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									    HRCAV Affiliated Club

                                             Centre Line
    Reg. no. A6413C

    Michael Kett — 0409339307
                                            M ont hly publicat ion of t he
    VICE PRESIDENT:                         M aroondah A dult Ridin g C lub                                S e p / O ct    2 0 1 1
    Victoria Kett– 0418567833

    Di Florence- 5962 5928
                                       Presidents Report
    Mandy Edwards– 0407554184          Hello Members
    med-        Welcome to your October newsletter, with Spring now here! Day light saving has also arrived,
                                       giving us more time to spend with our horses, (can only be a good thing)
    Shirley Anderson- 5965 2347
    Helen Strong— 0422366908           Our Dressage day has been and gone and I haven’t had a chance to thank all who took the
    Lynda Hultgren— 0419597874         time to help make the day happen. I would also like to make a couple of special thank -
    NEWSLETTER EDITOR:                 Firstly to the dressage committee (Di and Vic) who have being working on this for over 18
    Mandy Edwards– 0407554184          months - Thank-you Ladies!
                                       To Raenor - for organising our Helper list and Roster, and also to her family and friends who
    Leanne Moffat
                                       put their hand up to camp out at Wesburn on a cold chilly night, to look after the ground the or              night prior.
    59623297                           To our wonderful sponsors, Okka Pies - thanks Lynda for suppling lunch for our Judges, Pet
                                       stock suppling $5 vouchers for all competitors, Healesville Hotel for the $100 Dinner voucher,
    TTT CO-ORDINATOR:                  Barrique Wines for donating bottles of wine and Seville Saddlery for donating a set of horse
    Tba                                bandages.
                                       Thank you to Denise Poppins, overseeing the set up of the dressage rings and to Upper Yarra
    Helen Strong– 0422366908
                                       Riding Club for their equipment, and to the Upper Yarra Pony Club for running a fantastic can-
                                       teen on the day.
    Anne Larkin                        Don’t forget that our AGM is on Thursday 27th October, at the Healesville Hotel, I look forward
    Gabriel Hughes                     to seeing you all there.
    Marie Swincer
    Marg. Herbet
    COMMITTEE MEETINGS:                Michael Kett
    Held on the Monday after our       Kangaroo Ground ARC Dressage 22nd Sep: Raenor Priest riding Cam’s Vicksburg 3rd L2,
    Sunday rallies each month,
    7.30pm @ 439 Don Road,
                                       Mandy Edwards riding Mista Print 2nd L3.
    Badger Creek, all welcome


    Presidents Report              1     Miss Universe?
    Miss Universe                  1     Club member Lynda Hultgren’s daughter (Jessie) is running for Miss
    AGM                            2     Universe Australia.

    Menu                           2     Cast a vote for her at
    Calender                       3
                                         You need to register first, then type ‘Jessie’ in the search area and cast
    Rally booking                  3     your vote.
    TTT events                     4
    Classifieds                    4
                                         Go Jessie!!
    Results                        4                             PO Box 114 Healesville 3777     
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                          Maroondah ARC AGM
                          Our AGM is to be held on Thursday 27th October at the Healesville Hotel (the middle pub). All
                          members (current and new) are invited and are encouraged to come along. It will kick off at
                          6.30pm with dinner at 7pm. You can choose if you would like a meal, snacks or just a drink.
                          The menu is below for your reference.

                          The night will include our meeting aspect, however is intended to be an enjoyable social gather-
                          ing. Our club awards will also be presented on the night.

                          Notice of the AGM is attached to this newsletter, together with the various membership forms
                          and an office bearers nomination form.

                          Don’t forget to bring along your completed membership form, disclaimer and safety card to-
                          gether with your green HRCAV membership card for stamping. All three of these forms MUST be

                          We would also like you to consider the option of becoming a member of the committee or taking
                          up a management roll. A number of the current committee have been in for several years now
                          and some members are looking to step down from their roles. It would be fantastic to see some
                          new faces and ideas brought into the management of the club. A description of the committee
                          roles is attached for your reference.

                          Remember that the club won’t run itself, we need to members to volunteer. It is you club and it
                          will only be what you make it. The committee hopes to see you all there.

                          Please RSVP to Michael on 0409339307 or asap so we know how
                          many are coming, partners & family are also welcome.

                                   A two course meal will be $50 per person with the menu as follows:
                                   Prosciutto wrapped wild figs, harvest farm rocket, Gippsland blue.
                                   House smoked Y.V salmon, harvest farm soft herbs, lemon aioli.
                                   Crispy pork belly, pickled apple puree, candied fennel & mint.

                          Braised beef rib, confit shallots, parsnip puree, parsley and horse radish salad.
                          Roasted duck leg, heirloom carrots, grape fruit gel, pistachio & coriander.
                          Pan fried snapper fillet, truffled white bean puree, harvest farm radicchio, almonds & shaved

                          Vegetarian options will be a verbal offer on the night.

Centre Line                  PO Box 114 Healesville 3777    
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                            Calendar of Events
                          Date        Venue                      Activity       Instructor            Status      Start


                          Tue 25th    Club Grounds                Flat          Faye Bates            Confirmed   10am

                          Thur 27th   Healesville Hotel           AGM           All welcome           Confirmed   6.30pm


                          Sun 13th    Club Grounds           Flat & Jumping     Terry Campbell        Proposed    10am

                          Tue 29th    Club Grounds                Flat          Sam Kruijer           Proposed    10am


                          Sun 11th    Club Grounds             Xmas Rally       Anne Larkin           Proposed    10am
                                                                                (activities), Faye
                                                                                Bates (Flat), Terry
                                                                                Campbell (jumping)

                            Please contact Leanne for all rallies on or 59623297

                                      Rally Layout & Lesson Charges
                            As we have more and more members joining and attending rallies we thought we better clarify
                            the rally layout and our lesson charges, especially for our new members. Our Tuesday rallies
                            generally have a single instructor and single activity (ie. one lesson opportunity) which costs
                            $20. Our Sunday rallies are becoming very popular and as such we are running two activities,
                            whether it be dressage and trail riding or dressage and jumping. The cost for your first lesson
                            is the usual $20 with a second lesson, should you opt to do a second, is a further $10.
                            Please note that should we use an indoor school due to poor weather there will be an addi-
                            tional fee to cover the cost of hire.
                            We aren’t looking to make substantial amounts of money from our rallies as they are ran to
                            benefit members, however we do need to cover our costs.
                            Also, don’t forget to bring a plate to share on rally days, we enjoy sitting down over a social
                            lunch together. Tea & coffee are provided free of charge and cold drinks are available for
                            purchase. Please also be thoughtful of where you park at rallies as space for cars & floats is
                            limited. Tying horses to the tie– up rails is preferable.

                            Rally Booking Reminder
                            We understand that committing to rally dates can be difficult at times, however request that
                            members try to book at least 5 days in advance of the rally date. This allows us to work out
                            times and inform our instructors of the format and hours required for the day. It is not fair to
                            call them the day before. Also note that the cut off day for pulling out of lessons without hav-
                            ing to pay the lesson fee is 4 days before the rally. If you pull out after the cut off date you
                            are required to pay the lesson fee unless a vet certificate or doctors certificate can be pro-
                            vided. Please understand that we book our instructors and finalize their time requirements
                            based on booked numbers. We commit ourselves to them and outlay this cost therefore re-
                            quiring our members to do the same. DON’T FORGET TO LET LEANNE KNOW WHAT LEVEL
                            TICIPATE IN (ie. dressage only, jumping only, or both). Lesson times are posted on our club
Centre Line                 website a few days prior to the rally or you can contact Leanne directly.                 PO Box 114 Healesville 3777     
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                            AGISTMENT AVAILABLE
                            All private paddocks, new fencing / all hot wired, secure tack shed, separate feed shed and a
                            20x60 fenced ménage. Only 5 mins ride to Pauls state Forest. Contact Pam for further details
                            on 0407130029
                            ROUND BALES HAY FOR SALE.
                            This Seasons, Excellent clean mixture pasture hay suitable for horses. $55.00 per bale.
                            Contact Lynda 0419 597 874

                            RM WILLIAMS TURNOUT BOOTS
                            Size 5 (ladies 7), chestnut colour, in immaculate condition, still in box. $250
                            Contact Lynda 0419 597 874

                            TTT Dressage & Showjumping
                            Maroondah have a team together for both of these events. Good luck to our riders.

                            Congratulations to all members out competing.

                            Yarra Glen & Lilydale ARC Dressage Jackpot 2nd Oct: Diane Florence riding Crysta 4th in both
                            3d & 3f, Di Robertson riding Alkyra Excalibur 6th 3f, Lauren Florence riding Beckham 4th 4D
                            & 3rd 4f.

                            WRECAR Showjumping 25th Sep: Victoria Kett riding Maverick L4 6th Table C, Mandy Ed-
                            wards riding Mista Print L4 2nd AM5, 6th Am7, 1st Table C. Michael Kett undertook some
                            acrobatics riding Kyles Ducati in L3 and skilfully landed on his feet, well done!

                            Kangaroo Ground ARC Dressage 22nd Sep: Raenor Priest riding Cam’s Vicksburg 3rd L2,
                            Mandy Edwards riding Mista Print 2nd L3.
                            Please contact Mandy at or 0407554184 to have your results
                            published or if you have any photos you would like to share.
Centre Line                 PO Box 114 Healesville 3777     

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