
  newsletter we will take $100 of the                 necessitate less frequent treatment with the hyal-        no bacteria.
  total cost of this treatment.                       uron filler. Another strategic development has led         relatively fast treatment: most areas can be
                                                      to increasing the chemical cross-linking between         finished within 15 to 30 minutes.
 cosmetic physicians in the United States are with    individual molecules of hyaluronic acid forming
                                                                                                              sugaring is not only great for women, but it is
 hyaluronic acid fillers marketed as Juvederm®        a more viscous gel. The more highly cross-linked        also the ideal treatment for the evolving trend
 or Restylane®.                                       the product, the longer it lasts because it is bio-     known as “Manscaping.” More and more men
    Hyaluronic acid as a filler, when used to lift,   degraded less quickly. This (continued on reverse)      are electing to go with (continued on reverse)
 augment and reshape facial folds, depressions
 and sagging skin, is well-tolerated by patients. A
 water-attracting, naturally-occurring sugar found
 in the human skin matrix, hyaluronic acid slowly                                               VIrgIL A. HATCHer, M.D. P.C.
 degrades with age along with two proteins: colla-               President and Founder oF Chelsea dermatology mediCal sPa
 gen and elastin. These losses occur naturally with                             Board CertiFied nyu CliniCal assistant ProFessor
 aging and more rapidly with such environmen-
                                                                     420 West 23rd street BetWeen 9th and 10th ave ny, ny 10011
 tal agents like the sun and smoking. Hyalurons’
 usefulness is in correcting smile lines around the              212 675-4244 |
 mouth (the parentheses), lifting sagging folds or
DermalessenceSkincare                                   summer 2007 | Chelsea dermatology | 212 675-4244 | WWW.CHeLSeADerM.COM

To Fill Or Not To Fill                                                                                                      derMalessence®

latter technology is thought to be the advantage        with Botox® in the upper face. Full face lifting                    continued
of Juvederm® over Restylane®. Another approach          (simulating a non-surgical face lift) is possible in      that silky-smooth hairless look on the chest,
to forming a thicker hyaluronic acid product is by      patients with mild to moderate facial laxity. This        back, arms and legs. recent surveys have
sequentially linking more of the sugar molecules        has given patients who are fearful of invasive sur-       revealed that men who are well groomed are
                                                                                                                  perceived as being more attractive.
together, resulting in larger particles (Perlane®).     gery an alternative. Many plastic surgeons have
The claims now being made are that these newer,         come to recognize that a youthful looking face can        our licensed aesthetician, Wilson li, has
more highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers        often be better achieved through adding volume            been professionally trained and certified to
                                                                                                                  perform this “sugaring” technique and has
will last up to 1 year and that smaller volumes are     that has been lost rather than performing a surgical
                                                                                                                  perfected it over the years at various different
necessary to get the desired correction.                face lift. Any competent cosmetic physician can re-       spas across new york city. he is thrilled to be
                                                        volumize the face of a forty to fifty year old individ-   able to introduce this exciting procedure to
Facial rejuvenation With Fillers Can                    ual with mild to moderate aging by using any single       chelsea dermatology.
Provide a Non-Surgical Face Lift                        agent or combination of agents mentioned in this          for questions and to arrange a free “sugar-
Since the original hyaluronic acid fillers were made    article. Of course the more temporary fillers have        ing” consultation with Wilson li, our licensed
from animal sources and resulted in higher inci-        to be replenished more often, and hence the cost          aesthetician and “sugaring” expert, call our
dences of allergic reactions, the most popular          can be significant. With a first time patient, it is      helpful staff at 212-675-4244.
hyaluronic acid fillers today are those that are non-   always best to start with a temporary filler to make
animal derived. The non-animal derived hyaluronic       sure the patient is thrilled with the improvement.
acid fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm®              Patients who come for a consultation have a            derMalessence®
have proven to produce few instances of allergy.        complete medical history taken, with special con-         cosMeceutical
Other side effects that can occur are redness, swell-
ing, bruising and occasional lumps or bumps.
                                                        cern given to allergies and the use of blood thin-
                                                        ning medications/herbs. Using a mirror, the
Therefore, special events should not be planned in      patient is asked to point to facial features that they    derMalessence®
the first ten days following treatment.                 wish to correct. Quite often, if the feature is age       Daily Moisturizing SPF 17
                                                                                                                           We are very proud to unveil our
   Cosmoplast® has proven to create less bruising,      or scar-related, a photo, taken years before, can be
                                                                                                                   new newest product which is a 2 in 1,
redness and swelling (less potential downtime) and      helpful in planning the correction. Benefits, risks                moisturizer and sunscreen. it is
                                                                                 and alternatives are dis-        light enough for oily or acne-prone skin, yet
                                                                                 cussed, along with explain-      mild enough for sensitive skin. this product
    to find out more information                                                 ing to the patient the           provides your skin with uva/uvB sun
    about Facial Fillers and our                                                 expected outcome and any
                                                                                                                  protection, while leaving your skin feeling
                                                                                                                  soft and supple.
    practice in general visit our                                                downtime. Filler augmen-
    website at                                               tation generally should          derMalessence®
                                                                                                                  Purifying Beta Wash
                                                                                 not be done less than two
                                                                                                                  our #1 selling cleanser
                                                                                 weeks before important           a mild yet thorough cleanser formulated
comes with an anesthetic in its formulation; unlike     social events, and does not require time off work.        for oily or acne-prone skin. once you try it
the presently available hyaluronic acid fillers which   The actual treatment can require 30 to 60 minutes.        you will love the refreshed clean feel of your
require a topical or injectable numbing agent           Topical or injectable anesthetics are used to mini-       skin. this therapeutic wash will help control
                                                                                                                  blemishes by the exfoliating action of
before use. The FDA has approved a new hyal-            mize any discomfort. Avoidance of laser treatments
                                                                                                                  salicylic acid. derMalessence’s formula-
uronic acid called Elevess™ with anesthetic already     for one month and blood thinners for twenty-four          tion of salicylic acid has been designed to
incorporated into it, and this formulation is being     hours is required after treatment. Patients are re-       deliver this agent to your skin at a Ph which
considered a technical feat although the product        evaluated two weeks later to assure complete, sym-        optimizes its effectiveness. therefore, our
will not be available until late 2007.                  metrical augmentation has been achieved. If not, a        product may work better for your skin than
                                                                                                                  others you have tried. antibacterial agents
   Hyaluronic acid fillers are used predominantly       small amount of additional filling material may be
                                                                                                                  in this cleanser also help fight acne-causing
for lower face restoration, but can be used in the      added. Results can be expected to last an average         bacteria. if you are one of the millions of
upper face as well. The most dramatic results are       time of six months on facial areas and three to four      americans suffering from acne, this cleanser
seen when hyaluronic acid fillers are combined          months for lips.                                          can help.

DidY Know                                              that dr. virgil hatcher has over 20 years experience treating ingrown hairs
and razor bumps in the beard, bikini, and underarm areas? these bumps and ingrown hairs are frequently caused by shaving
curly hair closely. Many people suffering from these unsightly bumps do not realize that this is a treatable medical condition
known as pseudo-folliculitis. call our helpful staff at 212-675-4244 to schedule a consultation with dr. virgil hatcher to find out
whether laser or other treatments will be best for you.

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