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									 bring the
                             7010   7010 Chocolate               7012   7016
                                    Chunk $15.00
                                    Packed with decadent
                                    HERSHEY’S Chocolate

cookie                              7020 Mint Double
                                    Chocolate $15.00

                                    Chocolate and mint
                                    chips in a delicious
                                    chocolate dough.

                                    7014 Oatmeal
                                    Raisin $15.00
PLACE ‘N BAKE                       Plump California raisins

PrE-PortioNEd                7020   in a moist oatmeal

                                    7012 Peanut
                                    Butter $15.00
                                    Reese’s Peanut Butter
                                    and Reese’s Peanut
                                    Butter Chips for the true
                                    Peanut Butter lover.

                                                                 7018   7022

   Each box makes 48 -
                                    7016 White
  1 oz. gourmet cookies.            Macadamia
 No artificial additives,           $16.00
                                    Delicious macadamia
 preservatives, or fillers          nuts in a moist cookie

added. Cookie dough may      7014   with white chocolate

be frozen up to 6 months.
 Premium Brand                      $15.00
Name Ingredients                    Delicious cinnamon chips
                                    in the sugar cookies for a
                                    special treat.

                                    Candy $15.00
                                    Chock full of real candy
                                    coated chocolate pieces
                                    for your sweet tooth.
                                                          420                                                                               421

423              colors
                 422 Shady Annual
                 Tree Ring $9.00
                 Protect and beautify your trees at
                 the same time with this easy-to-use
                 tree ring. Clear the ground around
                 your trees and set the mat in place.
                 Within weeks you’ll have a bounty        420 Hanging Strawberry Kit $18.00                                               421 Hanging Cherry Tomato Kit $10.00
                 of shade loving flowers, which           Decorative and delicious! Kit includes 10 strawberry plants, a poly bag         No garden needed. Our Babylon Bag turns any sunny wall or fence into a tomato
                 include candytuft, baby’s breath,        with holes to plant them in, and a nylon rope for hanging. Planting             garden! The lush, hanging foliage is decorative through summer, and then you
                 coreopsis, columbine, purple             instructions are also included. Enjoy as a garden accent, and as a                         harvest ripe cherry tomatoes for salads or snacking. Kit includes an
                 cornflower and more.                     source of sweet, sun-ripened berries.                                                      8-1/2” by 21-1/2” reusable poly bag with nylon hanging rope, a packet
132                                                                                                                                                  of seeds, and complete planting and care instructions.
                 423 Butterfly Garden
                 Mat $8.00                                424 Jalapeño Pepper                                                                                                           426 Cilantro Bag
                 Attract multitudes of butterflies with   Bag Garden $11.00                                                                                                             Garden $11.00
                 this colorful blend of cornflowers,      Fire up your cooking with these                                                                                               Cilantro is the leaf of the young
                 cosmos, coreopsis, Black-Eyed            peppers, first discovered in Jalapa,                                                                                          coriander plant, cultivated
                 Susan, zinnia and more. Contains         Mexico. Contains seed packet, soil                                                                                            throughout history. Contains seed
                 annuals for quick and long lasting       pellet and Kraft bag, foil-lined for                                                                                          packet, soil pellet and Kraft bag,
                 color in summer. 17” x 5’ long.          protection from leaks. Bag                                                                                                    foil-lined for protection from
                                                          measures 4” W x 2-1/3”D x 6-1/2” H.                                                                                           leaks. Bag measures
                 132 Mini Aqua Globes -                                                                                                                                                 4” W x 2-1/3”D x 6-1/2” H.
                 Set of 2 $8.00                           425 Basil Bag
                 Each Mini Aqua Globe watering            Garden $11.00
                 bulb is individually crafted with        Italian foods of all sorts get a
                                                                                                                                                                                        Makes a great
                 genuine hand blown glass to              boost from this zesty herb.                                                                                                     gift, with a
                  create a functional work of art         Contains seed packet, soil pellet                                                                                               hand-tied
                 that waters your plants for you.          and Kraft bag, foil-lined for
                                                                                                  424                                                                                   grosgrain bow
      Set of 2
                 5-3/4” H x 2-1/4” W.                     protection from leaks. Bag
                                                          measures 4” W x 2-1/3”D x 6-1/2” H.                                                                                            and gift tag.
                       WOrLD FAMOUS                                        treAt theM                                              156
                        SWeet rOLLS                                          SPeCiAL
                                                                       156 Mississippi Muddles
                                                                       Brownie Mix— $11.00
                                    “Howdy Partner,                    We’ve “muddled” this mix with dark and white
                                                                       chocolate chips for an outrageously delicious,
                                How ‘Bout Johnson’s Corner®            dark and fudgy brownie bar. (Yields (1)
                                                                       9” x 9” pan or (9) 3” brownies).
                                Sweet Rolls For Your Next
                                                                       157 Funnel Cakes Mix— $11.00
                                      Fund Raiser?”                    Delicious memories of those warm, sweet cakes
                                                                       devoured between roller coaster rides and carnival
                                                                       games in the good ol’ summertime. Finger-
                                                                       licking treats all year ‘round! (Yields (10) 5 inch
                                                                       funnel cakes).                                              157
                                 All Containers have
                                 24 ozs. of Delicious
                             Johnson’s Corner Sweet rolls
                               Parents’ Best Friend! Already Baked -
                             JUST HEAT AND EAT! Kids Love Them too!

    #444         444   446                                   #446
Original Giant                                            Strawberry                                                               158
 Cinnamon                                                 and Cream
 Rolls with                                               with Cream
    Cream                                                   Cheese
   Cheese                                                  Frosting
   Frosting                                                 $12.00

   #445          445   447                                   #447
  Cherry                                                   Caramel     158 Pretzel Kit— $18.00
  Delight                                                   Pecan      Perfect family activity. Our dry mix pretzel kit provides
                                                                       the ingredients; your family provides the fun! Each
with Cream                                                   with      pretzel kit comes with a dry dough mix, salt,cinnamon
 Cheese                                                    Caramel     sugar and our special baking instructions for 10 perfect
 Frosting                                                  Frosting    pretzels. Try different shapes, like letters and numbers
                                                                       too! Yields: 10 Auntie Ann’s pretzels.
  $12.00                                                    $12.00
                                                          $15.00 each pair

                                                            405 Denver Broncos

                                                           407 Colorado Avalanche

                                                                                                           401 Denver                  402 Denver                 403 Colorado                    404 Colorado
                                                                                                            Broncos                     Nuggets                    Avalanche                        Rockies

                                                                                                        full-size team pennants
                                    406 Denver Nuggets      408 Colorado Rockies

                         support your team                                                                          12” x 30” Officially licensed $7.00 each

                          License Plate Holders $10.00 each
                          Offically licensed team license plate holders
  410 Denver Nuggets

411 Colorado Avalanche

                                                                                    16 monthly issues, Item# 5520             12 monthly issues, Item# 5520           28 weekly issues, Item# 5520
                                                                                    Cover Price $63.84 Your Price $20         Cover Price $44.89 Your Price $20       Cover Price $117.47 Your Price $20
412 Colorado Rockies                 409 Denver Broncos                                 PLUS FREE COOLER TOTE!                    PLUS FREE COOLER TOTE!                   PLUS FREE COOLER TOTE!
                                                    SOUP MIXES MAKE A
   Zero                                                                                                                                          Serves
trans Fat                         healthy choice                                                                                                  4-6                                                                           183           186

      167                                                                              165

      166                                                                              164
                                                                                                                                                                             183 Mini Burger Patty Griller $14.00                             186 Mini Burger Press and Dividers $8.00
                                                                                      163                                                                                    Make any meal a party when you make mini-burgers with this
                                                                                                                                                                             non-stick griller. Makes six 2-1/2” burgers. Handle, 9-1/2” L.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Plastic set includes 7” x 2-1/2” tube, removable top and bottom, compressor, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              seven reusable, freezer-safe 4” dividers. Form Patties in press. Cover with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              lid and freeze in tube until ready to cook.

                                                                                                             Serves                                                                  255                                                               Flexible
                                                                                                              4-6                                                                                                                                    CuttingMats
167 Kansas City Steak                      165 Mesa Black Bean                       166 Creamy Chicken & Wild                    164 Baked Potato                                                                                                                         Set of 2
Soup Mix $9.00                             Soup Mix $9.00                            Rice Soup Mix $9.00                          Soup Mix $9.00
The chuck wagon just pulled in, and it’s   Kick-start your supper with our Mesa      Absolutely delicious and healthfully         We’ve created the perfect Baked Potato
serving up a beefy vegetable soup that     Black Bean Vegetable Soup. Brimming       satisfying are great ways to describe        Soup with a rich, creamy base and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Item #255
is hearty enough for a meal. Our Kansas    with healthful black beans and carrots,   this soup. Our Creamy Chicken & Rice         homemade baked potato goodness.
City Steak Soup mix combines an array      celery, onions and a steamy south-of-     Soup mix adds both white and wild rice       A delicate balance of herbs and spices                                                                                         Made of heavy grade flexible plastic,
of midwest garden vegetables with          the-border blend of spices and herbs,     to a rich chicken base, and we season        brings all the flavors into delightful                                                                                              great for chopping, dicing and
just the right blend of savory herbs and   this soup mix will have your supper off   it up with pretty carrots and a              harmony for a meal that is ready shortly                                                                                       slicing. 12” x 15” each Mat. Set of 2.
spices. Just add water and ground beef.    and running just minutes after you come   traditional blend of herbs and spices.       after you come home. Just add water.
3.2 oz. unit. Serves 4-6.                  home. Just add water. 3.8 oz. unit.       Just add water. 4.3 oz. unit. Serves 4-6.	   5 oz. unit. Serves 4-6.                                                                                                                         $7.00
                                           Serves 4-6.                               	
                                $12.00 per package.
12 individual servings per package. total weight 21 oz. package.
450                       452                   454                     456

450 Strawberry $12/pkg.    452 Apple $12/pkg.   454 Cinnamon $12/pkg.   456 Mozzarella $12/pkg.

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