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									                      DAANISH SCHOOL (BOYS) HASILPUR

                            SCHEME OF STUDIES;2011-12

Subject: Arts & Drawing          Total Weeks=23                 Total periods=69

             Class: 6th Book Arts & Drawing, Punjab Text Book Board Lahore.

     Weak             Period                            Topic/ Activities
1                1                 Introduction and practice of Model
                                   drawing and Two- dimensional drawing.
                 2                 Explain Eye- Level
                 3                 Important instructions for drawing and
2                1                 Make a post card
                 2                 Make a drawing of” ENVELOPE”
                 3                 Make a drawing of KITE and also color it.
3                1                 Make a” National Flag “and complete this whole practical in
                 2                 Complete the drawing of” Takhti” “SLATE” and “Round
                 3                 Make a drawing of” CLOCK DIAL” and complete this whole
                                   practical in class.
4                1                 Make a” BOWL” in class and create some design on bowl.
                 2                 Drawing of “BALL” and “GLASS”

                 3                 Explain about” Representational Painting”.

5                1                 Complete “LEAVES “drawing and also color them.

                 2                 Make a drawing of “ORANGE” and “APPLE”.

                 3                 Make a drawing of” TOMATO” and “TURNIP”.

6                1                 Complete the drawing of “TANGERINE” and “APPLE”.

                 2                 Make a drawing of “TOMATO” and “BRINJAL”.

                 3                 Revision/ Test

7                1                 Explain about” Expressional painting”

                 2                 Make a” HUT”and complete this practical in class.
     3   Make a” BOOK”
         Home Work:
         Complete the drawing of “CRICKET BAT”
8    1   Make a “FLOWER” drawing and complete this practical in
     2   Make a drawing of “MANGO”
         Home Work:
         Make a drawing of “SCHOOL” and also color it.

     3   Test/

9    1   Explain what is” Design” and” Geometrical design”.

     2   Students will compose one Geometrical design in class.
         Home Work:
         Make one Geometrical design.
     3   Complete one project on Geometrical Design.

10   1   Define” PRIMARY COLORS”.

     2   Students will draw Geometric shapes and color them with
         primary colors.
         Home Work:
         Make a square graph and fill this graph with two primary
         colors and also complete exercise No. 3, 4,5,6,7.
     3   Explain about “HANDI CRAFTS”.

11   1   Making “ENVELOPE” by paper folding.

     2   Explain the methods and techniques of Card Making.

     3   Make a card by paper folding.

12   1   Make a “BOAT” by paper folding.

     2   Decorate the boat with different flower patterns and designs.

     3   Explain about “MAT MAKING”.

13   1   Create colorful and interesting pattern with mat making.

     2   Make a” Calligraphic Design”

     3   Compose a Calligraphic design on a colorful background.

14   1   Complete one project on “Calligraphy”.
                  2               Make a “CLAY MODEL”.

                  3               Create interesting shapes and patterns with clay.

15                1               Make a” MARBEL PAPER” by paper folding.

                  2               Create interesting designs and patterns with this technique.

                  3               Make a project by marbel paper.

16                1               Making Masks with Expressions.

                  2               Create interesting masks with thick paper and card board.

                  3               Make a project on “MASKS”.

17                1               What is” STENCILING”. Explain the methods and techniques.

                  2               Create interesting patterns and sketch with this technique.

                  3               Make a project by “Stenciling”.

18                1               What is “LINE”.

                  2               Types of line

                  3               Home Work:
                                  Compose different types of line.
19                1               What is” SHAPE”.

                  2               Types of” SHAPE”.

                  3               Revision/ Test

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Samar Shafique                                            SaeedUllahChaudhry
H.O.D Fine Arts                                           Headmaster
Daanish School (Boys ) Hasilpur                           Daanish School (Boys ) Hasilpur

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