Can Weak learners Think by jennyyingdi


									        What else
   can weak learners do?

They can think !!
Who are our clients?
   Weak learners / non readers at the
    end of elem school /
    beginning of JHS

   false beginners

   a history of failure and frustration

   low self image - pessimistic
   have usually opted out - negative
    attitude to school in general

   and English in particular
Psychologically speaking……….

   send a message that we are aware
    of their problems

   avoid at all cost a re-run of material
    they have already failed at

   or materials that seem to be
    designed for younger learners
   break out of the cycle of repeated

   need materials that can overcome
    these obstacles
What materials ?

   age-sensitive
   of current relevance
   are perceived by the students to be
   have the potential to stimulate
   use English not to talk about itself

   but to prompt thought about topics
    and interesting fields of knowledge

   the “what else” factor
Reading to read or reading to think ?

   A low reading level does not
    necessarily mean a low thinking

   or topics different from those that
    interest mainstream young teens
What kind of materials ?

Across all the skills we can
  incorporate or
 infuse thoughtful-ness

Some examples…………………….
Topic : Being a smart consumer

Skill : fact and opinion

Ads want us to………
     a. buy things
     b. tell the truth
     c. look good
     d. know the truth
    Imagine you are writing an ad.
    Which of these sentences would you
    use ?

   Our smart cell phone can do
   We have beautiful clothes, just for you
   Do you really need a new computer ?
   People everywhere love our cookies!
   In my opinion, these boots are no good.
   Read our newspaper. It gives you all
    the facts.
What do you ask yourself when you
buy things ?

a. Does this store really have the best
b. Do my friends have these sneakers?
c. Do I need these sneakers?
d. Are these sneakers really
   the best in town?
Thinking skill :
  compare and contrast

   Topic : Same and Different

Reading comprehension
Can these two boys be twins? Read and

They   have the same mother.
They   have the same father.
They   are both tall.
They   are both thin.
They   have blonde hair.
They   don’t like the same things.
They   don’t have the same birthday.
They   are good friends.

Mr Black, Mr Green and Mr White
  were sitting in the park.
Mr Black said: “Look, our hats are all
  different colours. But none of us is
  wearing the colour that is the same
  as his name.”
“That is true,” said the man who was
  wearing a white hat.
What colour hat was each man
 wearing ?
Teach grammar in a “thought-full”

 Read about two friends. Do the facts
 show that they live near or far from
 each other, or either ?
                                near far   either

They like the same music

They write to each other by
e mail.
They play basketball together
every day.
They send SMS messages.

They do homework together
What skill are we testing?

   People buy / buys sandals at a
    shoe shop

   People buy sandals / coats at a
    shoe shop
   Lots of people wear sandals in

   They have great sandals at this

    fact and opinion
T F or NEE ?

   There are three aliens.
   The aliens are the same size.
   The spaceship made a lot of noise.
   The spaceship is near a city.
   The spaceship door is open.
   The aliens come from Mars.
   They want to attack the city.
Comparative adjectives

Jack’s car is more expensive than Leo’s
  car, but cheaper than Lisa’s car. Frank’s
  car is not as expensive as Lisa’s car.

   Who has the most expensive car ?
Thinking about vocabulary
   The cyclists are at the starting line. Do
    they know who the winner is ?
                   Yes / no
   Greg won the race. Does he get a prize
    or a prince ?
   Someone damaged my bike. Am I
    happy or angry ?
   Someone cheated in a maths test. Does
    the teacher give him 0 or 100?
   Bob beat Steve in a tennis game.
    Who was the winner: Steve or

   If you collect posters do you keep
    them or sell them?

   Does a polite person say Thank
    you or Go away?
Cause and effect

Which was the cause ?

   Jack never learned to read.
     It was too hard for him.

   Jack opened a coffee shop.
    He lost his job.
   He had many coffee shops.
     He made a lot of money.

   He lost his job.
    He didn’t know how to read.
Logical thinking

     Is it possible ? Logical?

   I didn’t do my HW because it
    rained yesterday

   Dan has a new car. He walks to
    work every day.
   My sister is in America. I will meet
    her tomorrow .

   We are lost. The GPS is not

   Dinner is not ready. The GPS is not

   There aren't any oranges. I am
    going to eat one.
cross matching information

   Tom plays basketball and he has
    only one neighbour.
   Sam has a blue cell phone and he
    lives next door to the red house.
   Ella lives in the yellow house and
    she likes jazz.
   The boy who likes hip hop has a
    digital camera.
   Choose topics that are relevant,
    interesting, age appropriate
     current, cool

   Avoid materials that talk down to

   Try to incorporate technology

   Be on the look out for what else

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